After effects are still dark. You can Change the brightness of the surface > > Settings screen, even if the control zone is more restricted; You can change the appearance of the user interface to a lighting mode.There are some simplifications of the Panel functionality. Icons, buttons and panels were looking for changes. If you copy a file to the project (AEP) in one of the files checked in Adobe Media Encoder, the compositions at the top level of the project after effects (compositions, not in the files Panel) is automatically added to the encoding queue Adobe Media Encoder. Hi, my name is rich Harrington, and today looks at images from a camera, then it can work. Yes the study or the popular edition of tools for professionals and hobbyists with the GoPro. Using the GoPro's Study and many great things could be done to improve the material. Maybe it's the transcoding, an adaptation of a CineForm codec, or remove part of the fisheye distortion or optimize the contrast or color. GoPro-Studio, there are a few things that we can do really interesting and the whole course today, I'm going to go through the use of this software. This is a free software from GoPro. Now, there is an extended version of GoPro Studio with some professional features for those of them with works in 3D. But where you focus on core functionality that trabajarcon with all versions, including the free version of today s. To access the GoPro camera you get a card with a few shots and we jumped. After completing the registration, your work in the GoPro is possible, but the material commonly used an extra Polish. This course will show you pictures from GoPro camera, quickly to edit and share your movie with the world, with the Studio, the free utility, the GoPro GoPro make you easy issues. Adapt and learn to regulate undesirable external clips, pictures of transcoding to eliminate a form of easy to modify, distortion and improve color and contrast. When finished, can movies and still images to export Exchange, or hand the results to another application to Professional Edition or consumer class. ,,.