Not many tablets can boast this year, these high performance specifications and ViewSonic has completely failed to highlight the performance of their devices with its painfully slow and ugly surface: tap ' n cock. Seriously, an overlay is terrible, but let it discourage you. The ability to hack the tablet to us is very proud Android supporters non-regular users and therefore a part of the fun, comes with tray g, please. Our friends outside. Many of you out there, I'm waiting for an Android tablet, this deserves my saved penny, however arrogant battery could float to Starbucks iPad proud local owners. ? I'll be the first one who admits that, this year, screen resistive touch, equipment undersized, only support facing the community, which until now has been slightly disappointing - options cancelled devices and even though he is optimistic for 2011, it was clear that must now be a tablet.Take one tablet of money laundering, allows you to save the trouble of Internet. If you're like me, and Eluga Power Quadrant I will not buy a carrier (I'm talking about you, Samsung), three options are subsidized with an another data plan the ARCHOS 101, the arrival of Vega and the ViewSonic G tablet. The choice for impatient people like me is easy - with the. Press and hold volume button and then together, until you see the screen becomes black and let the - switch / printed stop Android in gold letters on the screen. I bought my Gtab off eBay, which had been prepared. Works fine, but when I'm in the process of replacing all items anywhere Rome A.j' get the message displays after a power + Volup key after boot connected between them.The boot-kernel image restoration restoration factory load settings using Image.Alles from the factory, this I've read say that takes the ClockWorkMod, but it is not. I do something wrong, so if someone could give me an idea, I would appreciate it.Bill. Now, everything which can concentrate with bad first impressions of the ViewSonic G Tablet of the road, we look at the good things that the races of speed for the iPad came with the unit and a powerful Android tablet as you. Although the out-of-the-box experience is terrible, information compressed G put at the top of the Tablet hardware this year. ,,.