Engineering, Systems Engineering, and Process Engineering Support

Example Project: DERP/FUDS Program Support, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Sacramento District

EM-Assist supports activities as a prime contractor for the USACE, Albuquerque and Sacramento Districts' Defense Environmental Restoration Program Formerly Used Defense Sites (DERP/FUDS) and Native American Lands Environmental Mitigation Program. The scope of EM-Assist's support services includes performing preliminary assessments by gathering data from documentary sources, conducting interviews, and visiting sites to identify the potential presence of hazardous, toxic, radioactive, ordnance, or explosive wastes. EM-Assist also performs more detailed environmental site investigations, conducts cleanup feasibility studies, and implements remedial actions as needed.

EM-Assist, in conjunction with USACE, received the Secretary of Defense Award in 2005 for excellent program management and technical assistance on this contract, where we helped clean up unexploded ordnance scattered around the bottom of Pyramid Lake in Nevada. In addition, our team's program management approach reduced the originally estimated cleanup costs by more than $100 million dollars for USACE.

Software Engineering, Development, Programming, and Network Support

Example Project: MCB Camp Pendleton Water Quality Database

MCB Camp Pendleton needed to streamline their water quality compliance process. The Base's employees used an error-riddled and time-consuming process to manually enter data needed for regulatory compliance reports into Microsoft Excel and other tools. They also had to examine the reports carefully to identify violations. EM-Assist's challenge was to find a way to import the data electronically and automate the report and data review process. As the prime contractor, we developed a web-based data system using a PHP and MySQL back-end database. EM-Assist developed this database to accept electronic data from MCB Camp Pendleton's analytical laboratory. Our team designed a simple-to-use graphical user interface, as well as standard queries and reports for MCB Camp Pendleton's required regulatory reporting--monthly, quarterly, semiannually, and annually. Reports included current trends and alerts when regulatory limits are exceeded. Then we coordinated with MCB Camp Pendleton's information technology (IT) staff to load the software on the facility network and worked with the lab to develop a properly formatted data dictionary with rules and data integrity checks, so that the source data was useable.

Information System Development, Information Assurance, and Information Technology Support (IS/IA/IT)

Example Project: Hill Air Force Base Environmental Software Development

For Hill AFB, EM-Assist worked as a subcontractor to simplify the management and reporting on Environmental Management Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) throughout Hill AFB in Utah. We improved business processes and implemented a wide range of web-based database solutions while ensuring that we addressed all Air Force safety and security requirements. These process improvements across environmental management areas resulted in significant time and effort reductions, improved reporting capability, increased data integrity, and lowered risk of process failure. It also generated a greater ability to ensure environmental regulatory compliance at Hill AFB. EM-Assist software development efforts reduced the following:

  • Time required to manage inspections by more than 50 percent
  • Instances of noncompliance by 80 percent
  • Risk of noncompliance with safety regulations
  • Potential for expensive lawsuits
  • Paper consumption

Hill AFB also now saves $300,000 annually in analytical costs because of the system and database implemented by EM-Assist.

Logistics Support

Example Project: Hill AFB F-16 Logistics

Hill AFB sought the expertise of EM-Assist to manage major weapon system (F-16) modification programs that span from concept exploration through system retirement. We have provided program management, acquisition support, and engineering analysis services for the F-16, including providing engineering feasibility studies, preparing, monitoring, and tracking Time Compliance Technical Orders (TCTO), supporting the Maintenance Posture Improvement Program, and analyzing data for the Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) program.

Our team has successfully managed the largest fighter weapons system modification in the Air Force--a $2.2 billion modification to over 650 F-16s. This work involves installing five major components: aircraft computers, helmet systems, radios, targeting pods, and friend or foe interrogators. Our value-added partnering approach, founded on close coordination with our customer, has provided Hill AFB with significant reductions in both material management costs and schedule lead times. EM-Assist's program management support has significantly reduced Hill AFB material inventory, transportation costs, and schedule lead time. We met determined spares requirements, established Readiness Support Packages (RPSs) and Peace Operating Spares (POSs) requirements, and accomplished initial provisioning.

Training Support

Example Project: MCB Camp Pendleton Courseware Development

MCB Camp Pendleton needed a comprehensive package of training and training management services. Their training requirements are driven by U.S. Marine Corps policies, resulting in the need to train tens of thousands of marines annually. To date, the programs we designed have trained more than 40,000 people at the base. We develop the following for Camp Pendleton:

  • Course curriculum
  • Instructor-led computer-based instruction (CBI)
  • Computer-based training (CBT) that is used in both instructor-led and advanced distributed learning (ADL) environments
  • Classroom and blended training along with the associated learning aids and performance support tools, including note cards, posters, instructor guides, and student manuals
  • SCORM-conformant RLOs--stand alone, reusable e-learning courseware focusing on one primary learning objective covering equipment and weapons system SOPs
  • Scheduling training and maintaining training records in the Learning Management System (LMS)

In addition, we provide onsite instructors who deliver our classroom and blended learning courses and administer the LMS. Our team designed Camp Pendleton's LMS and maintains it on an ongoing basis. Using the LMS, EM-Assist schedules training and maintains training records. EM-Assist has delivered multiple courses and is currently working on additional courses for Camp Pendleton:

  • Delivered 13 courses, four RLOs, and one video
  • Developed CBI and ADL courseware, which includes a mix of text, pictures, custom graphics, animations, narration, video clips, interactive games and activities, and proficiency evaluations with feedback
  • Upgrading an LMS to a MySQL and ASP.NET environment
  • Contracted for four more courses and almost 200 additional RLOs

Based on the solid performance at MCB Camp Pendleton, we have been engaged to develop and distribute additional courses to Marine Corps Headquarters, 29 Palms, and Air Station Beaufort.

Functional and Administrative Support

Example Project: Hill AFB Administrative Support

For Hill AFB, we provide clerical and administrative support to the environmental compliance branch and three environmental attorneys. This contract involved developing requirements and business practices to gather, maintain, and report environmental audit data used to demonstrate compliance and mitigate risk. The task also includes supporting report writing, proofreading, archiving, and records filing according to the base's File Management Plan. We also set up and organized meetings, took minutes, and tracked action items.

Public Affairs and Multimedia Support

Example Project: Tooele Army Depot Public Relations Support

As a public affairs prime contractor, EM-Assist supports the Tooele Army Depot's Restoration Advisory Board (RAB). The RAB holds regular meetings to accomplish the following:

  • Inform the community about environmental activities on the facility
  • Alleviate public health concerns
  • Maintain the good public image of the facility

In addition, we prepare RAB presentations and newsletters that are distributed to the public and public notices for local newspapers as required by law. Our team also maintains all RAB information in the Tooele public library and the University of Utah's Marriot library. We handle meeting planning, scheduling, coordination, and preparation of agendas and minutes for the RAB as well.