After an EMP attack), life is no longer the same.  The company began to crumble and law enforcement are not available in case of emergency.  Is one of the most important strategies survive evacuation due to an event of EPM.  This might be an error, which previously referred to or to a region of the country not affected by the EMP.Can transport a difficult challenge after an EMP EventGetting your home or even an error of less populated area.  All modern car more and more electronic components are configured and being totally useless after an EMP event.  Older vehicles should not, so an error because they rely more than mechanical methods for the operation.  A model of the old car as a vehicle is defined in the1970s or earlier.  In order to use the simpler engine, most likely, this vehicle for travel.You are lucky to have one of these vehicles on his property, he can immediately available.  The worst-case scenario, the battery and the Starter solenoid is damaged.  These elements are only used to start the vehicle, and can be avoided in the pop-start the car.  Is a cog, just press the clutch and press the vehicle until it reaches 5-10 km/h, before quickly releasing the clutch.  Automatically keep the transmission in neutral any WINS in speed selector and then quickly without training.  As soon as the engine starts in one of these older vehicles, the process is self-supporting.Even on older vehicles, an electro-magnetic pulse might deactivate the small electronics, which is required for this operation.  More specifically, including the spark plugs and the Distributor.  These pieces are small and inexpensive, it is recommended that an additional set of spark plugs and distributor cap on survival bag in case of keep where.There is a larger vehicle, tractors, golf carts, or old model ATV gas can contain other modes of transport.  After is not an electromagnetic pulse, which is guaranteed to all these machines will be fully functional, but there is a good chance that can help you travel faster, you would be able to caminar. Food and water of technological advances in the age of the information society are serious inconveniences due to an EMP event.  Computer, Internet, Set to work in manufacturing plants and the flow of communication.  Once the grid is turned off, all these operations are no longer operational.  This means that there are no food on the shelves, without public water treatment and law enforcement to keep the Ordnung. Wissenschaftlern people for 12-18 months after the massive EMP to survive.  The company is thus grew technology depends, have very few requirements available without it.  The population of the Earth is not prepared; the Government of the United States is not prepared for the devastating effects of EMP on a large scale.Supply routes will be discontinued, because they depend on the electrical network.  Unfortunately, the food import company became dependent on many areas not in the position of having to their demands for a week without encountering feed from external sources.  Think of a big city like New York or Los Angeles.  These sites have large populations of people and there is no agricultural production that is clean.  The shops are 100% dependent on trucks to keep the shelves full of food and supplies.  Drinking water is transported normally through hundreds of miles in these large urban areas.  These systems must be able to transport and without it, millions of people will feel the effects immediately.Save your non-perishable food supplies is a great way to avoid the immediate effects of EMP.  Although stocks are limited, food supply gets only a couple of months in a position where you can carefully plan the strategy of long-term survival.Water is another cause for concern.  The human body can survive without water for about three days.  Without public water supply, you will need a large in relation to the supply of drinking water or methods to purify their own water.  Cooking iodine and build a statue all excellent ways to purify water.  Iodine treatment should be considered a short-term solution because excessive iodine exposure is dangerous, especially for children and women can become pregnant.HeatingEvery modern home is based on fossil fuels for heating or electricity.  Some use a combination of both, to maintain a constant temperature throughout the tree.  These services will not be available after an EMP.  Air conditioning is a luxury that was not advertised until about 50 years ago.  It is certainly not a necessity.  Cold, however, is responsible for thousands of deaths each year.  Danger of being in the human body through icy temperatures in the hours on his knees.  Even in desert areas can the sub zero temperatures. heat your House in a world often comfort at night is of the utmost importance.  Look for heating methods that don't require electricity and fossil fuels.  The best solution is the use of wood.  In most of the country, the wood is an abundant resource, and can be used to efficiently heat a House.The stove is the easiest and most affordable home heating.  Available in a variety of sizes and styles, a wood-fired oven, hot cooking heat and provides a perfect surface.  Wood stoves used reliable heating for centuries have been and are used in some parts of the country as the main heat source.In temperate climates, where temperatures are relatively stable, cannot be a Holzbefeuerter oven required.  Passive solar heating is often what is needed to maintain a constant temperature.  Solar heating harnesses the power of the Sun, so that the lightest possible at home through the window during the day.  Home insulation keeps the heat during the night.  This type of heating is used wherever possible, but in cooler climates, extra outlet for a stove or other heat source. There is at least one study predicted the Government, in the case of an EMP attack or a X-class solar flare would cause, that the death of 90% of Americans in the first year. Lack of food and water and kill the other would be the main causes of death and disease, followed by malnutrition and lack of medical care. Distributor caps should be healthy. I can't say that is the same for the capacitor. Spark plug must fit with a small button above with a grinding wheel and handed over to the gap at zero. Spark plug wire could be taken unless the old copper wire. Generators can be set with a small screen, nail files and small tools. They come in sizes from 6 to 12 volts per day. Any gasoline engine probably has a generator before 1960. A series of brushes would be a good investment, then the generator and a windmill House provides. He was a rear wind charger before World War II and was frequently in rural areas. They are easy to build. The thread hiding for 12 volts as RV, cameras ready. If you can find plans you find Faraday cage, uses a metal trailer to make a trip. Even a body. Really I don't see at all because I have to travel, if you make plans now where you are. The trips are dangerous and exposed in the free and attacks from all sides. If you do not get, you can go where it wants to enter the tip of the weapon be denied. And then what? I have at home easy to hide my property and shrubs planted around hard plants and intends Emp Survival Vehicles to remain good, where I've been for at least a year. Pierced made me well and have a value of years of life and small arms ammunition (.22 LR caliber shot 17 et.), my grandchildren to feed stock and have many years and large enough ammunition to defend a prolonged siege. Shotguns are to kill the target undergraduate and more than 1200 bps and a small game in silence. The pellets are cheap, and I have thousands of them. Living in the country and there are a lot of rabbits, squirrels, opossums, raccoons, armadillos, snakes, turtles and birds, which can be used with an air rifle. Deer and wild boars required a larger weapon and junk and second attention. I also have several fall, no noise. I think the best way to survive is unnoticed by others. If an authorized pass, I suggest you hide it well. A gasoline engine is attracting a lot of attention, which can be very evil. Most insects that will attract a fire during the night. Keep in mind that you have a friend. Everyone is the enemy. If you drop the watch, you will die. Don't tell anyone what you have saved. When people are dying of hunger and thirst and see their friends dying, will do what is necessary, in order to save it. Plan at least a year can be restored, and then even more time back, if any command, I would also suggest a Bible, but it is up to you. Some material would be sort of a good idea and simple board games, others will go away with you. It is not boring to be without the distractions that we know. Survival books are a good thing. Forget not, glue and adhesive in emergency cuts in addition, as a good aid package. A good book first ambulance is also a good read. It's a bit long, but an EMP will be a long event, plan on this topic. Vintage 1970 details are wrong. You have a new distributor CAP serve some if you have none of the underlying components, i.e. a condenser and points. Another glaring omission, to avoid the generator return probably in the 1950s. A bridge rectifier from diodes that AC light machines produced depends on the domain controller uses the vehicle to pass. His predecessor used DC generators strongly affected by an EMP except over time. Even older and some tractors in Decade 1940 used magnets to generate its power. However, many older systems, which worked normally 6 Volt, 12 volt alternator for more comfort systems have become, what might be the smartest investment, it would be a conversion of 2-stroke motorcycle engine and get to keep some electronic ignition modules in a Faraday cage. I suspect that, like a lawn mower would run into a truck engine, but again would require a 4 cycle plug-in. These units to create its energy for induction heating. Now, it may be that a matter of wiring is compromised, that there should be more. I think you could buy one of these engines in a Faraday cage in preparation and would solve the problem together.In the long run, the question will be the fuel for these vehicles. Alcohol is a way for gas engines, but the materials used in construction for gas seals may respond not good exposure to alcohol, especially in older vehicles. Diesel vehicles can vegetable oils, but new engines have problems with glycerol in oil, it is advisable to switch to biodiesel. There must be a method for the production of oil seeds and nuts. Ejector or screws would be needed. ,,.