Broadcast for the first time on March 16, 2004Male models were invited, at home with the girls, ended where Shandi who was overwhelmed by loneliness apart from her boyfriend having sex with another male model. He blamed by guilt, she called her boyfriend, Eric, the next day and told him what happened. Eric yelled and mad at him, before he finally hung up. The next day was Shandi and wish good luck for the next photo Shooting.In of this week learned the girl to supplement your body with your outfit. You tested, where have bought at the flea market and find an outfit, was the Haute Couture and fill your body better. Xiomara is a part-time bartender, models has signed an agent, with boss is, has made an extension for FHM and has been contacted 3 cosmetics lines. . The girls were then go Lake, where designated Shandi as the best model of Haute Couture, Mercedes as something commercial, photographed April as well, but weak in other areas and Davaa in your body to work. Camille won the challenge for her strong presence. At dinner with Tyra, Camille implied that David had an eating disorder that was not true.The girls have a meeting of the Haute Couture sunglasses the Solstice with drawings of Max Mara, Burberry, Gucci, Dior and Giorgio Armani. April had mixed reviews, Camille looked twisted and was the favorite of the photographer, Mercedes looked commercial, Davaa well hid her body and Shandi took some of the best shots of the photographers in the course of the year. She was also praised for its response to the pretty hard Designer (, models turned out to be actors testing attitudes) when required, which should be reserved. Shandi simply responded, if designers in their photos finally want to see something special. Camille received the worst critic, an attitude that he knew everything about the release. When he by the designer, was asked why he went in the way have and Camille replied: this is my signature of the Treaty and is the path that will make me famous.Mercedes Elenas Models In Usa was two for the commercial aspect and lack of editorial potential, but Camille was eliminated because of his attitude and very defensive all the time if she criticizes in the bottom. The profile confirmed-some women go about their profiles by Elena models as authentic was confirmed. This gives you the peace of mind that the woman is not a crook. If necessary, confirmed that the profile logos on the main screen will be displayed each girl on their profile page. They stand for booking through this website, with the romance tours to the number of women who want to meet in a unique journey. And you do not ' n all Viaje-if you fly Moscow and Kiev, for example in a large city like Petersburg, and then meet them to other cities nearby women go. You will notice that the models Helena ask the airport staff a pleasant and productive journey, including guided tours of the city has the maximum guarantee and the date (s) ' to visit. ,,.