Aaron said: van more than intimidation, they feel more like never stops at the end and nothing is done better. Nothing could be the truth. The mere fact that it is less what age suffers harassment occurs then in General-to be established for all.But it's already happened in your case as sufficient time and a stop time. If not, please tell someone in school (or call) far from and how much. Don't want to wait that remains independent. You deserve more I was bullied so long, will help ensure that ends now. Believe me, remains. The little help that Pittau. Aaron said: the school can be a very scary place when you are intimidated.It is a pity, because it was supposed to be, on the contrary: safe and welcoming.The racket to win if you scare people because they feel, how to produce. The school is a place to learn and make new friends, not from intimidation or Tobully. Immediately speak with a teacher or parent and tell them how bad is. You will have the support you need to make a safe place for your school. You can't rest will set you on your own, then please this and help make better.? Aaron said: both were, what you can do is to support and listen to your friend-understand and comfort. It's time to confront him, but it is better not to try to stop all Bullyingyourself. Promoting tell your friend, take a teacher and the school. Eachschool has a bullying prevention plan. Don't receive others at that time for his girlfriend, there is no place for the school through intimidation. Aaron said: now, a new school is a great way to start. If you bring your Worrieswith, will begin to be very excited, and but a good start. So, instead of fear, sees a beginning as a very good, you can imagine where new friends and companions of all take care of each other.A school will be informed about harassment and had an action plan against bullying, when it starts, help with him and leave on its own is not Enough to know that you can search the Helpstraight path and have everything solved, if this happens: but probably not. Aaron said: should become friends, it helps to hear from you and Yes, Attimes Steck's friends for you. Ultimately the decision is yours, if you as you sleep. What you can do is tell them what to think, what you should say how you may help. Then came the ichmorgen yet to decide.The most important thing is to speak with not only yourschool for you and your friends to solve a Bullyingproblem. Everyone will be involved in the school to resolve the problem, and you won't feel so alone with him. Aaron said: there are several reasons why perhaps, but almost always someone to be a bully, because the aggressor is not really well. In general the feeling in internal order does not harass people. Was the tyrant of Bulliedthemselves, or might have a bad time at home. Bullying is like your problems on other people. For this reason, against the desire is not your fault if they are bullied. If you are Abully, will help stop the bullying themselves. Aaron said: Sometimesa nor I dont think parents, something terrible happened baby Yes or do you think it's just some harmless jokes. However, intimidation and Bullyingis someone has to know it.Therefore, it is important to inform your Mumexactly what's going on and makes you feel unhappy. Hopefullythen, listen. If stays to help another Askthem not, yet and it will grow. Aaron said: when he gets caught many, begins to feel they have to offer, not much else often same Andthink bad about themselves. You start to glaubenwas they say Club and stop trying to make new friends.And hear yourself. Share your feelings with their parents or teachers to see if it helps, to registered to stop. It is also good to know that it is not the number of friends they have, what is important, we are your Qualitatszielesowieorganisatorischer Beziehungen. Havingone, or two very good friends is better than a dozen in a row. If you have obvious difficulties, school friends, remember Schoolactivity that was able to connect, where you can meet new friends. ,,.