Star songs: hocus pocus (6) focus II (04.04) * Star songs: wave the tramp (02.01.) Janis (03.08) movement (02.43) Eruption (02). This album was published in 1973 in my country by Polydor, with Sylvia and reminded of the album Love 3 formula for replacing the Tramp and Janis (I don't know if this also happens in other countries). This LP sounds good with these 2 songs. But it was not until years after you, that know the original version of the album Tramp and Janis. When I have the CD, write my review for the original album. Hocus pocus is a very good song with great guitar by Jan Akkerman and humor by Thijs van empty, on the basis of his YODEL and voice in a playful way. The late of 1980s saw a version of this song and Akkerman live and the rest of the band a video clip on TV (I don't think that the drummer Pierre van der Linden, but perhaps was bassist Bert Ruiter) were almost laughing and smiling, as van fun YODEL was empty and he has other things in this song. It is the heaviest song on this album and probably the most famous Lied.Dieses has some of the best applications for the Mellotron in progressive rock album. This is reflected in the homeless and the focus II.Der tramp is a song with an acoustic guitar and Mellotron, but without a battery. Janis has a few flutes van Leer. Wave a very good song is played only with piano and a few letters of the English language, (and good point, also). Playing the piano in this song really makes me imagine the movement of the waves of the Ozeans.Schwerpunkt II is my favorite song. An instrumental piece, where the guitar melody, while the rest of the band plays an excellent agreement. You use that to play piano, organ and also very good Mellotron arrangements. A song composed, arranged, and played with feeling, really. The eruption is also very good, a piece of music, includes influences from jazz, rock and classical music, as well as some voices with different parties and different styles of music together, which sounds to me like Gregorian chants (such as the mystery of the beginning of the nineties). It has also a very good battery only by van der Linden. For me, that was the best direction of the band, really sounds like they worked as a team for this album. This album is another great album, recorded in 1971. in some sites, specializing in the development of I found, that the Dutch version of the original, was released as a focus II with a different cover. My preferred focus album. Not everything is perfect, but the best parts are amazing and broken on one side to compensate. The album opens with hocus pocus, a dynamic mix of piano, guitar, flute and sickle Yodel, backed by bass and drums. It is an attack on the soul and absolutely unique and awesome. LU van vocal range is incredible; So it can sing until it hurts! The remaining single section are quieter and less manic; I am very nice and reflects the passions of classical musicians, but Cyril Haverman voice on the waves of displacement is not really to my liking. After this album, Havermans, was. He was a good player, but her voice was not suited to the job. Janis, playing his flute, exquisite and 2 fire are the tip. The second part is a number of items relating to one; 23 minutes complete engineering with the exception of a single drum a little boring (endless road). The culmination of all this glory is Tommy, a revision of a work by Tom Barlage of the solution. Product Akkerman some melody guitar fabulously simple project quickly and Flash and go read the piece as the work of the dynamic body pushes you. It is directly near the edge and Cena there list indeed, which is my favorite of the three.This album combines Hard Rock, classical and prog, sometimes and worth. Probably strictly: given OK 92 imperfections, but am in this case, I to collect! The second focus of the 1972 offer a classic prog waves since the early 70 Dutch, but usually not Prog. The album is known for hocus pocus, a well-known pieces of history, but the weight of the waves of the movement is performed by an eruption 20 + Minprog enclave of the jewel. She had a unique sound and musical approach integrated Withcomplicated phase of prog rock, round heads the Band keyboardist and flautist of Thjis van Leer and Jan Akkerman of accomplished Excellentguitarist brings some good ideas and attention at short notice was an act more prog in the Netherlands and in Europe to rule in the first part of the 70. The Thehammond, the flute, guitar, drums are well made, with numerous settings bright, eccentric and long complex instrumental passages dynamic and very conspicuous, especially in the doubt of Eruptionwithout, one of the best if not the best party ever approach. For me a 4-star albums, so is more well in my ears, I've never been a big fan of the band, but of course, I appreciate the talent and influence on the world of Prog. I think that their best with the concert of Burger together. What reason is there behind your pulse? The desire for worms up while the majority of fans, such as polls and discussions on the Forum-Archive-prog (rightly in my opinion) for hamburger Concerto as the best approach, the Note If the album was moving waves (sometimes referred to as all easy 2 development) or three fires her best, tends to be more be divided. For me, the waves in motion takes the applause is focused much more than his successor, incoherent and indulgent. While on the face, it just a follow up to the first album of the group in and out of focus, the truth is far more complex. After the release of the album, guitarist Jan Akkerman left the group, forming a new group. Thijs Van Leer has the name of focus, but if the other 2 members of the household, Akkerman of the Group joined and takes the name of the development with him! The result was in terms of personnel, the heart of Van Leer and Akkerman remained intact, with the section needs to be replaced. But the change was important because it meant that Akkerman was now the leader of the band by moving the focus (if you do!) Flute, guitar and Keyboards.Mit addressed the focus moving waves a classic album. Hocus pocus is undoubtedly his most famous work, and we have introduced many of us to the band when it was released as a single. It is hard to imagine now how this track was the original when it was released to an unsuspecting public. Guide, guitar YODEL intermittent yelling and different sound effects combine to produce an incredible piece of rock history. The route is not typical of focus or even the album, but every House should have one.We have four short tracks, to end the first side of the album. The tramp (the beggar) is a piece for guitar connection during Janis a flute beautiful reflection focused on the melody. Although van empty here is the focus, it is a composition of Akkerman. The title song is a rare vocal track, sung by Thijs added an own tune to the words of Hazrat Inayat Khan. Focus II is very proficient with the guitar solo with atmospheric organ accompaniment, a melodic. While there are hints of jazz and classical music, is rooted even on the way to the rock. An ironic twist while the guitar here is the dominant instrument received van empty writing credit. The eruption of 23 minutes in 5 parts, which are each divided into two to four sections devoted to the back of the album. Instrumental suite is much closer to the next 3 approach with much more in common with the concert of delicious hamburger album. Developed several problems come and go, some through improvisation. While van Leer and Akkerman brought early by authors, the works of Tom Barlage and Eelke Nobel at different times. Chapter Tommy for example (which was released as a single) has nothing to do with the who, the name is derived from the name of the composer. Drummer Pierre van der Linden is also a credit to write for his contribution. Overall, the suite, Adobe Captivate works attention and retention of all. No space lost or extended in the form of fire it is Jazz fill here (see focus 3); EH well, only unnecessary except for the battery. In short, moving the best approach is vague album concert. Recommended. Approach is a very prestigious group, I can't do that. The movement of the waves, if not grumpy and boring, I'm Bandisn sing and make a very loud Playingloudly noise, and confused, or everything is just downright disgusting although there are a few Wonderfulexceptions dot the album. In particular I find personally that many of lead were Jan Akkerman awfully wrong. The second half of the album strings together a series of Ofmusical sequiturs, but has some moments of pure genius. In General, it hat is Amagician, would find one no matter what covered only Brown rabbit pellets so that we know that he was there.Hocus pocus moving waves then opens a simple bar was originally. Quiterandomly, the organ is shouting and singing. The guitar solos is Incrediblysloppy and just make the rest of the gang in important play. Drum solo Butinterrupt not bad part (not that it an area for). Should also Likeaccordion sounds and flute and whistle just in case. I'm not surprised that no Someonebanging files in the kitchen sink.Two minutes homeless, still offers focus music complex and beautiful, even if it is a piece of classical guitar far RAPEX-Mellotron.Janis supports soft feel, even with the addition of the simple rhythm. It is above all a Tersepiece bass and flute. ripples dances piano movement among a vocal performance without the inspiration, rather sing Anincantation looks.Focus II Suite zweiteiliger sad and melancholy, focus offers a pleasant, sometimes Upbeatinstrumental with the work of award-winning guitarist, all in the vein of the camel to the Anfang.Gitarre and organ nostalgic eruption, which stretched from the mesmerizing. Title may be not Unacoincidencia, but once it gets rolling music, it seems extraordinarily PEL (actually answers, if you don't focus and I what Band Emerson, Lake Palmer question, drums & Aseven Carl Palmer taste). With the addition of Mellotron but tone is short again. Tommy is probably my favorite music part Andrepresents focus, certainly for me you (even though, as I said, I will not particularly impressed by finish). The guitar is in movement, and especially the manner that suddenly again stops music Theguitarist for everyone like me. The next segment exciting riffs and all Tonescale efficiently used enough before the most basic rock and roll Terminal. As well as guitar solos is confusing and cumbersome, sometimes the key to all other isplaying in (for the poor). The only body is animated and blowing almost the rest of the Bandaway in terms of volume. Neglected for a time before each Juststopping begins guitarist noodles and what is virtually a new piece with flute, organ, guitar and gentle waves Ofpiano. A distant voice seeps and gives way to the softer music. For this reason of a single battery. Theme is the opening and soon a beautiful piano, final Organand flute closes the album. 4.5 stars really. Hocus pocus is one of the songs more original obviously, to make the total rock. Who would have thought a song which had sensational singing in it? Definitely one of my favorite songs of all time. To make a few short passages, the the rest. (. House band for the Dutch staging of hair, this album initially presented the European public performance more masterful Jan Akkermann and go to bed, you should go to make separate jazz and jazz rock career.The album was produced by the legendary Mike Vernon and was released in the United Kingdom, but his connection with blue horizon seems fine. Maybe the idea was Vernon, he discovered another band, follow the tracks of the rock blues Peter Green Fleetwood Mac, chicken Shack or (sorry forgot) Duster Bennett. However the British Blues Enthuiasm had cooled and focus was based on jazz musicians, the rhythms of rock and started their occasional texts in English. A modified version of the song hocus pocus Tyrolean accordions new and with everything, what I play radio UK and a success.This album will appeal to alone played so excellently by rock and jazz fans. It should also be used to remind the fans where Jan start Akkerman, before he became one of the most important guitarists in Europe. But it is one of those albums that you have purchased on the day of its publication in the United Kingdom, I can't say that that fell from the platform in the last decade also regularly. Once seen life 1973, was one of the few groups, which me a concert to leave before completing the TI - a single endless boring drum for me and maybe a certain Sameyness in many songs made (but was not the first British drummer). 4.5 star. It is the classical symphonic record that really should be in every collection of prog fans. After the first small success, the Group changed the rhythm section in Van der Linden on drums and bass Havermans. Two of these types of fit perfectly with Akkerman and van Leer, is the greatest compliment that both can give. Although I don't think that is this album without defects, reached this altitude and pastoral beauty that 70s belongs in reality among the big. Hocus pocus does not really fit with the rest of the album, but it's so good that I'm not interested. These are absolutely smolders with Akkerman Peel the paint with his searing guitar solos. New drummer claimed once for all in this song, amazing it.The organ is a nice touch, but it's not your game the organ in this song, which attracts the attention more on van Leer, is the Tyrol! Haha. Never, I never tire of them track and place as the opening song. Tramp Akkerman is everything that composes and plays the guitar. Read a few waves of the Mellotron Nice which adds atmosphere to. Janis is a song, the I the previous title dear. Flute from it is incredible, emotional van Leer is so touching. Camel in mind come. Waves moving truck empty voice sings in a limited way, such as playing the piano. Focus II is a more relaxing song that soon reminds me to camel, like guitar Akkerman. Change the rhythm and the Mellotron is nicer and guitar. A taste of jazz after 2 minutes as a Mellotron is out for piano, guitar, bass and drums. The eruption is 23 minutes long Suite aside. Opens with guitar melodies also sad, hear the organ in the background is.Later, this theme is repeated several times in the song. More energy is available 2 minutes from sad guitar returns 3 minutes. A good crispy battery minutes 4 1/2, as follows in isolation in a section of Mellotron Spacey, 5 1/2 sometimes mitigated. Exceptional Akkerman guitar 7 minutes as the Mellotron float along minutes seemingly (it is not). Aggressive tones, including a raunchy guitar. 12 1/2 minutes of the body is large. Piano takes 14 1/2 minutes, as the sound changes Proto-Indo-European unit into a flute. Nice article. Vocal melodies 16 1/2 minutes and then 2 minutes later by another single from drum. You are at the height of the opening 21 minutes. Piano, guitar, and organ of good taste to create an edifying conclusion group flute part, as he above.This version makes light celebrates World, but the most important is the movement of the waves a progressive gem., was a groundbreaking album he knew only four years after the year of publication. AtBali island was with friends. Free navigation on Denpasar, see our time in the format of good quality music and I bought this album as other groups such as Pink Floyd, Genesis, ELP.In the first round of the cassette, which I automatically opening the hocus pocus, docked, which unlike the traditional approach sound each album or other rock groups. Trackdescribes energy and different styles, switching from one to the other. Guitar Anddrums are the cornerstones of this track. But not only, because if it is vocal (singing, really) without words for this type of singing is very characteristic, that no one had before. Decades later, I learned that this song was also used by CNN in its news programmes. This second point focus album had confirmed his musical style and textures, more of the instrumental works of guitar, keyboard and drums dynamically depending on. Of course, the Musicinfluences classics are here and there, and I'm very intense in the influences of classical music. FocusII was planned as the symbol of the album, but unfortunately not so tight in the composition. The key, more than hocus pocus, is an epic tale, which consumed 23 minutes: skin rash. This Epicat of the House proves excellent guitar work and drums in the entire musical epic be Segmentsthis offers. But it lacks the epic catchy melody, the composition is pretty solid.In General, it is an excellent addition to any prog music collection. Follow Proggin '. ! Peace and mercy mild-GW. Avoid play the approach as most of the other reviews have already done.In fact my opinion is echo the majority of this album, will not go into the details. The album in its entirety is for those who enjoy listening to music to the relax, not to mention, that classical music can support. The title song is the only song on the album sung as the other parties do not have or contain a song without words. Perhaps, instrumental, interaction is solid, but just bored at worst.Hocus pocus are places obviously everything else; Trample a super petrol, the foot-rock song that has arisen in many a classic rock station. Hiking, insults and boasts how ecstatic drum, moments of Jethro Tull-flute solos-esque Yodel, stunned and an epic is senseless, pieces for Gitarre.Es, but above all it is annoying for me. Too many soft Mellotrons, uninteresting, drum solos, stagnant and explosion of rhythms PEL also arms. Blues jam is the best solos, I heard, while the support tools help to drive the song even more, in the middle of a pretty spectacular.Just get this hocus pocus and Blues jam at less than my car. It takes a lover with Andres taste for classical music, but only those who takes over his progressive rock two songs that I mentioned. Second version focused waves 'Movement' means a clear symptom that the band has already conquered his musical maturity. Undoubtedly will be read and Akkerman engineering combined (and competitive) in terms of performance and writing are more polished and ambitious, as well as. But the most important factor for this development is the extraordinary Vaness drummer Pierre Linden, whose domain in accuracy and powerful way to the handle challenging time signatures is matched, that through its ability to effectively influence the melodic aspect of rolling pieces with his cleverly managed and other tricks of the percussion. His work is the anchor point that supports the flow of the great writer and the efforts of the performance. Hocus pocus is an outstanding example of energetic rock with Exhalarating humor infected: not surprisingly, he became one of the most famous problems and emblematic lights (I'm sure there are myriads of us guide prog from time to time at least mentally catchy, making a YODEL). «But is melancholy and reflection, get most of the rest of the classic hardware trend oriented 'Le Xxxbethxx', ' media Sadnesss Contenido Janis music and ethereal atmosphere for the song title in a row show us more stylish development '.» There was always the feeling of continuous elegance of the focus II, a classic jazz-fusion, infusion practice with the general atmosphere of melancholy seems still on track 2-4, enriched with a copulation of well-designed spirited InterMezzo. And then. the 'eruption' intense Suite presents the last 23 minutes of the disc, pompous, toasty infinite grace (exhibits of ORFEUS) makes the transitions (exhibits answers) slow fire Blues (student/Tommy) red hot emotion (bridge) on the quiet beauty of (parts of Eurydice), death (tips). and not to forget, the fantastic unique battery from a van der Linden that he looks like a force of nature rather than a real person. Eruption, however, is a part of the wonderfully organized music Express, which closes the album with the grandeur and the class. I have nothing more to say - 5 star! in 1970, before I heard always and always part 2 of this LP. 1 page, not so much.To own CD was through the collection both in and out of the fire and the focus III, but no terrible blow with two other drives. It is believed has a little more care with this version, because it contained and that a success like the group in hocus pocus budget unis.teen, me mainly because it high energy guitar and drums, and on the other by the strange song of the sections hand. Now, I love it, but the novelty has waned. I Liten it sometimes, but not often. The rest of the songs on side 1 of the LP was mostly forgettable, gentle ballads, against the background of the merger between.The rash is the reason for the album for me. This suite is one of the reasons for the inclusion on this side of the band is in a little over 23 minutes. Account with classical references, interference, soft Baroque sections. And unlike suite, easily switch to another many epics of a section. But expect not dazzling virtuosity. The performance is sufficient for the part, but nothing very fantastic. A classic album, one fine day, but that's all!Now, where I read a comment on this album, I felt it was time to check because I have been wanting to do for a while. The fact is that, despite the fact that the album that I ever found or unique, incredibly so my feelings are not really good towards her, or while I want positive. When I listen to albums like hamburgers or focus III concert always that smile more often, but I can not here the Impuls leads me to the perfect feel.A similar case that me is that with moving pictures by rush, an album that I know well and I enjoy happens moments, but ultimately can I not go, it is not important to my collection. Movement of the waves appeared in 1972, it has always been one of the most important albums of the Netherlands and is the most successful rock probably progressive. (In my opinion) to hear and accept, because you yourself to assess and understand what is happening and, if necessary, to In my opinion, I think the fact, that this album of hocus pocus to their (non-commercial) commercial success helped the song is an icon in the field of the Prog, I'm sure that almost everyone has belongs to me by him, otherwise must (that doesn't mean that you like). Therefore, album with this song opens 41 minutes, a Pesada-symphonic track where play guitar and flute music, make a good sound, which sometimes can be repetitive, and you could get sick after three minutes. The main reason for this disease are terrible voice, laugh and sing, but as something artistic, I think that she would not be there with them, have been better without Stimme.Dann there are four lines in a row: the tramp, Janis, moving waves and focus II. The first of this group has a gentle acoustic guitar with keyboards in the background sound, a lot perhaps too short, but nice. The second begins with the flute and percussion appears a few seconds later, the music has nothing to do with the opening song, here the tone is soft and pleasant, what I would call a healthy approach. This is probably my favorite on this song and album. The title song, with soft piano and later more, that a voice is not bad, but again, I would have then an instrumental preferred. And the last is another fascinating piece with your own sound calm by guitars and keyboards. Beautiful song no doubt. Now, the longest most challenging was the last track.The eruption is his name. You write much about it, to be honest, we can be noticed her musical talent and the capabilities of the composition here with a large group with trained people and talent, no doubt are. However, there are moments, where I felt uncomfortable, I think than a desire to experiment myself and be original, they came to a point where she could no longer access, where the music seems simple and has no continuity, i.e., in this song, it's easy to lose, sometimes I listen to, but at the same time, I am not here to offer.However, there are great moments in the song is not only bad review, I must say that it is here where I am moving a few nice and keep my attention, the guitar work is generally very good and precise. But hey, think as a whole, and I was never like it a wonderful effort in love in this song or album. So forgive me if you think it's a masterpiece, simple work is not for me. Three stars are my overall score. enjoy it!. Of course, everyone knows that this version because of hocus pocus, which is the Noveltyhit of the progressive rock era with Thijs van Leer Yodel, whistling Andcartoon of the rumours about the proto-metal guitar riff. He was also the high out-of-band character. The rest of the acoustic guitar Lado room the tramp (bread), Janis-recorder, Wavesand movement vocal reflex increase fronted prog ballad guitar is based on the number of II-focus much more indicative of the style of the Gruppe.Dies was also the first album of the development to try and epic with rash Suite the23 minute. A drive by overlap eyebrows with a large number is full, energetic, by van Leer, well FromAkkerman saturated guitars. Unfortunately, the pulse is endless road, Thedrum is dead and never recover. Because every time when the idea of gangs? First album focuses in and out of the fire, what turned out to be something of an anomaly for the good and the bad. The movement of the waves, it developed to put up their characteristic tone for several Degreesthrough of the next decade, half or less. Apply some styles of songs Theirdebut, but also started their investments often laborious and artificial Opus, an inimitable song that unfortunately defined the group, although it has forbidden its unique domain the way for further exploration is the greatest triumph of hocus pocus. But 1 original side of the LP contains some of the most symphonic tracks and seems more distant Thefun lovers but irritating Funk and fusion of subsequent efforts. For example, seems the group a new route in Symphony Le Clochard, acoustic guitars open Rasgueados in Mellotronsand a magnificent melody washed supported economically in less than 2 minutes. Janis and focus II Toutthe virtue of the simple and yet decidedly progressive themes. It's a shame, then less takes captivating melodies this page 2 and their evolved abrupt clashes of all in 23 minutes, as if had learned anything in the first half. Progressivefans can dribble the perspective of the eruption, and it is true that mandatory Longepic formed this page for future discoveries, but also a switch that has the Government banned the Group and manage better known, simply because some other FromHolland celebrated. Sure, Akkerman had the chops and van Leer was wise, gurgling, couples and all should play more, but yogic eruption was also Pittaand it is not enough vata. It was the Achilles heel of the Gruppe.Wahrscheinlich would have pronounced the best album of the original concept mediocre companies that stood between the shafts above on the crest of prog in the movement movements were not weighted with arms or Insufficientinspiration. It is the first album by approach, I've heard. Unfortunately I haven't heard many others, in fact, only the best of compilation (what not true to its name!) and 3 focus, often regarded as his best work. I would say that the waves in motion better; While the 3A irritating moments in his hour + length approach is quite pleasant.This second album starts with better-known sound of the pendulum, hocus pocus, featuring fiery guitar and Thijs YODEL readings riffs and the sequence of weird nonsense song. All crazy but happy that you are doing. Fortunately, is the rest of the album rather than swings, but focused on the quietest and most beautiful in this band. Jan Akkerman shines on the acoustic guitar and flute Thijs. The title song is a very artistic piano, Ethereal ballad and could easily put in the kind of art music.The second side of the original vinyl is a long epic instrumentals (some zoom without substantive words is included in the price). Subtitles show some kind of story about Orpheus and Eurydice. You could see, as there are a couple of reasons, sorry about any characters that recur in 23 minutes, but without knowing of the myth story of away listeners, remains. Of course, this complicated music as appreciate pure music.I enjoy this list because it is very rare for me to an album honestly from the first second to the last. Focus for years was Dutch prog and believe that the wave most representative work is mobile. Therefore, if you are a beginner and just want to, imagine, d. h. of Dutch classic prog, this album to listen to.This album (as well as other pole album) never was very professionally done, my favorite. Really enjoy some excellent moments in this music, but this album for me is very characteristic, example is what European continental prog (not to mention on these specifications in the form of krautrock or zeuhl).At the beginning, have some similarities with the British prog, continental usually have no roots Blues or jazz. And instead huge component added to a classic European and national folklore. Example of source of light music on this album is almost calculated, mixture of tunes some classics and arrangements, Dutch, tricks of the musicals on Broadway and after all - some rock instrumentation, obviously influenced by his British this time goofing off, well played.Is the result. a little uncomfortable for me. Almost all the songs have great melodies, musicianship is good, but this seems adapted dance hall / high quality like local music band their music with modern auditory, trying the Burger's teenage son to gain respectable rebellion. In fact, the musicians were not too hard and beneath the thin skin, music was like decades earlier.There are many groups sound similar to as it was in the region, in particular in Germany, Benelux, Denmark, Austria and France. Soon non-Roca country. Focus brings groups as possible, and this album is one of the best among the likes.Still a good job, but never to steal the heart or the soul, I think. Hocus pocus vote me as an opening for this album movement, but the wave balance is an album of jazz with feeling and influential progressive rock sizes. Then page eruption 2 is an epic story with much sense of Canterbury sound in parts. Without a doubt, Jan Akkerman & co contributed much to the genre, the Netherlands with Golden Earring etc in 1970 represents. Successful approach only two albums worth before desolving, but it. Janis and focus II are the main topics. This album has excellent guitar, keyboard and blend of jazz and rock. Can this question as you would have developed as a group after 1972, although individual members in different directions were. A solid relationship. Focus focus-moving waves (1972) is a group of leading progressive dates back to the 1970s, but continue to play Dutch rock today (come to my hometown twice next season!). The band was by Thijs van Keyboarder and singer and flautist (in that order) read. Dutch cabaret scene came, and had written some great issues of Dutch artists. I saw some of these songs take him and I have to say that the quality of care has started not everything! You'll also wrote classical music. Thijs van Leer had this vision of a rock band of that combines classical and jazz influences influences. Took place after setting of Jan Akkerman, who was able to play both styles of the band adding drummer and bassist, good debut was recorded. After this album Jan Akkerman has insisted on the change of rhythm section and although van Leer, is contrary to the primary member Akkerman which avoid group left. A new drummer as van der Linden revealed that Pierre (brain, beach) connected to the group, as one of the drummers most technical of the Netherlands! Talented Cyril Havermanns played bass. This training has a supergroup made changed the perspective. With compositional engineering and van Leer 1972 best guitarists of the world ' most important drummer in the Netherlands van der Linden and Jan Akkerman. The main focus is on the second album is more intelligent than his debut. It is less vocals and compositions with a wide variety of styles, especially jazz, classical, rock and progressive. The opening of the hocus pocus piece was a hit worldwide and was used to promote the film of Nike football this year. Found that well deserved public attention. This song is weird: a main theme of the jazz and rock with a sense of rock and roll, many improvisations between them and have a full deck Yodeling are read with a good sound of Hammond. The guitar solo is amazing, and the fusion of these different genres in the main theme and the bridge make this one of the most difficult accomplishments to leave the progressive movement. The instrumental begins the homeless with a classic romantic Guitartheme and sounds of classical music with symphonic sounds nice. Great composition! Janis is also a composition classical with jazz, established and large flutes van empty. Very melodic and heartfelt song. Waves is the piano of masterpiece by Van Leer. In this song, his piano style very advanced plays with interesting harmonies and spacey sounds. It is the progressive rock music without element, but the beauty of the beach is incredible.Focus II is a rock instrumental jazz with influences from less traditional song. The band plays emotionally and changes here are very effective. Akkerman guitar is thin and adventurous, while the drums are welcome and jazzy. A further large Komposition.Der rash is the focus of Swan. This 23-minute epic is one of the best of the genre progressive. Classical influences work very well here and Akkerman heavy guitars are great. This song shows the quality of this super group. Section with the sounds of the organ and wailing guitars is very authentic. With the help of a harmonious approach structures are very inventive and nothing seems that heard sooner or later. Sometimes heavy parts are almost like Crimson! The part of Tommy song is one of my favorite fire moments. It is his symphonic jazz rock with his incredibly spacious guitar solo van Leer and intense vocal is awesome! There are many different instrumental passages in the rest of the song, and there is also space for improvisations and even more Akkerman's guitar solo. The comeback of the piano in the middle section reminds me a a little emotional feel of the snow geese, but the approach is the most demanding camel. Pastoral moments with the voice of Van Leer, it is supplemented by the epic and the band on some Melodías open close this Epos.Abschluss. One of the best of these progressive contributions. A progressive recorded a disc of a super group, which has also a genius of composition. The sound is because of the many influences and multi-instrumentalist approach van empty manifold. The epic eruption is a perfect example of symphonic rock, as it should be. Five stars for that. Opens with the classic theme, that needs no introduction. When it reached many people, take the airwaves probably believe the Darkenings like some addicted fool, but the remainder of the original is very quiet in nature. The tramp is a duo Amellotron nylon rope, strongly contrasted the explosion. (. Approach is one of my favorite bands. I want to hear their instrumental progressive rock. You have also this great sense of humor. I speak Dutch of Thijs van read intellectual and Jan Akkerman. They had together a discussion with the changing rhythm Sektion.Dies is my second favorite. (. Wave motion is a very nice, but a bit inconsistent album. The main line, the full version of OfHocus pocus is a surprisingly bright freakout instrumental also, you can go not wrong with the tramp YODEL. Here a striking piece is nothing special, more or less well. Janis, is striking. (. The second AlbumHocus out a huge success for the band. Large reef, with cheerful sound entry added (including Yodelling) and a heavy guitar runs of the flute. Akkerman is at the top of his game, to do so, adding steaming nothing more. Perfect drums. 5 ClochardAn StarsLe Atmo. (. Start with possibly the track only proto-metal at the beginning of the 1970s, the YODEL in hocus pocus moving waves begins with confidence, but they have several tracks compare to the dam of the opening. The epic eruption of cross is a fair staff Symphony 20 minutes total composition in addition to the brand, but at least a short Council hat to Dutch Proggers colleagues solution for a piece of their eponymous debut album. The rest of the songs are ancient. Overall, I think it would be better to that topic in iTunes and the rest, pick, will be shown as just hocus pocus to hear is really essential. Two or three star hardware support an album three stars contains a song by five star. We go in the Feuer.Dieses second album focus brings things the Prog. Hocus pocus is fun, but I think it's actually less good song on this album. Is too long and repeated a few times too many in my opinion. However, the rest of the first half is very good. The acoustic Akkerman tramp is perhaps not too interesting, but Janis is a beautiful piece with flutes, this reminds me of a camel. The title track is the only voice on the album song (if there no YODEL in hocus pocus as voice) and is a more beautiful. None of these songs are particularly progressive. Focus sounds like a cross between camel and Jethro Tull, Emerson Lake Palmer &, perhaps with a pinch of the caravan music. Note, that this album it was in 1972 was pretty cool and interesting. The long piece that has filled the second half of the album in some parts of the large, but overall it is rather fuzzy. Distilled water could think a little. I love this album, and I would give a higher rating. But it has a few shortcomings, to allow a more undeserved page. Good, but not absolutely necessary. Is it better, closer to the album or concert Burger? Well, I don't know, I think it's just a matter of taste. This album is fantastic, it works perfectly starts the best known song on the album from beginning to end of hocus pocus and approach is a great song one of the most important objective-c shows. (,). I heard an album for a long time, this surprise me again what in fact that this was an album that I've played several times and hocus pocus my favorite when I was little. It's Focus Hocus Pocus Lyrics Meaning an album, where the band has two formats: swing and the camel - like beautiful songs to approach.Hocus pocus starts the album with a bang. It is a part of the eternal rock party & mixed with a little humor. The main riff is played through the verses of the song as a whole, however, is so strong that PAS bored. Bass and drums is perfect and easy. The choirs include descendant the YODEL together with (very funny) of a Hammond organ sounds. There are a few instrumental breaks with solos for guitar (rolling) including flutes bent (loco), accordion + (funny) pipe and goofy voices + facilities (gracioso). And never get bored, and that should a great song to show all their friends, a group can do with prog rock & roll. The rest of the album will not disappoint you if you not the album to be humorous. No, in fact nothing like hocus pocus: the tramp is a romantic acoustic interlude, creating humor page melodic stronger to get. Janis is a romantic song tower with a lovely flute melody. Style of the song is similar to the mid-70s camel sound. That is, if the camel, you'll go nuts on this little gem.Shift of the waves has the singer sings in a style of Greg Lake, remembers. You might think that this song, it would have been, if Greg had ballads piano rather than acoustic guitars. Focus II as Janis, a song by camel - how is this band demystify! A beautiful song with incredible melodies, played by rising guitars. Excellent, guitars are perfect on this song and other tools, especially the drums to follow. Still better than Janis, is a perfect song, that will give you chills. Magic!The outbreak is the reason why I give this album 5 stars not. Loses focus after the first 8 minutes of the song (but always nice) and ruins of himself once he starts the drum solo. Nevertheless, there are to appreciate much that, what could be one of the highlights of the album in this manner especially at the beginning. I love to play this guitar, Santana-like for example in 6 minutes. I will describe the development of the title during his 23 minutes, but above all, let me tell you: it's all good, but not much Konsistenz.Dies is probably the best album I've heard in the Netherlands, but I still didn't discover her Hamburg concert album. Highlights: Hocus pocus, Janis, focus II, the first 8 minutes of the Eruption.Lassen you downs: eruption is the last 6 Minuten.Meine grade: B +. Make waves. developed and this album is unfortunately mainly famous for the opening of this album. Yes, this is the album that launched the hocus pocus and the legend in life. Singing is not commonplace in the world of music, although the scene was pretty big in the 1960s in Germany. . (. The second album of Chief stage prog Dutch in 1970. Like its predecessor, the artwork is terrible. However, it is not the music. It begins with hocus pocus, a pleasant mixture of humor and great musicality. This was the most successful, especially in the United States, where the. (. Export Netherlands prog is better approach. Their second album with melodious classical merged move very successful bite respectful way. Is an album, many of the excellent Varietyand inspiring pieces.Everyone knows, hocus pocus. The energetic rock powered by this great riff heavy prog and Van Leers YODEL. Is the area near RIO. Followed by a few delicate instrumentals. The tramp is a classic acoustic Guitarswith a brilliant background delicate Mellotron. It has an atmosphere loose acoustic tracks dream memories OfSteve Hackett as horizons. Janis is a piece for flute WhatCamel the OIE des Neiges would be similar and waves move belongs to the Vocalmoments bit, very disturbing and jazzy. Actually not unlike gentle giant. Focus II is the only Caminoque forgettable seems pretty to me. Guitar melodies are a little too trivial and mild. She Butcertainly is not bad not my cup Tee.Nachdem a brief introduction in the organ and guitar, skin rash with a heavy Rockingtake, ELP begins, filled up to the edge of the brim with corpses of Hammond and wild rhythm. She gives way to the Apensive of 70 years of Oh-AAH-voice of van empty. Akkerman resumes with a type WeepingSantana guitar, which turned into a jam session with groovy organ solo van Leer. The peaceful atmosphere of the Canterbury prog here, with a sound wave and the psychedelic rocker. Finally a little bit to probably still. Back, that the voice of reverie and influenced classical music section a wild Thatleads crescendo follows psychedelic. It would be the end of the song, but unfortunately, there is only a single drum. The man, rock drum solos are really annoying. Fortunately at any time, and that the runway runway end by taking over some of the most important issues. ACamelian close the section ends things in Schönheit.Wellenbewegung a music album is progressive rock, honest and creative. It is not perfect, even Timesit, embarrassing, but I think that imperfections are pretty pesky enchanters. A Requiredtitle for fans of the symphonic. 3.5 star. Best album to mark, no Zweifel.Der theme song is a short song, magic with the great works for piano. Tramp in focus is the first song acoustic guitar Akkerman and with Mellotron is the atmosphere. simply just brilliant. Janis, composed of Akkerman, is a simple and beautiful f. (,). When a collection of progressive rock was my first fear that light may tend to play more and the border in this prog by the tendency of the bombast to saturate. But these guys of course call form Holland tournament employee on a few treats of plants in offered had Amsterdam, that helps, but relax the atmosphere gives the tunes - they need and not just facing a full-blown planet ego trips. The central part of the album is called hocus pocus and of course the rock guitar rip roaring played a Festival in a pace and menacing band, but the album is much deeper and more interesting than that. I was always afraid of inept Yodel, and when I found out that he was Yodelling on this track I was in shock and trying to Dodge as it could be so much. But once I bought mobile wave I overcome this fear, had and I have to say this is not bad, weird, Yes, but we could certainly not solve this, with the help of impressive guitar by Jan Akkerman shapes and fine piece throw a subdued flute hocus pocus spectacular opener and my stereo was so strong that I thought could scare the neighbors a bit. It's not every day the man, YODEL and hear a solo flute in a hard-rock song Guide. You have been a pleasure, but never see. But even if the dust is shaken 100 Watt to make these speakers, if you like them or not. As seemed spent years have changed a little. It was while waiting for a band still in the vein of hocus pocus ruthlessly for the duration of the album, which also appear. But after he was attacked in the first game and then we mounted differently, but still flat, removes sublime, in accordance with the title of the album, with the sound beautifully melodic the Rascal, built with a series of soft guitar influenced and supported by pretty much for all takes 1 minute Mellotron sounds and 55 seconds. More than vague Janis with an explosion of inspirational flute spit upwards and down and a little friendly meticulously now furious intro played completely forgotten had, was not completely captivated and delighted by the merits of the bands these compositions and the half. Until I heard the voice of the waves in motion, who had pushed my humor spicy half, also points out if shortly before one of the albums focus II of page 1 closes. A beautiful piece that's where jazz fusion territory, Theijs Van empty join Akkerman as a composer from another far in this album will focus. Jeff Beck should gradually melting the knowledge from this album for their album take, there are enough similarities in this way and some works by Hizocon Beck, with coup D ' état coup a few years later. With regard to the b side (not try with the CD) I was just ready, barely half an hour or two looked like. The rash is a suite, consisting of five sections with no less than 15 ppm, segments, or rather short. As a concept is a bit loose, begins with an intervention of the keyboard guitar shiny and smooth, there are still more prog-fusion with a class in classical music. But in reality the changes between these different forms. In short, the four musicians, who come are very intelligent and thoughtful and is fantastic, because they remain relatively unknown. Flare is a demanding work, the focus (ahem) here and there loses, but waves getting into movement never boring is a powerful album, without a doubt a jewel in the Crown of the Prog and the Group mixes of various styles and related or boring. As the eruption of Akkerman guitar bursts and generates a simple hot the energetic without ever on the fingers of the members of the group, because every note seems with complete control and the rest of the composition or the section in particular be exercised, that the battery was bearable only Minié. I'm not converted yet, but give me other albums by prog as follows and only affected could be. It is the first album of the classic period of the focus, one of my favorite all time bands. If you have purchased this hamburger Concerto, or focus III, and not the owner. buy?Many people dislike this album simply the only success of hocus pocus and its YODEL. As for me, the true age. (. Movement of the waves is an undisputed classic for two reasons. The first is the obvious as it could be said that the composition of the best and most popular Almighty hocus pocus. The second reason is that there is a very epic Symphony on page 2 of the suite, the beauty and grandeur of the eruption. Background tracks mixed, but everything is completely virtuous played with people such as buttons and incomparable flute by Thijs van Leer, organ, harmonium, Mellotron, soprano and flute, piano, my favorite for focus, legendary guitarist Jan Akkerman, accompanied by Cyril Havermanns, double bass and percussion does their best drummer Pierre van der Linden. It's good to know that these legends in flight and, of course, is always a wonderful music. Hocus pocus is the excellence course has the mega-star group and will still appear in compilations of abundance. The reef is something special, the flute is dynamic and rumors? Now in this way the planet is Thijs, YODEL-prog began his spree. Hallucinating, to see live unforgettable and views of value, and one, as manic as performance by Ian Anderson, these flute players are all wonderfully crazy. After this spiral of the glorious album unforgettable songs at least at the beginning of the tramp, Janis and the movement of the waves, crowned by a beautiful musicality in focus II. My band has failed, then it is time for the return, part 2 may you not the VHS tapes?On the other hand is the eruption, an exploration of 23 minutes highlights and shadow goes like knife with flute, Hammond, organ, drums and bass and ends up on a beautiful plot of relaxation of the flute and the environment. Is a great album, though I personally like Hamburg concert. It is undeniable that the approach was in the location, some amazing sounds, the now 70 years Prog. Published in FOCUS II and re-released beneath the waves of the title of the proposal, was the largest focus throughout his career. The world was absolutely wild on simple lead of HocusPocus reached also the top 10 of the Billboard singles chart. A rarity in any Wayespecially in the world of Prog. This song was a sign of the proto-metal riffs to use the actually 80 techniques of predictedthe metals such as the use of the Hungarian based on a smaller scale. The mix of this song begins with hard rock session remains in the eclectic day. Unfortunately, this song Ananomaly in the Canon of the approach is that the rest of the album sounds absolutely nothing like that.The three tracks are classic inspiration, average songs don't really have much to offer, and I feel a bit bad because they come great things and leave the type of error. The Trackis title worse here with a terrible voice and reminds me of ELP. I hope that this has occurred and another stone mark the beginning of the grand finale added eruption. Éruption seems also to be liked and didn't like. I'm the next love. This long piece is a version of 23 minutes in the history of the rock and the opera Orfeo in upon EURIDICE '. There are many twists and turns and variations on a melody, which are subtly repeated in the whole piece. I can understand why some think the boring, is also sometimes repetitive. Spiral Thesubtle variations, I find it interesting, and I love the odd parts breakage and Morerocking. Transitions are unpredictable and very contagious melody of Whichsustains my interest. Because this disc is so strange, with two very strong songs that take more time and the album the rest is average, with only to track that really he's crying DislikeI, what I think that it is just for me as a 4-star album. Movement of the waves is a simple classic prog recording. This is my preferred version of the approach to his repertoire. Waves in motion has a few moments of killer prog with piano guitar riffs classic and outrageous. Hocus pocus is the signature with the famous song by Thijs Van Leer. I love Gooves add these types and the presence of ' ol Mellotron and guitar rock pass waves of high ratings in my favorite list all. Beautiful and fun: these two words meet, define the second point of focus album moving waves, which became a legend over the years. This album also helped to establish the final signing of the band: a mix of rock pastiche, pastoral prog made songs and melodies of the survey, this sometimes edgy sort of pop elements and sometimes goes by the parties of scientists - but clearly very well balanced.The album is relatively short (less than 42 '), and can be one of the reasons for its good reception, which continues to this day. The musicality of the band was in a State of elevated mood, especially the driving force, the Thijs van read and played Jan Akkerman, two themes in a League of its own. Hocus pocus, the first song was recorded, that radio, shock has a kind of standard therapy, where all above mix seems be of importance. Apart from segments of the voice, the song is even more an engrossing Steinhart as very advanced melody, but tastefully.The bucolic ' tramp shows a different approach: smooth, sweet and sad. Good counterweight at the opening of the explosive album this time with beautiful sounds of bass, guitar and Mellotron. Tenderness of Miss Joplin, where the flute completely overturns the action further waves up to the next track, Janis, a hymn to the evening, the 'movement' has a clean classic crib; the melody is beautiful, but the general mood is a little spoiled by the voice. Focus II bears the signature of the Group constantly and therefore a more progressive track of the album, probably the best time here. Eruption, at the end of the runway runway with a length of 23', which on the one hand fully occupied by LP, LPs by time were targets aimed to produce an epic song, that unfortunately was derailed a bit. The torrent prog tunes is excessive interference violet and some prejudices the opportunity to demonstrate the members of the band. However, many parts is dense and strong, poignant and very audible somewhere.Waves of movement, the album disappoint not the handset. There are many important moments and unforgettable pieces that indicate this work a collection of music will be added. A group of dynamic prog rock quartet Dutch was founded in 1970 by keyboardist, singer/composer/flautist Thijs Van Leer in just a few months after the release of his debut album and the fire, which contains the vocal and instrumental pieces with a variety of styles, including psychology, Hard Rock, symphonic rock, light, classic and others.After some changes in the area, approach to the movement of the waves seems their second album was released in April 1972 to find his own sound. the hocus pocus opener seems it fled, the previous album, a fast energetic vocal comedian and track.but is the rest of the album the killer of symphonic Jazz with the excellent completely Instrumentalwerk.Ihr sound only half between phases of classical influence piano/organ and flute van empty and guitarist Toni Brain by Jan Akkermann Jazzige guitar. It's great, fantastic alternative rhythms and themes changing Infiniti, mixed feelings with a surfeit.In fact, I can not describe how much I admire the work of this Ansatzes.Meine order in the Movimento is strongly recommended! Wave motion is the second Studio album of the Group of Dutch progressive rock Act on the development. I found it pleasant, but nothing exceptional debut and more or less the same for the movement of the waves can be said.The music is based more instrumental than the debut. SplitFile only singing two songs (well, there is also the choir erupt some vocal parts) and Hocus Pocus, displacement of waves and as usual, that the song is nothing special. The exception is of course strange YODEL pieces in hocus pocus, which is also one of the outstanding questions on the album. The main riff is repeated several times, however, and the song seems a bit repetitive IMO. While there are significant differences between the main theme. Chochard Janis to romantic not really shaped my taste and can even be said to sing, focus II takes an another strong here for me. Minute 23.04 long outbreak ends the album. It is one of the most interesting topics on the album. Open in particular section, where I remember almost with Zappa. There are only guitar, organ and drums in this song, and everything in the middle of the song it's a flute of the classic Inspiration.Die musicianship is excellent. The solo guitar, which I like in particular Jan Akkerman, but both played the rhythm section and Thijs van Leer, flute and piano s.La production is good. Warm and comfortable. Note the sound of the drum, the great IMO.It is a good album, although I have annoying once or twice on the road. Development has many elements that I like progressive rock into their music, but the most important thing for me is still the compositions and how they are structured. I think that the compositions are here a little weak and Don t really have much satisfies me. On the other hand the game is super and compensated the lack of talent of the composer (are experienced composers, but IMO use this very effective ability not t). I agree t this step more than 3 stars, if I feel it is missing the most important element in music. I move not yet romantic music in General. S if I acted crazy approach, I like most of their music. It is the first of its classic albums, including hocus pocus, is that its size (and also their most famous success). Almost no ruins came only Havermans and the rest is much more shiny kb/flautist of Tijs van Leer to be managed. Jan Akkerman improves with each album Beit or approach has a few. Pierre Vanderlinden, also comes in the picture. for the beginning of the album at 100 km/h with fun and Yoddling of hocus pocus. But according to this topic should be not much going on besides reformulation for the exception of one side the central theme be. The title song is the terrible voice of his first album. There is nothing much past even Obdachlose.Die eruption continues in part 2 I would get bored and I understand the trouble was able to defend him, there was nothing on the journey through this 20 + min say.This album was called again with two bridges, a terrible blue and pink axis 2 and a second wave in the water and their faces on this issue, also with pink and blue hues, but calls for movement of the waves. This album is mostly IMHO overrated and is good, but not essential, except hocus pocus. Second album was probably his greatest commercial success and the fact that their most famous song, and the greatest achievement of hocus Pocuscontributed it contained thanks for this approach. I think that the rock in the middle ages almost all fans, if IntoProg or not, this unusual hard-rock song with YODEL Itsfunny heard at least once in your life. Is probably still much fun heard Toadmit so that this song has nothing extraordinary in relation to the Compositionalquality. Page of the original vinyl is further dramatically this opener and striking piece with a short acoustic guitar Leclochard can Differsfrom and songs by Janis flute dominated, which are nice, but at all not to remove this album as a masterpiece of the graduation. There are also the title is short and consists mainly of piano that say cheesy a Miranda at least to my ears sounds more. This is not a winner for me, I prefer the focus II NexTone, this is probably the best from this page. This is a theme that followed about the band as a thread on multiple discs and even grow Upin Erupción suite, which is the second largest in the world in General for the development. Iwould enough to estimate some of the people who 15 composed this long song of the small pieces of the Ofaltogether is simple Jammin '. At the same time revealed the band of Strengthlies that some musicians make extraordinary capabilities of the Songwritingand the quality is a piece however Musiccombining of influences from classical music, jazz and rock. Inspired, sometimes changing Emersonian matrix with other keyboard parts back more jazzy and beautiful Mellotronchoirs Jam-Rock with light Allmusicians lengthy argument at all is single events that Fromclassically was still a a perfect composition. This performance is clearly the best album and earn a 3 if not 4 star, which is not the case of the first part. This is a very good Ratheras would be so but moderate in comparison to their following two albums, that essential Considermore. But as always, depends on the settings and personal tastes, but it would be interesting to fans of qualified individual presentations. ,,.