I put the mixture to cake with milk and pure vanilla yogurt. Matt with a chocolate frosting instead of sugar icing. Rich, moist and did not indicate guilt free. Everybody wanted to even the intrigue-ice cream/frozen yogurt on top. Don't miss the fat, if you try this sweet wet, chubby, submitted by Brenda Ruse of Truro, Nova Scotia. Brenda substituted yogurt for oil in a mixture of grease box reduced need to create these delicious cakes. In a bowl, combine the mixture of pastel, water, cocoa, egg, yoghurt and eggs. Shoot down for 30 seconds. Beat the medium for 2 minutes. I have these in a 13 x 9 Pan and it came out great - I couldn't believe is therefore free guilty and Matt with chocolate, cream glaze, mixed with a little whipped cream more and was going to die, because my husband, I want to do more. And I'll do it. German chocolate cake is the favorite of my daughter '. Sounds good, but I think that (as in the past!) that I have ' d do more with grease and butter and a little). He came, and I discovered their German chocolate cake big reduction, I felt a glimmer of hope. It is possible that my favorite chocolate cake - with this sticky coconut, caramel, nut flavor glaseado delicioso and have much less calories and fat? Here is the land of Cook (Cook/kitchen to test the United States is one) had to say about this recipe Makeover:. I have ' very impressed! Made me laugh on the dilemma, which can cut the cake - we are a strange breed, not food bloggers ' t we? I love German chocolate cake. The ' is nice to find a lower fat recipe that is still wet. I also love isn t too ' sweet. It's also very pretty! Yes, Frieda. The cooking time is 10-15 minutes. Mine lasted 12 minutes, so my advice is to check the cake, it is not ' t Bake and dry pastel. We reject the traditional German chocolate ’ (which gave its name to the cake), know more sugar and instead used a combination of milk chocolate and chopped Dutch processed cocoa. Now, Louisa, ' say you get a chocolate cake dark (like my recipe favorite chocolate on my blog). Milk chocolate is a German chocolate cake. Do so and let us know! Purchase history shows that you eat a lot before opening the cabinets to make this cake with milk chocolate.?French chocolate is one of my favorite with coconut and nuts. For me, the taste of a cake one batter hit testing, I liked the texture, it knew well. The chocolate flavor is subtle, which is a good thing for everyone, it is dark, not a big fan of chocolate and I agree that they are probably in the minority. Get ready! O I thought that after the first piece. Court had a dilemma: Craig and we went to the home of a friend for the guests. My contribution for dessert. He had to cut the cake, because I was without light and you want in the privacy of my kitchen. to photograph what they thought would understand, because they know that I'm a food blogger. Debbie, thank you for all the advice in the post. I like the way you write ' s worth reading. I have ' give this cake. The mass is not my pans of 9 inches, filled in the usual way. I thought that this must be how calories reduziert-fine with me! If you look closely, you'll see that I bake using bands. I love it, and I am convinced that, to make the cake more evenly. the recipe to cook for 10-15 minutes at 350F. My timer for 10 minutes and shook in some way-by-so I gave him was another two minutes. The stick came out clean, so the cake. Cool, if you head the short cooking time is scratched, ho! Yes, bake the cake very fast!. Although generally want t ’ cut size to reduce the number of calories per serving, a three-storey cake was too over-the-top. Two levels, a large part. A pie without guilt? You must try this. 12 books, slowly, but surely.and that I miss most of the sweets! Thanks much for sharing this! Roz. My birthday and Brian ' of is also very fast approaching and the carnal German Ich cake chocolate is to try it! Ehrlich-being, are difficult to sell, if I see as a low calorie recipe. Somehow reduced in fat and low fat and cake biscuits translated as an oxymoron to me, and I was not impressed by the results. I gave my philosophy that something would be a cake, is a piece of food full of sugar, butter and glaze and gives the rest. I hesitated with evaporated skim milk. rarely used condensed milk, however. I put the cornstarch glaze recipe, walnuts and coconut (not shown, 2 tablespoons of butter and brown sugar) contain.Here an interesting touch is occupied, the test kitchen: when we started this, we went to the health food store to pick up coconut sugar-free. It has no sugar tend to use less calories than the sweet things in cake German, right? They are wrong. Ounce for ounce, sweet coconuts, fewer calories and less fat. How can it be? Sweet coconut contains more water, causing fewer calories per cup of coconut. Finally, in our cakes, we have sweetened coconut. ,,.