It was super easy to make, we did not use any Strawberry Chambord liqueur instead and it was very tasty and definitely free-the fault of the customers were very impressed. Is without a doubt. Store leftovers in the refrigerator overnight and tried even better the day after as the ricotta cake layers Paes and makes everything sticky. Step 4 now put the ricotta and honey in a food processor and process to be soft to the touch. Mince and half the strawberries and fold the ricotta with liquor. A cake that is sitting on a tray, with half of the cream, then put another cake. Then continued with the rest of the cream, add the remaining cake at the end. Rest of strawberries cut in half, placed over cakes and dust generously with icing sugar. The ’ is a lot of fun, you've chosen a recipe for chocolate cake, as is my birthday today! I was going to make baked oatmeal for my birthday, but no. Thank you very much for the price! Definitely deserve! The cake is superb – you can ’ wait to try it! Katie Congratulations! Doubts are not merit-to time commitment and creativity in this blog! Maybe later this cake to celebrate with you! So proud to win, to forgive the Katie! Love your blog. In July I started a gluten, lactose, sugar, diet for health reasons and it has been very difficult to find good desserts recipes. I've always been addicted to chocolate and I am very grateful to have found your blog. His recipes are easy and I love the pleasure of sharing your recipes. Keep coming! Congratulations! You deserve it!Tonight, I only have this cake. My microwave is perhaps not as high as yours, flown by because after 40 seconds still don't Cook. I tried it and it was so delicious that I decided to use it as a hot chocolate milk rather than the spirit of eat a cake in the kitchen! OMG, it was amazing! ’ Ll are still very early and the next time I make ’ double the recipe! Yeh, I tried it with almond flour, coconut milk and it was like a flan, I ’ t have problems, other things to get the almond flour do not know why this ’ not work? Please put your hands to work if you have it! the cake is superb, I intend to do!. Seriously, at 1 minute and voila now I … … Brownie recipe.I was so excited, that I commented before! I ’ seen barley flour never tried, but I would say that it is more likely that the chewy is because you've got it made without oil. Fat-free baked goods are often rubber fluff. Katie, this is my first time on your blog, but ’ is the sequel to silent a moment. I wanted to congratulate you for the price. ’ I m so happy for you and completely another thing, you deserve it, only with chocolate cake and ’ is amazing! I ’ I had the great fault of the kitchen with microwave oven, but this cake was very surprised! I only stevia peanut flour, applesauce, and had more microwave for 40 seconds. I think ’ 's why substitutions and the my microwave if. It came out very rich and chocolate. I ’ a d ask something like that for a while and gave the perfect destination! I think there thanks again for dinner! Replace it with sugar-free applesauce for oil worked for me. I like sugar free Jello pudding chocolate frosting. Very well! Was conducted in 40 seconds my skills. This recipe is definitely a keeper! I ’ m not a fan of chocolate (but I like the chocolate ’ ‘;)) blog. Make this cake without chocolate? Or need a spare? An extract of vanilla. Applesauce? Any suggestions? I like the idea of a portion of this recipe. . Until the cake to eat my daughter told me, “ I like my cake! ” thought it was so sweet. You know that you can ’ all the food and when I do something, be sure that ’ kitchen MOM but rarely in another passage is always so excited. Says things like: “ Oh, the ’ 's my special cake? You did it for me! Thanks, MOM! ” is so cute! Katie says thank you for the support that she suffers from allergies to a little sweeter. Well, I have a free version of yesterday with the gluten-free almond flour. Never take root, even after adding the extra cooking time. Put in the fridge to see if this company, but had no luck. What did I do wrong?I ate it anyway, it was like a super decadent chocolate pudding LOL! especially since the senior black chocolate flakes, covered while warm for the icing. Mmmm, tasty had some suggestions to make it as a cake without gluten? Congratulations!I only have this cake and ’ 's best individual of the cake ’ vista tested yet, because the ’ s wet and dry ’. My ’ t get much, but perhaps that of ’ because I have mashed bananas instead of oil and a little Agave syrup instead added extra sweetener package. I also have the icing, but it was just bananas, agaves, cocoa + vanilla and it was delicious! I thought that the number of calories for my version is 250 calories per person + enamel. Crazy!Thanks to an amazing blogger, Katie and I hope to see more of these individual cakes. Did when I saw the recipe and it is awesome! I thought originally as icing, but ’ is so good that not ’ if you need I can t ’ t get on the plant and it looks really a sinful chocolate cake excellent restaurant. Good job, CCK!. I have this now with Apple puree and Bob ’ using gluten-free flour. I have a tablespoon of chocolate chips on top. The ’ 's very well, but I think I should try a different flour next time. Although the plot is wonderful and sweet without too much sugar! I only have a blog through a friend last night and I already have 3 Recipes (pb cookie dough and pumpkin DIP) and printed to try some more! And now, the cupcakes! Thank you very much!. Recently, I came across this blog and I must say your recipes are wonderful and your creativity is so inspiring! I am gluten intolerant, so I was happy to see that, in this recipe, peanut flour may be substituted. I live in a dorm and wanted to have a recipe for microwave cake GF for a while and nothing until I become a commodity! Required the replacement of peanut flour: this recipe works 1: 1, but you can invalidate/peanuts spelt flour white flour usually away? I think it would at least go to cupcakes as single women. I just started with peanut flour, so I ’ t had a lot.Thanks for the recipe! So I have this cake recently my sister (I need oatmeal can cause ’ t ’ eat gluten and tested very well), but the first time I tried to burst in the microwave but not ’ t Cook. For the second time I tried, I have already cooked in less energy that transmits and uses a different dish but still ’ t do and I'm done hoping that Burns while cooking. So I'm wondering exactly how to kiln and size and depth used, ’ meals because of my bump is pitifully small chocolate crumbs from the cake, Resmbling despite the wonderful taste. Anyhoos, I love this site thanks. Congratulations for the win! I read this recipe, but completely “, I ” … and then right. That's high enough to ’ a girl, the ’ s of thousands of recipes, reading “, I thought ” and then thousands of times and then never did (or rather cases, finally after weeks). And the amazing thing. I was with applesauce and half white, half flour together and was delicious (used for microwave will only spongy/cakey and not more in cash, but ’ know if the ’ s my microwave or applesauce). I wanted the ice upward with his mother on a chocolate fondue has brought back a couple of days ago, but I ate the question, until he could. Thank you for this! I'm glad to hear that you won! We knew that want XOXO enjoyed a chocolate cake with you … a day. Katie Congratulations! You deserve the award so that ’ me really happy as well! This cake looks so delicious! ’ m me, thinking it would be a wonderful dish for lunch, I think covering almost exactly one minute to get the best! Yes the ’ s chocolate involved, always wins. 3 < 3. I wanted to update after blowing the chocolate, I had a desire which was held today, so now, only coincidentally I this cake, cut a hole in the top and poured the hot melted chocolate inside. … Sdjfijsdiofjsdiosdfsdisdfjosfjsdo. (Yes, this is absolutely worthy of Keysmash. Gah. Lodging.). Wow, that was good. I have chocolate nuggets for me and boy was it delicious! I'm very impressed. And I'm glad that my craving for chocolate cake in the future it will be easy to know without … a whole cake. I just made this and it was delicious! I threw a few chocolate chips, have the right amount of sweet to microwave to do. Solve the problem to make a whole cake, more will be discarded, because everyone is tired of eating every day to do this. a cake is perfect! Happy birthday, Katie!I'm glad to know you've won, really deserved the award, more than any other! Thank you for the many wonderful recipes, inspirational messages and beautiful photos. And for the chocolate cake. Tasty. Katie, you're my hero. They helped my daughter, who has a severe food allergy, eggs, cake, which, with other children at a birthday party, went in! I am so grateful for this post! In fact, I wrote my gratitude on my blog today. Today, I tried this cake! I liked the flavor, but the texture was a bit too tight. Can I become lighter and airier? I understand it, the batter was very thick … add more milk? More yeast? Less flour? Thank you very much!. Hello!I just discovered your site (Skinnytaste 's), and I am obsessed! I ’ vista considered all your recipes and it looks awesome! Yesterday, I have these one-minute cake. I have the WW flour in place without sugar and stevia. The cake was a perfect consistency, but it was too bitter for me (my fault BC of the stevia.) I tried again today lol I WW flour apples used instead of oil. My Apple Juice Orange without taste, but it also tastes very sweet, so it helped me add soft and I only have one package of Stevia. Mix everything in the same container in the microwave. It was perfect! As my email, I mixed with natural peanut butter with 1 packet of Stevia and a bit of cocoa powder. AMAZING! I feel so bad, don't eat, but I then account isn't that bad! Thanks for the recipes. We look forward to trying more! In CCK, Bravo! I wanted to inform you that I have tried this method with your pumpkin pie Bars recipe, and it worked like a charm! A few minutes in the microwave and I had a delicious pumpkin dessert ey (texture was more like a cakey brownie as evidence of the oil for applesauce). Katie Congratulations! You won you.The cake is awesome. ’ me try next time, expresses a question for chocolate may have a recipe for healthy cereals, floats around. or, if you can be? Some other microwaves intend to try the cake, I must say that this is the best chocolate cake ever! Instead of ice I esparci top of peanut butter right when he came out of the microwave, so that melted a bit. Ubaldo … can be dangerous, because at 2 minutes of delicious cakes anytime! I realized that some people of calories were questions. Although not really count calories, I want to know what Mr. food ’ so I took the liberty of making some sweet calories like I do. They were two things, more calories, fat and focused on fibres. He left, about 310 calories, 5.5 g fat (1 g saturated fat), 2.5 g of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat 2.5 g and 7.5 grams of fiber. But I have my own so here's the recipe for the evolution of the recipe, I followed: 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder (I used Nestle powder) wheat baking powder3 Flourdash 3 applesauce3/4 TSP myiterations = milk low fat milk1/4 TL lin seed1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract1 Cup cut steel Oatsok my recipe somehow differs from the above mentionedbut I found important not once all sugar, so I removed all. I have the Oatmeal omega3 fatty acid and to other fibers in flax seeds. I have seen ’ done a few times now and it keeps me full and still very good flavor. Congratulations! I ’ m so glad you won and Oh! What a wonderful gift for all of us ’ overview the State waiting for a single chocolate cake! Today, I think we're all winners! Thank you and congratulations once again! This night was full of pumpkin cookies, but require a very lazy mood. I fill the pumpkin and put it at the center of the cake in a sauce, and it was fabulous! He gave the target without much work! I love it! Instead, I made a cake.I could tell you that I mean all day before a stove for this cake. But the reality is that this cake lasted a minute.No, really.If you've tried to summarise my blog in a dessert, it is with this cake in a Cup: sana – but still remain ridiculously delicious vegan (with an option of gluten) and enjoy the chocolate. Of course, chocolate. ’ t would be my blog without chocolate. WOW! This makes me and my girls a fast dessert. Is delicious! Children know how I love the whip your cake. What a pleasure! I ’ it will ask you again very soon. Thanks for the wonderful recipe! Chocolate! All microwave chocolate cake that is by far the best, and ’ s Eggless.Me see also as a lover of chocolate and this recipe really Good!:)) Fantastic flavor. InstructionsMug cake recipe: ingredients and mix them together very, very dry. Add liquid, stir, then moved into a small dish, salsa or even a cup of coffee. Bake in a 350F 14-minute microwavable FOE or 30-40 seconds. If not, this feed directly from the container, first ensure your dish satellite splash (and then wait for it to cool before removing).If you want to cover with my favorite. May ’ t believe a cake might be so fast, so I decided to try it out yourself …. It was so soft and moist …. And yet I don't think! I have ’ on several other microwave cake and this is by far the best! Rich and chocolate (and ’ 's with the substitution of applesauce). I also have a little less than a teaspoon of instant coffee dissolved in milk of almonds, heats and makes the cake! In any case, I suggest for future recipes. I did exactly according to the recipe and it was delicious! Who would have thought that you could have a sweet chocolate cake in less than 5 minutes? I ’ fear ’ fear … I can't think of too many variables that could be done to make it fun. Some crushed, troubleshoot sprinkle on dough. With the peanut butter frosting. “ coconut ” cream freeze. Offers, cinnamon. I think even a little mixed pepper would be great. Strangely delicious flavors of Cayenne with chocolate. I ’ to learn something every day, I know! Really read my mind! I went to the page of Magdalena single woman for chocolate cake last night and it was so sad when I met ’! Now I can make one! ’ t wanted to use almond flour. Kitchen GF, you often use other ingredients (xanthan or guar gum, rubber etc.), go to things. When do the gluten ’ d probably use a mixture GF, such as arrowhead mills. But the ’ 's, because I really want to ’ do not have much experience with the xanthan gum boil. I ’ vista has this cake so many times and now my family, friends and the boyfriend is addictive! Thank you for your love of wonderful easy tasty vegan dessert recipes! Best cake in the world. What I do not know ’ m for breakfast today. Chocolate for breakfast is always the best. Congratulations! You won you. Thanks for a different version of the cake a minute! They had already considered the PB cake for 1 min in a white cake with chocolate chips. Hazelnut butter instead uses PB and it was wonderful! A healthy fast desert when you want something a little sweet!(and chocolate)Soak up the Sun on your well-deserved win!. I was home alone last night and I decided to do it. My world! Not only is it delicious, it's best for pies ’ allergy friendly I've ever tried! I t was ’ to prepare dinner for my son today. I have this today because I have envy of chocolate cake and was pleased to see the good that came out. Did a “ ” Cup cake for ever, but the number of calories in most of them is a fool and “ power ” clarified to egg white tested as Omelate … chocolate,. nicht in the right direction. If you have this version with a spoonful of Apple juice and thought it was very good. I did it with 1/4 cup of vanilla yogurt and a bit of chocolate sauce and it was a very decadent dessert. According to my calculations with the help of Ghirardelli chocolate almond milk, Apple puree and sugar alone was 159 calories of cake. There was a lot of satisfying my desire and I plan in the future much. I also love the brownie pancakes recipe, you have for dessert. I know that there are changes in your blog, but please c and b dessert recipes are hard to find, if you're counting calories. Delicious recipes are also good. The work is appreciated. Katie! The ’ 's ’ has long been seen here on your blog. Congratulations to the price, you are too sweet! 1 chocolate cake … well! As Nuka for you! This cake is so sweet! I think that ’ do it soon, too easy not to do so. A better way to spend a minute? Ehrlich? No, it is written without gluten flour? And you don't need to paste the xanthan gum. Premium! I know what ’ not find some spelt flour, from …. Congratulations! You deserve to win Katie. I think this is my favorite recipe again my a little crude oil and covered with some dark chocolate. It was great. I'm reminded of lava chocolate cake but much better. I also believe that it would have been delicious with some soft banana. In the end, you have to try this tomorrow. Thank you!!. Do not worry! I am always … detail is actually quite annoying: (shutter speed is how long the shutter stays open and responsive ISO ” film “ is light.) All settings variables play a (aperture, shutter, ISO) a little different with digital cameras this movie, but the basic idea is the same. You have an ISO below (100 for example), you must open the shutter to get more than a good exposure. (And the shutter should not be very open to a high ISO).I learned photography until digital cameras became popular (seriously, I'm not that old but I heard … before all the digital cameras had a super luxury!) then ISO was more pain because it ISO film decides that she wanted to buy/store the camera and therefore could change ’ t, except when finished with the entire litter. Digital cameras make the process half of the Jet-peas and change!Please feel free to email anytime with questions I (or, if you would like your comments) … a site of well-being starts so we could exchange hands. (I best use of dedicated electronic mail that the other was sometimes spoof (ugh!)) Comments for achieve). Has only one negative thing about this cake …. I said earlier that it was read, already mixed, baked and disappeared, but microwave any minute stuff is awesome my friends coming to visit tomorrow, so I think I won t have ’ sweet things even provide food – always remember addictive pumpkin chocolate Brownie. What is add a pumpkin? Just add a teaspoon of taste and of course, congratulations. It can be done anyway in the microwave oven … can really ’ t tell you how long since I saw ’ ever made. I know that my other single serve muffins/cupcakes 10-15 minutes. Oh, wow, how it looks! I ’ the view state is working on a version of dough for biscuits, but as the best … version resembles a strawberry cake! (I wish it were!). I'm glad you liked it! Oddly, it was a mistake. I tried to make a molten lava cake and ’ had time to cook the third attempt, while the Pan is still hot. The next day, when I have the chance, finally, Cook, ’ t want to heat the oven to a cake! I made this cake icing is & a little sugar ’ is very good! It was a good and quick solution to satisfy my sweet without too much on the line). I m ’ without large Choco addicted, but looks absolutely delicious. Congratulations for the victory. First, this means I can't eat love of chocolate cake. That sounds delicious! I ’ display experiments with microwave quick biscuits or biscuit chocolate cake of protein, but never thought it was going to work! Applesauce made only with BlackBerry and almond butter. I was there for 40 seconds, but only half of this microwave cake-like. The other half was in the form of warm … chocolate syrup and I loved both! Thank you very much!. OMG! Seriously, I just changed my life! 1 minute cake in a Cup was exactly what I had only. It satisfies my sweet, but ’ t make me sick and desperate after more sugary foods such as proteins. It infects only a cup and a few tablespoons. YAY! Which is better, is so easy next time as my kitchen 5 years for me. I ’ vista I did this cake for 10 times. But yesterday I tried something different and I really liked it, so I thought I d ’. Did you forget, an additional tablespoon Flour added to cocoa and then swirled some homemade Strawberry on top just before placing in microwave. Is the taste of summer! Tasty! I want chocolate cake and under pressure of time immediately brought to your blog. Should I try the alkalised cocoa powder and instead I used 1 tbsp pumpkin puree coconut oil which worked beautifully. Also, cut the nuts and shaved chocolate vegan because I felt indulgent! I have a girlfriend, who eats spelt flour and gluten ’ sempre … says but I have celiac disease, spelt flour is not really gluten-free. (The * think * less gluten than regular wheat flour, but I ’ don't know.) I know it works with the peanut meal (GF). And I ’ sure that would work with a mix GF (such as arrowhead Mills). But if you re not ’ gluten-free, mine is a favorite, with spelt flour:) way. I just wanted to thank you for making … a problem had diabetes in the past, now replaced by another word for metabolic ’ Convert recipe, I have a serious problem with some form of Zucker. Ich ’ s for many years, completely cut sugar or cutting into a healthy sweetener, etc … 10 pounds eating, only have a piece of cake or a chocolate … table really photography had to overcome possible with more Gourmet ” “ so my many friends s ’ for many recipes, … are awesome … asked their e-books, for me and a friend's … ’.Is my life so much easier and more rewarding as FB … your new recipes to test every week goes there and I Effekt. Danke see ’ back is much appreciated for their hard work, … and congratulations from ’ 's about prizes, they deserved.DianaDiana. Possibility of Ohmygoodness today subtitling vanilla pudding … cake mix for any mixing cocoa and cover of white chocolate and mix water with the banana pudding. I covered the cake with raspberries (my favorite). … and I had a very sweet! BTW, JAWS usually with barley flour. Rubber power bakery, or the fact that it is not ’ t made this recipe with oil, which makes gummy-ish? Not that I … chocolate and this version are absolutely delicious! Katie Congratulations! And I think I'll make this just chocolate cake lady now, but before baking, sprinkle some chocolate chips in …. Yum! Congratulations Lady! Therefore, deserves this award then! Honestly, when I need to bake in the oven (which normally solitary Lady is an impulse for microwave oven!) Your blog is the first place to look for ideas. Do you know what I like? Won a blog vegan!Oh, and I've been waiting forever for this cake recipe. I'll probably do it every day! (Deferred) Congratulations!I tried a different ’ ‘ version of this cake today. 1 t ground flax seed butter 1 t Agave sugar, used for corn flour and almond flour 1 subbed for oil, t + 1 t of cocoa powder (the original recipe, I tried a bit bitter). It turned out like chocolate mousse. Only hot and vegan. NUM! Thanks for sharing, etc.