We bought two cameras Hero3 Black Edition, they pack this weekend with excellent video quality, but the terrible battery life, and if you use a Wi - Fi connection, you must purchase additional batteries or rechargeable batteries, back, it would be (I think that's why they do). We use that WiFi-battery iPhone app in one of the rooms hero3 was empty in 30 minutes and you use another camera hero3 not the Wi - Fi feature and took more time, but than expected (compared to our other Herohd and hero2) does not as long.GoPro app has its own set of errors, but a shot works great for previewing, until you are ready to record. 4 or 7 seconds behind the video preview is a little boring, but you can use it.Now comes the biggest problem, and why the bad practices like company GoPro.Essayez to publish this report even (but bad part 3 stars and less company go - pro), but refused to publish! The rules do not hurt, put a report on its website. The report was published by the mere fact that rejected your 3-Star State. Werden now request a review compared with other cameras of motor sports due to their lack of service to clients, and shady business practices!Advantages: * much better quality than the previous video GoPro Hero * built in Wi - Fi * remote control * AppCons: * GoPro GoPro has rejected this report on your website I would like to post! * Terrible customer service! * No battery! Overview of the delays and errors in GoPro app * if no wind, you $400.00 :-(* _ cargador_de_pared_cuando_pasas _ $400 _. 00I_continuará_a_publicar_esta_revisión_en_tantos_sitios_de_revisión_como_sea_posible_debido_a_la_forma_GoPro_no_ha_manejado_este_asunto!.) Amazon has been my first silver Hero3 test. I do not know why. I have one (not the command via Amazon) for my birthday in November 2012, and it has not worked. Led me to a detachment and large retailers. Not worked too. I have a third. Does not work for the third time. I bought two San disk, 16 GB and 64 GB cards, it is recommended and the three cameras for the latest firmware update from GoPro models (FW was 15.12.2012, which was always the most recent available in February 2013). Every time 20-40 video memory card, corrupted, the camera closes and lose all my videos. At the moment the camera would start to spoil the memory card almost immediately every time after you Reformtted to huis clos. Because many videos on the subject, take, although I use it much (surf, my car and my bike) me burn three months of three cameras. And why it has taken so long, the retailer would have only the large box, where I bought it, I credit in the store on think Ende Ich GoPro is actively seeking to bury these issues (that is why it was removed my first exam and the average rating is now 3 stars instead of 2 1/2, as it was when I wrote the first time). I look at it and see if it will take off. I am a member of Amazon Prime and software engineer. Probably two dozen clients product I wrote on Amazon as well as to my knowledge, removed at the time a GoPro. This GoPro camera has serious problems, I think that a hardware can with the memory card problem and not with the correct firmware update. At least not in available in February 2013 updates. The subject takes a long time to manifest itself, and I think that's where as the next positive review. People are ruining it is not enough for this unpleasant problem with your day.(29.09.2014) update: it seems that the latest versions of Hero3 money no longer have the problem. I leave, a star, my score because you've probably lost, 20 hours of my life with this silly game of the cameras and try to get help from GoPro support, until I dropped. The GoPro is totally out of reach for the time (December 2012 to February 2013). Finally got a call about a month after I returned to the camera (and I wrote my first review on Amazon), but was very late.I have about $100 for an accessory camera Hero3. But even after 18 months, I'm too angry to go GoPro and buy another. New update! (27.11.13)DO NOT BUY THIS CAMERA. I know that lots of Black Friday, we are offered is that many in this House are attractive. Do not think that it is a good deal. This camera is broken in almost every inch and give that person can buy more headaches head, it is worth. The Hero3 + is now, and this House has almost every issue, this unit photo; immediately, I have treated white, you will pay more for it, but please do not buy this camera if you do not get for less than $150. More money to spend and be satisfied with your purchase.AT THE BOTTOM OF THE UPDATE. WITH VIDEO! (30.06.13)It is long, but if you are considering buying a GoPro, it is worth reading.I do not write this as an overview on Hero3 but GoPro creation itself. I bought the tough Mudder Hero2, which I have been involved in the summer 2012, with the intention of taking photographs of an event. It is a few days before the event, he had enough time to set up, download and play with the camera before giving the full performance the day of the event. I have not watched the defects/problems at the moment. However the event and use a fully charged battery, the camera produces only a 10-minute film. Addition of bricks 5 minutes out of your camera, when I tried to turn it on; It is a big problem since that time, had already been soaked in water and mud and hate the camera out of the box with the muddy hands. At the end of the race, who stressed that cases of a few scratches and signs of wear and the party who had to undergo slow, covers these failures and frustrations, even as regards the Debido a., I contacted GoPro and informing them of the failure of your product. While I was in my window 30 days money back, GoPro service to the customer and make sure these mistakes were an anomaly and rectify as soon as possible could be contacted immediately. She got sent a new battery, new housing and offered their apologies. New battery and case came from one or two weeks later, at the time that another mud runs and that he was charged, photos of the event. Again, had the time to carefully check the camera before the event, but it has settled the question of the brick lining and battery length seemed no better. He has not found the day of the event. Yet once again, I could just 15 minutes of footage to capture until the battery is dead and the House, the gemauerten once more, several times completely. frustrated, I again contacted GoPro and told him, was perhaps a firmware issue. So I went, I got the firmware, no measurable increase in the update function. Then says that maybe the battery were better with him, so I went and the firmware update would often be reversed with combinations of different types of batteries. There's nothing better. Finally, GoPro has agreed to replace it in the camera and each other. Had to pay for me and told me that he could expect a new camera to 1 - 1.5 weeks.Heard nothing of my camera for 4 weeks. My emails recaptured not so I called the customer service line and was supposed to be 2 hours on ice. Finally, to speak to a customer service representative, came out of my frustration, anger and resentment against the purchase of a product of the GoPro. She informed me that my replacement (ironically) would come to date and certified, tested and approved personally by our staff.I said, that he did not trust to his camera, which dare already not in society, but edited, this camera has been certified 100% sure that it would be wrong. In fact, if I have the unit tested, battery life has been much better and not bricks. Confident, I have this camera on a trip to Phoenix for a wedding. Only when the video in one of the Bachelor in the husband fell swoop saw gun discovered that the sound of this unit was miserable (could hear all the sounds has just been shot, / talk was illegible).Returning from this trip called GoPro and my money, li said he wanted was tired of dealing with them and their crappy products. He informed me that it is outside the 30 day return window, and all they could do was, me back to shipping will pay you via email and in the courtroom. Logically, this sent me into a rage, wants to speak, as I could with the Manager of the most high. After many emails was the only told me that he could do, was to fix and if that's not enough, send mail to all and tell me once again a discount coupon of 20% on the purchase of Gopro. dejame. Shipping, my camera back and paid $300 and I give coupons-discounts of 20% for the purchase of a new camera. I finished by contacting Amazon, I told them this story, and how I would go back for a full refund. Be careful when it comes to the GoPro. If your camera has never broken or does not work properly, return. Be careful when it comes to them!Last updated (30.06.13).Since the Amazon in dealing with my last disaster of GoPro is so great, I have try 3 hero decided. A few brief notes: 1) the video is amazing. Then his team cannot handle properly (probably). Built a House recently new computers cost HD video process. Errors, you see, when you play on your computer is not the result of the camera, but the high quality2). The battery life is terrible. I am ready with 2 batteries and a charger, and I am very happy that you did. Each battery will last a single record of hours. Top 40 minutes in most service lead-acid batteries. (3) If you are going to shoot under water, you get a correction filter. They are $ 5 on Amazon, and this video has done much better. If not, think green and disgusting. 4.) do not recharge the batteries through the USB port. Buy additional mains charger and packs of Wasabi energy and loads only in that. 5.), I have followed a variety of ideas on how to make my camera brick and happily ever made. My suggestions: update the firmware manually (you will need a card reader), do not use remote WiFi, charge the battery with the charger, downloading files by the card reader. I dunno, that with the USB port before him, but what I've read, it is a large source of error in the unit. (6) the camera is very hot. After the dive, stocks and the room was warm to the touch. Be careful!In this regard, but especially for the life of the battery, WiFi problems and I went on Amazon. I hope that you, being available to new in the future if GoPro black model releases. I hope this helps! Hello. I bought Black Watch the GoPro Hero3 for the market in general. All products are +/-a function of what you try to do so. I missed the views of interesting sporting events and GoPro camera video also convincing quality Filmen. Die and associated works very well, if you're a reasonably prudent person. If you are hard especially during the installation of the team. It is unlikely that the camera. a tubular metal as instead.Learn useful things: the first thing to do is to update the FIRMWARE of your camera. It lies on the site of GoPro. To this day, the last update was late 2013혼다 April with the camera work without updating the firmware will be a frustrating waste of time. The update removes all the problems that others have mentioned on different blogs.The device comes with a battery that runs about 75 minutes of quality HD (1080) to 48 images per second (fps). In the case that accompanies it, is unable to load during the filming. You buy an extra battery to Exchange films, which buy GoPro bigger battery, using the camera to expose (clearly putting points) with the power cord plugged in, try to drill a hole in the box comes with (rays for the use of water), the GoPro $50 - lid with hole cut the connectors on it longer or buy GoPro hole of housing also a connector on it. Depending on what you're trying to do in various options of meaning.The camera uses micro SD-card up to 64 GB. I bought a SanDisk 32 GB and no HDD connected question/s is that the camera GoPro formatted the hard drive in Fat32 format comment. The good news is that it is a system of older files, known and very stable. There are some limitations, including a maximum size of 4 GB and a maximum size of 128 GB card. Once your registration when you create are files that House 4 GB as a job created a certain number of files above. Each segment is 17 minutes of video. During the playback of the GoPro, via its HDMI output, 4 strings together into one continuous video file. When you play, you have different segments of 4 GB, they play.The quality of the camera is surprisingly good. It's relatively low light performance. Once more, the video quality is very impressive. Are you shooting format MP4 video-Dateien Nach, I moved the files on a USB stick and tried to play in our Blu - ray USB connection drive. It would not have affected. It turns out that Blu - ray had only supports up to 30 frames per second and buried in 48 FPS. I have a new record with 30 frames per second and that is spreading via the USB port on your Blu - ray player. The original recordings of 48 FPS play smoothly, if you want to use the USB port on an Apple MacBook Pro. I also tried to remove the micro SD card in the SD card adapter insert and then import the files via the supplied with the camera kit Apple iPad2 SD card reader. iPhoto is carded and requests the file to import. It also works on the iPad, but are very large and quickly use the available memory of your iPad. what you think the Wi - Fi means that video, wireless can be fully functional. This means that iPhone/iPad, you can download an application to monitor and display the line of remote control allows the camera. It works very well. Note: the GoPro camera is as a source for WiFi transfer the Wi - Fi on the controls of your iPhone (and iPad) and select the GoPro WiFi signal for application.One last thought and programming for storing video files. The files are very large and you must promptly remove or save somewhere. Currently, I look a BluRay writer, makes the Samsung. You can try to think of a cloud services storage, storage, USB drives, USB keys or loose several micro SD card too soon anyway.I would buy the GoPro camera new everybody. An important note is when you add all the extras you need, the ends, is enough money, buy a normal camera at the end. For me, a few small offers interesting prospects, shooting, which could support a normal camera of the GoPro. If you do not need it or Tiempo Impermeabilizacion, consider instead a video camera. traditional in support of Digital Information: GoPro support via e-mail works fine. Back to tilt a few hours and the answers within the page. GoPro written documentation available online, is quite uneven. Leave a large part of what would be useful and save you time in the world, including the elements that would consider a reasonable person should base elements are included. Good luck! Please note that the GoPro Hero 3 is not ready or quality of production department the ball will fall. I am currently in my first replacement device and should go back or get, the arguments are different replacement as follows: first tracks (last updated firmware) auto-unite keeps freezing and then one day, the arrested group SD card makes all detection issues (hard reset, format the SD card, remove the battery, updated to the latest firmware) but the device was simply wrong. -L' unit should be replaced.The second unit of the replacement unit (last updated firmware) - suffering the same problems as the first unit - but the figure, perhaps the question of the discharge of the battery, if the unit is completely way (also disable WiFi). N ' how many times is important to recharge the battery, the battery would die the next day with stop GoPro. Please note that this is not normal that my previous and this unit do not suffer from this problem.Reviewed at the end of the day, it seems that if I posed problems, where, flanked by numerous complaints on the GoPro forums and on the Internet. Also the GoPro customer service line was supported so badly, that's 45 minutes waiting, whether or not it can pick up the call at all.I think that this product is the best device on the market, if you can get one that works properly. I'm administrator of supplier/buyer at a Fortune 500 company in the technology sector, and I can tell you that this product is not ready with the amount of subjects, or quality of GoPro has really dropped the ball.Therefore if at the end of this device to buy, recommend the drive before starting for the first time in the test and see whether or not you are a unit of work. You have a good drive, prepare a large number of spare units, deal to get an OK.My final tip is to buy accessories, until you know that you have a job to move the machine correctly. I ended up buying $150 battery, frames and cases, I can go back, if I decide to completely restore the system to get my money back.I think that the product 5 stars, but you get only 1 star because of the low quality control. This kind of experience, I would like to CEO by email and make aware of what many people know and prevent the leave of service units. With several complaints online and many people who support the connection of the client request, it seems that measures cause and solve these problems within society. My original drive was the sale of Amazon off Christmas. My current replacement drive came after the repopulation of this return, obvious problems still exist capture quality Department these previous unit of Auch Tür. which is the best product, if you drive, it works correctly. I hope this helps. He recalls seeing a 5 seconds, the gap between the camera and this than what you see in the preview of the video in an application. The delay is very sensitive and is not something you want in real-time.GoPro has recently updated the firmware to add a set of functionality that your application with version 1.0 were originally promised. These new features include the possibility there were all videos related to the application, you can find photos from the camera, copy images from the GoPro on mobile devices and social media sharing.QualityI was very satisfied with the performance of my video Hero2 previous and after using Hero3 widely in the 2012 product video Hero3 looks much better than Hero2. In the environment of 1080 p/30 fps, auto white balance and large field of view, video displayed on my 55 HDTV smooth and sharp. In 960/48, which resembled a quality 1080 p video, but with the added advantage of clear sharp images, slowly in several video promotional clip from GoPro. (Slow absorption WVGA is supposed to be better, but only with a resolution of 800 x 480). Hero3 possibly you can adjust the white balance and the counters to be enabled for certain types of films, but I am their default values and came with beautiful pictures videos, often a little more away from quality Hero3 fotoL Hero2. Old Tomando used as a normal camera 11mp digital images stretched upward and shot, explosion and movement functions. I have some pictures of random things around the House, just to give it a try; I found that gave a small delay between when the button does and when the camera takes the photo. Subsequently, to the point that even if it is in a narrow point of view, the GoPro still has a wide field of vision; significantly larger, which is the same distance with my iPhone camera 5 or even a camera digital to smooth and quickly seen. The first, which looks great ti-t-what does it mean that I can hold more stuff in the photo! But a record with the GoPro which would have the same amount of information, very, very close should you be on the subject. So unpleasant to close. And each viewer (if not another $80 for LCD BacPac move), it is difficult to achieve the correct distance. Certainly, app GoPro allowing you to see what that the bishoprics of the camera, but that makes no sense superfluous; Secondly, the delay of the application that I mentioned earlier. Secondly, we have now two devices to see what it takes to take pictures with. And thirdly, at this time also the camera of the phone would be must first take a picture!In addition, beat the Hero3 GoPro HD and time lapse. But honestly, be added to the list of functions? Leaving the DSLR; in any case if better Hero3 camera mode say a timer function - if I also had a success with a nice background for the centre wanted a revolution. Sincerely-is first and foremost a Hero3 camera; If you use digital photos, take a dedicated compact camera or DSLR in place.The ReallyWhen firmware update is not bad, you open it, the first thing you see is a note by GoPro indicating that you must upgrade the firmware of the device to the latest version. Unfortunately, the camera firmware update process is not a double, the second is 10; It takes several steps for the firmware of the device for this day. But it is not complicated: it takes just the time and the number of steps. I have listed, as I did, step by step, each process update the firmware at the bottom of this review.People with things (like me) messy and not so serious, but there are people, it is a matter of circuit breaker. Personally, I'd rather spend a few minutes to the latest version of the firmware on my camera that in order to use it and lose the features and enhancements. Think of it as an Assembly should it are things you buy, must be mounted until it can be used (so far) Hero3 Assembly sought is perhaps lesser extent an Die VerdictSure firmware update out of the cameras, but there is a good reason-GoPro cameras are the most popular - that work well and are tough machines. I was very impressed by the HD Hero2 and performance improvement Hero3 HD again. The Hero3 is small, light and easy to use (the only exception is the new lock) and excellent video recording. Camera function is still acceptable, but WiFi integrated is the best supplement required functionality, pas BacPac, maintain the minimum mass and the weight of the camera. There are a few complaints that I need to get a 5 star rating. The first is the new waterproof RS release slipper small locking mechanism is a pain to move the case to reopen. The second is that, although personally I have no problem with this earthquake as any firmware update process, would you, mainly because it is not only easier (use only the camera serial number and names and information to get firmware update e-mail address), but they are for the update. And if you want to change the password Gopro Hero 3 Password Reset of Wi - Fi connection for the camera in the future, this is the only way to do this, update the firmware on the overall process of upgrade again on the site - which is certainly not desirable. should what version I expect?In the first version of HD Hero3 many people had problems with the Black Edition Hero 3; everything fails at random, thaw and remove battery reset the camera. one of my friends has the Black Edition last Christmas and has tried to leave his unit was faced with the same problems. Meanwhile, I never personally saw any of these problems with the Silver Edition and my Hero3 have was now since I started to use (even after a mountain bicycle 7 hours). After the update of the firmware were no longer problems reported by my friend here so my updated recommendations: white Edition. or the GoPro BACPAC battery (which I've never tried). Note: the batteries can be changed and do not return to the factory settings. I let my battery for 5 minutes and once again my settings. It is a big positive for GoPro regularly replace the batteries. It would be a real problem again each time not to mention the date and time settings & resolution. I use my skydiving GoPro, which means that my video is short, and you're never far from an electrical outlet. The battery in 3 hero can be a challenge for those in the desert water oder Wagen, I think that on it. I have a Hero 2 for one year, and the difference in battery life is remarkable. Note: has cost 140 minutes, my battery drain completely at 100%. Does not 100% responsible for 100 minutes was to the point. These tests have been carried out, USB cable, connected to a PC.Other complaints include a lack of my little a manual printed. I had downloaded from the Internet and then the PDF file, print, and then I have a 8.5 x 11 pages-66 book. A Pocket Guide that fits in my camera bag standard theme with a package of $400. It is not much, because once you've learned the system, there is only the man pages 6-8 that are really useful.The Panel to load a port not linked, so I already know that this small (14 x 21 mm) door is finally lost. Another problem is that the device heats up during registration; But since no damage or cause a collapse, I think that this is the case. A GoPro does not cause overheating; off automatically if it gets too hot.If you open the DCIM folder after the registration, note a few blank icon (type LRV & THM) files between your photo and video files distributed. This mouse droppings identifies some computers. LRV files can be changed in function and mini clips MP4. This is useful for projects effective editorials on slower computers. After you set the edition, then replace the LRV with the original HD files. THM files can be changed to JPG and serve your photos as thumbnails. But simply remove the feces. I can't understand how to use and that only once in a Weil Die, the biggest improvement on the 2 Heroes is the new options available. 1080 p/60 fps is my favorite. This unique feature is the reason why I bought the H3B. 2 hero sparerei only in 1080 at 30 frames per second. And to my delight, when I chose my H3B 1080/60, I found that the field of vision in this environment can then customize. The Hero-2, has been limited to the options of field of vision extremely depending on the resolution setting. The H3B is the way, the appearance of your shots. Note: the versatility of Black Edition is better than the white or silver. The price is not only for mode 4. Kino Fernbedienung k is essentially useless for me. It offers a maximum speed of 15 images per second, which is similar to a slide show. 2.7 k 30 FPS and making incredibly impressive resolution, but you'll be lucky if you can touch them gently. After seeing the excellent results of video 1080 p/60 fps, I doubt that I will change this parameter except super slow, which would use 120 fps, which is no longer available in 720 p resolution. Apparently, it's a GoPro for one update software update, so that the options of field of vision is extended in 720 mode/120 fps. At this point, is vast. 05.07.13 update: new firmware update the field of vision he gives more options.The wireless remote is really cool and convenient. Is a game for control of the camera is installed. It is easy to install and use. But as the camera, battery of the remote control fulfil quickly. the charger cable is owner, then you need to download the remote control during idle time. I also installed GoPro app on my Android phone. Thus, you can use your phone as a remote control. You can see on the phone what sees the camera, even if no recording; lot of fun Möglichkeiten Die camera is much thinner and lighter than the H2. The buttons are easy to activate; They are larger and more sensitive. It also uses a micro SD card, not the standard of the Hero-2 SD card uses. Because the width and height are not changed, the doors of the bridge are interchangeable with the Hero-2 and LCD BACPAC for my H2 works perfectly, 3; This has made my day!The location of the firmware is regrettable and GoPro should customers many apologies. I grew very frustrated, until she told me to use the manual procedure. This report has been a Festival of curses star words 1 until the debacle of the firmware has discovered. It would be very positive all 3 reviews of Heroes where he was safe for the user to update the firmware, not able to follow the recovery as a whole. I'm still a fan of GoPro even after my initial problems. I can live with the mistake of freezing on now. For short trips, parachuting, 3 black Heroes is a great camera. Blue Sky! ,,.