Gil is the currency of final fantasy 14, and it is always important as a journey through Eorzea. The ability to do a lot of Gil allows you to buy the best weapons and armor such as the fight against level 50. Our Gil guide shows you how Gil in all aspects of the game of upgrades to earn, enable the exchange of skills and agriculture. I started FF14 benchmark, which recently only know for advice on how sought quickly to update more when I found your guide and I wanted to, how much it helped me to play at this rate, I want to meet my friends at any time. Our Gil guide you will learn the best ways to make Gil in the leveling in final fantasy 14 discover, that to best fill out questionnaires, the maximum Gil and the best fight of the monster gains in the maximize to win. Our Gil guide will work with our Director of upgrades on the way to level 50. Detailed instructions UL 'Dah takes you from level 1 to level 50 with detailed instructions, photos and maps in our UL' dah complete leveling Guide Update. The vehicle is one of the best ways to make Gil in final fantasy 14. Discover the fastest way to update your art and how much Gil in the process. Our production guide shows you the best way to balance the sound click + Mayus, coupled with profitable recipes for players of all skill levels. The player allows the best, what we can to make sure that everything we do is quality, we have detailed maps, which helps our leveling guide that will show you where you should be accurate and what to do. There is no reason that should buy every time a person Gil! Buy Gil costs hundreds of dollars and threatens to be banned, if you earn, all Gil can necessary in final fantasy 14 on your behalf. 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We it carefully combed through every area of the game, the best spots, matching design, so do not measure with other players. Never restricts Gil again. Our Gil guide learn you, like millions of Gil earn, you can buy the best armor & tools. If you start in final fantasy if you choose to Gridania as your city, will be the starting point of your journey. The first 15 levels, which are preparation of what is to come, the levels, you spend, to learn the basics of final fantasy. Our guide will help you quickly advance as you battle for Gridania. After completing the quests in the city is the Lamb Lominsa and travel through the early levels our powerleveling progress through the game continued, until you reach level 50. Development is an essential element of the final fantasy 14, details of guides help you with this production to their profession of the production for their production on 50 professions leveling. As well as our production of leveling guides we will show you the treatment, demonstrates to millions of Gil thanks to its new production capacity. Class and work on the system of final fantasy 14 is the most unique of each game, you can download at any time allows you to different amount of work between classes in his character. Our guides you will learn kind of individual classes above the 50th Strifeable guide is the complete guide for final fantasy 14 of aid no matter what class you online Championship. The Strifeable manual contains detailed guides upgrade to level 50 in shortest time and expert Gil guide covering all aspects of the game an unlimited number of Gil help you earn to support. With Strifeable, players can skip contaminated areas of backwardness and catapult on the top of the ranks. There is no reason to worry about where to go, lost in the city or the lack of low-cost missions. 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