What with a flashlight, batteries, an EMS system, the designation of areas, cards, candles, (stick preferably) cover shots, survival, lanterns, tents, cots, $candals ect. ?You are not obsolete dates on cans, water is vital. Good article. The seeds are also important, unless the soil is contaminated. I love the buildings, which are underground. When I was very young, had a dream of you help me people. He had a gray suit without fallout symbol in my region of the right arm. Had sirens across the and lots of smoke. I helped the children in a shelter.Even today, I feel strong feelings, and here, I tell you the truth. Now, that dream that I played … think that the saddest moments and today's youth are lost tribes which have damaged us our planet. I think that we have exactly what the Bible says in these last days, and I am happy to know that he is my creator. Even though I know it is not very good for you, I would like to add to your list of nuts wrapped hard candies, then also good old fashion popcorn (these two, especially if you have kids), and then powdered cocoa and powdered milk. Assuming that you have animals as TSHTF, elements, such as that of the dog food in cans in the list, FIDO alive, healthy and active to keep. I would like to add, extra virgin olive oil … has a large number of meanings, if you also use ingenuity, for cooking. Only for an instance of many, made amazing things, because it is considered a MRE walk in too many two or three days in a row to eat. ::) In addition, a true all-rounder - not watch also have a good idea, especially if you n t ’, SOAP or a deodorant with you: vodka in a spray bottle can deodorize your skin, clothes and bedding in a hurry. You can also barter and medical purposes only drink or use as a mouth rinse.And, if you forgot, is little more than a “ error ” bag in mind and you want to hide your head, keep in mind that even if you can eat your … not or at least would have ’ t, a few rolls of mercury by 90% of the money to the United States marked or Franklin Roosevelt a half dollars in insect bag or box with gloves or penny content before 1965, or both, you will make life a little easier in the case as soon as possible if the network fails in local, regional or national, and we need to cache the exchange of foods containing things of you.If anyone out there has a very generous (note, not expensive scope) list Emp Survival Tips of foods for survival, with the exception of the pork products, if I say I say … you can combine our lists where we disagree otherwise? So here on the other hand, you can contact me at contact. If you want to work in a (constantly). This is a list of food products and other items we survivalista started on our list in 2008. ,,.