People with psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis have a risk, more heart disease and heart attack than the general population. Cardiovascular risk seems to be correlated with the severity of psoriasis and its duration. There is no solid evidence that psoriasis is associated with an increased risk of death due to cardiovascular events. Methotrexate offer a level of protection for the heart. Excels in tear (papules) numerous small scaly lesions, red or pink. These many tasks psoriasis on large areas of the body, especially in the trunk, but also of the extremities and the scalp. Psoriasis psoriasis are often preceded by a. There are many tools for measuring the quality of life of patients with psoriasis and other skin diseases. Clinical research has shown that people often experience a decrease in the quality of life. Pustular, often located on the hands and feet (psoriasis Pustular palmoplantar) or generalized, with widespread patches occurring randomly in any part of the body. Causes of psoriasis are not quite clear. It is not just a skin disease and adverse effects in many body systems. Psoriasis associated with an increased risk for some. Inflammatory infiltrates are visible in microscopy, suffering by examining the skin tissue or tissue of psoriasis. The psoriatic often affected inflammation skin epidermal tissue has a lot of T cells CD8 +, although a predominance of CD4 + T inflammatory infiltration of the dermal layer of the skin and joints. . This is typically for four weeks and with different amounts of sunlight. Is inexpensive and is widely used as an effective way to treat psoriasis without medication. chromosome 1 p, expressing the receptor of interleukin-23 and the differentiation of t cells is involved in IL12B and interleukin-23 receptor are both strongly associated with psoriasis. Professional guidelines of organic products as third-treatment for Plaque Psoriasis after an inadequate response to the topical treatment, phototherapy and systemic non-biological treatments. Is a rare and severe psoriasis that can require hospitalization. The development of widespread Pustular is often caused by an infection, the sudden withdrawal of treatment with corticosteroids, topical, pregnancy. Although there are many treatments, it can be difficult to treat because of its recurrent nature chronic plaque psoriasis. Place with the effectiveness and safety of a new generation of targeted therapies, immune system. Was significantly superior to placebo. Combined with vitamin D was and treatment with corticosteroids has been exceeded at every single treatment and vitamin D than chronic Plaque Psoriasis coal tar. and various other cardiovascular and metabolic disorders. People with psoriasis have a 27% higher risk of developing diabetes. Severe psoriasis may transfer an increased risk of developing diabetes as less serious cases. Giovani psoriasis may also be an increased risk of developing diabetes. and produces a series of changes in the representation of the big toe and fingernails. Nail psoriasis occurs in 40-45% of people with psoriasis, which affects the skin and lasts for 80 - 90%-incidence in patients with psoriatic arthritis. While most of these treatments, you should be avoided. Most people experience a recurrence of psoriasis, systemic therapy is no longer supported.It is systemic non-biological treatments used for psoriasis. Application tends to be more frequently that men are women and Herpetiformis is usually less severe than other forms of Pustular Psoriasis generalized as impetigo. This is another form of Acrodermatitis Continua Pustular is red as, skin pustules with delicate and flaking on the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet, found to break. Same treatments have been used for psoriasis at this time when it mistakenly believed that psoriasis is an infectious disease. Studies suggest to develop a 70% probability of a double, if the other twin has psoriasis disease. The risk is approximately 20% for non-identical twins. These results suggest a genetic predisposition environmental intervention in the development of psoriasis. Vulgar psoriasis (also known as the stationary psoriasis or chronic Plaque Psoriasis type) is the most common form and affect to 85-90% of people with psoriasis. The ability of Statins to their anti-inflammatory effect and improve blood lipid profile are attributed to these cardioprotective effects. Used Statins decreased levels in patients with psoriasis and associated hyperlipidemia. The chances of hypertension are 1.58 times higher in people with psoriasis those without condition. These sides are even bigger, with severe cases of psoriasis. A similar association in people was observed, psoriatic arthritis-found the chances of hypertension at 2.07 sometimes compared with the general population. Currently, not understood the link between psoriasis and hypertension. The idea being, the mechanisms that are in this report: the deregulation of. Psoriasis has a strong hereditary component and many genes are associated, but we know do not how genes work together. Most of the identified genes primarily concerns the immune system. Can occur at any age, although it is common for the first time between the ages of 15 and 25. About a third of patients of psoriasis before age 20 has been diagnosed. and Thomas Bateman differentiated from other diseases of the skin. Leprosy, said, is characterised by the shape of a circle, regular patches, while psoriasis is still irregular. Willan identified two categories: turtles Leprosa Graecorum and Psora Leprosa turtles. This medication is generally well tolerated and limited long-term biological data that demonstrate the results for a long-term use of moderate to severe Psoriasis in plaques. It may be difficult to distinguish from the latter. This form of psoriasis usually manifests red plates with greasy scales in many areas. proteins produced are psoriasis interfere with the immune process. In contrast with drug immunosuppressive therapies generalised as methotrexate, biologics, specific aspects of drugs, the immune system contribute to psoriasis. There's no consensus on the way in which the severity of the psoriasis to be classified. Mild psoriasis is defined as the percentage of ≤ 10 body surface area (BSA), a. Different conditions are associated with psoriasis. They occur more often in the elderly. Nearly half of all people with psoriasis have over 65 years of comorbidity in the less than three and two - thirds have at least two co-morbidities of co. (Pustular psoriasis) consists of a widespread inflammation and exfoliation of the skin in most of the body surface. May be accompanied by pain, swelling and severe itching. It is often the result of an exacerbation of psoriasis in the unstable table, especially after the abrupt withdrawal of systemic. Inhibitors such as IL-23 p 19 is in high concentration in the skin lesions of psoriasis, though it has less protection against opportunistic infections. The International Federation of psoriasis associations (IFPA) is the global Organization for national and regional of psoriatic patients associations and psoriasis also provides experts in the research of psoriasis and arthritis to scientific conferences every three years. It has partnered with the severity of psoriasis has diminished, measured score PASI and has partnered with the improvement of the other factors of cardiovascular risk as a marker of inflammation. Come and touch to their appearance Acomplejadas people with psoriasis and you have a bad image, fear of public rejection and psychosexual problems. Psoriasis has been linked to the low self-esteem and. The index of severity of psoriasis (PASI) is the measure, the most common used for psoriasis. PASI evaluates the severity of injuries and the affected area and connects these two factors into a single rating of 0