EMP can be a serious disaster. Here are a few Hinweise.EMP is picked up by any metallic object, the Ampilifed and the spread through power lines and generators of large electric charge. Any element that is connected to a head, burned toast. If the element is grounded while the arrest has zero chance of survival.If you want to store the batteries in a non-conductive material. But the real trick is to remove the battery in electronic devices “ to protect? ” Volital memory. As his short-term memory. The ’ is a lot less convent but when protecting your device. Has published an excellent article about the simple construction of Nieva shelters. I know that Leon does not hang on the hands and on the basis of experience. The article contains some basic concepts of good chances of survival for every situation. on the different types of survival kit. I think that many people in the case, in the preparation of their inability caught to bag and forget to wear the equipment for other situations. Article would probably borrow 6 different Kit covers. Connects this newsletter of articles that I find the whole week on sites in survival, I would like to share with our readers. This week, we have an understanding of the different types of survival kit to build a snow shelter and to understand the basics of a Faraday cage for protection of EMP. 1 last week it was published an excellent article. Sweet-if 20 years ago would have said that survivors are the crazy.but, are today very different and next day the threat, etc. is not that I think that she are crazy or play out of fear of the even more with the economy, dollar,. Most of them believe that we can respond to the various dangers. (I) have to decide the degree of the basis we what we believe, it is the threat level. We are no longer in Kansas. You really think I wonder if repairs to the network after 3 or 4 years or not at all would be incomplete. Those who survive repairs, must not have the riots, food, water, shelter and security for themselves, while others, in addition to the transport to the places, the need to repair. The army has taken a step for the brand? A large part of the army to flee in order to be home with the family and close. The only way that an organized army to attack would be the soldiers, if the country is attacked.I think absolute panic the effect of disturbances, disease due to poor sanitation, who dominated with the lack of electricity, would we send through the dark middle ages. Can you imagine the smell of the city with rotting corpses. As well as an electrician from hardcore, Survivalista grid, which could afford, physically, mentally and Materialisticamente, to get the network back on?Robert; better is that people in your situation to move, until he arrived in a small village in the countryside. In difficult times can seal the city and the plan for the survival of the community. Small towns, villages, private have all their advantages. I live in a small community, that a roadblock arrest and many of us who are here can survive life and probably what happens! The hands are thinkers and survival in one! The debates of the past with the socialization of America encouraged me to consider buying a firearm and resources for their survival. Although this measure for these last days of our Republic seems correct, tend to be in these fears, which you have mentioned, work, even though they can be concealed within our psyche. Reality of wealth G bag detective himself is lost in access to information overload every day. For those among us who believe and follow the Lord, you are days of living increase by believing in our dear parents, a bridge for us by Christ's sacrifice, we can in their care of life and protection for the exercise. His word tells us that taking two kinds of believers. The first is the wide way that I as a, where we use our old way of thinking man and the spread, but the second is the narrow path, turn to our beloved father d - or the address in your Word, the power of the Holy Spirit, which we ourselves have chosen. The day when the strike of the EMP someday promised America for the revival, if we, the Christ as Savior, confess to brackets our nature rather weakened. Thank you for this very important question for the Christian body as a whole to increase. On this day we'll definitely separate the wheat from the chaff. Finally, if you believe that Christ is the way, the truth and the light of life prepared then. The word study and entirely dependent on the nature of God and the promises of his faith to his disciples. These two methods are ahead of us. Choose for you today, the consequences will be. Shalom. Thank you for you know. That who is disabled and more than 60 years have resigned myself, knowing that likely are not in these tough times. Although I know that you know of Christ on the other hand, I am concerned about my wife and my children. I don't know, you're talking about and I'm wondering whether you can get the information of survival for those who are skeptical. I always knew that our Achilles heel of the country was our network of electricity and electronics unit. You have a form of preparation for those who love and want to protect, you are missing us so the information that I can edit a pleasant taste for them. Please let me know.As our loving Father God, bless you with his love for you and sell, Robert Casey. Shalom. This is demagogic. Quite the contrary. This is the reality, and it could happen tomorrow. Will you be ready? I would venture to guess that. No product is to sell the survival of a survival mentality. It is almost extinct in this country. We too easily, the guard came and this is when things start to go wrong. Survival produces steps, only one hand to the motivation to prepare someone the following: 1 water2. shelter3. Food. They form a group of (selected). There the Government studies that show that 90% of the American dead of the EMP event at the end of the first year after a. This article is a very rosy picture. In contrast to what the first poster you wrote is this article almost in denial, what actually happens. For this reason, the Government is the accumulation of stocks of food and ammunition. The ammunition point billion hollow and millions of MRE, which already for a later use for survive, provided not Emp Survival Tactics for me. The Government expects that something bad is coming and well, it is advisable to follow his example. Stay safe my friends, supply of food that will keep for years, not weeks, and lots of Ammo, that it's not available, without killing. But mostly head down and not trust at all of the world. Ron - until he calls me, I'll try not to die of hunger or thirst, or pulled.Faith has nothing to do with survival.God, your God gave, that instinct - that built, reminds. It is decorated with roses. Is it my opinion the basis. But will not stop, daunting in our descriptions: day 2-addicts and traffickers flight will recognize just pharmacies, hospitals and the elderly with a large number of scripts. Tell half desperate normal eaters care force that 3 deficiency is, for their day of the finally 4 family care is the rule. You don't trust, especially his best friend and neighbor. Don't worry, you will learn the hard way. People will start some similar gangs join forces in militant groups, some positive. Violent 5 species of the day are tired so a baby eat for dinner, grilled, though more rude people and the child will become cannibalistic. Then down from there. Who have a law in their community, the death penalty for theft as everyone are so easy assigns each other to survive must, expression could be a variation of the form that right desire, a bottle of pure water calls on the community, his exile, before and after the attacks by the community of the community use the individual Solucionmuerte of distrust. You think about it. Show some disasters survivors movies such as Mad Max, Omega Man, Solyent Green, walking dead, and see what happens. Each uses a different theme, but each of them is the same with respect! ,,.