The numbers are stunning. About 8 million people dying of cancer each year worldwide, more than half a million in the United States. The total number would be 12 million up to the year 2030. Cancer is the leading cause of death among people over the age of 85 years and a number of United States in fourth place with – our freedoms away through fourth people to Krebs.Wir ‘ day to protect the public against terrorism ’ when all these people suffer and die every year from a disease, the families of lineage and their pharmaceutical cartel systematically refuse, to heal. Together, we Yes can, but not if the pharmaceutical companies are involved. Enormous sums of money for charity research from a growing year on year to fund ‘ ’ remedies that wanted to not finish the setting.I head up the organization controlled eugenics in a newsletter, on 9 August, as a man named Dr. Richard Day, by Rockefeller, planned parenthood, pointed and 1969 at the change of the global Gesellschaft.Er asked the doctors, is sent to a meeting of doctors in Pittsburgh you switch on the measuring device and taking no notes before he detailed a long list of changes that are planned. A doctor was notes, however, and later publicly spoken is what said.Now, 40 years later, we can see how extraordinarily accurate day outside, and you can read this file bulletin August on the website. A further mention here is that it's 1969 doctors said: ‘ can cure almost any cancer. The information is stored at the Rockefeller Institute, if you ’ s has already decided that it should be rejected. ’ Sodium DICHLOROACETATE (DCA): healing from cancer. Cancer is a fungus (CANDIDA) leading with CancerIf you are ’ how many people, including the medical community have probably ’ I do not know what causes cancer. Studies show that candidiasis can be the main cause of cancer. A treatment plan with Candida as an adjunct to other therapies may be the way for a cancer-free future faster! 1.4 million new cancer all YearWhat patients know that cancer can be frightening: an average 1.4 million new cases of cancer are diagnosed each year in the United States559, 650 people died of cancer in 2007, and it is compatible with the annual mortality each year in the u.P. 1, 2What is the connection to candidiasis?Long ago in the year 1913 enrich Engineer Dr. Johannes Fibiger of Denmark showed the link between cancer and fungus parasites cockroaches - carry larvae in healthy rats. The rats then developed inflammation cancer “.3 ” candidiasis (also known as Candida) is an overgrowth of the fungus in the body. The connection with cancer can take many forms. A study suggests that the yeast infection in the heart of most of the tumor cells. And increase the rate of cancer in the first country in the world in the last 80 years is the modern ” “ diet to much carbohydrates and little Ballaststoffen.Kohlenhydrate in the form of white sugar, refined wheat and other foods with a glycemic index food yeast fungus high counties, which is growing rapidly and changing the normal balance of good and bad bacteria. The result of the imbalance in low immune response, slow wound healing, and finally in the normal cells of the yeast infection parasite. These infections result in rats, since Dr. Fibiger contracted breast cancer. As evidence for this theory, 2001 Helicobacter pylori (a form of bacteria) was found, cause stomach cancer. In addition, is the human papilloma virus (HPV) virus known to cause cervical cancer. And in June 2006 to see that cancer reported that microbes in the gut, infections cancer can cause. 4Antibiotic candidiasis can result in excessive use of the colon. Candidiasis may be what causes cancer.An alternative theory is that the widespread use of antibiotics, especially in the United Kingdom and United States, kills all bacteria including things necessary, against fungi, yeast and cancer. This impressive combination of the immune system and the proliferation of parasites of the yeast fungus can cancer cells that grow quickly. Indeed, the journal of the American Medical Association in February 2004, reported that women taking 25 doses of antibiotics (or more than 500 days) had twice the risk of breast cancer compared with those who do not take antibiotics at the same time. 7.5 yeast that causes cancer?In a comprehensive report on the causes of cancer, in his book cancer cure causes, and to cover up Ronald Gdanski parasite examines many similarities between models of growth of cancer cells and yeast. Inside, he noticed that an injury or infection, normal human cells multiplied his “ ” (your ability to create new cells) growth factors to heal wounds. If infiltrated the parasitic yeast in a wound or infection, the same way as the crowd of through the cell is pretty much multiplication factor of growth. So mixed create mutant cells, inter with defective in cell walls, which prevent cell collection is correctly connected, to close the wound. The result is a proliferation of cancer effect mutant cells. Dr. Carolyn Dean is also (who is a specialist in non-conventional medicine), when says that you take into account what causes cancer, “ is a scientific fact that when the yeast cells a certain critical mass is reached, the change from one phase to a phase of the invasion grass filiform, fabric rounds. Save the intestines, the discussions about the microscopic yeast, to put the holes in the intestinal mucosa. This phenomenon is called intestinal permeability ” “ to block a highway into the bloodstream with nothing, which drains toxins, through the lining of the intestine. Instead absorb nutrients give life through the intestinal walls intact, chemical by-products make yeast, (all 180) and flammable products, to produce the (molecules of undigested food, toxins and other chemicals), a journey from IDA. ” Ride go 6That created a fungal infection chronic, the individuals susceptible to carcinogenic effect, the above leaves. Candidiasis, which causes cancer?More recently, an Italian oncologist Dr. Tullio Simoncini says that cancer (if not identical) are very similar to fungi on base and yeast, Merkmale.Krebs and Candida diet by Zucker.Beide grow and reproduce only in anaerobic environments. 7, 8Both to survive the need of an acid in the environment.When you browse the cancer cells in the human body, they appear irregular texture as yeast and white.It should be noted the candidiasis (Candida in the mouth) to realize that seem identical. On the other hand, in a study by the Research Institute for hospital Lankenau and the Institute of cancer research (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), the researchers found that mushrooms in nearly all cancerous tumors were studied.9SummaryIn Candida can very well be what are the causes of cancer. If this is true, then simply canker cutting treated with chemotherapy and radiation therapy is not sufficient. Invasive fungal yeast must be removed with an anti-fungal and promoting the yeast Candida diet can be used to reduce the food.A Candida treatment program help you be free of cancer!Natural fungus treatments are cheap, have minimal side effects and should be a valuable complement to other modern ” “ medical treatment of cancer. If you or a close cancer was diagnosed, consult with your doctor to find out whether affect natural fungus treatments with medical treatment. If not, it might be worth trying. Because cancer cells on sugar, value of the Candida diet, feed to give it a try. The worst case is that there is nothing to do. Best case scenario, is that they can help heal. ,,.