Ingredients: olive oil, cocoa butter, beeswax, essential oil of birch; Fresh herbs: mullein leaves and flower buds, banana, yarrow leaves, leaf leaves of comfrey, chickweed, emerging parts of San Giovanni ’ buds unopened condiment, Krauser, leaves of calendula petals; The outbreak of poplar oil. Olive oil: use an organic extra virgin olive oil. If not available, use the best olive oil you can. I recommend stored packed boxes in metal or glass rather than the plastic containers for olive oil. Endocrine disruption-free plasticizers may include substances oil soluble leaching of plastic in olive oil containers. Cocoa butter: try, cocoa butter food massive use for my ointments. Do not use any lard of cocoa-belleza changed. Beeswax: use wax, obtained from beekeepers the. Birch essential oil: essential oil is just before pouring the volley fade in memory, at a speed of 100 mg oil per litre added Salve. Special tools: herbs cut before placing it in the stainless steel simple oil use scissors sharp maceration. stainless steel with grass clippings, possibly negative response. Container: Use 2 quarters Carotenuti jars wide mouth, enjoy small batches of Ottawa. They are easy to move and can be heated in a water bath. For larger lots, glass jars have Appendix of l. nut 1/4 Gal: I prefer the fresh herbs for ointments in the cold, cutlery, days receivables during low-load thermal and solar. All herbs of the Hi in maceration together: a better multi-purpose ointment comes from the maceration of herbs together. In other words, maceration of maceration of oil the same day all together in the same container for collection. (With the exception of the root of comfrey's Poplar bud oil) Herbs: a part of the individual: mullein leaves and shoots flower (Verbascum Thapsis): I like to use mullein fresh freshman leaves accumulate in Gemini. This leaves grow in a rosette. Select the shoot at their base with any mold. For use in the first year that the sheets are not available, the young emerging second-year basal rosette or flower of palo. I have often observed extensive fungal growth in the second year of mullein, especially in the lower parts of the stems of flowering may be. floral long clusters of young people 5-10 cm with a few flowers, since the development of the open main stem, but they are floral carved mostly open. Leaves and clusters of flowers and finely cut and oil. Together, the cluster of leaves and flowers part 1. Mullein is used to absorb the component of the nerve, rotenone; This substance inhibits locally and ear pain when using the drop of mullein oil. The plantain leaf (Plantago lanceolata): use only ointment banana fresh palustris (topics and packages on a skewer). Broadleaf plantain has not worked for me in oils or ointments. I tried to not use of Plantago Maritimissa, but if p. lanceolata was not available. Banana leaf is the growth of stems of flowers used (as my teacher, taught at its Birzneck). I cut the leaves under their respective plants above the basal seeds, causing a material tuber also collected with each sheet or a cluster of basal leaves. The leaves are finely cut as soon as possible and by immersion in oil. Leaves deteriorate rapidly after the withdrawal of its banana Corm. Banana is used for its analgesic Manso and ’ content (EGF) epidermal growth factor. When the skin is cut, epidermal growth factor will be published and they rushed to the site of the wound. EGF levels increase in the blood. Thus, levels of EGF increased giant in saliva. Therefore an increase in the layer of banana is so effective for promoting the healing of the skin and the wound from closing. All mammals are licking their wounds from the GEF on the site. In my observations of the patient to an own salivary EGF ’ seems preferable to work as a foreign ’. Hardware plantain is an essential ingredient in my Ottawa for all purposes. The dried leaves of banana seems almost unnecessary in ointments. Top of the leaf and flower of Yarrow (Achillea Millefolium): basal rosette of leaves and fresh flowers of Yarrow of the top between two ages (some florets forming seeds, beautiful open pollen oro-naranja in their anthers and some non-unopened flower) are collected and finely cut in Ottawa. Achillea in severe drought conditions seems often more aromatic and secondary metabolites include (maximum age of Plant Physiology: less water, greater differentiation). I have observed the same Yarrow from the sea, what better oils and ointments. Spitfires Achillea wrap is that a current analgesic is exceptionally effective for insect bites. Improved distal ointments arterioles subcutaneous movement Yarrow, seems reduced to promote vascular repair and pain. New parts of chickweed (Stellaria media): bright green, fresh leaves, stems, flowers of chickweed will reduce quickly and oil. Keep old leaves and Brown stalks chickweed, Hi oil. The ancient gardens and greenhouses are good sources of cheap chickweed. Jethro Kloss Eden, on the other hand, recommended the rest of the chickweed garden and leave as long as only the Greens. Chickweed is a delicious green salad, alone or in mixtures. It is especially refreshing in the heat of the summer. I'm not sure of the specific contribution of chickweed ointment, but it adds something important. Use the chickweed freshly squeezed or suffer juice directly on the surface of irritation in the eyes, including conjunctivitis ” “. The effect is a soothing, often miraculously. Comfrey leaf and root (Symphytum spp.): includes costs leaves green basal rosette finely oil Salve immediately after harvest are cut. They are extremely watery and water content can be difficult to remove oil Salve and then water promote mold led as a result of the final product. To avoid this, the roots finely cut and dried Comfrey, ground for a strong jump in the 80-90 screens, then a fine powder. Powder is 3:1, Comfrey oil in 80-90 for a week or more, with powder stir, at least two times a day to the powder in oil hot oil floating in Comfrey infused. Leave at room temperature and carefully oil and dust during 24-48 hours only oil salute macerating with herbs, including casting; Then, to mix several times in the course of the next 48 hours, at the root of comfrey mingle the rest of oil of Ottawa. Several times trying to get my son was remaining Comfrey powder food oil decanted after mixing powdered Comfrey infused, refined from the root of comfrey powder olive oil “ ” butter. I do not like. The feeling of her mouth was ” … weird, dad. ” San Giovanni ’ St. John's wort (Hypericum Perfoliatum) closed flower buds: floral buds of Hypericum are sealed mud red purple juice brilliant when crushed. Floral buds still open, as well as flowers, maturation does not display the red juice when crushed. Some studies have shown that the intercept that the active compound from Hypericum is destroyed, if the flowers are cut or be crushed. So, not the flowers of San Juan cut shoots ’ grass before using it in Ottawa. Yellow dock (Rumex Crispus) leaves: sometimes collected in its basal part annual tuft and add the oil of Ottawa. Calendula (SPP): bright orange petals are also added to oil Salve exist. Oil report: Herbarium is 3:1, 3 books, 1 pound of oil wet herbs. They usually fill the empty can in the balance, per kilo herbs add slowly and then to-2 quarts of oil in pots. Glass is loose and the shelf are immediately put on an ointment in my kitchen, where he remained until 29 days (lunar months), shake thoroughly at least twice on the day. My teacher of grass, she Birzneck, tried, and its ointments in the summer and the Sun in the Sun becomes day all other sources of energy ’ also heat. Outbreak of oil from poplar (Populus spp.): poplar bud oil is during the months of dormancy Nov - Mar open extremely resinous Alamo. Buds user fees collected by the branches of winter Cottonwood tremendous saving of Northwest Pacific (black Cottonwood, Populus Trichocarpa) Damien. Try to dry the fresh days 35-45oF click in when the resins are fragile, more sticky. Buds collected as 3:1 can buy cold olive oil for a few days before the entry into force and left will be stored up to 3 years or until it is used. The first two weeks are buds of Aspen in its skin, its container sits on the shelf from the top radiator burst and can heat up to 100oF over a few days. As many times as specified, are shaken and stirred. The oil resulting tends to be very thick, with a wonderful orange flavor. After the oil Salve has learned several times not obvious water droplets dark sediment at the bottom of the vessel of the ultimate recipient, several ounces (mal) oil of each game is added to poplar bud Ottawa. Caution: Do not press on and squeeze infusion of plant mass infused oil to try to recover more oil. It is usually very small cryptic in brewing herbal only paid mass that remains in the infusion of mass of grass, if oil infusion is slow (first) drops of water. Water is the oil or ointment that ointment tends to encourage the growth of fungi and bacteria at the expense of ointments. The part of benzoic acid Pupulin poplar bud oil acts as a powerful antioxidant and maintains the final oil Salve and ointments, that become rancid and providing a refined aroma. This in itself is a bud of poplar excellent topical oil for relief of chronic joint and muscle pain; If you mix with San Giovanni 1: 1 ’ oil with herbs from San Juan, the two make a very effective topically on fresh burns. Herbal ointment finals: Ottawa decanted oil added poplar bud, heated in a bath of water with beeswax shaving bottom easily and cocoa butter is added very beeswax (approx. 20% by volume) with a few drops of raw material. Cabinet after it cools, tip oil ointment take a drop of water and test on a cold surface. If OK texture, is the blend quickly the Birch and the mixture obtained in containers. Note: It is stable oil Salve oil for several months after you have added the outbreak of poplar oil. Varicose veins oil / oil long term current HI for varicose veins is composed of equal parts of Yarrow and aceite-dalmata oil toadflax (Linum chasuble). Oils are combined in the same amount, separate and then. On the recommendation of my master, she Birzneck, yarrow stalks all inflorescences open directly, because basal rosette leaves are finely chopped and cold pressed from the oil with 1:3 - ratio of 80-90, yarrow and oil for a week or more, with regular stirring infused every day. Decant the oil filed at least twice before mixing. Settle and not oil drain oil press. To do this, the drops of water little oil are tightening brewed and decanted. Store in a cool, dark place with mixed oil infusion: dulcimer of responsible for the olive oil with herbs toadflax collects linear leaves and the stem of the flower of buttons floral w/adult, finely chopped, pressed and oil to well mixed container of Canterbury tray to Ottawa for two weeks. The oil is then decanted and generally RAS had mixed with oil of Yarrow, well mixed and stored, require. This Ottawa are particularly useful to remove lumps solid observation or perianal. Hello infused a topical ointment for tire of lumps benign external resolution made the same amount of benign nodules, separate sheet fig fresh, lively and finely chopped oil infusion of fresh roots to the fruits of greater celandine (Chelidonium majus) (Ficus Carica) and managed the brewing of olive oil. Separate oils are prepared, material of olive oil in vegetable oil by 3: 1 ratio. Around the world in a jug with separate Canterbury 1 macerate for at least two weeks on the plateau at 80 90 of Ottawa. Stir frequently. Decant several times, pour oil load only, as described above. Keep oil separately until needed; Then shake and mix and prepare oils loaded two cases mixed license 12 to 24 hours. Due to the characteristics of the resolution of the latex of fig, oil was loose notes, with phenol. Greater celandine oil became the replication of the mitotic spindle and stops disutile dispersion of the microtubules of the spindle for their known properties of the cell. ,,.