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Type your name and your email address in the box below and you can start. I would like to thank me, thank you very much once again for his help with the transcript of Charlie. As you know, it is difficult for several years at the school to return to teaching. The first weeks of school have been very disappointing say the least. But improved. Last night my other son Nick and I went in the first price night new senior Bonney Lake high school. Charlie, were presented and others aged 23 with leads double honour or to achieve the highest academic distinction with a cumulative grade point average of 3.76 or higher. I think that without their help, the study could it be yet in this year, even less with honors. I would like to know what their plans to promote the Foundation before, as you have himself granted a scholarship or both. Decides that the University is going, I want questions for your help here, because I know it will be very useful. 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