Dungeon in the final fantasy XIV: a reborn United play an important role in the game. Not only are they limited in history, but players will be to reconsider them for more items and you want to experience. There are many dungeons in the game, even different versions of the same. Below we have listed the, explain carefully with special for each pages. Introduced in the work of original classic patch 1.21 shows final fantasy in several specialties within the arsenal system. When the player reaches level 30 in a class, a search can be unlocked to use Final Fantasy 14 A Realm Reborn Zimmerer Guide to get a job doing one. Community United between fan rebirth received some criticism for the problems, the connection to the game during the peak of the week after the first game, or service. This was due to unprecedented interest and sales exceed Square Enix forecasts and resulted in the capacity of each server before or even at the end of the initial access. He was also the record of the competition of beta. In the wake of the disastrous launch of the 14th - the original version of final fantasy and the game received by players, critics and investors. The test site beta application was open early 2013, until the end of July this year and the Empire reborn a beta began on February 25, 2013, it is a test for a successful August 19 near. Former members and players with a., Square Enix announced the development of a version 2.0 of the game under the title of a Kingdom reborn: final fantasy XIV (or Eorzea Shinsei Eorzea / reborn in Japanese), 14 October 2011. An empire reborn would be the highlight of the update for the game, after the replacement of the staff began at the beginning of the year. An empire reborn not was beaten, as an expansion pack, but a complete review of the game, from the rebuilt top to bottom.Currently, the update requires a new client, free download for all buyers of 1.0. It uses a different graphics engine based on a branch of the place. , and was the first entry to a final fantasy game in 10 years with the latter compound. with a design similar to the of Final Fantasy XI, new screenshots of prk Haitham male ' dan, considered to be a champion and the other dragons, as well as many new weapons and equipment. The first presentation of the game was shown at the Gamescom. Listen to early and a record revival of the Kingdom were positive from version 1.0, with many passages praised the advantages of the game reviewed the era. . Started by six periods of adversity early human Astral age. Each of the threshold had disasters, put at the same time the functions of one of the six elements.With the end of the last of the threshold represented all the elements, and it was believed that the current Astral in eternity was last. With the end of final fantasy XIV 1.0 and caen. announcement of the game will be re-released as final fantasy XIV: a Kingdom reborn, rebuilt a new version from scratch. An empire reborn would transfer set, tradition, and history of the original game, but I have the original version of the game, version 1.0, a new structure of client/server, graphics engine and interface, site, content. Die received its last update in November 2012 and the end of its service in December. 2013 began testing Alpha by a Kingdom reborn in November 2012, beta-test later during the first half of the year. It is officially relaunch the game. It destroyed many countries and many others predicts great tribulation dark signal to come. The Empire reborn revival takes place in this city was seventh in three Eorzea threshold. There are: the Mall organized. Resistance Statistik. Spieler finally choose a kind of boot. Each class has a base in the State and the game begins this Derzeit Stadtstaat. There are eight classes and three city-States to choose:. several pieces of the flag is composed of Soken. A reborn Empire used lots of new themes like most Soken, which is now the main direction of the sound for the game.A selection of songs from final fantasy XIV 1.0 were published in two volumes, with the name. large pieces of crystallized ether merged with the old machines. These crystals serve as teleporters, at an additional cost. 1.0, was due to the height of the soul that the players had, but in a realm of rebirth, it is imposed. The members received the priority of selection in step 1 of the registration of beta code, but were regularly invited to several meters; Phase 4 is a beta, where practically everyone before July has been applied and has presented progress in the game.This gave rise to several problem error in the cluster of North American server, which has caused some people to get the game blocked, but largely were caused by congestion as document beta reader competition destroys not only final Fantasy XIV, but also multiplayer open beta, everywhere. and the Finder Group. Duty-Finder is a dedicated instance of the research team of the enterprise law, revives a Kingdom. It allows the player a part associated with other players, including players in different ways. ,,.