4. use a Faraday box to store the material. Faraday boxes fortune can make cabinets metal, containers with ammunition and boxes for cakes. In other words, must protect the unit do not touch metal container (use insulation: paper, cardboard,). In addition, can not no hole. Finally, if this seems less appropriate, you can in the protective foil. Pack of 5 more. Cars are already a metal box. In addition, some of them had survived although it was reported that most of the vehicles on the road since mid of 1960 is likely would be. I.e., the gas would be a problem. So you have a lot and the food (don't forget, refrigerators and appliances of disinfection, the water came out).In short, we do not know when or how to hit the disaster. What we do know is that we have to be prepared. And because declared EMP attack, the significant could can.We must be well prepared. Practical storage elements are water, food, and other sources of heat, kitchen, batteries and candles. These elements help the survival of various emergency scenarios, including an EMP attack. A three month of pantry supply is a good place to start. Other methods of preparation include a gas or charcoal grill and a solar cooker or Dutch. Many of wooden bearings is important in a fireplace or a stove in case of attack during the cold months of firewood. Radio battery with battery storage, will help you to keep abreast. As our society increasingly more by political uncertainties and extreme climate changes threatened, building a bunker survival guide is an excellent way. A high-altitude electromagnetic pulse, also called hemp is one of the most horrific Preppers survive events, concern.  All nuclear weapons create EMP, but when in the atmosphere to the detonation of the EMP was generated is so massive to destroy electronics and ultimately snatch the network of electricity in the country.Several entertainment, recently were the highlight of this type of event, typical point of Hollywood, in which come from physics and reality, changes were made easier to Emp Strike Survival detect the plot.  We are going to some ’ facts and how you can protect your sensitive electronics against EMP attacks. Tags and attributes: < HREF = title = > < abbr title = > < acronym = Title > < BLOCKQUOTE cite = > < City > < code > < DateTime = > < quote Q = > < sciopero > . Some people have speculated that that could be a second Rep, to destroy more electronic opportunities, so it might make sense to wait a few weeks or more, used when an element is absolutely necessary for survival. You could always open at a later date and package the contents of the package by Faraday. ,,.