and the rest. Is a set of attributes or properties, people have achieved, which refers to the ability to perform physical activities.Before the industrial revolution, is the adaptation of the ability, the activities of the day without making unnecessary fatigue. However, with lifestyle changes and automation status is today considered as a measure of the ability of the body effectively and work tasks effectively and recreation, at work. Fitness is defined as the quality of being convenient to perform a specific task. 1950 ten increases could be compatible with the industrial revolution and the Treaty of World War II, the relevance of the term in the dialect of the West for the factor. A balanced diet and doing regular exercises are important for the preservation of health. Overweight is defined as body mass index, a measure of weight in relation to height (Blair, 1993). With increasing obesity, more exercise and diet has implemented the plans of the United States. Diet and exercise helps prevent type 2 diabetes, which spread more overweight. There are millions of programs, websites, TV shows, magazines, and films on health and fitness. Recently, trends in nutrition habits and lifestyle have more and are no longer compatible. Understand the importance of supply has brought benefits for health and exercise will help reduce the amount of obesity in this country. Exercise and physical activity is defined by the type, intensity, duration and frequency (Blair, 1993). Women period assignable to reduce symptoms of musculoskeletal pain such as vasomotor symptoms, sleep disturbances, changes in mood and libido. Any of these symptoms can potentially lead to a quality of life. Fitness can alleviate or eliminate the effects of most of them for some people. It consists of three points, which represent the physical health, mental and emotional. Fitness can also in the prevention or treatment of many chronic diseases of unhealthy. Hill sprints: requires a measure of opportunity starting to exercise is especially good for the muscles of the leg. The army often trains climbing and running. In the interest of the health of the individual in order for fitness, unknown person response called impulses are caused by stress. If the exercise is done with the right amount of intensity, duration and frequency, can be a significant improvement. The person is much more comfortable, but it will take weeks, months or even years noticed or fully developed in the physical effect of the human body. For the purposes of training, exercise has to offer a stress or a request for a function or a handkerchief. To continue with the improvements, this question should increase over time gradually over a long period of time. This type of training has three basic principles: the overload, specificity and progression. These principles relate to health, but also to improve the physical labor (Blair, 1993). A person, or the ability to cope with the machine to perform a specific function or a holistic definition of human adaptability to various situations described the modern definition of fitness. Is an integration of human fitness and appeal that has mobilized the general fitness and fitness equipment sector shaped. Specific function is attributed to the team's fitness, have remarkable aerobic or anaerobic, such as strength or resistance. A holistic definition of fitness is called the domain of several attributes Fitness 19 7 Day Guest Pass of fitness, including strength, endurance, power, speed, balance and co-ordination of Greg Glassman in FITT described crossing daily; Any person who has this component as part of a program of physical fitness or regular physical activity to take place. Specific or focused fitness activity is the ability of a person to a certain activity with a reasonable degree of efficiency of execution: e.g. sports or., etc.