24% of employees work more than 48 hours per week, an average of 44 hours per timesheet. Are generally too of workers and of the Charter of freedom calls for 40 hours per week. Everyone should enjoy the same human rights. Is a pipe dream to think that the human rights of the colonialism of a special type may be appreciated. As the social and economic needs the most important Charter of freedom for a long time are not fulfilled, there is no human rights. Equality is the norm, which is too high to reach the colonial South Africa. There are houses, security and comfort. There is no safety and comfort in the homes of the working class. Speaking of human rights, the exercise of the rights of man in a hut that leaks when it rains, we can imagine that is burning every winter, because you do not have access to basic energy! Here are some facts: Ruth includes the first struggle for freedom in South Africa as a partner, if necessary, by the armed struggle to overthrow the State. That he suffered terribly, including as the first white woman in the Act despicable 90-day detention, arrested in August 1963. Ruth has been already said, the first officer in question and a true inevitably to put an end to the abolition of colonial and racial domination and at the same time using the class only in the South African combat. He clearly understood that race, sex, class or national question could be resolved without worrying. Only those trained to the Marxist method could understand and apply them. Companion Marxist Ruth was a strategist of note. Struggle for democracy and the consequences of being do not give up any amount of nursing, presses and ridiculous of the South African social and economic statistics over the past 20 years our so-called democracy can hide more: colonial South African was remain the same, capital of white monopoly is good and Sanoe immerses himself in the Imperial presence! Inequality, unemployment and poverty has deepened in concrete terms the post-1994, with more than 26 million Africans of the South today are considered very bad, classified, 25 million of them are Africans. We saw the disintegration and dissolution of the release once powerful. Today, we are the country and its inhabitants by white and minorities of imperialism and plunder African monopoly capital. Almost a third of the population needed social grants South Africa to survive poverty. Unity between white monopoly capitalism, buyer of black and the sections of the capitalist class of small bourgeoisie are facilitated by their common interest continue to the extraction of added value of undeclared work. The failure of the national liberation movement in its agenda, that the Charter, which means that it remains the Superexploitation of black workers of the freedom set white monopoly capital. So that the parts of the black bourgeoisie and the small black collect the purchaser, must now the exploitation of black workers in his room intensify. Is therefore a work in companies of Telkom, Transnet and Eskom similar are outsourced, these capitalists black, workers in a situation of exploitation of the vulnerability. Our working population-drugs dehumanizing poverty, economic and social colleagues in the journal of the working class is weapons, rape and all forms of violence. The rich, but increased its maximum prisons behind its suburbs, dependent and barricades electrified - all in order to avoid violence, greed in the country has created. Unfortunately, they are not always successful. The task of the national democratic freedom struggle collapsed wholesale, for what is perhaps maintains the revolutionary morality, solidarity and concern us all as a people - and that is that we, more than 20 years in a country in desperation down. Our mission, tasks today our revolutionary! The class are working on their race, sex, national, age and other criteria is the inverse of the capitalist class. Workers and unemployed, urban or rural, this mass of workers Atochados are in constant opposition to the capitalist class. This class is not always aware of itself as a class than the direct product, in our case, the racist of the colonial capitalist system. This kind of 1,000001 million, is facing a daily struggle to the death with the capitalist class. South Africa is now the majority of South Africans, who are aware of the class quickly note that the liberation movement has outlived its usefulness, that it has expired. It is time to advance the cause of socialism. We are committed to the NUMSA was, last December, decisions without precedent, including COSATU campaigns of rupture with the Alliance under the leadership of the ANC. We are on the difficult journey - join the working class and the people of South Africa after the dream of Ruth first, a Socialist Republic of South Africa has begun. We are determined to see that us will not sit back and our life, our resources, our common future and our lands and countries destroyed by local and foreign merchants money. Promised us much. Now there are attempts to replace the Charter of freedom by Ruth first by its polar opposite, the national development plan (NDP). Our opinion is that this plan is based on the Superexploitation of black workers and the preservation of power colonial and capitalist, that define the South African company. Accordingly, the NDP are no plans work and no longer meet even mediocre goals. In addition, we have shown that this PND NUMSA is a cut and paste of the policy of the Democratic Alliance. So far our assertion with facts person controversial. Do not wonder, therefore, that the ANC leaders is implementing a policy because it gives us as NUMSA, which belong to the same class. We also occupy is the national development plan, it is the first of the ANC and the Crown. Many of you remember the Vision 2014, which was erected in 2004 to reduce half of the poverty, unemployment and inequality in 2014. Almost everything the Vision CNA promised 2014 was able to repair it. We have an in-depth analysis of the Vision 2014 as NUMSA. And now they have another vision, Vision 2030. We are determined to continue the fight for a Socialist South. Monopoly capitalism has us know, as it should. Only socialism is the best solution in Africa of South Africa and the problems of the world for us. Like the real wealth, workers, producers we know that we must not disappoint. We ask us calmer, freer and more just for us all to forge a happy future. But not by illusions, son to achieve this goal, so we need a permanent struggle free classes, whose Sofortprogramm is the Charter freedoms, the criterion that allows us to measure, we are also free. A revolutionary and democratic responsibility that we all have to build facilities of a democratic worker, including trade unions, to the movement of a democratic dynamic of the citizens of the South Africa towards a socialist construction work! No army can win a war without strong leadership, discipline and organization. It confirms the story of the Roman army. Outnumbered, the battalions of the Romans win the wars against the armies that were more than three times their numbers. Why? Because the discipline in the battle, a good reflection on the tactics and strategy and strong leadership. In South Africa today, the working class has the numbers, but had the good organization. Therefore, I contend that the immediate task of every revolutionary in South Africa today is to build revolutionary organizations of the working class. In particular, trade unions must be merged a militant battles against the Federation. Civil society organizations must be in a Clase Trabajadora - led United Front are coordinated. The various struggles on many fronts, the effort must be welded is for the working class in the common struggle for a Socialist Vanguard shamelessly party. The alternative is too bleak to cart! Ruth first and his virtues, his lasting legacy of Ruth first and his death, a tribute to all courage of women, intelligence, education, research and write socialism. We honor all veterans of freedom for women who have paid the price, sacrificed a life of false happiness for the struggle of the South Africa free. First officer Ruth really was an African, was one of us. The historical name of the masses, thanks! In short, there is no work and welfare as promised in the Charter of freedom. Measured at the high concentration of Thatcherism in the national development plan included, these statistics are worse for 2030. Opens the doors of learning and culture. The educational system of young people who love their country should teach the Charter of freedom. I would like to add, that education for social justice, to the page of the oppressed of all time, young people do must teach. Actually a series of revolutionary changes are caused by young people and supported and brought finally out of the working class. Therefore in the NUMSA, we expect, that in this country, it is important to have a solid shaft between the working class and revolutionary intellectuals and the young activists to build. Look at the State of education today. There is no safety and comfort in the homes of the working class. There is no none would be in a hut or zinc or brick. There is no peace and friendship. At this point should be clear to us all that South Africa is off track. Is the national democratic revolution. Therefore claim that there can be no peace and friendship, while the requirements which are the Charter of liberties not onstage. This lack of peace on the wheel, the crimes of violence against women and children, see xenophobic and homophobic violence. Action of protest against South Africa in the capitalist state colonial dress even mass violence. This tip letter country violence and freedom founded the road to peace and friendship. You order this meeting before the University's Ruth, the Charter now really many of us read and consider seriously the Charter of freedom of freedom? I'm willing to bet that many in the audience had never bothered to discover what exactly read the Charter of liberties, much less. Tonight to return home, you get a copy of the Internet, there are many copies of bills in the Internet reading, think published and questions: what is the Charter of freedom? It is promised, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the paper of freedom and kindness of this: our plan is to create the first not real to a healthy diet in South Africa, a South Africa on the path of the solution of race, sex, class and national oppression and exploitation, threatens to destroy the country today. Their ignorance of the letter of freedom will be its loss. Is no longer a forbidden document. Read, think and speak. They allow students to study freely, do not delete. Come on, do it! Ruth has worked tirelessly with the requirements of freedom for all people of good will of the South Africa first and his revolutionary of friends of all races, and they are concentrated in the freedom Charter. Then, the terminology of Mao Tse Tung, the Charter of liberties of the masses and the masses to use. Is our mass. Ruth was killed before the adoption of the freedom Charter. Today, we are told that the Charter of liberties was influenced by the Socialist mode of the 1950s. Still others say that the Charter of liberties is now irrelevant. First Ruth and many others is killed for fashion. Their motive is irrelevant. Ruth was a very brave journalist first. He understood that the role of a journalist in history to record the truth as it is, the combined search for journalism, writing and document the stories of fighting against injustice. Ruth no canal, had fallen first eager lenders of their sensational journalist. She used journalism as a profession in the service of the struggle in South Africa only. The revolution in South Africa and Ruth what first South African capitalist? We cite the literature of the Communist Party of South Africa (SACP), how could be in real time, a time when the party in theory, a document entitled to the makes, written in 1989: capitalist revolution of State among the South African population is not created due to an anti-feudal. It was imposed from above without. From birth to present South African capitalism was strong the imperialist centres dependent. Capital has funded the opening of mines. It has always been a colonial resources of State for basic infrastructure - to build roads, ports, railways, posts and telegraphs. It was an army of occupation that imperial policy has created the conditions for reunification. And it is the South Africa removed from the emerging capitalist class and this racist system exclusive to increase your chances of profit within the States colonies. The Division of labour is guaranteed the breed of racist laws and political exclusivity. From these sources has been a model of domination, which have arisen in the period of colonialism, external to the newly formed Union of South Africa. Since its origins, this form of rule under different conditions and through different mechanisms have remained until today. Rest the colonial status of the black majority in all respects. Therefore, we distinguish our company as colonialism of a special type. Here, we learn that:. Ruth o Maat came from a family of Marxist, Gollancz Tilly and the first Julius parents were Jewish immigrants from Latvia. Companion Ruth was originally a Marxist. Return to this fact: the companion Ruth was first Marxist Government was assassinated by apartheid a Marxist and committed members of the movement of South African liberation through its direct involvement of the South African Communist Party (SACP) in South Africa, his work at the Congress of the Democraticiche was a branch of the Congress Alliance, supplemented by the National Congress African (ANC) South African Indian Congress of the South African people of color in the South Congress and the Congress of the South African trade unions. Companion of Ruth before brutally murdered by their faith in and fight for a South Africa only, non-racial and democratic and Socialist. Socialist in South Africa, because first of all, the safest, as Ruth, the racist colonial capitalist society was at the end, love and all the people in general and the African population in particular being tortured. As a Marxist first very good correlation, the dialectic and racist oppression and the exploitation of the capitalist South Africa connect mind Ruth. Determined to fight both at the same time. The race ends and the dominant national oppression sex wasn't enough. Well understood in South Africa the national race and rule directly to capitalist exploitation of the working class in general and the black working class and Africans in particular? That is why, at the same time, that it a revolutionary leader of the Communist Party of South Africa and an activist and a member of the national democratic movement against racism. You organized directly and his colleagues mobilized white on the Congress of Democrats. Ruth Chambers first Marxist, a white woman, fully the need to understand the ethnic, patriarchal simultaneously to the national struggle and oppression of class, the domination and exploitation. We cannot imagine the hatred of Ruth first and his companions by the colonial capitalist of the South Africa, racist and white. They were a crop of revolutionary white that decided, ruled with the struggle of the working class to fight against the oppressed and exploited black and African. They chose the side of the people. First, companion Ruth was a brave woman. By his courage, passion for a just and Socialist South, where he there would be no race, gender and national oppression, there of domination and exploitation of the class, the highest price paid. I suffer with Ruth before today. You want to see, feel, hear, smell, touch and feel total environment brutal and violent, where he lived. I want to feel the fear with her. I want the terror of daily life, knowing in his adult life. I understand, but Ruth first was killed by a parcel bomb, its ideals and values were not bombarded by action. Its ideals and values still live the hearts and minds of the working class. Ruth was initially a courageous Marxist! Ruth first and his vision for South Africa: the Charter of freedom, then, I would like to make one very important thing: we are in South Africa today white India/Asia, Africa and black, male and female, young and old, class worker and owner lives in a safe place and less dangerous, we are so vile, therefore devoid of any vision Giustiziacosi apathetic conditions more spaterim of 20 South Africans in 1994. What is sufficient for us, our sleep to wake up and stop the rot, the suffering of the millions of South Africans by unemployment and poverty, the death of a great number of our children in the hands of rapists and armed criminals, the pain of hunger and the homeless have South African experience of millions of evil? In this University, issues which provided the first instance of Ruth in sociology has, which, for us all, open their eyes and see that we are on the precipice, a precipice, if we do not immediately certain undertakings and large for the solution of the problem of the national, racial and class oppression and exploitation, which has intensified since 1994 in South Africa? Where are Ruth first today? I will return to this issue in relation to the role of the universities in the struggle for social justice. We meet here today in the evening at the same University, where he obtained a degree in sociology in 1946. As well as his revolutionary generation in South Africa in the mid-1950s, he took in the elaboration of the Charter of freedom, the regime of then and now, for the first phase of our journey in the direction of real unique, Socialist, democratic South Africa. What was this opinion of the letter of freedom? Extent to which South Africa is the path towards the realization of this vision? It is short, of the national democratic revolution on track? Let me briefly review the Charter, the problem to illustrate the working class black, especially metallurgical constantly in our special National Congress the largest and most later levied were holders of freedom. The book says: freedom is governed by people. I would say that people not of Government. Many of you referred to them were to attend meetings of the local communities on priorities to decide local government? Do you know what kind of projects are infrastructure over the next six months in their neighborhood? Each year the budget announces the denomination and the Finance Ministers to talk to people after the announcement. If we cannot determine budget priorities at the local level involved, reported the State budget? These basic observations explain the crisis of Government, such as the frequency of provision demonstrations. According to an official report of South African researchers News24 Police Department gave more than 3,000 events of providing service between 2009 and 2012. This means that all days, or Freedom Power Lectures 62 available there is provision of services by month three manifestations of protests. Multi-level governance initiative said that these applications communities, inter alia by the broken promises and the representatives of the Government ignore the complaints of protesters reports. All national groups should be on an equal footing. How did you here? South Africa is in principle companies are structurally unable, with equal rights for all national groups. The system of colonialism, which continues today, is based on the definition of the national groups of the race. And then it came, the Africans at the end of the food chain. As we speak today, the majority are African always in the background. The hierarchy of dominance: lower, M├ętis, Indians at the top and then white in the apex, the command of the hour, followed by Africans. It is a fact that all Africans to fight for a decent salary, then that white workers next imperialism transported from the workers, who were murdered in the Kana husband? There must be no equality groups to colonialism! People need to share the wealth of the country. NALENA Abayifuni! There are riches to share a complete denial of the country. Some say it has happened to her body. In 1994, the Gini coefficient is 0.64 measures of income inequality, but rose to 0.72 in 2006, is now to 0.69. Who is the owner of the mines, banks and industries of monopoly in South Africa? Large banks, as ABSA and Standard Bank, on the basis of super exploitation of black workers were built are still private and foreign properties. All South African owner loans stop imperialism. There any mineral in this State not direct foreign ownership and foreign control is dominated. Platinum iron ore, gold, chrome, iron ore, manganese iron ore is manipulated by foreign imperialist interests. Monopoly industries are also foreign essentially. SASOL, Arcelor - Mittal. Telkom was sold to private foreign interests and he was not able to pursue an agenda for development in South Africa. The sector of forestry, sugar producers and many others is dominated by foreign interests and looting of countries by rates of transfer and prices import parity. The land will be divided between those who work! Estimates that are own between 13-16% of agricultural land in South Africa, the black population. Only 10% of 30% for the recovery of the land of black farmers have been transferred, date, 30% is expected in 2014. At this rate, it will take to transfer 50 per cent of the country for people in 100 years. The disastrous consequences of the Act in 1913, which 100 are passed without a real national debate, the floors are still being felt. Workers strike for increases in earnings in the year 2013 was one that strongly recalled reputation on the problem of the country, in the heart of any national liberation struggle should be. The strike is still fresh in the memory. Continue to focus on the historical fact, the distribution of the lands of the colonial period and the product that comes out, are not uniform between them to work the land. Everyone should be equal before the law. As possible in a colonial society? As I noted above, there is no equality between national groups in a colonial atmosphere. Implicitly, there no equality before the law, in a colonial atmosphere. Many members of the working class, who are in prison have been offered the possibility of psychological condition can be tested, with a team of high-powered lawyers, until they were found guilty. In short, even if it can be said that all the law are the same the problem of the concentration of wealth to miss a few Access search the same right, lack of access to the courts. In other words, is my point of view, that equality before the law is a very high level to the company in South Africa, while wealth is still a minority, with white or black. There is work and security. No there was no work in the last 20 years! The unemployment rate was 31% in 1995, increased in the year 2013 to 34%. Although the Government claims that it has created a number of jobs, not the growth of the active population is taken into account. There are words for telling a good story of unemployment. Jobs even offer no security to the workers. It become truly random and the deregulation of the market of work over the past 20 years. Now there's a policy of openness Thatcherism, where began organized, foreign workers receive calls block work. In other words, creates sin committed by black working application class unions a salary in a country, and where the income gap between ordinary workers and CEO 1728 times. The market of labour in South Africa, we have the following events:. ,,.