Hi, I'm 34, married, mother of two small children. In early years, he dropped out of school and I got my GED, and then started. Now, I am a senior sales manager at a hotel restaurant. I lived a great part of my career more then I thought only 17 years old and I think I've done what so far certainly could go beyond. I would like to know more on the College and maybe even career change. Full time work and they are my two children in the nursery. I think that my husband and make lots of money to get announces financial, but our invoices are due (and I hope t ’ in a House of scandal or something) figures not associated with the University for departures hall. Is there some information that you can send, help me on this new way? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you very much. On the right side I went, a woman 19 years high school to College. I will be the first graduate high school and University staff. Can't wait to my bachelor's degree in science as an RN. FAFSA and the asked is the only kind of money to go to College. My parents have no money to me at the school and not sure so I make mine. I need information or help you can get. Please contact me. I am a mother, working full-time Department of corrections as a guard. I'm for two years. I am a single mother. My daughter is two years old, I am trying to register for courses online through community colleges. For me and for that I need a scholarship that will help me. If someone any information on what I can do please let me know. I would be very happy. Here is my email address. Hi, In the 23 years old, to do a program of mother 3 years online. I have no income, my girls father pays the Bills and nothing more. I would love more than anything other in the field of criminal justice. I have no idea where to start, scholarships, grants, etc., advice, direction or the granting of financial assistance of the direction would be very appreciated. Thank you for your time. I am a 25 year old woman, lives in Norman, OK. I have two years experience at the University, but he was not able to finish school because of financial failure. I could not without financial support by the entrance of my father's ’ step and tried, my last semester paid Fourier me debt on loans to students, some are already by default. It made me eligible for financial support through FAFSA. Advice or opportunities would be greatly appreciated! I am currently working on the College, but I am a mother and wife without income. I'm trying to see me have to wait, if it succeeds, the donations to help. If you can help me find these grants or tell me what I should, you call 334-465-4731. many Dank.Amanda Smith. I am a woman of Spanish mother and two who was dismissed recently for 25 years.I wanted always to College, but with my children and my income seems impossible. I would like to receive information about scholarships that you funded the a 602-722-certificate of 6775Thank. Hello, my name is Castle Betania. I was in Virginia and Tennessee promotes. I was then adopted in Tennessee in 2008. I need subsidies and many of them. I'm the oldest and I moved. Don ’ t have a job at the moment and you can ’ t numbers my University. Help, please. Many companies seek support abused women and victims of violence. These programs are for women who want to leave abusive relationships. Without financial support, these organizations offer some women, the other, may be forced continue with men, which cause harm to themselves and their children.An example is the Sunshine Lady Foundation, an organization seeking financial assistance for victims of domestic violence through independence from their program scholarships for women's studies. This national programme of assistance for women who have overcome violence and want to pursue a college education.For more information. I'm very confused.I just all comments by women who would otherwise be, that to learn the ability to qualify himself for that pay cover subsistence and safety hard race. Disadvantaged mass of capable women! There are many people, men and women available as real jobs available are educated.The cost for the formation of these positions is unheard of, which a majority of the poor and stressed so long for a better life. People who are portrayed as lazy and free loader. Nothing could be farther from the truth! What you intend to do? I am currently trying to return to the school, unemployed, a mother and wife. It's a free scholarship and grant you can follow my goal one day open my restaurant. I wanted to take the cooking class and companies would be grateful if someone could point me in the right direction.Or help to find, free grants and scholarships, the I Suche.Wenn you or someone please send me you can help me an email. Hi, I'm low mother of my child, he went to school and now is time, finding a job that i havnt Atepmted imagine zero skills in 8 years to get that I have account to make an interview or a CV when I was working I havnt in 8 years! I would like to seize the moment and go to school has no income my husband financial support received and a lot of money for me and can not pay for the school. Please, help would be great! Hi, I m currently in the enamel of the Institute ’ for graduation and leaving PA way from my family to the school at the technical college in County Tri, Pendleton, SC put Clemson University for a degree in dental hygiene, I hope that my mother was single for many years and has to fight, because the father was not ’ by for awhile and recently then let worked with all, boys are that I can really help attempts to make me, because my mother has epilepsy also and many other medical problems, while the bulk of our money towards it should, but I wonder me if anyone, with any luck since I discovered it Havn t ’ was able to find scholarships for people who leave the State, because the College please contact me. I am a wife and mother. Our daughter is 7 months old and very active. It is at the College in 2011 and 2012. For a very short time. I think you have only 1-2 credits, because I decided to put school first and foremost. It was the biggest mistake I made. I want to go, so I can help my husband to the best for our daughter to College. I have very good grades in school all over the world. I need help with the payment of a nursery school for my daughter because my husband is just a job. Very little to do help with the payment of the invoices with the nanny. But it is enough to make us all accounts with the elements that we care as a family. I want to can show with my daughter, that everything is possible if you put your mind to. The only thing that brings is even and when others say you cannot do. My mother told me that it doesn't make sense, everything for my daughter would be. And that my marriage would last year. I was married for almost 2 years, and that there no sign of change. We strive to raise our family, but still there is no excuse for this, not the College go. This has been my excuse for the last year. Others were my boyfriend and had an abortion, she became depressed and leave it to me. I was not ’ me for a long time afterwards. But it is time to stop the excuses and do the right thing for the future of my family. I would appreciate your help to me to my destination. I am a foreign student and not work at present.I have only two classes to graduate, but not in the position to pay my education and my University holds my visa on November 15. I have to support anyone, and I'm independent. Please help me if you complete my only two classes help for me through my training and I could argue.Thank you very much. Hi, I'm Jenny. I am a senior in high school. I know that I can't pay for the school. I save as much as possible to help. My father works at NOAA and considered government workers. My mother stayed home and three children and two other children who are older than 18 years to increase support. My father's income there ’ lot of my high school offered are incapable of scholarship. My father, alone, to pay not only 5 people of the University to. It has its own debt. I really want to help in the search for a way to pay to support the College. Thank you very much!. I want to go to College, and I want to go this fall can. My father is the only one that live in my house keeping and 6 people in my house, that it works. Well, I have a part time job, but between us two is not enough to the University. So, if you help me, nothing to do nothing it would be very satisfied.Thank you very much. 443-693-2574 Hello my name is Marketta Straughter. 17 years and is currently a senior at Southwest high school. My plans for my future is to get to attend college to a degree in psychology. I am a student with Free College For Seniors Virginia an average of 3.2 and the Act of 17. My only problem is that my mother in College, simply can afford due to financial problems. Really, I wish I could improve my teaching to the best of my abilities. It is difficult, if the economy is constantly deteriorating. You make it hard to get or keep a job desperately need. So with that, says thank you for your time and think to respond. I can be reached.Many organizations are very interested, help women to realize training courses in the field of science. For applicants for students interested in science and higher education, including the natural sciences and physics, the Association for women in science are a fantastic resource for grants and scholarships. More information about this program. Hello my name is Matteo, I have 27 years. I don't have at the University since 2005, was hardly a newcomer. I had to leave. Culture of India, we assume that we will support our parents age and disease. My father had 2 heart attacks in the same year. He could no longer work. as the only child still living at home and not married, had to take care of him. The later individual years Discided finally was time for my studies and my career. However, as I in 2005 that left University, I have the rest of my College Fund, to pay the mortgage on our House. Finally he convinced my parents that required my education and to contribute to my family one day. The culture of India and a woman out of the parents house married a three-month battle. Haha. Well, I'm in a city, which is less than a State, without family or friends if I not 3 hours. There is here no Asian Indian community. But it does exist and the ideal University accepts me. It is the first time In the, there is no media that I can pay my school, as soon as I can afford to buy food. There are there grants or scholarships please I need help. Thanks, Geeta. Hello, I am 17 and just graduated from high school. I graduated with honors. I attend college in the fall of this year. I am a graduate master of science with specialization in sports training show. I stayed in summer for the last three seasons and the possible economies of mass. As soon as you start to go to school but get a part-time job to help with the cost of living and everything I need. Exploring the opportunities of scholarships and grants, but couldn't get away. Even if you give it a try. If you have information that will help me, be thankful. Thank you very much!. Although there are many scholarships and scholarships for all women open, most of the programs that looking after women from underrepresented backgrounds, as women from minorities or women, who are not citizens American or non-traditional.Another focus of programs tailored to the financial needs of the applicant and his family is looking for candidates with a solid academic education and recommendations, but most programs. Given the variety of public and private with various applications and skills programs, most women probably can lay subsidies or funding grants, if you search enough. Although it seems that the possibilities of the University are financial assistance to women-oriented according to the teaching of science, there are several grants of funds from the University instead of women interested in art. College Art Association provides financial support for non-traditional students in the penultimate year of their educational program. You will find more information here. Dear Siriam, also an Indian appeared to continue Student.IAM serching for a scholarship for my studies. I also my PUC 2 completed and 84% on my test Board Karnataka said this 2014 and my doctor is classification lens is 9873.my by MBB, but unfortunately difficult.my IAM very go Finring parents ’ income is not sufficient to meet my approval costs. My mother is the hostess. I have 4 sisters and 1 brother. I have a free education in my school, and also my universidad.conoce very to believe our financial situation worst.but in God, it's going to help me otherwise or th so please if you then so.my and my sisters of life can help me just depends on my study. Thanks to you.my contact is not 8147489017 and my email ID women are University College of the Etats-unis today, more than 58 percent of the students.bien, that women are still the majority of students, it's been so long, that women were excluded from the register at American universities more.In fact, it was not until 1980, that a real progress on the acceptance of women won at the universities of the United States. Prior to this time, universities were considered the land of men and women are forced to conform to the traditional roles, such as maternity leave.Today are not only registering women and graduate in record numbers, more and more women are important races high building shape, life juggling family. Explain this could be the rapid growth of women in the American University System? The availability of scholarships a key role, unequal conditions for many women higher education grants for women in high performance played to alleviate to help.Today, women face unequal conditions in a society of men carried. Fortunately, many grants and scholarships for women are to pursue their bachelor's degree. Hello, I am a student and I want to go to College, I am interested in scholarships, no amount will be more grateful. Thank you very much!. I am a wife and mother of 2. My husband is a stay at home dad. I'm going back to College this fall and would really not all ready to remove. Help or advice on this matter would be appreciated. Hello my name is Melinda I ’ m 32 with age at puberty does not work 3 girls but never went to College, I ’ beat a want and I need help, if someone me please contact me could help. Although there are scholarships for all women, the most awards by the setting of the minority women are much more interested in. First of all, everyone should applicable minority women with United Negro College Fund, or the Hispanic College Fund check. These two organizations have enormous resources in procurement and course scholarships, and scholarships for women Minderheit.Ohne doubt of Afro-Americans give women and Latinas, who are looking for ways for College and scholarships in abundance.Regardless of what sex is, is getting ready to apply for as many scholarships and grants as possible. Women should not one or two scholarships and assume that the victory and funding opportunities.Some of these scholarships, especially those who are highly competitive by most organisations promoted notes and silver prices for a very small percentage of applicants. If you find a scholarship, which is entitled, why not apply? Apply for a scholarship or grant can never hurt. In fact most are donations, better your chances to win financial support for a graduate of a master's needs. Just high school and homeless. Singles with the help of some of my friends who help me to the case. I have a penny from me. My money thay are used to pay the Bills. Don ’ t have a computer or Internet. I let not, because you have a car t Don ’. And it is difficult for me as well targeted or applied somewhere with a better salary, because I can not reveal my identity not. I would really go to College and become a doctor. But can even ’. I can something ’ because I do not have the means. I'm a girl, very intelligent and very functional. It's all ’ I want to have gone to College and then please contact me. 5862099446 ’ m 17 and graduating this year, I won t be 01:42 ’ months after graduating, that one so young by the high school ’ had the opportunity to work and earn money for College. Most of the time ’ m, with animals, volunteers ’ wanted to be a veterinarian until I was still in kindergarten. My whole life I m the ’ school ’ view of the State of working my way of a veterinary medicinal product can be. The only problem is, that no veterinary school me and ’ must of the city or the same State to move! If I move my parents won t ’ help for College, pay, because they think that it is better to ’ refrain from what I as ’ so expensive for school and s ’ s so far, but haven t ’ dreamed of a vet pays to do. I have ’ under the direction of many animals and would imagine that l ’ to something more. I need of veterinary medicine scholarship, given the fact that my parents won the support of the t ’ what I want. I am a single mother 59 years, senior who wants to go to school. Are disabled, is it always is not in a position to know! I want to be an example for my granddaughters ’ mother, the now divorced and raising two children alone is. Often, our children receive the signal that completes life without MOM and Dad at home. I want to see, even with a disability, single, according to the age of the entry academic communication and Nero, still have a chance of success. I have helped that strangled the 15-year-old women, and believe me, you Ministers, in my family, that it is never too late, is it my training left a rich heritage to benefit, ’ and there is no obstacle to the realization of her dream that cannot be processed. Please give all the information, you have to help me get the money for the University. Thank you in advance, to a positive force for his change! Hi I'm 26 years old and my second year of University. Last semester earned an average 4. The semester before you need a 3.6. I've just denied funding and are not able to pay for my lessons. I lived my student loans and Pellgrant. I am a waitress and student full time and fear ’ ’ t pay bills or teaching. The only what I ever, well experienced have ' school and has given me more confidence and an end of life. My goal is to get a Bachelor's degree in social work and delete. Help the rest of the children who have been wounded and drug addicts. My goal is to help people, have the same story. I am a 50-year-old woman feels very solid. I'm verbally and emotionally abusive marriage, I must go, but I need a job that pays enough to my own. I worked part time as a representative of the sales for the last 3 years, road show, but they don't pay the Bills. My husband lost his job before 21 years and 3 months, so that things quickly spiral is declining. Until what we all, lost to Rocky Mountain laser tech College would become a certified technicians and license my aesthetics. I must be financially independent so that it can be terminated under this stress and despair. Now life seems impossible. Thank you very much. I am the cost for a GED a mother of two children, I can not afford, but is the only person at the University can apply, but I can afford no University. I have no income and I need the education to improve the lives of my children. Would be information about whether he claims to support both or not? I went to College, but I had no student loan and you're done. I need a scholarship to continue, I'm working on my bachelor's degree in the management of health with the aim of the Facturador doctor. I could have more than 60 000 loan from the school and pay them and done, pay the rest. Can anyone help me, I am on disability, get off and help my husband and I tried. Also, we try to promote, but I want to school at the same time to finish. Thank you very much thanks for any help that you can give me. Hi I m Christina Stanley ho ’ ’ m is a 17 years Col West senior high school. I graduated in June 2012 and ECPI University was closed from ’ I am going for my LPN Unfortunitly, the tax is $38,000 for 14 months. 7 people I live in a House, but it works and I ’ m not able to find the cause of my age my mother collects only 7 000 per year for you, my sister, brother and me. I need to improve my education aid and to make something of myself. I'm leaving the first of this generation of graduates at the College. I want to be the Oppritunity to College gone and successful if 571-379-9956 please thank me, co Nract. Philippines In the as a mother of 3 children, I want go back to College, but can't afford, can anyone help me pls mail in I am a single woman, at the age of 34, a nursing degree go back to school. I have a Bachelor's degree in child and family development, but I have to reboot, because they are too old to move all my previous college course of credits. As I continue to pay my loan students, so certainly looking for a different loan. If someone tips or suggestions you lo Agradeceria much! Thank you very much!. I am a senior in high school college in the autumn of 2013, after which graduates would like to start, but the University is very expensive. The budget is very tight, my mom is a single parent. Don ’ want to start, because I know that I have to pay ’. If you could help it would be greatly appreciated. I am in my first year of University and Indian decent, studies in the field of speech and the audience with a minor in art. My mom is a single mother of three children, the two are in the school. I'm in language and hearing, education in the arts for people, the word and denied the audience interested. It is my desire art in speech, and hear, as well as in the field of health, to teach language and hearing. My first semester of College was a few points that make Dean's list ’. To meet the monthly bills is a strain for them much less when you try to send two children to school. I really need to scholarships continue my college education, to help my dream, with speech and hearing problems to carry out start dealing to find learn their dreams. Hi, I am 56 years. old with some college by the mid-1970s. ’ have a technical education in the area as the jewels of art at the college level. I'm looking for complete an AA or a certification for CAD jewelry design, the use of these programs for certain software, rhino, rhino, ‘ V ’ beam, Brazil for Rhino Studio appearance. I raised 4 children ’, such as ‘ ’ ’ although I m married because my husband for more than 19 years, often not in the position to work is seriously ill and has to be a single mother to me. I have ’ view worked in retail jewelry, but in all types of jobs, workers, also white, pink collar. In the last 2 years ’ n t able to find a job due to discrimination by age. We have an 18-year-old, the youngest daughter in the House at the University also a small purse. My husband is disabled for more than 2 + ill yrs.and kidney and vascular diseases. Their doctors can give 6 months. more than a year of life. He said half + 6 digits of medical bills in the past two years. I have ’ the switch on him and his needs, he needs constant care virtually. Also sudo work equity (terms of payment) and don't be afraid, that we next to a church, small rental life. Born in the House for 2 persons. My husband has a bedroom, there is a small cave, that my daughter, who used it as a small bedroom. I sleep in the living room, I'm a little privacy. The front door is 8 feet, where they sleep, get visitors here knocking on the Tür.Ich am ’ on call 24 / 7 and a clean house of the Church, Court and garden, fruit from the trees, water, etc caresThat data allows visitors of the Church between the priest and the faithful and visitors acting. ’ I m saying this is the only way that can visit online courses, … makes me non-traditional student. But I am motivated to do, to take the train again, while I'm unfortunately just the early widowhood. But at least I know in advance.I want to develop of the kinds of jewelry CAD before that date to start. We are life in my husband invalidity only $1,000 per month now below the threshold of poverty for 3 people. do you have educational opportunities for someone in my situation? Thank you in advance for your help. Hello, my name is Stephanie Merricks. I'm currently to do my last edited by BSN enrolled at the University. I am in great need. I'm currently unemployed and need money to pay the rest of my teachings before the start of classes. I have about $20,000 to pay for most of my tuition loans apply with the co-signer, but I still refused. So please if someone can help me or advise me what to do and would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and my number is 2484992690 please contact me, thank you. Hi, I am a single woman who fight hard to survive, while studying at the University. I already finished my diploma in criminal justice and, more recently, I'm starting, who simply think honours degree in forensic science program. I take 9 credits every five weeks and that you think it provided the necessary funds to work school supplies or the cost of living. That how I can survive, while studying at the University of the school by loans from Pell grant and student is covered.Please help me.Anastasia Higgins. HiI I 56 years before you have divorced women. I have 1 year of my bachelor's degree in management of business and left the complete University 8 years after a sudden death in my family. My average was 3.9 when I leave school. I can hardly ends meet and resolve unemployment. I must be strongly to finish my degree, self-sufficient to find a job, with whom. He has no income and I have nothing bad credit because of my divorce. Any suggestion or help is greatly appreciated.Thank you very much. I'm really looking forward to my training, but because of the high cost of College, more difficult to achieve. I come from a poor family. My father has a lesion in the head and was the winner of our bread. Now, ’ is a struggle for all costs. I want to prove to me that I can do something. This award is a great way to help all women.Thanks for reading, we look forward to hear from your side, I'm 50 years old. He came to us as an immigrant with my husband and three daughters (18, 16, 11), 2 years now in the Philippines. My husband and I work as a caregiver to low income. My oldest daughter has 21.2013. with distinction in June Fortunately my daughter received a scholarship to the University because of its high academic performance. I give my children the best education, but with our low income, it is impossible. I need help, I can go back to school as soon as he graduated in the Philippines used has completed the Bachelor of science in chemical engineering, but I can not here in the United States so I decided to take a different path. I would be very grateful if someone tell me what will be the way to go. Please help me to have a free scholarship and awards. I decided to help the school, my family and others. God bless you!!! My email address:. Hi, I am a mother of 2 years at 23 o'clock and work more than a year ago and I was ready, a little no wondering again, so I decided on the search after work in school and better my education! He will be supported by hope University, Eastern University, but they are not able to pay for the school, because it is very expensive for me & grant, that the State is not enough. If someone know you mean me about funding, contact me to I dont have you a student is working hard to finish my career. I am the oldest of five children, and neither of my parents went to College, so they can afford the luxury of ’ help me. I have already a little money for my studies and a little of my career. It is difficult to find grants, because Don ’ t fit in that most of the specifications (am no parent, the non-traditional students, etc.). There is no grant who apply, would be happier! Another organization may be victims of violence of interest that the continuous P.E.O. education program provides program funding needy candidates his college education have moved, their lives, to keep or manage to develop their families. More information is available. I am the first high school graduate. Live from my father ’ at home and have a lot of tickets and registration for the College. I want my local community college in the spring of 2014, so I subscribe to ’ m profit. If someone help me is available, everything is very much appreciated! Thank you for your attention. I'm 30, mother of 2. I had my first child at 18, who stay at home in the family and our baby to teach, then my husband to work was decided in an underground pit. There are 30 and put my husband worked non-stop in an extremely dangerous that actually ridiculed and forced to compensate, all over the country who are against anthrax. Don ’ t have the money for the school, but I want ’ my husband even work physically on Earth. I'm going to physiotherapy. Can someone help me a scholarship. a complete list of the many University of grant and scholarship opportunities, as well as their application requirements and deadlines for further details. Hello, my name is Danielle, I back 31 years to the University after 10 years. I re Económico session was fired and he had no other choice as a career change. I return to school for a Bachelor of science from the plant and the soil can therefore students teach professional science in soil and plants. Due to the release for awhile back I in school based solely on Government bonds. I am to report for fall 2013 and realize that my Government loans are low. I am looking for help! If someone can me on the right path towards subsidies for people my age, interested in sex, degrees, or professional lo Agradeceria much. I 508-340-5912 or e-Mail can be reached. Hi, I am a single mother of a daughter at the University full time. I'm not enough money earn, as a building in the economy. It was an interior designer. I want to go to school to learn the course as a beautician. The only school in my village is private and has no financial support. The owner said that Don ' t want to ’ the gov ' t tell it, such as a school. So if anyone knows how to money in the school for this course, I guess your Zeit.F. ThanksMary I am a 59-year-old Spanish woman. I fired years two ago by a large company, who worked for 12 years. There is no income and I have attended college with a 4.0 GPA. It continues with the school, a master's degree in business administration to follow. I would like to start my business one day and be proud of my 8 grandchildren. I need help to pay rent and bills, then I can stay in school. I would be much help! Thank you very much!. I am a mother of two children and would like to go back to school! I have still my school since my first semester. In the course of time after my first semester that is life, I must find a way to pay for what I have, so that you can get. The information is useful, thank you! Hi, I want that he graduated from the University to the quality of life for me and my six children. Please let me know what kind of help is. I would be happy. I already have some 69 points. I need to get about 40 more credits on my 206-860-3775Thank-BA-YouSheila. I have 17 years, graduation and urgently need to pay money for medical school. I grew my father in prison to visit and to see my mother from one workplace to another, to move, because he never finished school or you have your GED. I knew that it would have been, only brothers and sisters make the College to go or something yourself. I made school a year earlier at the school and have my life before my father ’ to start in 2016. Never asked to help him, my humility takes it on a public Web site. Work in school and in life. I'm not a waste, I'm an investment. Any help is welcome. I am almost 30 years old and single mother. Of course, I have all my work at the University was recently announced, that & our financial help my Pell Department denied my Commander grant for too many hours of credit. This is a last semester go & ’ would on December 14. This December will be completed and now I'm ’ ri told me that my efforts and dedication was in vain. I got divorced recently, from an abusive husband and I don't know what I'm going to do. I need to get her diploma with $4,300 at the end December. I have already my review by the Board of education of the State and all. Technically they are already 14 weeks & students a teacher without certification from an accredited University. If someone can what I come up with, that money legally (programs of scholarships, grants, etc.) by E-mail to let me know. I presented non-stop today trying to find something. Thank you very much. For additional Programminformationen.Viele women forget to check the professional organization for scholarships, scholarship information and University. What many women don't know is, that these organizations generally, should women who is important or not sure, are his professional future in their respective organizations are displayed.There are countless professional organizations in America; an example is the society of women engineers. These University scholarships can be sometimes competitive, so that women who are actively involved in the organization get more to finance.Another example: Restaurateurs and heads of women. This large-scale organization grants scholarships and internships for their members. There are more details. I am 21 and I have ’ an ankle damaged and not mean to liscense esthetician do that more hair nails, making very little money and it is impossible, without life. My parents do a lot, but they have other children and several bills. I have a strong desire to live alone and one day may marry and have a child, but you never have to pay it and I'd help to go, the Hygeinist of the Faculty of dentistry at the University here where I live. I have several cards Dr can also be ’ for all my Surgries after my shipwreck. Interest rates are crazy, and I would like to find a way to dp that go to school! 9188120200 I am a woman of 50 and never at the University, who wanted to try encoding the line and medical billing, a Pell grant tried, but was denied, a lot of money by a single person, but do not ’. I paid once per month, and Don ’ t get enough to make home, this month. I need help. I am a student and I am in need of financial assistance. I am in dental care for eight months, and it is much more expensive than what I can afford tuition. I would like to finish school and start a new career. With high debt, begin the worst kind to my career, so I help! I am originally from Romania, and I am so grateful that I was in the United States and all these wonderful possibilities can be. Thank you very much!. I m 18 years old ’ in SC 1/2-year with 2-old-boy. I'm graduated from high school in Ohio in January 2013. Well, my son and I live with my mother and my father and they take care of us, Don t work, because ’. The only way I can go with the financial support to the school. My father and mother to help my son, my sister-in-law (HS), my brother and I (3 years of University) as a staff, and we fully support. FAFSA said due to their income, they have to contribute up to 100% of costs (huh?), so you can the College ’ t financial aid get federal and University says ’ haven intention t residence specified after 14 months, although m ’ out of the race to state aid. I had to open a class. My parents have two kids in the school, 6 mouths to feed, clothe and provide for and two mortgage payments (our old house was for more than a year on the market). You can pay more and ’ already up debt to keep my brother in writing. I need psychological help. I am a woman, I'm ready for a new beginning in my life, I am 34 years old and it's time to University full-time works on money but not enough, back to this time a watch again in search of a scholarship for my period time. I'm 18 and I'm having my baby in February 20, 2012. I would like to go to College to become a nurse in the NICU. I have no income, because I can ’ work because of pregnancy. Please let me know if it something on the outside for got loans in question. ? I am currently in school, an online University. I'm a MOM and not married to whom. I'm trying to find out that subsidies which help me pay my school, because the costs are very high. If someone contact information, thanks to me, my salvation, I am a junior at the University of Cincinnati. I'm trying to get my gifts last year to cover college costs. I studied on scholarships for students of last week. My father is in the active service for 22 years and moved away in close to me and then withdraw my leaving me with my last year. Now I'm an adult and we believe that the best way to get out of debt less scholarship. I am in, what close to graduating I me ’ help a ’ is recommended for my down the right path. Very nice!Alexandria PerkinsUC ′ 15,.