Thott shows around 1/10 000 and (again with not having enough records). At least, who fishes a little ida hands are a problem as the other TxShooter2k9.Creo which is very boring (yet cruel ' bot - able, for those who want to cheat) and define, what is get hard salt. You might want to return until Coralshell or swordfish hatchlings appear 113 kg. But something tells me that those not will not be easy. Oh my! OK, let's see what I can offer advice.First, I visited the STV - FE four times and has won the competition three times. Whenever it was my maximum character level (present) and find that not grunt fish has not yet worked. Advice 1: fireplace set-BB Tip 2: create a macro, which continues his engraving 3: can know without checking the tip of bag field. Spend a few minutes to the area runs, you are going to fish. Check the tide points or areas of difficult-to-tail. This will help you if you have a pool to ignore or try to climb a small hill. Council 4: car butin, always. Tips to redesign 5: in case of doubt. It contains your Bobber land near the pool, but not so? In case of doubt to redesign. There is no risk for 22 seconds to discover that you are spawning. Council 6: like to stay. Does not work not by the West along the coast, move to this, vice versa. I have a very popular place. 3-8 knots pop up and is never more than 50 metres in both directions. Council 7: give the other ideas. When you're done, drag a node, if others will close, go back and start from. Check whether they are identical. I think you're smart and start, move in the opposite direction. This is when you turn to the right where they were before. Tip # 8: travel, it means that you win. I know we all feel that if we are not moving, we lose time. You are not in this competition. Only still and wait for these pools monsters to your around. If North Cape, is obligated to follow, if someone a fishing knot find it already. You think that travelers if nodes are practical for you? They are on the ground, you know where spawning pools. A trip, not there is certainty. Close to multiple nodes to find and wait. I hope lost five minutes for swimming pools, but still I gained 3/4 of the competition, which I entered (only missed, until I tried it until I used this technique) 9 Tip: depends on whether a node that says or not. I think that it is to be considered, a favor returned often, but let's be realistic, that some of these people are some bastards. = P 10 tips: be Twichy. It is not right, but they are on the screen, if you you this feeling in the toes. Get ready for a review at any time. Even if your float, trace sitting if you go north or South. If you're in the last couple of fish, Hard To Get Wow Titles you think that your character has the address in which, the stove to duende to BB and how better. Fishing is relaxing. This tournament? It is not. Beware of fun later. First concentrate on trying to win. In any case, better opportunities =). Oh, should I be I understood wrong. Although I think it's a good thing, you can't replace them through the auction auctions home or spend a big fish, make friends, I'm saying that I agree it is probably difficult to get evidence. Well, I don't feel that it is difficult, I love one challenge so much. Thus, in this case the magic box of shrimp this week is just to get me, and I can not forget, take a rare fish before the patch (strange for me, which adapts a rare party before 3.0 and will take weeks to another). Thank you for this compensation for me. I just want to say that I am grateful for the resources here. Won today, it was the first time in the competition. ATTENDU_qu, is difficult for a server role but turned my knowledge of its operation and tried to prepare on the basis of information sufficient to win: d not a one, removed and Alex not you). Very hard to say: these fish are reported but not enough.Now consider all the proportions used for the places, where the fish was caught. There are many places where the hands, but were never recorded by Thott. We probably disagree more near to the 1/10,000 in each position and how you can avoid the capital, so that there is no confirmed captures. Finally observed. ,,.