Small towns, villages, deprived of all have their own advantages. I live in a small community, which could be out closing and many of us who live here, I can survive, and probably this has never come to pass! We are thinkers and experimental musician Survivalista in a laminate! You have to wonder if the repairs to the grid would be after 3 or 4 years, or even completed. Necessary repairs which must survive the disturbances, repairs, food, water, shelter and security in itself, if nothing else, have transport to go to the places. Strengthen the army becomes the brand. They are a big part of the House of the army has enfuite with family and love. The only way that such a force would attack the soldiers would be organized, if the country is attacked.I think that with the lack of power, you do the effects of the insurgency, disease, lack of hygiene, absolute panic, back dim we would send in the middle ages. Imagine the smell of the corpses decaying city. In addition to electrician grid hardcore Survivalista, that if he could not afford, physically, mentally and Materialistically, rear output grid and run?Robert; the best for people in your situation moves forward, a small village in the countryside. In difficult times, could the community to seal the city and the plan for survival. Dulce - If it was 20 years ago, I would have said, crazy.but of survivors, nowadays are very different and more daily threats, there is much more to the economy, dollar, etc., which are no longer angry or who think that you're afraid to play. Most of them believe that we can respond to various hazards. (I) have to decide the measure in which we prepare based on what we believe, that the level of threat. We are no longer in Kansas. Thank you for your ideas. Who is disabled and has more than 60 years, he resigned to know, probably through these difficult times are not. Even though I know that we will find Christian about it, I am concerned about my wife and my children. I do not know what to talk about and I wonder if it is possible information of survival for the skeptics. I always knew that our block supply and Electronics has been the Achilles heel of our country. They have a form of preparation for those who loves us and wants to protect it, then we or any information that I can change in a tasty for them. Please let me know.Our father loving God bless you with his love for you and sell, Robert Casey. Shalom. It is decorated with roses. I think that the Foundation is accurate. But in our descriptions may be sad: day 2 - drug addicts and dealers are simple robbery of pharmacies, hospitals and seniors with a large number of scripts of drug. Normal people eaters say failure 3-desperate, provide their families up until the last day 4 seeks is the rule. No one can be trusted, especially his best friend and neighbor. Don't worry, you'll learn the hard way. People will start to collect some groups such as the militant groups, this positive force. Violent types 5 days are tired, food for dinner, and then click Yes as a child a roasted child and the cannibals of coarser people. Then slides down hill from there. Those who have a law in their community, the death penalty for theft as easy as everyone must depend on each other for survival, then those whose variance is called express opposite track, community, how pure water that could suffer a canteen the first banned and then after the attacks against the municipality of the municipality is the only SoluzioneMorte of mistrust have been used. You think about it. Some catastrophe such as Mad Max movies, Solyent Green, surviving of Omega Man, walking dead to see what happens. Each one uses a different theme, but each of them is the same goal. There are studies of the program of the Government that 90% of death event of America at the end of the first year after an EMP. This article is a very pink image. Contrary to what you wrote the first displayed this article almost refusal because what will really happen. That is why the Government is stockpiling of food and ammunition. They have already deployed billions of pointe hollow shot and millions of food for later use for survival, not for me. The Government expects that to happen something bad and good advises to follow his example. Stay safe my friends, storage, food that will keep for years, not weeks and lots of ammunition, because it is no longer available, without killing. But above all, keep your head and step to trust anyone. Talks with the socialization of America before recently encouraged me carefully to check when purchasing a firearm and resources for their survival. Although this measure is for the last days of our Republic, tends to work these fears have been mentioned, although you can hide deep in our psyche. The reality is lost in the vast flow of information that we use every day on the abundance Emp Survival Video of the G - your own love. For those of us who believe and follow the Lord, are the days of the exercise increases the realities of the life of faith in our dear parents, filled with us through the sacrifice of Christ, as we can in the care and protection of life. His word tells us that it takes two ways of believers. The first is the highway, I see it as where on our backs old mans think - and spread, but the second is the narrow road, which only brings God's direction in his word is back in our beloved father, will have the power of the spirit in us, as he decided what he. The day the EMP strike America promised a day for recovery, if they profess Christ as Savior instead we think our nature is weakened. Thank you very much for the lifting of all this display, which is important, the entire body of Christan. That day, we can see the wheat separated from the chaff. Finally, if you believe that Christ is the way, the truth and the light of life thus prepared. The study of the word depends entirely on the nature of God and promises that his disciples, fully trusted. These two paths are before us. You can choose which continue to this day. Shalom. This isn't a black paint. Quite the contrary. This is the reality, and it could happen tomorrow. Will you be ready? I do not dare to guess. This is not to sell a product, a mentality of survival - survive. It is almost extinct in this country. If we are too easy, we let our vigilance and this is when things start to go wrong. No, not survive here, produced only one hand upwards to motivate someone to prepare the following: 1 Water2. shelter3. food. they form a (carefully selected) group. Ron called before, but I will try not to die, to starve or die of thirst or shot.Faith has nothing to do with survival.God, your God has given you this memories instinct built. ,,.