Atemi Ju Jitsu teaches techniques in a key vital area of the body hit. Including nerve endings as arteries running near vulnerable joints, bones, organs, elbows and knees, fingers, wrists and sensitive as the eyes, ears and neck areas. Works with all kinds of shots with opens hands, arms, elbows, feet and knees with all elements of the day such as keys, pens and papers. It is based on common principles. A much higher Atemi-Jujitsu was developed thousands of years in Asia and developed by opponents in armor to fight; the strikes were the weaknesses in a suit to penetrate armor, mirror muscles. Atemi-Jitsu teaches as an opponent to the vulnerability of the natural armor available to manipulate, that attacks can be devastating. Aiki AttackingOther sense includes not Yoho (yin Yang &), Taisabaki (body position), Maai (distance) and fully understand the concept of opening up the body of the opponent. You can actually apply Atemi using appropriate to open fully to penetrate through the defense of your opponents.Atemi-Jitsu is an art in itself and may be more convenient in one of the situations one. Aiki-Jitsu/jutsu was developed for the attackers on the battlefield. The liquid was a necessity, move at the speed between an offensive player, might try to get out of his State. It is the point which ’ the purest form s ‘ Atemi ’ is based in attacking smaller areas of the body (pressure points) with precision and depth of contact. This requires a capacity for very complex and sophisticated practitioners learn many years perfecting, we aimed at the Budo Kan our training in the Budo Kan Australia do not believe in competition and, therefore, do not store or find the tournaments to be champion. It will benefit from competition in the martial arts that teach us, not the student. Competitions are a lot of rules; to avoid dangerous injuries, so many rules are made. Teaching in art it is not these rules, we believe that we have an efficient and effective self defense courses. Then, only pointing out that the appearance of competition, we believe that it undermines the effectiveness of the technique.Usually Atemi-Jitsu ’ use of Atemi is so refined, not like most people who use mainly in the art of train strikes which have objectives seeking bigger and lighter, this facilitates that for one of these lenses in ‘ find the heat of battle as ’ hit exactly, or use a ‘ pressure ’ – point, but not necessarily mieuxune alternative simpler.Die Judo Atemi Waza judo and Aikido techniques, complete, although karate has been added later, when reg style Sensei has never played a large role and had personally use judo Atemi Waza used to be. This account was Sensei s reg ’ directly to me and some of my students, if one of the other versions none of them said that I know. ATEMI-JITSU. ,,.