Thank you! It was a very informative post! I really hope that everything takes his advice and these searches perform. It is not enough. My dog ate my purchased 23.03.07 28 / 3 / of course, my dog was sick, it could not ' Twalk, had to go to the vet for rays x, OK iv therapy is now ', but very ill. Co has just called. They said that the food is not in the list of stores. ' ahead and you'll see. Let us be realistic. Pet food is ' S. want to grow commercial pet food, satisfy their customers and a profit. If not ' think that this crisis will affect sales in recent months. Poisoning of pets are not a good deal. Or will it be a good thing for pork and poultry. Maybe you should blame the FDA, this is the body I am Supossed to all food regulation. I have 4 years a loyal customer. Everything started when we have our yellow Labrador as a puppy and followed courses of obedience to the PetSmart. Our Trainer recommended, I voted for us, and our Shih Tzu because we needed a food, that the needs of the younger lab culture (was 9 months) 4 years. It was great! The children loved her food and she seemed to really enjoy. Then came the call of 2007 dry dog food, NUTRO natural choice lamb and rice formula, that is, what feeds our dogs and not the lure, so not to worry. For the summer began in June and July, the two dogs for vomiting. Each dog is vomiting occasionally so that he initially rejected. Then the vomiting have become a daily reality and was accompanied by diarrhea. Suddenly, two of my dogs were sick. I was told that it does not eat, because it was not in the list of the withdrawal and was as expensive brand. We have a new 40 pound bag of food and not just pull bought. After one and a half week I started panicking, because I began to lose weight. Water went two dogs to the vet for emergencies, because they are lethargic, not eating and drinking like crazy. Laboratory tests showed high levels of something that has to do with the liver and a high number of white blood cells. I went home still not sure what it was. He decided to stop when I need to see if it works. Fed with meat and rice (home) and after a few days, she began to better behavior. Then, outward and other brand, accessible, which were not one of the few brands for me on the list at the time of purchase. I'm on it, because their coats is better, they have boundless energy and the laboratory has really benefited from the protein, is extremely strong and in shape. No longer it will approve ever! Like many others, I wrote and called and so never get without help, she do not have the problem also. I think it has to do with Mars in your purchase. You changed the formula, I have just the ingredients on time and bags of 3 or 4 years, differ. Mostly the same, but some things about it, outside is different. For those who say that there is a good bonus, my food is called a premium. A food reward as a result do not consider their food on the same place as the dog food for each company dog food or ' Roy, what was the case with my food during the withdrawal of the menus. I drove 45 minutes to the South to go to eat PetSmart, if you could food made by the same people in the same manner, such as pet store or Wal-Mart, I have in my opinion nothing has become, but a very expensive on average brand food, is certainly no brand Prämieviel of less super than a brand premium. Come on, $40 for a meal, it's really only about $8 or ' le Roy? It is a slap in the face!As the dry dog food, is of course in the United States, but I bet that some of the ingredients (if not all) come from other countries. Months 8 ago, that I reported, that I have a problem with branded products with our puppies, Jasper. I replied after the return of her dog food sample tests that you publish, to say she couldn't find anything wrong in it. However, it has no more food I have Jasper. I was in Blue Buffalo and it ran very well with their puppy food, but after the incident with I was not the same as before. In the last 24 hours, he fell and was rushed to the vet this afternoon, where she was in the intensive care unit '. His symptoms are stool with blood, blood, vomit, and during a test, the veterinarian found blood in the urine. He showed already before - like activity. Preliminary tests were negative for parvo & parasites. Vet considered now Jasper symptoms result from renal failure or multi system idle or any type of blood disorder are, but believes that it is always the result of intoxication from. Nights and should the results of the blood test in the morning. We still hope and pray will be something simple that can be resolved quickly, but the vet told us that we are preparing for the worst. It will provide an update as soon as it is available. However, it is the natural balance (my dog food chosen and well documented, that the memory of my dismay much joined). Me ' m not to preach some of those who have heard no allegations of Iams to educate trying in the hope. Hello again. Sorry for all those who have lost their pets. I really think, it is not controllable, and something needs to be done. Natural balance? Senior dog food, other people on this site as a good meal discussed. This madness must stop. You have ', science diet, Iams, Eukanuba, Ole Roy, natural balance, etc, etc, etc, these companies must be very embarrassed, what happens in this story. The amount of money in the dog food business is phenomenal. These companies need to regroup and start our dogs of good food. My dogs are innovative and Acana pet food. But this is ' to say that this is not ' will explode in your face. It is regrettable and ' I agree that someone on this great moment paid. My point of view, I tried to do # 19 thats ' not only that. I bet if you start a website about one of the other food, people in this post.What's with you, Shane. Your ad # 23. I'm not an idiot '. In fact. Lead a bailout of domestic animals in the province, where I live. I love the animals. I love animals more and then I suggested love most people due to the comments, such as at the beginning. We have a variety of puppies took the parvo virus and lost 6-10 puppies. All were quite old, so can their personality and so sweet. I understand then and $1200 for the loss, which cost us $10,000 and could only save four dogs includes also financial part. But for me, these dogs were every cent value. How to identify everyone who has posted on this website. Money means nothing when it comes, our Haustiere.Ich agree to regroup and leave ' a difference is to make and stop this madness. Point with your finger to stop and let ' asks to try help and our voice heard. Any suggestions?, rather than any kind of food. Great story by Amy. Therefore I would like him good health Molly. Holistic is the way to go in everything we do.I gave him a pet food for a year now.big difference in my dogs. I ate healthy for more than 10 years. I also like my house clean. Household cleaners have chemicals has mortal adverse effects on the liver, and the liver of our mascot. After our liver filters out everything we collect and sucked. If you change your pet food and long for you and your love family / four legs also, need to do to stay healthy then you cleaning see every day. His Aresol fresh boxes, carpet, to name a few dishes pets.and, I've read the hymen as a composite of the liver in most of these animals breathe about yourself and your. You help them better and guarantee their safety to get rid of this garbage, and disinfectant and safe non-toxic cleaners to buy and get rid of the bleach. Save the life of your pet and your liver. The dog is in the next place, that criminals up to 10 times more breathable than we. Know that you a little dip of most of the big brand detergent dishwasher intake to destroy the throat or kill your pet or child! We need more food stock for our animals we make ToX children's villages for our good state of health and safety. March 25/07-my husband and I took our Cocker Spaniel at the age of 7 clinical Emgergency as soon as she had in the night vomiting animals water was before high Volumns bad, drink, breathe and bloody Chair droplets of grace from our House. He refused to eat something in the morning, which is very unusual for a Cocker. She had Nutro natural choice Lite food eaten. A chest X-ray: full body not to divulge something abnormal, but blood tests showed that the liver also charts. After 5 days amoxicillin and metronidazole, homemade dog food has become normal, but a box. I'm not convinced the ' it was the food, my food, she moved. The veterinarian was Bill that $475,39 was a small price to pay for our beloved dog. But I think that the Canadian Government pet food avoid you should adjust settings, such as for example the events again. I am grateful for this site. Thank you very much. My Collie continues to improve. I know that it was food (Nutro lamb and rice), if n ' t found this site, I'm sure she would die. Thank you again. Call my veterinarian and let you know how much better, and you should understand the problems that occurred with I. Well, as I'm sure that the food was, I called my complaint. It was one of the most frustrating things I've never lived.I hope that each of you see the same Froom remove results from your diet. And lost my most sincere condolences to those animals. My lab was 1 year old, to examine two days ago for the same reasons I've read above. She was really on the walls lethargic, tail between his legs, turns his hiking. She was strong, gasping, moaning, on Tuesday evening and all night with my husband several times to urinate rhythm and let. He had difficulties, even to use the bathroom. His eyes were glassy. It was very unstable on his feet. His breath is what we fear. Veterinary surgeon asked the name of the foodstuff and advise the US Nutru natural balance lamb and rice dry, large breed feed. He advised that he could not be the problem, because it has not withdrawn. His diagnosis is that you have a infection of the urinary tract and upper respiratory tract. This dog is a dog and is usually active, but seems very ill, to be after two days of drugs. You drink lots of water and continue to urinate much. After reading the reviews on this site I'm going to my local PetSmart and change my two ' dogs food. In addition, I think that I could call my veterinarian rice gluten to the list for your diagnosis has added. Thank you for your stories. I have 4 dogs that are the natural choice of the big races with Glucosamine. In the last few months every one of them has vomiting and Diaherria alternately. The veterinarian said that they transferred by the flu. I don't know what is more likely. The vet is advisable diet small amounts several times a day, what, we did. You are very active and n ' 't seem to be satisfied with me. These companies, that could ruin this call and instead are our animals instead risk hiding? How can we get more information, until it is too late? You should file a complaint with the FDA. The FDA Web page at go to the section on removal of pet food on the site top right and link to the section of a complaint of the consumer in the right half of the Web page. You can find the State you live and communicate with the FDA for a complaint. The FDA is forced to take his information. It would be helpful if something happens. You should also communicate, I have 1 800 833-5330 and file a complaint with them. Good luck and I'm glad to know the blue is best. Julie. This is a link to the website of the FDA for imports as they ' rejected the view. Check only 1% to 2%. Imagine that manure-n ' TIS Iinspected. Much ends up in dog food. Our dog was dry for years fed Nutro natural choice Lite. After ill in March, vomiting, too much drinking water, blood in the stool, food refusal, we moved to maintenance of adult croquettes to develop. This holistic food recommended by our Barber, who is also a farmer. I joined a class action lawsuit, located in the dry foods-ready call. Here is the link an investigation on these foods, perhaps, if pet owners are more file it. I invite you to do so. Purina rain but I agree with Cathy Z Hollie, Dan, Camil, not on your. Not only the grain is a problem, but the preservatives and Chemikalien.Teresa Lee after a few messages. Recommends a visit to the bottom of your comment, it is very informative. This page lists all food animal pet recalls in the last few years, very interesting. When I, i.e. a black Labrador as Purina.Tengo classified. I used to have a problem with infections that wheat may be caused by fungi in the ears, wheat is usually guilty with a few other cereals almost pull.Yeast is a health problems smaller grains. Corn is very difficult for dogs to digest the stress causing your liver and kidney. Not to mention the other policies the food code, a dog or a cat are, high corn and some other Körner.Die most companies use corn without meat as their primary source of protein, because it so a high content of maize: (as Theresa said slick marketing we are deceived by these animals feed company.)Consider the good side. At least go dogs I have and to make it better. This gives time to investigate further.If you enable the dog food do so gradually. Good luck! I'm sorry for impar-chic - out here, but they have fed, my puppies, kittens, cats and dogs have natural choice & Max. It is the only food that my children very well, de except do. Science diet is vomiting and loose chairs. Purina ONE is one that I love.Kittens and puppies seem very well do. In any case, I wonder whether food, toxic are for the States for certain parts were the State of the country. I'm in Tennessee. I have a huge network of friends animal rescue, which of course was that I want to hear stories here. I have at all. I argued all my children through food remember each person b and c showed no signs of a skin disease. I can help with the miracle when it contaminated this range, which was a brand of some parts of the country and not in others. ? I'm only Sandro, read about what a user is that I don't have and I or a member of the network of my friends save every accident. Here any ideas? We have 2 of pin old min. 6 MB and 5 years Chihuahua 2 at the age of 8 years old and 9 years old, that we used to feed our dogs, nutrition science, but ear was good. If we change on Oatml, and I girl NAT option. We bought a bag of LG before Easter day. our sick puppy a few days later. I think nothing of dog food. She took the veterinarian gave her fluid under the skin. Feeding to keep hydrated and nourished injection for 3 days. We thought it was going to die. Finally my life has once again scrambled eggs was eaten. special diet for a few days. We were relieved that would make! Then again, I gave it. He was ill the same day Vomting, Diahrea, rarely in the back that you would be in the bed and the gas could listen in her belly and I was Eructo it day and night. I thought that someone was poisoning my dog over the fence. My dogs studies were not. Thought that maybe a dog flu? I didn't know it. So this morning in search of what could be a problem with my dogs and found this. I feel like and idiot not to think that at the beginning. My poor children. The food takes this morning and they have recommended the solid gold Hinds n flockin. It is a global brand and have no recall. Who has a - sit or introduce their dogs.? Only fed and we ate so far just wait and see, I guess. Stephanie, good luck with the fullness of life!  You know, that also intent on the advice of Carolyn and success.  And that's exactly what I felt: exhausted after reading and trying to do the best for my dogs.  To Sherry, you are very beautiful!  It makes himself right at home feel. When I compared prices, they were adequate, and I felt that there is a slight decision. (Auto-ship delivery to your home? what could be better?) Yes, looking forward to this product and I hope that their dogs like it (and why wouldn't it?)  And I'm saying if you have any questions about food or nutrition, to the vet (Dr. Bicks), one of the live chat may be involved in or listen to, is the cat or can on a treadmill, you hear at any time during the week.  It was good to know (I thought).Good luck and compare as we our Meister.Cindy. Corinth, received the same letter. Once he has refused my request, file a complaint with the BBB. They say that since the food is not mentioned, there is no problem with that. TORO! The problem with accession proceedings class, there is, is that most eat only tests reminded.Christy D-in terms of payment make people should be like us to dry a lawyer exposeent Alimentos-contact user and start as a class-action lawsuit, and that would be the courts for years. This is what you have. Less will affect this both financially and publicly more time between the actual poisoning and when something will be worked on them. Keep foods that you have given your dog. Sampson is bloodwork again with liver or kidney problems - now eat, tested for mold and fungi, as well as other toxins. If you can prove that they are eating, they sue out. Unfortunately, many of us have to try any food. In six weeks, 20 pounds seems excessive. If you have problems, make sure that you him on antibiotics and fluids to clean your kidneys to put. Can not say not the vet, she is not eating. You know your dog better than anyone else. Point in time travel, find a holistic veterinarian, home feeding. I say good luck - a prayer for Sampson and his family. Hello to all. Cathy, you're right: the second principle of the purine corn flour gluten and it wasn't enough, that third principle is the byproduct of poultry. If the food on each case to outside.I have the ingredients directly on the most high end food and am very tired of trying to figure out the what is the best.  Some taurine, others have not.  Some have a list of things like the first 5 or 6 decent yan, others are a meat and follow a handful of wheat or rice.  I read a lot of grain and preference, in one of the sites that exist just so that meat as the primary. chicken soup are listed. the soul is a bad thing is one thing that I've discovered? I understand that I had the manufacturer, diamond, something in the watch list, but not for this product in particular. (or I have not seen)  They seem to have decent ingredients (chicken, Turkey, before chicken as food 3 and no products chemicals although ugly, no taurine, both).  Someone had problems with this?  I thought one of the Merrick for products.  Someone may know a problem?  You are not on the list, or have been, maybe it is good?Thank you for your comment and your opinion (Celia, Cathy).  All the best ~ although this site is promoting a pet food. It will be sent that describe how pet food is produced. There is also a comparison side by side for different kinds of pet food. It was very informative to me. Once on the top-tier Web site click on and then lower the video. I find it very disturbing.In fact you can ' not stop crying, my heart is with those who have lost their beloved pets.I have 4 dogs, 5 is the oldest and the youngest is 2, files of the city in General older day were sometimes a stranger seems tired and don't you have what. All is to drink lots of water, always have. 2 of my dogs (the guys as I call them) have environmental allergies. I m ' for Canada and my vet told me that I remove the. I found some very good recipes and a vitamin premix revenue added, my only problem is that I can t seem to understand as ' I ' m to the power of the artisan food of the dog with wheat, corn and wheat. feeding a dog 3 cups per day, the 2 stepsisters 2 cups and my big dog eat 5 cups a day contains chemical I. does anyone have any suggestions?Please help, can t stop crying ' the thought of all those who have lost their pets, and shot every time, because I know I would view ' because my dogs. Go with the people, others stop fly upwards. In fact, there was a massive reminder of food continues every day to grow. Share your stories, informed, and one complaint. File anywhere and everywhere, you can imagine that. Telephone companies, file with the FDA, joining a class action lawsuit. There are enough pet owners in the United States and Canada, a difference do. Someone started a petition, which can be sent, has I have? I think that we all are mixed up in a disorderly. Unfortunately, I think I have the ability to develop any kind of Web page for a request. With the 4242 Shane? Joni I think you're that realistic. How much do you think that their products remind these companies listed? Will many animals were sick or even die before they thought through in public? And why are added new foods every two days. Because it takes time. This forum is to warn only other pet owners had problems with dry foods Nutro. I think this is very unfair, that you tell others to get a life in many situations, their pets are their lives. Show some compassion for others. Thank you, to analyze Russ FYI MidWest laboratory, Inc., a sample.For Lindsay. We don't whine and moan, because we're not like the Dogfood.Wir outraged that a company, we are confident, that we take care of our dog very has contaminated their food and had not on dry honesty or foods processed or are taken off the market for their products. (I MAX) have helped us feed our dog a poison that has our very sick animal, costs much time and money into emotional chaos and finally, in some cases, our beloved animals are killed. ALL CHANGE FOOD. We have informed the possibility for food before our pets have fallen ill or died. What is with this country and that would have caused so much suffering in search of money, our pets? Veterinary Association should adopt a more active attitude. Veterinarians are the only people to benefit from contaminated animal food in this disaster. Help to stop him? What are you doing to stand up for us? I did not do anything. The withdrawal added to the list today, April 17, 2007 feed business operators. Menu foods income fund. I'm still in shock, that turns on, but we have not heard of course at the end either. I'm sorry for those who loved to lose employees. My heart is broken for all of us. If you think that this contact with foods, the company and the FDA. An investigation is running with the two available. You need to listen to and document its history. The squeaky wheel is oiled. Does anyone have the sick or dying animals in January before the callback. My 13-year-old female Pom blue died Feb. You ate only dry Nutro natural choice large breed senior (senior large breed, Yes, and Yes, I know that it was a small dog, which fed the same meal all my 3 dogs 2 and a golden opportunity.) I've heard that the size of the bite better, clean teeth). She was perfectly healthy and soon began to lose weight. She then was not urinated in the House 3 times, it was very strange, I never would have had the accident. She broke on the floor one day and acted as if I could not ' t., she started, after a few minutes on foot, but that happened later with similar results. Then, he stopped eating and vomited several times. Three times, they took her to the vet and I had x-rays and blood tests and told me I could make it away to a specialist, but considering his age went out that it was in his time. Vet put him on antibiotics, but lived only a fortnight since me di account, which was ill until his death. It is the rapid decline. She was very lethargic and do ' eat and not ' wanted to not even get up and move. It was very sad, he began breathing heavily the past two days and died on the couch. It was very difficult for me, because I sat on the couch for days it seems you will not to do something? I felt so bad that I could not avoid, t. ' is now also my sugar glider, strange died in the days of his death it was very old, but it has also the same meal as a gift for dry dog or a complement to his real plan (note on the page of the person not feed only needs to a dog only sugar glider food was part of a balanced diet) (long)). It seems strange that they die at the same time and the same things food. My other dogs to look good, but I think that after reading this, that I checked in. Got a report of the FDA and wait to hear it mentioned also the dry food still. I am totally disgusted, surprised and scared for all of us. My Sharpei of four years chemical formula I've eaten lamb & rice. I had gastro-intestinal problems always attributed, everything except your food. I, like everyone, a careful animal owners and want to constantly check on food recalls. Since February me di account, which struggled to grow. Keep given the new drug,. After three weeks, I stopped my medication and took away some time. Of course his bowel problems exist. It decided to spend, an ecological alternative to seek food and all, that also increases the consumption of Wasser.Ich, I stumbled across this page. I thought that I was poisoning my beloved dog sick! As these hungry company profits Costanzo fool we think about us and our pets to take care of that. This joke is approved by the FDA.Can it protect us much less our pets! The food industry needs a good, it launches a $% at national level and they let know! I will not be refunded. I want that all managers have to eat rotten food.Sorry for all the owners who lost their pets due to negligence, greed and irresponsible arrogance of pet food! I have the previous posts and more familiar. My 7 year old lab senior NutroMax (sec) nurtured and became ill.He began vomiting and nothing inside, couldn't stop including water. It was so bad that I have to buy shop to clean vacuum wet to vomiting and carpets professionally cleaned.I took his cell phone number Cole in my vet's Office on Thursday and deeds of blood tests, which was wrong and his liver enzymes were a disaster. My vet, I have every confidence, knew what happened because NutroMax was not in the list of withdrawal or there was Ingrediants foods that was posted as dangerous. My first concern was in his gut (s) or the poisoning of a sort of blockade, but that was ruled out.Cole stayed with my veterans for 5 days while she monitored. Cole received rays X, serums, antibiotics and steroids and 20-04:24 hours. Fortunately, it has started to improve and was able, take it home. Like the majority of the published comments, Leo, even thousands of dollars for their treatment are issued. What else ' s dog suffer from lethargy and loss of appetite, vomiting and diarrhea.? We have a mix of Labrador dog old german/German shepherd/Rottweiler 3 years, who has just eaten, I was Nutro puppy and adult dog food dry now. We never had a problem until recently. But recently noticeably lethargic and his appetite decreased at all. There will be food, but rather very dismisses all dog food. We tend to stir the food with their dry food table. Without a doubt is ' been spoiled with this mixture. Without however now not ' eat homogeneous mixture. We have cookies dogs feed and start Intreceptor with their cameras ADVANTIX and Glyco-Flex II. Taking into account their behavior, question me, about all products, that is to say I. Two weeks ago, I went to PETCO to feed my Maltese. I buy a someone with a good meal, so I bought I have chicken and rolled oats (delicate stomach), has not noticed something strange, but only for a week, that was him this food and feeds only on a handful of bits feeding. I don't want to, this food too, but now I don't know what my baby food because the wet food is removed. The lovers of the dod shops don't help ' help at all. WINDYR1 - what you want to give your dog, ultra Max or natural selection, e + taste? Have you got? If I have heard u Davis ca dead animal food, call + make you eat to test. Our beloved family dog was laid yesterday, as soon as it has been diagnosed with renal and hepatic insufficiency. Suddenly he started vomiting not abundant, there's no blood, on Monday and Thursday, after a blood test, our vet has determined that he was dying. I have never enough ' wet or canned pet food, only commercial lamb and rice natural Max. Thought veterinary safe.our was called ' Tresor only feed our pets, chicken, rice and vegetables, us.Don ' t let, pass your pet! I agree w/Shane is something with the croquettes, I swore my food, but this summer ' view notice the food, it had it dried food a bad smell, as well as continue my 4 dogs, sleep, drink plenty of water and eating always on top-pull and bile. After the call to the food that was angry, that I eat have used menu wet food for them, if I this page love and read, that all these people so that the heart of their animals die broke and be so sick I am. After reading this blog, I have taken me dry my pets. within a week, they stop, stop vomiting, lots of water drink. You sleep all day. Thank you Shane u saved my dogs and many other animals. If you have a pet as a canceled croquettes. Read these stories make u go crazy auction. My point about allergies, which fn have them. 98.9% of yeast infection. People, to lead to the doctor for acid reflux have the same problem. All processed foods are pretty bad in the stomach. And while I'm here, stay away from high fructose corn syrup. Your dog needs.After the herd to stop you and your own research. I'm the only one here, which takes care of you, at this time. Diane, I hope that your jumper to close right after your call. It scares me to have products on the shelves. More frightening, it is ' for me if I s (if large) testing of melamine, and believe that the product is still safe, more like / could contaminate? I read something about the cyanuric acid. not so bad? Does anyone have more info on this? Cindy and Stephanie, my dog died in April. Like you I've researched, more than I want to admit. Most of what I found on the commercial food is disgusting. I understand your idea on what must be specified. Many people have asked, and I feel not comfortable step advise me something commercial. So, I suggest to consult a holistic veterinarian. A good holistic veterinarian know what commercial feed for their animals is healthy.Make sure the sign that it may be good advice, but at regular intervals, that the company is not sold. This is what happened to have. Exhausted, several times, and each time the new nutritional owner foul to save money.It is not too late to know that its stocks and bonds prices are more important than the life of your pet. I have a Goldendoodle 7 months old (a mix between a poodle and a golden retriever). He stopped eating two weeks ago and began to drink water like there's no tomorrow. He ate chicken cooked in the oven, so that you the night and mixed with food, but stopped to eat, that also.I was scared and took him to the vet, 4 days ago. Tests and his WBC, calcium, creatinine were rich and 1.030-1, ran in the US its density of urine 1.007 050. He was admitted to the Hospital (and is always still there where the speech) receive various serums and antibiotics. Dr. said it was probably a bowel infection Uriniary, which is installed in the kidneys. We were very happy to catch this early, or we would have lost our baby.I fed only a choice lamb and rice. Breeder Oakley talk about their experiences with the food I have 3 puppies and is one year, all had the same problem of Oakley. All were taken to the hospital and the change of food, said. Dogs are fine now and other urinary tract infections reports evil or kidney failure since. Please stop you feeding Nutro food for dogs. We almost our dog many lives have been lost and the hair from a member of the family. Nutro Max adult dog croquettes bought 20.12.07. My Yorkie was urinating blood veterinary emergency 23.12.07. My American Eskimo was placed in veterinary medicine on the 31.12.07 by vomiting & Diarrehea. By 05.02.08 are still suffering & diagnosed. I'm a dog in the lab of tomorrow. She spent more than $5000 and it is increasing.My heart said that it the dog food. They were two beautiful dogs in good health. Nick, please read the previous comments. SI debe be affected. With my dog not ' ill all of a sudden, like the others. Looking back, he heard slow food on the plate to finish. . and he started morning sleep. and it is not at the door, when my husband came home. The ' died today s make sure that I don't care. ' I have the pedigree of my Chihuahuas-9 (March) was passed, because they were crisp ready to eat. I've reduced fat formula. They grow, although all pets experts of other food like Innova slide. Not bad, or, God forbid, die from contaminated China wheat gluten. While veterinary professionals and pet me pass I want to m ' Innova, frankly frightening. Is Innova safe? Why change? Should I take a chance, knowing that the March not melamine contaminated products used? Some people call McDonald's ' pedigree pet food. Children are 5, 3 and 2. bright eyes no digestion problems high energy, shiny coats. Confused. The ' s good recap: so far I n t ' believe that I never said my dog was poisoned by their food. I always still say what brand of food on how much he ate before you got sick. Digital Voltmeter can ' say was his most likely food poisoning. My dog has no way of inserting something toxic had for him. I live in an apt was walk on the leash, there is nothing in the House, which never would have let him, out of sight and everywhere was with me because I am disabled and was my friend. I'm trying the food, which allows a lawsuit filed. In this company, it was polite, friendly and helpful. Already informed my dogs passed they called me two days in a row to see how I am and whether this test package, which sent it to me is come, to send back 4 cups food. This is because the company decided in my case handle dogs. File a complaint with the FDA. The operator can say t ' is the cause that would get his face back to the Tribunal be glued if that give fast attention. It has been tested to the food, that is doing.rub, the company that all the cells in the brain all at the same time, before you, want to say satisfaction satisfaction bla bla bla. I repeat my love, I hope it is not the food. It was just their time and as such could swallow it past on the lump in my throat again. My Boxer 15 week was sick. We feed the puppies-Max has large beef dog. After cleaning the sound of vomit, I tried to find out what was in it, and I found a lot of small black hair. After seeing the bag of food found all this in croquettes. Is that truth? Did anyone notice?You can't risk however and passed the rice cooked with chicken.I sent that I have and it no answer yet. There is again a tie. Do your research and the ingredients in I to read. Yes agree I am, that is a lot of terrible food, which could never feed my animals. I am not one of these foods. Delete all what you want, if someone has my point of view as offensive, which have more problems. You need to know only the facts before Fingures show. If the cards as such would not be, I would think also that the food was. Read the charges and decide also want. If you or do not believe. News on I: Mars, incorporated announced today that it signed a definitive agreement to acquire of the global activities of Nutro pet food products Inc., a leading manufacturer of high nutritional value, high performance dogs and cats in culinary delicacies for pets and farm and food stores sold. Close partners LLC of acquiring the funds advised by Bain Capital, a global private investment firm subject to normal regulatory approvals, which must be completed in the coming months. Were not disclosed the agreement.Two of the best-known names in the field of animal care are the transaction. It is run as an autonomous within the family of the corporate organization and will maintain their commitment with the specialty pet. My dog ate the dog food Nutro natural choice of high energy and I food for dogs rice natural choice lamb & for five years. It is always well trained and never dirt inside of the Hauses.Jetzt he is sick. Cries constantly, often go to ' from urinating in the House. Respondents, is uncomfortable. Shes drinking tons of water. He asks grass eating can be. She then vomits the grass. I called the company, the Nutro natural choice, as soon as they were issued the recall of wet food. I've assured that dry food for food is safe. I continued this week I Nutro April 18 as natural selection and told me that they are eating dog food also continue to dry. Once again I was told that it was safe. They also said that their biscuits for dogs in security were. It fed my dog-biscuits for dogs. Today April 20 called natural choice, Nutro and spoke with Connie. Dry dog food could not remember, she said. I don't know what you think. IN the so worried. My instinct tells me that something wrong but the company claims with the dry food, that is in the food. Well, I kept my Greyhound for all feed products have natural choice. April 23, 2007 I bought my natural lamb and rice dry mash for about 7 years. Always try and I started the bag with 10% more free. The last time I went to regular bites look had snacks with 10% free good about 2 days after my Miss dog feed dog Samoyed/CHOW mix, started to throw around their legs, was upside down and drank water like crazy. I called Nutro and they said that none of their dry food were beaten, I came to this site and read comments # 5 and since it directly in my face was.I switched the same symptoms to Nutro in 1999, as one of my other dogs (dead showed) as Missy, I read about food for dogs with sick animals, etc. in their food. But now the case to expensive dog food. N ' I feed my dogs already knew it. Kelly, there I'm very sorry for your loss. Everything is shit. The show takes place. No one thought that we seriously not to buy food. They will do nothing if we get no exposure to some of the tracks. We meet in groups and form a Picchettaggio of kind of or boycotts before unsuspecting buyers, potential hazards and the changes, which must obviously point some business in all States and others for sale. Then you want to do carefully, newspapers and newscasts. Maybe wake up these monster companies. Of course, that must be it non-threatening and legal and everything. PETA is always good for this sort of thing. Any ideas? Does anyone know how one of PETA's attention? It's crazy! I'm losing my Rhodesian Ridgeback just yr old 5 1/2 weeks and a half back. He had a severe anaphylactic allergic reaction, which seemed to be a poisoning according to veterinarians. It was about 5! They held it for four days and then we had him on issues. It had become glass and cones in your urine and his kidneys, but it was the worst damage in the liver. Finally, it had significant internal bleeding. We spent a few nights at home away and I bought I have Max Lamb, usually not ' food. When we arrived home, I mixed that with his usual dry food. I'm starting to believe that it was the cause of death of my princesses! Is this the family episode for everyone? I'm desperate for answers and I'm worried about a different dog. I have feed my dog 3 three months ago, I realized that thay are all and eat you grass occasionally vomiting, but Logan has vomited twice with the task of blood and a lot of clear liquid. They took him to the vet and he gave him an antibiotic said that it was a coincidence of the intestine. as far as they know it. She asked my food as all of them were vomiting but only Abdulaziz had blood on it. The vet said that he questioned the technician said that it was good food and the only food, the animal always felt uncomfortable in the food and then a link is found by the symptom research, gave my company and pets came! Are all never all courses found anywhere out there? I thought, let's do it, let's go again!. We fed our ' 11 months old puppy Alano di natural choice lamb and my forum CNIE during ' I have and never had any problems until the last 3 days. I had never taken place uncontrollable diarrhea, which, even as a new puppy. Our vet recommended that we pull out, I will do to what we see today. I advise you to do the same. Do ' t want more animals die because of the slow process is required to obtain this food on the withdrawal list officially! Joni # 55 - 56This is a tragedy that happens everywhere in our country. There are no articles or Bachelor's degree. This dry food recalls, is a mystery, stories of this dry food do pets is increasing every day, in the news stories are added to the network quickly, veterinary offices are always young dogs in good health with unexpectedly the kidneys that is FDA overwhelmed by calls and company to. Finally he did not speak with the FDA yesterday what could be ' t come and say leave very well with the concept of dog food something bad has me me, and has top the reasons why finding them work. It would be so easy that I have strange cases of animals die Kindey errors anywhere in our country think you should maybe a job for the FDA. Or spent the last 9 days with me, because it was clear that the only thing that my dog be eating and then so sick that his blood work is spent five days in veterinarians, the IV always equal to liquids that are up to 12 hours after the start, seemed better, apart from regulations. Vet said: I've never seen ' this high number. my file was a complaint to the FDA, I drown, to tell my story, the condemnation of the poison is incredible. The woman said that ' is not his fault, but not s ' t was not known. ' ' Right? I asked him. Our vocation work was given the reply.And he had a life, a love, sweet, loyal, loving, charming, friendly, playful, Lovinng, Bel dog, a hero in my life was healthy and funny that I broke at the age of 6, had existed for many years.What ' this contact with the FDA and the Unternehmen.Joni is that their dogs are still alive, I thank you clearly not of the same batch number on the bag of dog food as all these dogs that die. If you believe that you have won the lottery. I ' that is with you every day of the week, get in this example Maudigan go next to me. Clearly, that does not ' t get online and screaming all pet owners mourning and waiting for answers that take a long time. To take a life, should go to your dog to kiss, play with them. Make sure that the next bag dog food that we did get the same bar code and the best data like actions now to pay 100%. Because the not ' t scoured away the package from you. Go to the run of play, to the Sun, scratching in all their favorite places to throw a ball, take them for walks, guard. Take your offensive attitude towards us, mourning, will try to answer, stories with other parts and trying to recover, that are not here, our dogs with us in other places the fact. I am disgusted by his position as I need to get something else in my life, which started at Galle in the neck as he. Cruel. cruel. I hope that I have read this site before I mean natural Nutra dog food choice Adult Lamb Rice changed &. I changed, because we showed for our Weimaraner, a dog trainer, a few months ago, which had us, that we not our dog give all food must be that animal by-products (Aß Eukanuba large breed). We started with Eukanuba-Nutro mix, Friday afternoon and Sunday evening drink vomiting and plenty of water. We have the vet and they told us, that immediately bring him back. After a series of tests (blood) and x-ray, such as liquid as a replacement for dehydration, he is good and looks better. THE automatically Istan, but hope that these foods makes them evil permanently. You can submit a complaint with I, PetSmart and Whover, but you can in the hope that this does not happen on other pets! Thanks to all for the useful information. I so Certinly will spread the word! Lori, my dog is just like yours, removed it and put it in California natural pet, natural ears are more red. how lucky food. If you quickly change a dogs food, usually not you tolerate problems. At this point, I know not what commercial pet food are safe. Porridge of rice and chicken is that a veterinarian for stomach could recommend issues. Maybe should try just for a few days until your stomach feel and to investigate the time, what is safe. Another thing that can help is the elm. You can get it at a health food store. It has ' a powder used mean ' dog food when I had an upset stomach. He has really helped me. I have led before 2 years Oxer, rice (green bag) and the great Breedlam, which I have since he was a puppy. He began to urinate in the House a couple of weeks. These days, he began vomiting and drinking lots of water. Yesterday she was peeing like Ashe in the living room came! Today, brought to our veterinarian and tested the Uruine. Extremely abnormal levels of the protein and white blood cells, he said. I ran a series of blood tests and the results back tomorrow morning. He says it looks good and believes that their kidneys are damaged. Tonight she vomited bright yellow bile. It is never outside off leash and I have to put the food in question at this point. Apparently there are many people experience the same problems with dry food, how long it will take. My vet Bill was more than $300, and who knows how much processing will be! I give my dogs Max natural dry food and my dogs were vomiting yellow bile, I've not seen any signs of lethargy or blood in your stool, but the fact that many people problems that actually reached see that bothers me. If some of this to make any sense, I had to delete some messages from people angry, ugly. To read between the lines. Just an FYI: an owner of a dog that comes close, or have lost a loved one even removing all of Hurtfull. This is not a problem if fault than it is. This is a warning, and no, that's not right by Nutro. The food is terrible in addition outside. The research to do. Appeared at the end of the previous article a room there is the link, to declare his illness food personally in connection. and ask that the fluid will be the dog. My friend n ' t in blood tests show kidney failure for months. Be sure to make an analysis of the urine with the above information. Good luck!. Remember our pets I you insure. He was found to have disappointed a product that someone had been successful, given the fact that we are all happy.  It is not necessary, don't worry - we think of our beloved pets.  Nothing is us a pass.  No, I'm sorry, if it appears elsewhere, but away from this kind of stuff.I read recently about day and night and is disappointed that hit dead ends.  For me it was a relief for a product that someone loved and had success, but also go there and see for myself, what there was in it.  Perhaps Carolyn came to me, at the end, but only contributed, and perhaps saved more money in other foods of lower quality to lose me.  Wanted to hear (I mean that kindly), further research, thought he was looking for at this time. I was looking for an answer in the form of food are good. Dear Cathy, you your dog?  If my dog doesn't like it, may your suggestion for dogs also benefit? (I no longer to see if it has already said, I'll do it now, but if you want to sign.?) She told me that Purina was not better than the other-are more now after reading voice. and signals in friendship - I liked (not something to sale) think that our Haustiere.Cindy. A: stop says and believes that probably too many dogs need you don't if you don't believe that food causes ear infections. Ear infections come from yeast, fungi, chemical products, is found in many foods for dogs. If an animal is poisoned, it occurs in various forms. Unfortunately, this dog was so young that it start not enough strong immune system fight against poisons and this is likely why it happened so quickly.The FDA has not mentioned that the food does not mean that it is safe. The research to do. You will notice that the FDA can recommend no power problem only exams, that the company has called back while viewing the information. What made people here is your experience I do not slander.? It is in this blog, that I defend that? Simply because they better have nothing now to do? If I eat, does give me sorry for your dog. If you are working, the money is not won today.Kelly, I feel for your puppy. Do not dispose of the food. If you can afford to have them tested independently, please do so. It was 'Sex' for me also on the phone, but I put in a letter and said I'm sorry, it's not our fault. Unfortunately, I didn't have any food. Several people have sent samples and get no satisfaction. Those who probably have signed, that not the problem to discuss. Is there a site with good information. There are many criminals not covered were, but only li makes it no less a crime. Unfortunately, I have no food to test for me will be sent. Gave him the bag 1/2 remaining my veterinarian. It pulled after your dog is ill. Just the thing you want to try for more labs. Melamine was never the problem. The FDA has never given a full review. Not reveal these companies (Inclulded), who has made extensive testing of its conclusions. Although there was no pollution, fighting, to publish their results. Now it reports, paracetamol, among other things, are you can find it. Please note that the date of the entry which appears in 2006 is and acetaminophen (paracetamol) is cited in the article. Then, it was known that this would happen. But of course, the reputation of the company. I just never took it. It makes them less guilty than the companies that have been recorded. The proof are sick and dead animals. The proof is in the comments here and on other sites. All these animals ill after eating the new bags from you at the disposal. Pets food away, for several days has improved, if new food given fell ill again - if the other device or home-improved housewife. Fortunately when people find this site, read the beginning and form your own opinion. It was audience yesterday at the 12, 2007Senate Durbin takes a good fight with many others for this Standreds of the return of the call and the industry in the future. These sounds are very clear in the law the FDA avilable for them, for those of you is wondering why the FDA not the audience remembering is. Talk about confusing! I'm surprised all questions are, why there are not all that release no further delays, and knowledge makes is.Senator is Durbin Web: http// of you who incredulously, what happened, I'm those there with you. I'd like to think that my ' s dog pass (a) of the causes of nature. The guilt I feel is amazing, yours could be food. ', K/d is k/d food vomiting, feeling, GTG. Eukaneuba, the hills are in his corn meal gluten. ' t probably was not tested here.I continue to deny that there nothing wrong with their food. Please call 1-800-833-5330 or e-mail. Pat, your dog wants to tell you something. Please listen and listen up, it stirs up. Even then not very ' would be tested lately by a veterinarian for signs of stress as possible. I am one of the lucky ones, I ate just a little snack Nutro lamb & rice to my band 4. The day, which was ready to open a new bag of Nutro, thinking that it was safe, I came across this blog somehow by chance looking for something. Shocked me, what I've read. Luckily, my band had no disease at all in bag # 40 had just their food. Open bags of 2-40 # I'm not, I bought and I go back to the store for a refund. Now am I at home eating all foods (chicken, rice, peas & carrots or green beans soup frozen), I see a difference in your energy level and just this Friday night. Since they already essentially give milk for human consumption, he would consider it now complete and eliminate in the course I have all together. I won't list today, but tomorrow or next week or next month? In my opinion this retreat has only touched the surface is contaminated. It is not known with certainty, what is safe and what is not '. It is a pity the ' our precious FurBabies must die, until these companies food contamination away and with the exception of liability for your product. My heart by Breeze for those who have lost, or FurBabies are sick. It would be rather meals feed it yourself to do take rather than the opportunity I or any other brand is also involved. ~ V ~. I say something else?  If (Lacey, Cathy with a small c) in contradiction of what is being said, what are you doing here?  If we bother, because you back?  Most people on this list tries to tell the people what had happened to them and not taken on a company.  Some could, because they were unhappy, everything of course of what had happened to you and they should evacuate. This is normal.  It is good to do.  Let us please.  On the other hand talks about our experience without criticism.  The chaos is disturbing, that enough for pet food.  Please, go.  Please leave? I've had a recent experience, and I hope that I can can contribute to reaffirming what everyone should have. With regard to the content of my dog is a mixture of Chihuahua/min spindle 3 years, with a stomach of steel. Es_decir, this dog has accidentally put it in the trash, dirt, all types of food for people, pizzas, burritos broken and while he was away at work, were able to package all sealed environmentalists and had sunk 9 Greenies in one sitting I took (shit was green for 2 Jourset of greenish Ive the energy due to the risk of indigestion, which I'm sure stopped that you all are) know). Eating ' all these things before, no diarrhea, vomiting, or symptoms of malattia.che has resulted in that changes in the food brand was always easy for us. I have also recently HES been noted with much bloodshed. I can assign more only about climate change. I did some research and realized that his regime was an important contribution to the health of the skin and fur and eating their animals to large local chain and I picked up a small bag Nutro natural choice small bites lamb and rice on the assumption that they were the best food in the activity of the market for the same Motiviperche all their pets Nutro sets. What your stomach of steel, the right thing done and began with a mixture of a small percentage of the I and the majority of their food (IAMs). Up to 2 days before the start of bile vomiting and Shivering in the morning lined (the only time the as trembled, that previously he had required a stomach infection, antibiotics). I knew that this not just the problems of the transition from food and searched until I found out that this site online. I've made a change everything they have and you, to the welfare of the food. Almost so in just 3 days, very soon, I know a lot before him, but I was curious, him or a food with a corn plaster rice or wheat to get) is right, without side effects. In fact, it is more normal I've seen in a couple of weeks with the desire to eat, who had disappeared in the last two weeks even before the food changes. I have enough for 2 days, but I realized some things. First of all, it was as if my dog on crack. I have announced that their dogs are eating more energy.but is simply absurd. Awake-06, play, toys in the mouth. Usually wake up you must not urinate until 830 and this justification. Their thirst seems to be increasing, although you the effect of ' Crack' can write to. The stage of the disease, which I already mentioned followed this step. But the part that really was my roommate convinced that I experimented. You have a dog from day 1 and your dog was always incredibly hyper, value of the Lakes for drinking water and often vomiting. All the time I thought it was the character of dogs. IN the convinced what's wrong with the food, and I hope to hear, if it has not done. Thanks to all, who pays, has until now. ' has bloodshed light on a gray area and have helped many people, including even my dog and I thank you. I am new to this Web site. I was cooking rice and chicken for my dog for 2 weeks. I have dry or canned had his vomiting, bleeding, diarrhea and urinating frequently enjoy, as well as the lower cover. Something is wrong, I care not, who sells the best or I don't want to know the truth,. I and others should leave their money train and understand. Tell us the truth, how they my veterinarian said that not only ' t know your own food for a while. I would like to raise three children, can not ' t that recognizes that a large company in the pasture for the animals can continue, and you know that you don't not me! I want only the truth too much money in the thought of punishment, my dog is small and I'm worried. My cats are bred two cats Purina dry kitten CHOW. So far all good on this front. We hope to also continue. I posted a comment in the spring my Springer Spaniel, Libby, was very ill, after he in the natural choice my senior croquettes. Send me a sample and I received a reply evidence linking mine to have found sick dog. As a result of this experience and a few weeks eating House (health care), even made the best dog food, find, that you could buy for my dog. Attempts to develop before, that was fine, but my dog experience many allergies and then went for the well-being of the white fish and sweet potato, my dog didn't like it and had much intestinal discomfort gas and now I use sec Aras Innova senior, who seems so far to be the best. Agreement is not easy, without gas or vomiting (had that often as I) and even sink your allergies (chewing feet, etc). Innova had good reviews and I think it's a safe food for my dog. My husband worked for Purina. This is no company, that you not, that our dog would feed products. Apparently, everything happens in the a person consumes ever. We were 25 feeding our dog Nutro natural choice Lite until March and met with the same problems as most of you. Lethargic drop stool, vomiting, blood was, and not want to eat. Animal emergency made in the clinic, the him X-ray the complete works of body and blood. Nothing in X-rays, everything about the liver from lists. Antibiotics and a diet of contaminated home-cooked food. However, I felt that he can't risk this happening and want to cook. Rice, cooked liver, chicken or lean meat, frozen and a little cheese adds cooked carrots, peas hut or hard-boiled eggs, which brought in return. In three weeks, won more than 1 kg would be about 2.25 kilos and is now holistic dog food for a treatment in a carrot. Be careful with the food for dogs at home! Also talk to your vet for vitamin and mineral nutrient preparations. Balance is important, could in the long term much more harm than good. As regards vitamins of flintstones, n ' t know what you think. Please talk to your veterinarian. My wonderful friend of the family pet, a golden retriever and a half a year, he started eating grass and pull it upwards again for a week well. I've eaten porridge dry rice and meat. Fortunately they have been without food and now looks very good companion. I noticed trying to animate his eyes and fall seems happy and cheerful. I bought a new bag of food, lamb, and time, and a lamb and rice treats dog that everybody says he has ' is not true. Thank you for this site not on television and did not know that it was so bad. We will refund the Tomarrow for food, I am appalled, sales and our risks of members of the family would continue. My problem is that my dog is very sensitive, it tried everything and he is allergic to wheat. It seemed the only food that could eat. Now, what I should feed him. Raw meat? HELPP! Jen. It is also my fear, it is only a matter of time. My 4 years gold was fit as a fiddle and recently by panic and stimulation to urinate blood seized. He said to say, Dr. a urinary tract infection is likely, and who does not believe that it has to do with food, but not ' t know that it's true maybe not, but there are too many coincidences. I have been a comment about this site in the sea and since then much more brand retired, wet and dry. And it is not yet completed. I got my California natural dog, but be careful to use no plant food menu cannery, although in SD, not the factory, pulled the suspect into account food has been contaminated. The dog food, is in my opinion the safest or an item of food contains no wheat, Corn gluten meal gluten or rice protein and the California natural is a food that does not. Good luck!!Margo and ' comment, it's not just that, we know that this page has the title memory of croquettes of NUTRO pet food. We want our worries and problems which have had our pet food. We are here not to do, but the only thing together, we save our sick animals, is that all feed i. try to save some lives. I have a heart! Corinth and Sherry, the process was only the wet food in memory. I don't think that any lawyer would take a class action lawsuit meal on the screen. It is very risky. Corinth, have independently tested your own food? I hope amber, you're lucky that your dog does not receive, bags make a meal that I have sick or dead. If you do, I hope that you will pass it quickly.In the meantime, tell your Empleador-I or March - many people who know what is causing your pet there illness and death, but never use their products again. Furthermore, I don't think that all readers of this blog is dumb fuck more food for dogs. This is a link to a law that launches a lawsuit against menu foods of Canada. If you join this collective action, or want more information want to, there is no financial obligation. At least their cases are documented. Restoring natural balance - I spent much time selecting this dog for my 4 lb Chihuahua, incredibly annoying eat the fact that natural balance now fear the store connected has — they might be better off ' ri while! N ' t have deer, the characters were, remembered it, but that's how it for other foods the involved some started, lines were traction and therefore mass. does anyone know what happened to the natural balance? Is this only a public notice? I was fed my dog Nutro natural choice for life dry food. A week ago I noticed that I had a loss of appetite. Keep an eye on it, and yesterday was seriously ill. Thirst excessive Orange diarrhea, vomiting and lethargy. I am convinced that the dog food is directly related to his illness. It is the veterinarian iv and meds. Send to an independent lab to test the food. Her blood work comes back tonight. Run voice and up to what they showed, which do not feed your pets food produced abroad in there.! . I talked to the fda in Denver. I spoke with Mr was very useful. He should forget that she had taken their dogs for food only. T let you can take it to us '. I must answer the problems that the lamb and rice are designed for pet owners. their inaction is completely irresponsible. I've sent food to test, but I have my doubts that any truthful information in turn back. How to find an independent laboratory test? I just got an email, as I tell whats your dry food safe. Don't think '. Once you have completed the sale to Mars, be exempted from liability. If you doubt, you know for food, try to dodge the bullet. I hope the money that look in the mirror you are calling every Morgen.Halten and letters I send. File a complaint with the FDA and the March. Thank you, that you Sherry!Welcome to the SharpeiMom Club. I'm sorry, I know that you are a member of us.I never all Nutro and Eukanuba back and never on the callback list for dry croquettes will feed my dog. I'm now an Orijens diet. My dog is almost dead and jump again now is mobile, fixed chairs and takes walks. some dogs can eat cans and not ill, but dogs can eat?You think how it would lead to the dog and how long you will live, if she ate healthy all the time instead of grains, Office, plastic and poison. My Springer Spaniel is my lamb and rice for several years. The bed wet was lethargic state and it has stopped eating in early December. He spent the last four months to do ultrasound and blood tests, where a ton of medicine. I spent the last 4 months, feeding food eating hand k/d-Apagado - not everything within - I think that smell does me too much to heart hurt. December and January were very hard, but it has improved and we began to walk miles per day back 4-7. On the Thursday before Easter she stopped eating and refused, medicine. We had to ask last Wednesday. My heart does wrong. I don't think it was ' or eat. Given the rest of the bag to my vet for their dogs. Some of my mixed with his dog has ' and he only (thank goodness) your dog. He told me that he had a violent, uncontrollable diarrhea for 3 days. Gave me the PCG label and was instructed to contact the company. My mail person comes to me to say that your dog is sick and do not touch the food - in was my ' all my life. Between my experience and what I've ' read here and on other sites is ' a problem with the food dries well. I called the company and me with an answering - deadlock machine visit. FDA still not ' t call returned. Good luck to those of you with sick animals. For those of you with healthy animals, say a prayer, which won ' have to suffer your pet, as he. Try Steve Hello to find the wellness brand dog foods. His biography and has questionable ingredients. My dog had a 1 1/2 months, no longer shed your best and appetite. Its slightly more expensive, but without a doubt its long-term value. Yellow Dog bile 2010 read this, feed our SharPei has lamb and rice for years without any problems. Brandi was no problem. Our puppies SharPei Bosley has the appetizers, I had the lamb and rice. Two years later, it started with diarrhea and vomiting a yellow liquid. Vet ran tests and nothing. It changed the veterinary surgeon of wet and dry food. He developed kidney problems and a year later we had to sleep. So sad.I felt a slight smell fishy in their breath, when no one else could. The smell fishy has to do with stomach problems and other things.Today puppy Nutro lamb and rice ate our new Ozziebird 2010 a SharPei for a period of two years. A year ago the same slight smell of his breath, the odor smells fishy.We take to the vet and had done blood work and enabled. Two months ago, has the yellow liquid. I have interviewed residents of the yellow vomiting and I had heard all sorts of things. I have read on websites of any dry dog food waste or wet, then two of them started switching to a raw food diet. Raw chicken and meat and So on. You can Webraw dog food search.Here you will find thousands of products, including diets. We are the second week of up to 1 cup raw chicken, dry natural dry food from Costco and then 2 cups to buy. Frozen bags buy open and cut into a series of a cup and plastic bags and freeze. At night I am enough for both and it dissolves during the night and so on. If you are in Atlanta, there is a small shop, the dog natural food raw only sold provided by new Georgia. It is a bit more expensive. In General, $42.00 is a 35 pound in a pet store bag, while these 35 kg of types of bag sold $39.00. Once again, a grocery store in Atlanta is red bandana. Natural wet and dry. Chew bone you're not and I buy horns but for natural deer. Dog Woods deer are 100% natural, mineral rich and long term chew dog.Anyway, I have no claws or chat with any type of food in typical food of Atlanta-pet-shops. I'm going with the natural. I don't want more Probleme.Ich not say that I would like to say something all evil food, I have is that there is an alternative feed many people children UY Cioe ' pets. I never thought this. I me sure that it was something in the pipeline, however, was not I think so much more.In Atlanta is red bandana pet food. before the dog food. We knew that our dogs were sick. the veterinarian said that a stomachache or try to change food. You can not in falling evil debt taken on is what is the best brand of Everydog. But let me tell you. I have a dog, lab is 3 years. I was there was a puppy.It was dry and moist food. in the past year, it has some problems with vomiting not for evil. I asked that the vets on the island seems not, sometimes dogs make bile is vomiting. Then vomited in December last 3 days-diluted my dog than to eat hamburger and rice. Dry and wet food. Then I heard the demand after the March in the wet dog food and thought it was just dry and call the veterinarian and told them that my dog was eating, what it can do that, and t even it means St seems too good, I said, you have to be Woluldnt.So I kept only on March 30 in dry food, I bought more rice for LG dog food Nutro and lamb dry. Saturday, seemed fed, my dog lunch and dinner, it is good. then on Sunday morning began to pass and had Diahrear 4 hours later vomited heavily and Diahrear but this time it was very bloody to the vet's Office, put it in an antibiotic that the vet said that it was a hit the ingestion, but you didn't can say because food, the it no ' renal failure. We take him home that night at the 02 in the morning, my dog started vomiting severely this time the vet was bloody call take 730 STS at the top stayed the night with him. do it, it maintains. Universities, hosting dog and M a Gastritist by Daniel. The doctor said something that he proposes. My dog is always at the belt, if you wear them. It has never stopped. The doctor told me that I have a blood test to see if it is a toxin in the blood can send. For what not kidney failure. My dog is rice and organic meat and 2 medications for a week and see your veterinarian. I do not know what you think, it was food or what. Dog, see my health has been broken and their droppings better to kill me.Dates from April 9 vet want to know many that this caused. But you can't help question me what food? Bobby, you can visit the previous site glad that you found. It is very sad and submit the site to friends. If everyone keeps as many people as possible, we have saved some unsuspecting animals. Here is the last reading on Chris. Be well informed to you.WASHINGTON — an industrial chemical that led to remind more than 100 brands of dog and cat in the country raised a second discovery of the imported ingredients from China. The cascade lines months are reminders to more brands and varieties of food for pets and delicacies that contaminated by the chemical. This showed that the safety of pet food regulations do not apply in every sense and Tambourjour after day reminder heartbeat consumer shook ' confidence in the pet food industry ' standards compliance with food safety, said Wayne Pacelle, President and CEO of the humane society of the United ChimicaSintetici MelaminSie are on, she thought rice protein used to a variety of natural balance pet food for dogs and cats from concentrate, said Wednesday the food and Drug Administration have contaminated.Previously, the chemical was found to contaminate used the gluten of wheat from at least six other pet food and treat manufacturers. These two ingredients were imported from China, but from different companies and different manufacturers.Wheat gluten, which led to the dismissal struck Chinese import from Vegas, ChemNutra Inc., contaminated, by pet food originally, that a product with melamine enrichment appear to be too rich in protein during the test phase can make, which value increases. Dog food tips: Jasper was food for puppies of Blue Buffalo brand for almost a week now with no side effects (which returned our turbulent puppies! Lol) swallows and faster than anything we have seen & ' even faster than if it bring eating pedigree (bags) under dry Blue Buffalo wet.(Assistant coach at PetSmart recommended Blue Buffalo had the same problem with my dog - & Nova in dog food recommended has). (Note: these are their own views and personal recommendations and not in the shop!)The good thing about Blue Buffalo is what is in the food ' how people eat: grains, vegetables, garlic, chicken, I'm sorry CathyZ and Martí to boning. Of course, I hope that in the PetConnection reminds us, at the end of the day. Answers, if a long lasted and I wonder what to feed our pets at the same time. The family is calling me to find out which foods, rice, chicken, cheese, vegetables, to return home until all stunned suspect rice, maize gluten-free were shipping and wheat from China Pedinate and if makes meanwhile was away shelves. It would be even better to throw things on the shelves, start with American wheat fields. We can feed the world! Even pets!We must make that voice heard on this issue. Change the laws, regulations and inspections of manufacturers of pet food, factories and Manufactorers website. Write the officials of his Government, the 4.346 as well as anyone who has spent the last weeks panic, to feed our pets. We thought why is not a safe product, it would be, because there no surveillance on him. In the course of this history, you find that it is an important missing link in the pet food Goverening law so daunting. I have a German Shepherd mix healthy year old until 2 weeks ago. Feed her Nutro senior natural choice for about 2 years. Without any problems. 2 weeks ago I started to eat and vomiting. Well, something to eat and is very sick. I had all the symptoms, how it was Menioned on this forum (vomiting, thirst, Urninating, space, can't walk properly on the back.) I not the # 1800 in the bag twice with questions referred, they say that there no problem. But I think that my dog because of this bag of food is very sick. One of these sick dogs recovered? What can I do? any suggestions? I'm sorry, I was distracted. My last comment should say that melamine found in several pigs ' urine and are now testing these ingredients in foods for humans due to the contained contaminated pigs. Hi Cindy, I'm sorry, your dog must go through this! Check the list of ingredients in the pet food, which currently breastfeeding. If it contains one of the following conditions, no situation can be worse for your dog. These ingredients are known as guilty for vomiting in many other animals. I have personally referential vomiting with these ingredients. The following components should be avoided, especially for your dog, which is a compromise of the liver. Try a natural food, holistic, ecological, and Probiodics with the dog, contain the antioxidants. Call dog or a veterinary species-appropriate nutrition specialist to help you. We can not on the best help of the conventional veterinarian leave with nutrition, not their knowledge and their natural foods not pay veterinarians recommend their food like Iams and Science Diet.BHT, BHA, Ethoxiquin, coloring preservatives, chemicals of any kind. Problems with all of this is that dogs sick from vomiting, and these were known to be multiple organ failure, and many other serious health cause. In addition, these ingredients are known to reduce our lives and the lives of our pets. The following following ingredients are also dangerous.In addition to the sea and algae or sodium Selenite. More sodium Selenite caused a decline in the consumption of water in our pets, kidney disease and the second build errors. Kelp causes that act until it sometimes takes the animal need medicines for thyroid thyroid gland. These ingredients are in many foods, even foods that claim to be healthy!It is logical, that we and our pets away from artificial chemicals, preservatives and dyes must remain products, you want a quality of life live. Joe, thanks for this persistent I. Me ' m like Jasper is correct. Keep to submit your information to as many people as possible. So many people don t ' recognizes, that still there are problems with the food. My little boy died 2 months ago - I get bored. My son found a stray dog and I m ' boost until you found a home. Two dry food ve tried ' (like dicks and Karma) brought puking bile. I feel that it probably the best food for themselves. Certainly Mr. right?I have spoken with ' me ' sure s shop a few times. I'll ' know what's going on. I discovered this page. Most of my updates to PetConnection previously involved. He had problems handling the croquettes have almost two months. I'm glad that I found it March 10, 2007 and the healthy 7 years my cat died. This morning, my husband found him curled up in a ball in the bathroom. Our family was devastated and could not imagine what had happened to her. It was very sudden and unexpected Ableben.Eine week we learned about the withdrawal of pet food. My 2 cats (brother and sister) and the dog does not eat wet food, but eating Nutro dry. I began to believe that it was a strange coincidence that my healthy cat just before this pet food recall died. We had a problem with our dog vomiting yellow bile and eating a few weeks earlier. I was told it was only wet food, but me do not require could, if it was something else in this story.Of course, I have my cat and my dog to a veterinarian for blood tests. The results showed that my cat was fine, but my dog an enzyme had increased the County in their Lende-, what happened to the animals, who ate contaminated food. He went to the vet and dosage of liquids. Where all these relations on the eve of my cat died, saw they eat something that never makes for dogs. Both my pets, consume these foods have fallen enfermos.Comida was dry dog eat my natural choice small bites lamb and rice formula &. I contacted him and before I learned that the dry food was very good. I said, I do not agree, and he wanted a compatible file. I have to send 4 cups food as papers and vet bills. I'm waiting for the results. I am whatever it is, me, to know the truth.I want to listen to crying, if you think or talk about this withdrawal from the market. I miss my cat very much and take care of my other dogs and cats. I'm worried for all those who may have had pets. You can ' T we be published the animal feed industry. ' No doubt I join postal bombings. This is a great idea. Hello world. Thank you for all the comments. I found just this blog today because I sure - as many others the impression that it was! It is scary! It was a coincidence that I found this site. I thought you would not see: also my eating is safe, but he decided, for some reason, I'm here with my new dental 2 bags of NUTRO! I know that I have been so happy! Opened a few months ago a bag not only feels good, but my dog ate all modes so with an other puppies and ended what had been and then goes on another thing is, that everyone: I have! Now I have a Maltese, is a Japanese Spitz Nakło and 4 new. One day I went out and bought more dental care, but the PetSmart out and had my mind to spend a small bag of small bites and not lower to average greater than for my small would give. Then each dog guests their food, vomiting, if completed the phase of transition exceeded (50/50 and 70/30 30/70 to 100 percent). We think that the formula small bites do not agree with them - and I tried the Oatmeal for sensitive stomachs for the Maltese, but it ended up with the worst stomach problems again. We went for dental care, but there is still a great product!I'm so glad that you have found. I thank all links to other websites and information for each of you. I'm happy, sad, some of their stories and of course on the other.Now I'm afraid that even though for a few years, they had good luck with this product, but why the risk? I think that the chicken soup for the dog lovers soul sound decent. Negatives about what knows someone, and I haven't yet seen?I wish you all the best and thank you for your stories. N ' t voice and would I want the owner to meet the complaints many people. To a product, if not ' is not 100% sure this is the problem. I don't work for me doesn't matter. My dogs are innovative and Acana pet food. (Two cases of wheat free ' noticed show) This is an exaggeration. I understand that it very sad, but a lot of information now seen only as gossip and hear what they want to hear. Crystals? This has nothing to do with food. It has to do non-food for your pet is corrected with the supply demand '. Chicken and oatmeal, maybe your dog is allergic to something. Blood tests done, have to undergo allergy tests? Go to the people, treatment has been the head. Let the hype and the attention for her love for animals. Understanding, before you accuse proceeding the facts of the case. Make comfortable and read what happened. Change your diet, if required, and if you change your diet, do it gradually. An important change could be stomach applied the pile of shit and vomiting. In this case '. Do you know everything to feed their dogs have to learn on your own. Don't ' to defame companies and continue in this madness. Knowledge is making. You will learn where the dried fodder. Te ' no to menu foods. There are mostly only canning plants. Take your pets outside a grain diet. Wheat, no problem. Only a Board I read. To consult when you open to possible problems when using any commercial dry pet food or candy, always with a new bag. By the smell and looking for mold. Make sure that there no foreign research in Essen. Keep food in a cool, dry place. Keep food in containers with plastic you Ini.Ich hope you all have a safe and happy new year. Have first of all I am sorry for all those who experienced the illness or the loss of animals by the food. It is a terrible tragedy that avoidable had passed and my thoughts are with you.Second, I don't think that you still consider (less dry reminds me), but this does not mean, it is without Probleme.Es is a decent meal - I got my 2 dogs - but there are better brands in the same price range. I recommend brands such as Innova, solid gold, Canidae Costcos Kirkland brand Eagle Pack holistic (Eagle Pack are not good), natural balance and some dogs go well on Blue Buffalo. There are many sites that are incredibly helpful, compared to chiens.sur the top of my head. Hi Sherry, Cindy, and someone at Lola are interested. Good news for reports is a fighter and this happened! It took about 3 weeks and there were many times that I don't that think I had, but somehow it was just better. Although it was again in the veterinarian, but a monitoring of taking blood, its will be obviously OK. Today, rude, and it should be Fiesty as a Chihuahua for 5 years and couldn't be happier.Due to the season of parties and all sorts of other things that happen at the same time, always still not the samples sent I have food, but will the results, as I heard back.Thank you to everyone for your kind words and support so much, this forum has helped me through a very difficult time. Happy holidays to all! PS: I have contacted the two offices and PetSmart (where we eat bought) to return home and have the puppies have settled for the night.The woman who answered the phone on the mentioned, which is a complaint and was just ' his Secretary. ' was not helpful and very rude & abrupt when I tried to learn talk more about the person in the morning if I remember. Informed in contact with my attorney should ' again so you can make an investigation a formal complaint by the company, especially then, when I contacted other owners of pets in my condition with the same Problem.Wenn PetSmart, Nichole (one night at the call center operators), however, was before my representative. She was friendly, cuts and professional in dealing with a difficult interlocutor (me!) my friend I better so quickly angry Jasper being so sick (after eating only recommends ' ' puppy I have food ultra large breed for little more than 24 hours). Nichole said, it would a referral of the complaint and pass the staff adequately, they take these problems seriously and would be the priority and timeliness. Then took the food information (i.e. very #, UPC #, expiration date), as well as the reaction of Jasper and ' symptoms and the doctor's statement. He said that they are interested for the other sources of information, such as the Web address of this specific thread on this Website.Ich'll put ' after talking with people tomorrow everything they update for themselves have to say. Thanks to Dios Jasper only have a mild ' ' reaction (compared with other reports on this website) and what is the ' now, tomorrow or ' of conversations, which is probably not nice in fewer bits. Invited, risking the health of your pet. I thought my dog very well. His weight was great and his coat was nice. Even the vet was surprised by his appearance was a problem. In fact, it was beautiful outside - seemed quite the dog won best in show at the Westminster. Good. He is dead. This is not enough to eat, change I'm sorry for your pet. If you have a forum as this months, it could still walk with my friend and loves playing with. Why would your life risk, after reading these comments by so many people? IF! You are now online and compare prices and ingredients. With his ship of cars and even including shipping only more you pay (as perhaps $2 a month) for this meal that I have shit for 4 years, I have bought! Now, it's my price before the conversation with Sherry. Carolyn thank you! And my 2 dogs have the same problem as Libby, I think it took a couple of years show major signs of suffering (closed liver, etc.) you can now email.! I'm glad that you your experiences to date! That is exactly what I was looking for a small company, the holistic. It is this delicious natural was advertising. and down, and behold, it was a lot of BS, part of a food brand of the huge dog, which had payouts. BOO! I hope that this food is my answer. My dogs are almost 5 years and you can see Iknto, your additions, and hips and joints. (Golden Retriever / Lab mix). The post again and know how goes. :). Our Dalmatas Azul - took place only in the emergency room. It has acute liver failure and we should all hope that a will survive. I di make sure that he's not much food and her face came to be devoured as quickly. The vet said that it had lost a lot of muscle mass. Livers stand were also attitude. Blue was Nutros. Lam and rice and then the sensitive stomach was handed at the beginning, because it started to more frequently ill. He also had only two boxes can care for elderly, which I tried, a small company is so sick makes. A pleasure. I'm sure that also the drying of food and also I would like to know where they analyzed the food. It is a hemorrhagic disease. After this announcement, I spoke with my veterinary PLU and tell me that it has different than renal problems, this appeal likely. I've read that some dog owners about dry food at the same time actions. It seems no coincidence. Thanks for the Info! Summer, fed my dogs Nutro for 8 years, had no problems. The funny thing is that there is a website with complaint in all brands of dog food. That tells me that all the millions of bags sold each day, that there will be some issues this case in any way be contaminated. Two people always directly to the final and a large company continue against blaming people seriously have hope is a good product and no complaints, there are 1000 times more Compliiments. I had 5 cats with rear limb ataxia, 34 + stillborn or dead kittens screaming pain within 24-48 hours after the birth of two daughters with uterine inertia, César has bleeding after a girl had a seizure and I have first-hand knowledge a Housecat cat, another cat 5 long and covered only shook and already fed Nutro food Escalonadosdespues, dry for cats. I'm in denial, you lied to my vet says that it was the only case in the world that knew. We will send you samples by its representative with your documents back to the United States for tests and customs food destroyed.Both wrong! So unfair. Manager of New Zealand lies through his teeth and was in a different owner, me and my veterinarian. caught, because manufacturers are allowed to pet food, to go with our dogs and cats the noise? Pet connection, gathering information on a Web page or pets, that is in the list of callback for an account 'unofficial' affected animals fed Murioen. If you were affected by this let ' s help to collect this information for a more precise count. There is plenty of information for pet owners. Wow, that's a serious exchange of ideas here! You have nourished my lab 10 years Nutros lamb and rice all his life. Last week, she lost appetite, vomiting their food, dry heaving, could not in the rear legs and has a mucus in the eyes. Took him to the vet and had blood and of course, but also learn how other people, has kidney failure. You have IV ' ing for 48 hours, but things not ' to good. My dog had never problems his whole life on a urinary tract infection in December. It is an intact man while UTI ' are more common, but it was only one. It is a member of my family, I hope that it pulls. You must get to the bottom of this problem! Some peoples animals about what they, in joy, community, and life support. Must all food be removed from the shelves after it was. Everything that we loved the for our animals anyway Cook should be.Sean. I ' I'm glad that I stumbled on this page thought it was the only one who has problems with the food m. On the day before the removal, I bought a bag of Nutro natural chicken and oatmeal. I had fed my two labs for 6 months. When I started to have my chocolate this case began is at the beginning of every meal and my yellow pass ' t would not eat at all. I called My vet, have I company and FDA.all of them assured me that the food was safe and his illness and his refusal to eat was a coincidence. I went to California immediately and natural phenomenon in a homemade diet. My confidence in the pet food industry is a low of all time at this stage. He had already published in my three Boston Terrier here. They were in natural lamb and I have small snacks to dry for about three years to rice! After three weeks of being very ill tickets veterinary $1200, finally improve. First, the creatinine and BUN his blood was normal, but they were sick all after a few days one after the another vet of course bring me a second analysis. Blood levels were above the norm of your sandwich. He is said to be Hospitilized with our local urgent care for dehydration. We spent a week daily in a bun return liquid IV SubQ and it was better, but still highly try to give another week of creatinine SubQ fluids iv. Was it the food? I can ' say yes, but it is my appearance. I'm sick animals, 1,200.00 on veterinarian bills. She take my picture out. Dogs feel much better and playful return to their own. After a week, we started with the chicken and rice, we cook food for dogs in the image to add. In a first step, we have assimilated Merrick here makes your meal in your own small business headquartered in the United States. You n ' really good. He often used the Canidae, which is also a superior end product, but we had order or a HR to buy, bring, so we went. Imagine my surprise as I, that discovered not only now locally sold, but have a lamb and rice formula.the baby love, and they are good. Stay better than others CindyF, off Purina it. Advertising company pet foods holistic 'soon'. Words mean nothing in a bag of dog food. The research to do. It is best to find a holistic veterinarian in your area that can recommend a product. There are some small companies, which are very good eating. Cindy, I forgot to mention to control bisulfite Menadione (sources of life. (K) this principle is sometimes name sounds similar to or similar. Garlic is not necessarily harmful, but can cause that Heinz body anemia are in some animals there are beans in the food that you are breast-feeding? I myself in grain. I know that many foods, the whole grain.Then, you can try a holistic veterinarian. Make sure that the veterinarian for the digestive system is certified. The veterinarian holistic take usually an approach differently than the conventional veterinarians. If your veterinarian is not in a position to do so, I am sure that she would not mind, you have a second Meinung.Schicken wants to know you me/us, I know more than I do, you look to me like you and your dog. Good luck. I'm going to check to read your messages. I have read all posts and I agree, that is now extremely worrying when it comes to what we should feed our furry family members. The American Assoc. Veterinarian eighth extremely our pets 'People' instead feed thought it would be safer. This is often not the case. Tell a friend about a cookbook for those who want to try: home cat food dog &: the healthy alternative to Dr. Donald Strombeck.As for all I can say is, that if your pet gets sick a try other food. And it doesn't hurt and can help. Now the experts worry about other things in addition to wheat gluten. and it reminds of a dry dog food that someone on this forum has recommended, so is it difficult to know, which are components. Leader means for the dog lovers and diamond, but Canada and even my chicken soup (the creators of chicken soup) fed a phone call a year ago for a problem in mouldy maize had and although I have dry dog food wheat from China does not contain that something that your problems caused that. Diarrhea with blood, so that many have complained is compatible with this country rat poisons. Who can say something contaminated product? 3 year old sister cat died suddenly of kidney failure. There was enough dry food for cats, and another cat ate the same exact meal without any problems. These cats do not go outdoors at all and so that it likely we have eaten something the others don't. But tragedies come. It is not often, no explanation. As a first step, asked not knowing all the information about my sister, I vet if it caused were it through contaminated food, as it happened at the time of the withdrawal, but it was after the cat had already cremated and said there is no evidence needed. Apparently, felt was bad food, not enough evidence when she triggered this. So, do you lose a pet and feel that it can be caused from the feed, they were buried without burned before the subsequent tests for legal steps to be processed. I started my Sheltie dry 10 years Ultra Max months ago, weight because I was getting to Dick and I for my 3 dogs control much heard.  The weekend not their ex Mocoso, King of home ownership started, various, represented.  Yesterday started urinating in the House, pees in the House and saw the ' I look in his eyes.  This is ' if I got him to our vet today and ran some blood tests.  A new wine test shows that your kidneys are functioning and the other is back number was high.  Me ' m really hoping that this is not just a infection that is curable and dog food.  I am ' an example of his veterinary tomorrow, if I visit dog food.  It may not contain gluten wheat in dry food for dogs, but ' of course full of wheat and other grains. Cause renal products wheat mold spores?  I'll ' know when you consult the vet tomorrow. My lab has died at the age of just 13. Their only problems have been disabled, and so saw the vet every two weeks for acupuncture. I looked on the website of the presented symptoms (vomiting, lack of urination, abdominal pain, weight loss) and found these rumors about. He lost 10 pounds without much effort from me, when I was in my ultra this summer. I changed her food for 2 weeks and when I returned, he died in 3 days with the symptoms described on these Web pages. I have sent food to the laboratory, since it seems a link to Toxmosis of copper and zinc. If anyone wants to contact me about take off, do it. Gave it to resell any problems with food for months and they. I'm just writing an article on my blog, called Petolisticadi foods the debate does not end. And then while I was looking for on the Internet this morning, I saw that they discussed this topic. It is true, you can all kinds of nutrition and quality problems still though a holistic or biological, says. I want to sound not cynical, but when it comes to winning, you may be marketing. Shooting, show GoodLife and below. Marketing list, if you have ever seen. I like to be here, not insensitive or otherwise, but I have to say I ' I have my dog Cocker Spaniel, I have a natural choice for years (13 years Sanissimi ') and had no problem with any dry food. There is no diarrhea, no stool not bleeding and kidney problems and to eat with a good appetite. Do ' t change the world. First of all I would like to tell you that I'm sorry for your losses. Loss is one of the worst things that can convince every one of us, especially in these circumstances a loved one. I currently feed my two German shepherds, Freya and Hugo Max adult large breed. If problems with this special food someone has had, please report this. My dogs look good, but I'm still very worried '. reminds us only continues to grow. as you Jen just my phone and said with memory n ' t bring dry food. 1-800-833-5330 pure spoke representative yesterday and I have to say that there is a positive experience. I'm sending a letter to a page about my illness pets upon request. Results of the veterinary surgeon and me, the last bag tests reported food code UPC and a part of the food, while maintaining the test. For comments, try fullness of life to see Abundancereviews some of them. Or be compared to receive any refund, no company name, food brand for pets and testing of Word or memory, test, etc., to have a clear picture about. 52: have Graham - to read this entire thread? It may be that dry 06:55 with certain I dog owners have stories. Are you a veterinary surgeon or a scientist? Are you not for pet food and reading/thinking/learning industry be Schilling? Our beloved Polo was a 12-year-old poodle, appear very healthy up to 4 months. We use small bites lamb and rice have up to 12 months, we went to my supervisor. It was then slow, tired and stiff. Vet said to arthritis. We know that our good dog; It has deteriorated slowly fishing with a touch; I washed your teeth every day and noticed. It was not the teeth according to the vet. 10 days before the death of Polo, there was minor; the veterinarian said that only food people want to play. Polo food fell from his mouth, chicken, beef or. He's dead, and we've got him at MSU University of veterinary medicine. His autopsy showed cause of a loss due to a chronic liver unknown infection are excluded. How absolutely horrible; There I Fidavamo. Brian, sorry for the death of his dog. I had my dogs on NUTRO vomiting of bile, no energy drink plenty of water, I, and they were sick. Last week I took you all treated foods and put them within 24 hours of natural California stop to drink water and no vomiting and is so full of energy, last night, they played with a bucket of BusterJ ' had forgotten that he had parts of the dog Dentrooggi 2 NUTRO dog ate, because it is stupid that he was again ill, vomiting of bile, drink plenty of water. M LIVID, to say the least, so if my dog was a puppy I eat everything and ' the best food. My dogs are my life. When I read your story and pet owner in writing, a pet of lost my my heart breaks. This dam pet co ' to start s, there are instead a dam in our pets $ $ $. It feeds on my two labs, dry for older people in the last seven months. Never in life called. I thought they were old, 9 and 10. Both then began, drink plenty of water and eating grass like crazy. His coat was worn and dull. When all of this came I went to their well-being, didn t trust ' that was only wet food. But now I have a lot of gas. Tips on what to do in this respect? It's awful and ' I know that I was suffering from, his pants while the others only Crys out passed gas. What foods do I have I? I thought, probably one of the safest.Thank you to everyone! My Pug 7 years old, very healthy, Croquette lamb eat have a natural choice for five or six years. Ever since I bought the last bag, drink tons of water and pull daily (took a while to find out that it, as we also CAT sick). I just turned on an organic brand, so I ' know in the coming days, whether eating or not. I had a strong suspicion that it was the dried fodder, so I have contacted, to know. You always say that dry food is excellent, those who call me, if you have concerns to encourage. h 800-833-5330. My dog was 2 years ago, I have all my life - and my previous dogs have 15 years of experience to this topic and everyone loved it. CORN.A month ago, I had a new bag of Nutro Natural Choice Chicken/Rice/flakes, eating and refused to touch it. Sometimes you double ', to eat a little of it at night, because I was hungry, but here it's about everything. This week, he began diarrhea and belching and lethargic state. To stop feeding her Nutro now and after a day or two, so his intestinal soothe and heal, started in lean hamburger and rice, ate his back to top. A few days later, she was fine. Also, I know some, they eat Hizocon says dogs that don't want to eat the same thing with his last month. After the hearing, that the alleged producers or knew the bad food be eliminated for some months prior to his actual, I decided that I didn't want to force more food into the throat and more this summer will receive a reminder (if applicable). I had a bad game, but it was enough. I ended up with my forever. Never another bite I took the bag and exchanged for a bag of Bienestar amores. N ' t saw this excited to eat since he was a puppy. I ' never have my products to buy. N ' t trust them with health and the life of my dog. Who i still call no satisfaction and write to have found. Ask the veterinarian to write that you can attach your letters. Write letters or in shops, where to buy the food and questions whether they have ' I have no other complaints. Be honest and direct. Don't cry ' to them. You are not the bad guys in this. The facts reports and inform their stores locally, that you not happy with I tell him that I need your help.Good luck for those, their pets, their lives to fight. Now, so that you get your puppy, I am! We have our dead and copy them on other foods mid-April after the gold was diagnosed with was our lethargy and were concerned. We are by our veterinarian in other food (not in the pub, so I won t ', i.e. one,) but were much better since. I'm happier and more relaxed. I am having problems and it is a terrible thing, people ' animal babies died because of irresponsible owners. Because there no direct answer, when my dog ' food is contaminated or not? She eats, it is a natural choice small bites puppy. Anyone know if it is bad? When offline, the PAS, Iams, science diet, Purina and real shit why brands are out there? My cat of 15 years, and it seems as if he is 7 and had it. In fact shit of less active brand that version also takes in nutrients. He never get used, induce vomiting constantly, and I have a great career and I have my golden retriever. Both are great, that none have been broken because I am you (long) gone and none on any other brand to forwarding. He worked for many years with animals, and I know a good case of good health and care in almost any type of animal. I work in a pet shop and part of them actually recommend brands such as I, blue and Canin. The healthier way is of course to provide maximum health to food fresh and ready to provide you for a dog or a cat. Then go some creatures Lynda and I buy a farm installation think., but seriously, I have? Why not attack save-a-lot the damn food brand. That hurts me. This is an excellent comprehensive, for those who want to change brands. recommended by our cleaners, which is also a BreederBACK. I have called me Hoy forms. He asked me to send copies of the invoices from the vet and watch and that someone will remind me. From n ' t have to test food, to send, it has to be checked, and come back to me. ' his money earned, but t new Hunter lack of much tonight brings. It is a follow up of my death Nutra dog food welfare. Maybe it will be soon, but I wanted to you must not be fed, so risky gastro problems. Well, my dogs are to get much better on the gas a little here and there, but they adapt very well to the well-being. My black Labrador, not vomiting at all since the switch, where all parts of the Nutra at least 2 times a week. I vomited think ' some of the recipes of home mixed with reflections of the Wellness.any on it? I have 2 large laboratories, so that I ' t want to entirely homemade.I just wanted to cook both for people in this House!Thank you again. Become with the pets, that sick, should be fodder for PERROS Actualizaciones in police custody anywhere on the Internet and in the news while eating. I bought a big bag of morsels of Lamb with rice, and I'm not eating my Scottie. My other two Scottish Terrier (allergy) knows food fish, welfare, and sweet potato and has very well on Itchies beautiful skin disease. Now, all three of my dogs have animal welfare. (Decide if we, our 3. Scottie came to eat, there were small pieces of lamb and rice) When I realized it wasn't recently ' t as himself and had blood in their stool left feeding Nutro and rises with my other two dogs. All three are good. Discover eat pet of wellness on the Internet. They explain why they were not on the lists of pet reminder. Its food for pets is the human quality and they are very picky about where their ingredients. God bless each of you through this stressful situation. We must all unite and fight to do the right thing. Our pets is not only an important component in the possession of the family. April 8, 2007, we have earned our Australian dog 8 years lost. Bandit is fed only IAMS croquettes. Just at lunch, it started acting lethargic and disoriented. Four hours later, he died quickly and violently. Before his death, the contents of the stomach he vomited and empty. Examinations of stomach contents revealed only his fried food and blood. Dog stool ' was strong and healthy. We have to quickly exclude poisoning because of its dry pet food to local emergency in the Veterinary Clinic service, our dog, stool samples and content from the stomach. Vet ' basis for this decision was a fax of the company of Iams, indicating that they concerned were only wet food. The veterinarian rushed to point out that the poison acted also rat. Maybe that other toxin from a plant or an insect may have caused the deterioration in the health ' Bandit. After four days of snow and cold temperatures of the subtropical plants or error ' check t will stay with us. We contacted Iams and FDA this week received a phone call from Iams food samples require. I think that there is more food reminds me that you have told us. All of this should be a great awakening. Yes for the food for the animals, but the owner of the animals and people in General. All food that is not organic ' t contain pesticides and herbicides. N ' t no matter what the symptoms are, a toxin is a toxin and can occur in various forms was expected that kidney failure. Animals feel sick long before the dead can affect toxins of the kidney or the liver. Although the animal is not sick ' s, Don ' t ' t, to mix with the sound. There are many more toxic substances in animal food and people than by this recall affected. I am fear-mongering? N ' believe. If life were people exclusively in grain ' t survive long as a kind of (what a refined diet). The same with animals; PÖTTINGER to read ' s cats more food, including the various brands 'Best' similar to feed their animals of Doritos. If a part of our food imported, unless you have received, tested for each lot was, be sure not to leave that it is safe. Don ' I die to protect from the FDA, it is too little, too late. It will be the most are probably not to you back. Call directly and get to deal with a real person and you, as if you speak a different language. Not the full content of the foods that you sent. I would to put like a little for a more thorough check independently. Send to the FDA, after completing the complaint form by the FDA, of the dog food. Do not send my bag all dog food and forget to send only copies of your invoices and receipts. It is only bragging rights, as for a long time on the market and urinate even further say that they are a good family. They will say, continue to go to buy their products in an effort under the carpet of the incident. Work in a small pet store local property. They brought us the callback unfortunately and we had people came to say that their animals are sick. I recommend to all who read the only way you will be able to know the list of ingredients is if your dog eats good food. Anything that has any kind of wheat or soy as one of the finest ingredients, 3 or 4 is not a good food. In addition which will say most bags will, if the food in the United States also say customers takes place and not to purchase the products yet because it retreat continues to elements, which vowed previously to expand (dry or moist), that they were safe. I personally feed my dog soup for the pet lovers soul, ' recommend it to all our customers. It has an excellent list of ingredients and their skin and hair is already surprisingly better (eat small snack Nutro lamb & rice). All kinds of high-quality, holistic food (best) are what we recommend and sell (none of them were affected by the withdrawal from the market). The brands that we carry are Canidae, wellness, chicken soup for the soul, is native to California and Innova. Sincerely, much happiness to all those whose animals were affected by this terrible Incedent. I'm working with live to live animals and knowing what I could feel without them. My dog is a diet to Nutro lamb and rice and drank plenty of water and then occasionally vomiting, for several weeks. He has no blood in the stool or vomit, but there is no food Digest. You vomiting, food, several hours after his undigested food. I communicated with PetSmart and said, wasn't in the callback, but that quit after reading these accounts. I've heard that it but the fda is 3 brands of dry food, which can become infected, not everyone ole Roy had therefore heard that dogs have died, since dry Benifull release name. It is the largest removal of pet food and tribute. I talked to my vet, to make my food for my dog. 18 lb dog = approx. 550-650 calories. Be sure to use a variety of foods to get all the nutrients. starchy vegetables + meat. (Pasta, rice, Oatmeat, sweet, carrot, Turkey dish, beef, chicken, just to name a few) Human Flintstones = vitamins and Tums for calcium supplements. Good luck to all who try, a loved one, and my heart goes to loss for all. I I have my lab/Greyhound mix chicken and oatmeal have changed. In a short time became very ill, eating burps, several times a day get vomiting and severe diarrhea. It was Ospedalizzata for 3 days and perform full blood tests. The veterinarian was not optimistic, saying that it was perhaps too late. It could not ' t to find a cause and assumed that food poisoning had something to eat, that could not be ' t has recovered, and without knowing it, I continued to feed her Nutro. It was in October. Little more than a month the symptoms returned. I took her to the vet, they ran defibrillator and that x-rays, had this time. You suggested that it could be food poisoning. The veterinarian was an unusual amount of gas in the intestine. I had an infection of the urinary tract at the same time. They never found a reason for everything. I went to the natural balance and has not Vomitted since. This is the last that have, today, Tuesday, 24 April, but to read, Sundlof also announced that as well as melamine, cyanuric acid has the FDA in found rice protein used, companies maintain comme melamine, acidic substance is a chemical that can be used, to the obvious content protein increase, but usually serves food as a stabilizer in swimming pools and hot tubs. and apparently checked the ingredients of the food, eat people because melamine has been found in the urine. It's crazy! The menu of foods better made or good is that the information took then Iams went IPO in March and told by the FDA. CNN was during the recall pet food as well as Fox and all on Friday, the 16th of March, listen to memory, the news of the dam. You need to relax and stop saying those stupid lies. Please help, awareness of what this hub page. Go to Yahoo answers. Find you after the question anyone know to take pet food, food, environmental influences and balancing natural selection by sick animals.? the people have heard not this hub page or the horror of these stories. This hub page is listed, such as a reference.but.Please, visit this page and the notice of the comments that other Don; t ' end up with the same problem with sick animals. Thank you very much. Carolyn thank you very much for your concern, turned Dililah 8 in a few weeks and your recent veterinarian in November # 40, medium for a Cocker Spaniel. My vet advised me, that the reduction of the threshold value of foods (I) you candy and add raw pumpkin carrot or canned bulk to make it feel more complete. It worked! If it was cut a few days ago, I could not ' t believe the body beautiful profile under the hair. Now it's normal size. ' is my biggest concern is his weight. I have searched the net for ideas, which give them to eat something for dinner. I have my favorites to a Web site that had some basic information on home cooked meal and what and how food, etc., this night consists of rice 2 cups Brown and added a few peas and carrots in memory and then has a small cup of diced chicken breast and mixed everything together. N ' t sure how many to give a kind of estimates in my head about it, usually as much food when you him full nose. As well as always, I loved it! They ate, she served and went back to read more. What I told wholesale had to wait until breakfast. Me ' m really new in this House eat and easy to make, so she want to stay healthy. I will return their croquettes to find, that I trust as soon as a food. I ' will continue to read this forum for all new information and tips on alternatives for that. I know you'll never ' I have makes, also if it turns out it was because of this disease and then trying to cover it. I checked the # ' have sent by Nutro and party didn t I ', but ' m tomorrow with two suitcases back to PETCO anyway. N ' now I want to right my children close to mine. Here is baking ' page I mentioned, where someone to check. Dry food was not part of the store. It is more than 95% of the power plants, Temecula, CA, and Lebanon (Tennessee) dry. Do not ask that the grain from anywhere outside the United States and never to eat reminds in the 1980s. Wet bags and cans, which were manufactured by menu foods was that the chemical melamine, included, in an attempt, the sauce thicker and higher levels of protein tests make wheat gluten that was mixed with. Animals eat recalled eat not break could face and suffered kidney failure. Melamine is banned in the United States for 30 years and has been proven so in memory of food. Then, nothing to do with the ingredients has used the ingredients in the sections to do dry food. Because each company know, pet food, would be harmful? I have dry food is completely safe. Came across this blog essentially by chance, I tried to see the Web page, whether they the comments of note there have the dog food. Currently my dog Cocker Spaniel Boston Terrier 2 & lamb 2 small mouthfuls feed natural choice of rice &. I am amazed what I read ' alone and sick to my stomach. It gave me a little food, so a few days ago I bought 2-40 #bags of PETCO. It had to feed one of these bags with your evening meal open again. I didn't know that I may also be contaminated. I was just the last in a grant of 40 # Coast this morning for breakfast for them. Fortunately they ' they had shown no symptoms, such as here. A bag with 40 # li takes about a month and I n t ' noticed something unusual about their health or dietary habits in the last month. I'm spending my ' for 2 years. While I sit here, write, ' trying to figure out what to eat tonight give. I ' tried to eat something for them to do any suggestions on this blog. My main concern is weight gain, but I think the ' better, if the alternative of them me satiated. I'm in my head ' N ' more instructed by be sure on what foods and it is not white. My band is my life. When something happens, because large wanted to, could not live with ' t. believes that the food supply is now acceptable, until I research and find a food that I can trust. Before you begin to feed, feeding, Purina Pro plan, but recommended, I had was the best and the highest quality of ingredients and I. I ask only that something good from it in the course of time. My heart goes out to those who lost or sick FurBabies FurBabies now in this rancid dog food business. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Thank you for this blog and for the wonderful people, that the time their stories to tell and warn other potential problems to take with you. You may have saved me also a life full of pain. ' I hope sec is not involved, but I'm not ' I want that my children lives on the line to find out.A hug to all & blessing ~ V ~. I am very grateful that I provide primary information. It is necessary that I am all those who have the animal very happy to see your message today. Thank you very much!.! I'm wondering how long this case I / March was laid on the table. Have it could impact on the reason why he does not have these problems?I received an email reply from them yesterday told me that they have received a complaint in relation to dry food only. You must be kidding. Appears in Itchmo, but I thought that post here too.I have just a letter from me upon my request. We concluded our in-depth examination of your request for reimbursement of expenses incurred. Evaluation of diagnosis by our veterinarian, unspecified, that found the cause of disease and death with our product. Thus, we are not in good conscience no liability for the State. sure, you're thinking animal! The funny thing is, my vet and I never they contact in a letter what happened and copies of the veterinary diagnostic information Bill not explain. Where have the diagnosis, is incomprehensible to me. It seems to me that with a clear conscience, that is your problem.I'm not ' finished with them. Lacey turn any way u like. Everything I need to know is that enabled. a master's degree and you find no yeast infection Ooohhh, after which I all day group Les. He killed a dog and the other is trying to kill. If you want to leave it. Danish blue large $2,000 is killed by the stupid veterinarians and food of the United Nations. The dog has the best blood lines in the world, but well, the device turns on feeding and Antibiotika.Ergebnis that you have a dead dog. I ' I don't have time to read all the comments here, but it says not as objective as possible: I and my friend has two dogs. His dog, a Bichon/Cocker mix, Max has been dry for more than a year me costs there. My dog, a Havanese done in dogs brought it home because it, that its creator in which was weaned. Maggie, the dog was until February, when a new bag of food began. She began vomiting of bile out three to four times per day and was very slow. Alfie, the Devourer of dogs, was fine. Live together, play together and go together and they are never left unattended outside. After looking at the dog food recalls and Maggie to watch for a week suffer, we have decided that their food was not on the list, we would see without you us in Canids. Us n ' t penalty pass was slow withdrawal. It has not been broken, from ' t and unfortunately his even moved the rest of us. But I remember very clearly indicated, was a list of ingredients and the second ingredient of wheat gluten. I see that these duties, corn changed its formula and the use of gluten but instead ' the facts are very new Entwicklung.Das. Do you do the food so that it is sick? Yes, 100%. Not only circumstantial evidence, the above do I have? No, but I think I'm telling all owners, I know. Interested in who 'Slander' a great company? It is the fact that they ' # 1 seller by PetSmart wanted me concerned for their welfare make? Not ' t, we care more to keep people healthy animals '? I agree with Shane, of which assume that the biggest brands are unsure. But after a conversation with the hairdresser and veterinarian, cooking for your pet good for is short term. I started my own dog food on 25 March, after a visit to a rather expensive animal make clinical emergency. Our Cocker Spaniel has recovered, but won more than 2 kg, and was slender as a first step. It was a mixture of rice, cooked boiled peas and carrots and pieces of cooked chicken, lean meat or liver with chopped hard-boiled eggs or cottage cheese. It seemed a balanced diet. My only concern was, vitamins and minerals, and the proportion of rice with vegetables, meat. I think that ' was not his food and the kind that likes this food. I'm trying to find an all natural foods for pets. Evolution is good and the ingredients that are in your Web site. Until then, the food is very good in the short term. First I want thank you to all for their comments. I was thinking of changing my national brand. Too bad! heartbreaking stories, but thank you, thank you for sharing. This forum is so important.I think to return to something, and I know that some of you still looking for other animal food. There are. I'm my local health food store brand pet promise. Let the by-products are happens is their motto. Chickens from farms in the United States; Gluten from wheat or rice in their Produkten.Ich also tried the ' fullness of life, available on the Internet. My pet ' n t as dry food, but loves (called the instinctive option) food cans. In addition, I tried my food for Mascotas Toma make long. I'm willing to pay $1 for every bottle a different cuisine!Once again thank you very much. Trust your instinct and not businesses. God bless you. My Beagle for 8 years was years in small morsels of Nutro Max. I tried food for adult dogs Glucosamine Condroiten mix and other dry foods Add. He began to drink plenty of water SOOOO and urinate on the carpets in the House. This is ' in contrast to friends. Tonight, he has urinated one only on the carpet in the close of the flood of new virtual ports. I thought maybe I had a urinary tract infection. I'm starting to cook until it is solved. What country are we living; The Almighty $ $ $ in the rules of the company. The terrible thing for all members of our family pet. The ' is to sue. Shane, is frightening, and you're right, the need to organize here. For my 2 dogs, Pug, bogey and Riley it was food for dogs at home and I'm working on different homemade recipes dog to share with the community of Mount suitable for Pugs. This distance dog food is terrible.Michelle. Dave and Chuck, I m ' obviously good, now I feel very happy that healthy animals. I also ' sure which can ' t begin to imagine how ' love looking at the dog in good state of health, the young wither and the kidneys fail. I know that was the food, as the majority of the bloggers here. Eventually it became in the last six weeks as showing loyalty is any company feed. Would think the dog not in addition to food on request having role to save a buck? You know that I sold in 2006? Is not the same ' family manages the company. N ' understand what is waiting to win with your comments. Hundreds have read posts here and on other sites and just hope that you won t ' need to look at your ' s dog eyes and see the pain and the despair. I think that I a much better job of handeling your removal by wet dog food does not. None of them dried food participated in by all means. All my animals have eaten and occasionally credit for always sec and is beautiful. I have bags of food to the cat on the table once I found the voluntary withdrawal, and until it could return actually ate my dog, food and a part of the packaging also. This meal has wonders for my dog any more, you can now walk with the aid of Glucosamine Omfortably and their bald patches are now healed and hair grows back. They relieve your allergies, and attracts much less. He reminded the peanut butter and give the people of salmonella? What happens with salads and everything else? They give credit for her come and proved your stuff on the shelves as opposed to Blue Buffalo still say hope, their food OK if were still have not? I think they need a little credit for what they have done and what they are doing? They have made my pleasant dogs life!. It is very disheartening to read all these stories. I agree with many of them. Do these people to take responsibility. I did not know that this food was to have this effect. I wanted the best for my puppy mix Pitbull / American bulldog (Jasper) - deserves something better, I can dar.Comenzamos yesterday in Essen ultra large breed puppy. The inclusion of food and its production is n t gone back, but ' is concerned, for the people in the household supply store said it would be normal with a high-quality ' food '. It lasted only for its cuisine as awoke today morning (very rare in there!) but drinking water like a fish. More sluggish day and not, as it was, but I thought it was because today a little hotter than normal. When he rose from his NAP, he began, as he was vomiting, but then it seemed that he was drowning. I went to him, and then he vomited and soft in my arms. I tried to give her some water, but I wouldn't ' t take while it burned. He began, shaking, like she was a seizure in my arms. As soon as it seemed there began to emerge from the crisis - like activity, were still groggy, disoriented, and slobbering extensively (although not ' we had something to drink from the awakening of their siesta). All this happened in just 2-3 minutes. I immediately called the local animal emergency room and she told me that it's running. On the way to the Veterinary Clinic, who had again been broken and bubble lost an episode of diarrhea & bowel control in the car. When I arrived, that his arm ripped off and taken away. Three hours later, the doctor said it was from the food and throw the pass I have extremely large breed puppies. The veterinarian responsible for us before the meal back.It had reported many of the same symptoms in other dogs mentioned on this website. I gave him food, he had since then is that I'm a veteran of the House (mark pedigree) and who has collected it in pipes, as if n ' t days without eating (even if you ate yesterday 1-2 times).My best friend and my friend nearly lost because these idiots don't ' want to assume responsibility or have a specific problem and obviously with his product range. Owners of dogs that had a leak - go for our greater sympathy and condolences and prayers for all. -Joe, Nancy and Jasper. Update: my faithful companion of Maudigan had to be sacrificed on Monday afternoon. It is not the Fanconi syndrome, which had become of him. His kidneys could not be recovered damages. My heart is broken. I have a claim with JAD, it was his formula natural choice lamb and rice. All 3 books, who ate a lot of 20 kg. I always try to contact the FDA. It tests your meal, which I have, but I want that the FDA also test. It is sad that this part is so slow to solve this mystery. That could take weeks. During this period of time it could suffer in my opinion for all other dogs when they try to solve it and his trust broken heart leading package, that feed their products. There are always dogs present, about our kidneys, Veterinary Office fail every day. So so so sad. Somewhere something went wrong. If you a pack leader for a pet suddenly ill fail your kidneys, a complaint please our claims, I would remind them with the work as soon as possible, at the draw, test the food that is consumed by these animals. I heard yesterday and unofficial reports that he believed that the death toll of Kindey failure, by the owners as the food now up to 40,000. Want better proof? Please, all the facts and all the parts that are not officials of the Government, members of Congress, etc. contact. Call to the Sentors for a research association and a change in how controlled the industry of food for pets in the future. Make the sadness and rage-action, which, as always, something new. Stories of all shapes as you can. We pack. Brittney - has the FDA released the names of all manufacturers of melamine-contaminated products. Even if for some reason am not madness, part is this jumble of melamine, another thing ' problem with the food. Read the previous comments. What is the purpose of posting to this blog? Looking for an animal sick or dead you? stop this witch hunt croquettes have t all then no animal creation I believe dry chemical. If Yes, where Devils is the callback where you? I remember that was not only in the menu food by poison in more than 100 brands of pet food. within 3 weeks of the appeal was the facts can not my menu. the facts! Stefve, is the poor dog expert, terrible, criminal and inexcusable. I have significantly changed their products with a poison, not through can be recognized tests administered (IMO). The food that I have as evidence for the future needs to save, a person of authority with a brain after all court.? Many animals are sick and dying products, prove the contrary? ' test. This happened for many years with I and nothing is done to prevent it. I'm glad to know what is happening in animal food. Please do not even use it for your dog to the transition of a new product. It is better to handle the impact, that come with the Turkey cold still poisoning change your dog. Pet owners absolutely nobody have on your side to protect your pets from this type of injury. You are here a few years ago an article in time magazine: pet food standards are hard enough?The FDA, which regulates animal feed, said, there are strict rules for the food. But contrary to some authorities and the FDA Web site admits that they have limited resources for the implementation of the law. FDA said an agency under siege without money and resources, Marion Nestle, Professor of nutrition at the University of New York, who is writing a book about pet food. Animal food take precedence when secure many things to do, food. This is disturbing for animal lovers, because many furry friends are part of the family. The FDA requires that foods must be pure, healthy and safe food and health —, but the Agency is not obliged to approve food before it goes on the market. The FDA does not check, plants or food but leaves AAFCO [it officials from the Association of American feed control], this is an organization that makes no legal has, explains Friedrich of PETA. So is it really self-monitoring, it is really a pity, that gains the wounded companies bear what are, as you have to kill our animals. We have called 2 Dalmatians, including Katrina female 3 years old and men at the age of 8 years named Winston. Katrina was adult, I have the dry, while Winston was a different diet recipe.To eat and when we jumped on the top two coaxial, food, while April Katrina lost the desire of the week of 16 to 20 + 8 hours later always still not digested.We took Katrina to the vet's Office on Tuesday and Friday of this week, with blood work only during the visit on Friday. At this time, the bun was 114 (must be less than 30 years) and creatinine was 8.5 (2 or maybe 1.5 needs). Her albumin in the blood was normal, but his blood pressure was very high at 214. The diagnosis of veterinary medicine was ' acute renal failure. Was a shock for us when you consider that Katrina was never sick, had a day in his life was always full of energy and was only 3 years old. In addition should dry food, adult, veteran was not on the list in the Moment.Die the IV infusion in the course of the day on the weekend immediately began continued. The veterinarian made a weekend only led many blood tests, as well as additional urine and 3 ultrasound, the more than $2 k in bills.On Sunday afternoon, this weekend since Katrina 1.6 albumin blood levels (must be greater than 2), and had large amounts of protein in the urine. I learned that this is important, because the albumin in the blood the right side of the cavities of the body fluids must be maintained. Due to their inability of the kidneys, which has to keep levels of albumin, Katrina won more than 7 pounds of water between Sunday morning and Sunday night. When we saw Katrina on Sunday evening, we honestly don't how it recognized our dog. The cheeks and neck Katrina were inflated with water, as well as the Gaster. The message that was positive, that the BUN and creatinine level trends up to 61 and 2.5, or were.Dropped on Monday morning, Katrina-blood albumin level to 1.2 and everything seemed very bad for them, although the bun and creatinine levels were still more (but still higher than normal).At this stage, the vet told us we had, honestly to say that had little more for them could be done and has little chance of survival. Although she was able to survive in any way and without a doubt he suffered immense damage to the kidneys and would have a significantly shorter life. The conclusion was that Katrina should at most be euthanasia probably in the next week or two.When we asked, there was something they could do for a temporary solution, so we could at least your home for a few days to say goodbye, have suggested that a blood transfusion could albumin high enough to be a part of a right of retention reduce your blood levels and help more comfortable. We told him that it later, without hesitation.On Monday afternoon, Katrina got blood two units. Then come back and we spend a quiet evening at home hugging, you think that it would be a late afternoon probably, that we have at home.When he woke up Tuesday morning, we immediately, that the swelling of the neck and the abdomen of Katrina had reduced noted, and he even really peed loooooooooong, I took.When is Katrina again to the vet after that day, the rate of albumin tested normal high level until 3.9. bun and creatinine levels were still slightly higher than normal, but not by much. We were told that perhaps more albumin is a temporary spike through blood transfusions and next Thursday the key to the long-term prognosis would be this control. When were redid tests stable at 3.9, while the bun and creatinine this week on Thursday, the rate of albumin level up again normal.Due to the ongoing problems with kidney failure, we were by subcutaneous injections of Katrina 200 ml NaCl at home every 24 hours in the next weeks informed we have.Past, Katrina had tried again and everything (BUN, creatinine, albumin) are normal (except for high blood pressure). It is a wonderful Hund.Wir we know what still for their dogs to fight, even then, it seems, that it no hope. In our case, I suspect that the age of Katrina, coupled with our very quickly noticed, when we have the first symptoms, followed by 48 + hour IV and blood transfusion, has given a second chance in life.We got yesterday I called all of this explained. She sent an email in a few weeks, so we dry, Nutro, which is 4 cups of dog food can give to them what suspicious that causing the problem.The health effects of long-term Katrina remain uncertain. Still very high blood pressure, so are we every day your drugs enter and you probably have to do for the rest of his life. U.S. ' view changed also their food from Nutro adult dry food canned k/d, so we carefully the quantity and quality of protein intake (, the toxins from the blood after to keep down) can adapt. U.S. ' ri crosses his fingers and appreciate every day we have all those who are familiar with these problems with their congratulations. I'm back with my bottle of Flintstones from memory. I was on a site ' s dog Moore haven-bad food. Xylitol in confectionary and is highly toxic to dogs. Guess that Flintstones vitamins for? Xylitol. The content of vitamin is also A State location of vitamin A are a 3000 not good for dogs. Other foods that the dogs should not be called. I am at a loss. N ' I think that will be my food good for him. Anyone heard of has a use-grown food for dogs? A woman in front of me felt that Purina United States all products had grown. Through these sources of information? I and my toy of Eskies nut is located in choice of Nutros nature, since they were puppies (the farmer was expressed) my dog had many battles with the vomiting and the veterinarian could explain. Many tests and Medicane RPM. My dog mothers had more Alburn visited veterinary health problems. twice as many tests. As they began food for pets because I have my solid gold dog and dogs. Everyone assured me that it was very good and I know it always is, that you before and now this beautiful been broken. I thought I had seen that his lamb and rice is the wish list, now it can't find. Seen not sure that this is no longer seen to have which? V and his band - as the owner of a Cocker Spaniel, careful with home-cooked food. Our dog has equal to 2.25 pounds from March to April 16 1 kg won home-cooked food. He is a comprehensive food, there are many out there. Obesity causes stress on the joints, not to mention heart problems hips, etc. I use evolves, more expensive, but their fur has never been better. What is the difference between eating! Incredible!. I just read and I would like to add that I not, that we were busy, amber all damn stupidity and say that it as a memory doesn't believe me, there is one sure. Work in the PetSmart and several phone conversations with the owners of dogs and cats were concerned lawfully, that I had someone in my life. I hope that the animal world is good and not forget all these things in China. Sticks of teeth or fingers? What's next? I remember how it is done and it is in China not to be traced need things from there and start to produce itself are those things, which need a country of UNIDO.No to say that I am made wet food of Nutros anyones animals sick, just say that she are treated much better and have much better quality from your site and careful as other dog food. Dry food for cats deer natural balance and green pea and porridge of deer and rice is thought today. You n ' t have beads, so I wonder what is happening to them. I decided to try the cat food and now it starts. JAD have, but a complaint in his dry food, things that you say, ahem. You n ' t always and when always Wilbur-Ellis. No Onne, however, knows that Wilbur-Ellis also broadcasts the supplier of own China yielded these American supplier of mystery, or nobody white who his product bought, produced, where he was going. I have a bag of 20 kilos of 16.6, my dog died after eating 3.4 kg, which has a large part to lose, because it's not ' comes. Therefore began to call as soon as I give the bag not the right company. It is safe, '. really, really? I've come three weeks their test Pack, over 4 cups needed to send food to them. But I still do not ' who has its share. Then call to remind of this she told me that they're overwhelmed and she should be booked on t said the hat say Rep me then. Really, really?N ' t know all bar codes, but maybe we could find a common denominator in bags of dry food, we put all our animals. I realized that the first five numbers in the foods are wet you notice the same set of numbers. It is also the same five cousins in my pocket. Has anyone noticed? Finally I found a site for pet owners Canadian their grievances Express. the address is The purpose of this page is to a petition online as you the request and many owners of pets, you can vote for the Canadians want to complete legislation and better Kontrolle.Bitte changes in the pet food industry through Government. I liked the fact that your veterinarian formulated … fullness of life was carried out by Dr. Jane Bicks, a respected veterinary holistic and nationally recognized. Cool … & always qualify the fullness of life is made with fresh ingredients, providing your pet with the best possible quality. We use our proprietary process of 'Fast Food' to get the fresh taste of natural foods. This technique is better than more stringent cooking techniques, many products a store bought are found in natural flavors and nutritional value. In addition, we use a mixture of natural antioxidants to eat your dog maintain a healthy immune system to help keep fresh. To ensure that you get the freshest food, we make our food in many small and often. ' Fullness of life of food up to the front door supplied may be only 6 weeks. Safety and quality control … our producer is certified to sell food products on the European market, which has stricter rules than the United States for the manufacture of pet food pet APHIS. There are having too many ill-informed posters on this page, or are busy products in disguise on this website:. ' m mini lover, sorry for the Dane. I ' I'm not sure what your veterinarian: If ' said that his blood is often '. If you read some of the comments on ', you will see what has happened to many dogs. Please file a complaint with the equivalent of the FDA. You should also communicate, I have 1 800 833-5330 and file a complaint with them. Hold the bag in the UPC code view to food toxins tested. The veterinarian can help. ' brings the return of the priest, but maybe they will warn others in Germany and their domestic animals to save, if the problem myself. Pet food NUTRO never mentioned, even cans. If you are looking for, you see, I have pet food is made here in the United States, so there are things from abroad. I have I my dogs Nutro awhile, I had never any problem is not never. Those who say again and again, always on the lookout for my dog not rolls you seriously. If you cook in the shower and sleep, such as the dispute over the phone to work or even dinner. Best, but when Lil managed ones. Animals sometimes get things the Dangdest right under our noses. I think that memory of bub hub w/pet pet food saw people inside. I have no father, I've had the same symptoms as I have read on this page, I never heard of the era. what it also comes down to is.old age, genetic abnormalities, or simply Alleregies! For those of you who have tried peace, it takes a while for the stomachs (even people) to a change in diet to get used to. It is an excellent source of vitamins, essential oils, acids.ect. After the meal w/corn yellow forest or takes time (some more than others!) to adjust now that now everything is, I hope advertising that you have in it. Is my dog outside the Quesstion, so a dry food easily feed their dogs what is? Re: My natural choice handling weight (& parts sauce) which gave him to eat. The date of 20 December 09 and the code number is Therecalled of food. I have carried out a series of tests, with my Hund.Ich noticed a change in her energy level and her ' t ate much. Very interested and annoying I think I tried the IAM good for them, I thought only to discover that it was not ' t. My dog is a dog Veryunique Maple, 4 years old, which can not be replaced by another. Theempty cans in the freezer, make sure that this meal used stored. What can you do? Scary change me, I mean dog food a week on a recommendation from a person I know. I've changed my natural choice lamb and rice (dry food) a week ago, I got my little yesterday, because he began urinating blood. They are suspected of dog food. I have an appointment on the 05, to discuss their concerns, what because it would not be happening with their veterinarian, ' t tell me by telephone. I had checked before your meal, but I thought that I was too wet food. I would ask that it is correct. It just needs to be done. Read some posts about it makes it very clear, that it something very ugly past. I hope that my small chance of Sammy. I wanted to not their food without changing the first thorough research. I have to say that I was very receptive to my complaints. I had a principle to push (as said, that it not ' t touch dry), but think that they were helpful, once there is a problem of the Potentiel. as it has already mentioned in my post, my cat died and my dog is sick. I think that dry food has me. I gave you an example of dog food and veterinarian. Envelope franked it me sent tat ' t cover enough $ $ include establishing the system my cat food sample, then she sent me an extra bag. Certainly not a fan of I at this time, because I think it's my pets fell ill, but so far they are happy with their customer service. I hope that they really test my food say that they do the same. Happy ' I have some rotten food, left just in case! ' t is no money nothing will return my cat Juliette. I want to eat and save the lives of other cats and dogs that eat a potentially contaminated product. After reading pet all the heartbreaking stories, that we our experienced everything so I mean that drinking a lot of water, uncle said noticed that the food tested to see what happens. When the dogs do not 2 master, that I think it's caused dogs Blutungen.Ich not food for dogs with all feel, what to give, we eat the food. Bring your pets food. It fits in a bag of food, which says where it was manufactured? I'm afraid ' ' show my throne, and I would like to add food, with the exception of bags for possible future evaluations. ' t N I think that there many manufacturers according to the list of menu foods. Packaging of course change, maybe so, but I'm ' sure that all goes in the same tanks. My god!!! I can't believe it, I have two Labradoodles and this is the only thing that I have, I have lamb and rice. Some of you do you live? I wonder why I'm curious to know if they are in the same area that the manufacturer sends the food. I live in Northern Virginia. Please let me know! Thank you very much. We think that we have been happy. until the last bag I bought Lite in the local ' s makes tractor. Our Trixie, 7-year-old golden retriever mix, is partial to I. however. He began vomiting, listless and otherwise act as it felt terrible, we decided with the dealer about recalls. He said it to eat no one to dry, but only work around woud on something else, to be sure. Earth has changed to a brand that does not ' t had withdrawals and is of good quality. It took a couple of days, and it seems almost, with the addition of some immune to support your diet, that her old self again. I want to know who is responsible. The days every Member of the family of dogs must have been for all the families who have lost and others, be responsible. Trixie is trained as a hearing dog, but before he died my father in law had her hearing dog. Now is a ' friend of my mother. I want to know who did this! I killed my beloved Shih Tzu dog food. He was only 6 years old and was in good health, until I went to all natural foods was welcomed by an add Web. Buried my beautiful baby a week ago. He developed seizures and even his liver began to fail. It is the immoral that she confronted with this. I'm considering a class-action lawsuit. My 2 years German Shepherd eats primarily dry food I Res. I don't eat canned food, rarely but certainly in the first March 07 sacrifice on March 21 on my couch urinates and did again the next day, which was very different to him. Immediately I felt that as a health problem. She was found to have a bladder infection and many crystals in the urine.She is antibiotics and a special food recipe. He will be back in a few weeks and once again, have tests, radiation X and ultrasound to make sure that your liver is correct.Tell me, what are the chances, that would have occurred at the same time, the other time, interested in.? It may just be that I left up is not in the list. Though as I mentioned eating dry food, and their symptoms are the same animals that were exposed.This is needless to say, I am concerned under control, and if they are positive, that canned foods are the only source. To get back to the basics. Number 1 - which animal was ill and recovery, recovered both, or in some cases dead hapless. Number 2-eliminated all possible causes, IE. injesting anything other than Lebensmittel.Wenn this the case is, the dog, has eaten with your veterinarian, and call then the company makes the meal. If enough source, alarm bells pet owners must close its, n ' t already. Register with the FDA, unfortunately the Canadian Government regulates any animal food. Join a class action lawsuit, if at all, the case is documented.Pet owners should take a decision for your pets! My dog is almost dead, now all say they have these empty after implementation in food. I have a golden retriever age from 11 months to their half-sister, who is part Husky-5 months old. We fed Nutro dry puppy food. ~ My kittens have not shown the signs and know your good health, but should these companies not to do so. They say that wet food even as only eat wet can if you tap your Manufacered in the same place? I know that something is wrong here. Thousands of dogs sick, always with the same symptoms, all at the same time, and thus the consumption of dry food companies, the food wet recalled. I say that the FDA require these companies to remember everything. There are still good food at all interested. Obviously she ' King tried, this option to avoid that to hide money ' d ~ you pretty the world loses thousands of our animals, that they both love. I agree with Tess. In General, Americans are all old mere Sue happy. Also my dogs not for 3 years with JAD fed no complaints. If you don't like the food for your dog. I don't believe it. Why it takes people who whine and complain all the time. You're just so unhappy with her life? Yes, I was constantly in contact with Jackson, and started a claim with them. Although my dog not ate dry food still on a list of the store now appears rice gluten or Protien has this rat POSION in, that will change. If you have an animal, has suffered after Kindey failure, the first purchase of a bag the symptoms began immediately after contact with the company file must be an application with them, contact the FDA. the FDA had 14,000 complaints about animal feed, and this list is growing daily. Since yesterday not JAD could ' t give you me the information, the I search for, what happened, as it happens and when does it end? You are tested. And it will be called, if they have an answer. Until then, my heart is in limbo and broken. Miss my dog. Interest was thanks for the Antwort.Ich the list of ingredients in the dog food. Back to the roots is a comprehensive food. The only element that is displayed, and that is 'Sélénite' sodium. Send an email to the basics to return, and the owner of the company was helpful to help me with the selection of food. He recalled the bad things that residues of Eukanuba was low; That is, what the vet give him said. (?) In the meantime, we have done this work since March. I have to wait, if it then and see how everything in comparison to this situation. I thought it was even stainless steel bowls or maybe was the water too cold on the plate. I saw eat, drink and vomiting next comes. The design is too large. Shake the tail and be ready to play after a few minutes. I'm in my Witts end up with this problem. I want to be better. Thank you for your concern and consultants! You win, remember what to memorize this page was recommended a dry dog food? I chose a food based on these sites and just out of curiosity. I agree that House meal feeding can be resolved in the short term, but in the long run, the animals need more. When eating, if it not organic ' human needs without additional costs, to meet, then you can ' to meet nutritional needs of our friends and not the skin. We have not forgotten that dogs and cats have to do another system. Not to mention the pollution involved now with food for people. I gave him a dry dog food for two months now without any problems. Although I also eat no callbacks on the food, what will be aware, ' the past. It is a difficult period, so choose a pet should eat a personal decision. But I must admit reading these bubbles at least I did some comparison to good and bad. I am grateful for these pages, as I know, it may have saved my dogs life. Oops, forget to file for bankruptcy - our vet checked by our daughter and told me that it was very bad bacterial infection. He had also an otitis bad. We have followed a walk of full fact and said that everything was fine. They said they were caused by something they ate or stagnant water. Because I only eat I Nutro points and fresh water several times a day will receive (and of course the occasional grass out ugh!) I'm eating it. Let the ' remain at the top and I've got all these manufacturers see our vet was behind us about the turn of the century, to validate this page after a few weeks. I have my dog that I am chicken and oatmeal (delicate stomach) after this week, and I myself, that it is not too late to do much. Me ' m amazed that your company no ' t reminds all dry. It is a pity that so many dogs will die and do not accept even under Berücksichtigung.Ich tried the Itchmo site, and it seems to be down. I tried to make my food for a while, but it was quickly old day m ' I do not know what is actually a balanced diet of vitamins, mineral nutrition for a dog. I've tired of it, when I go into a store of food for animals, make sure that all foods are 'bad' enabled by the shelves (pretending to be an expert) I want to that I knew that my dog eat. Since then, I've tried to solid gold. I don't know whether it is good or not. My dog ate with the normal functions of the body and looks good. But how do you know? We want t have ' than anything, what to make in our lives. UF. Thank you for listening. As a researcher in animal food, I assure you that you do not know, what happens in the industry of food for animals as a dollar. You do buy your dog a great service to a pet food recipe book and food industry does not change your own pet remembered it the bottom line is that the advantage is not love.? Dan and Cathy; You're quite right (at least my opinion). You can't be too careful. There are so many things that we, that not everyone know no less than half tell us the story. In regard to the paranoid.I think you're smart. We play safely by increasing our milk, beef, pork, vegetables, fruit, poultry and eggs for us and oats, corn, soy, wheat, hay, straw for the horses and cattle. A pet food fed my dogs and cats holistic currently distributed. No matter what food without preservatives, BHA and BHT, is Ethoxiquin and other harmful chemicals in a plus. A good pet food ingredients that are manufactured here in the United States inspects TRANS good food with wheat added and fat man, etc. and a mistress is the two without chemicals starting with a family of humans and animals, to stay healthy. What is the difference in the skin, skin, eyes, energy, weight and general health in us and our pets.? Complete with all natural supplements for us and our pets. It is sad, if you can not trust vitamins and supplements, use no glazes and harmful preservatives, that really interest us and then deteriorated due to the pressure on these vitamins and mineral substances so hard that our bodies can also be used. Best of all, most these vitamins and minerals still dominated. What is vitamin cat Hartz remember now.? ? Personally, I use no Hartz, but I've doing a lot of unsuspecting people. This meal are meal as I mentioned in a previous post, human industry/company/all animal feed safety and retreats are far from over.The only way for us is to Proctect us and our beloved pet with know, research, care and education. My 2 and a half year old lab Retriever cross in a veterinary clinic emergency-02 ended April 8.  We woke up because he was panting heavily, and as he got large amounts of blood in the House and vomiting.  Was vomiting blood and Defacating.  I had on the iv transfusions and spent 1 thousand dollar amount throughout the day in the clinic.  The veterinarian said that maybe the rat poison as a first step, my dog never leaves our farm and said that it sometimes was something she ate, or perhaps hidden in the trash.  We are very careful.  He was sent, that returned home with antibiotics and now 5 days later finally his personality back.  I was so tired that I am sure that if we had not taken the vet was going to die!  It has always fed dry food for dogs and natural choice, if the payouts Contaced pass my veterinary store and pet to buy and the withdrawal is not assured that the food has in the list contains wheat.  I asked the vet if buddy is sick, if dog eat it was and told me that it was not, not in memory, and this guy had no kidney failure.  All these other comments me?.  Since then I to a pulp and buy it directly to the vet of more expensive Yes changed have, but no, will not go there again.   There are some similarities in Ernst in all of our stories, and if it could be dog food it should be considered, if for no other reason that to prevent that other families the same disturbing to wake up the display that I have. You give people have the desire to learn.The most brain are washed, safe from the media and dollar information higher than amounts of food stamps and nutritious. At the moment, I work with some veterinarians who choose to wear a more nutritious and safe food for pets and supplements. I can tell you that veterinarians who wish to work with grow with the public and offer a better choice. For some, there is not enough time or money so that they can learn everything there is out there. Here is where we as individuals, the responsibility for ourselves and our families for pets. You do not know that MD no ounce of education to the healthy Ernährung.Ich welcome the fact that more people who learn, MD and DVM want to contain it. The number of people who are always interested and his studies on the subject of human and animal food industry are grown and the MD and the need to know DVM want to grow or remain in the cold. It is soothing, personally with a digital volt meter and comprehensive human nutritionist are included. This frame is in MD, RN, DVM, and someone willing to more and more of them have to educate. This is the beauty, education and don't learn well. I've found that not an expert on anything, it is this. Only some know more than others. All we can do is share what you know, and they continue to grow.Personally, I have found the parts I know with many animals and helped people. others were angry because they don't want to hear anything, which may be different than what you believe. It is the animal, I'm sorry because to continue to buy his men are trademarks of pet for their animals and kills food slowly with chemicals and lack of grain and makes all to mention is the potential threat of an other Erinnerung.Wissen, according to Gewicht.Wir need to take, share and continue to learn more. Varga, ' I feel your cat. My greyhound dog is also being fed (I think) is to eat the dry food, I don't call. I have a bad feeling about my food. My dog was not well after the meal. I thought that not to do it. It changed to dry foods for dogs BillJack and his symptoms are a little better. Not very ', but for the moment seems to be not too bad when they were their symptoms. Well, here is ' a new memory company, which intends to buy cereal, only here in the States Unidos.LiveSmart Adult Lamb and rice Kelly remember | AmLiveSmart 08.54 4 May 2007 adult are lamb and brown rice on May 2nd, 2007 we launched a voluntary resignation of all levels of the LiveSmart Adult Lamb and brown rice. This product positively for the presence of melamine in a test received early in the Tag.In our last post about the recall of dog food we our brands describe food for dogs, LiveSmart weight management chicken and rice, contains a Wilbur Ellis-rice-protein concentrate and that it voluntarily product to reduce the risk of side effects in dogs because of the risk of contamination by melamine had called back. In our efforts to understand and to avoid new problems, we send all dog food brand of LiveSmart tests of melamine on the next day, we started our Erinnerung.Diese tests were returned today, may 2, 2007 and LiveSmart Adult Lamb and brown rice demonstrated the presence of melamine. It was something unexpected does not concentrate of proteins, wheat gluten, longer than the formula of rice or one of the ingredients in the list of the monitoring of imports by the FDA included. All of the ingredients in the formula with the exception of meal of lamb and the Lamb comes from us sources. The lamb and lamb meat meals, we use the formula comes from New Zealand. (Our partner, Chenango Valley pet food sources are raised free-range this ingredient in New Zealand, the lamb and the Government of New Zealand is known for strict rules on the use of antibiotics).Once these results today receive tomorrow, we immediately suspended production of SmartPaks with LiveSmart lamb. Remove the product from the Web site. Free UPS redirect all packets that determines our customers to the houses. And we all batches of the product completely to remove after the meeting of the situation with the FDA.Since eating the fire of desires, the affected customers via telephone, is sold immediately only in part-Paks delivered so called House of the consumer, every month, inform E-mail or letter. There are no pockets of products which can be nationally relevant on the shelves of stores.Results for the formula of the LiveSmart weight loss — to the subject of our original — do memories had no detectable melamine in a sample. There was no melamine in samples from LiveSmart adult chicken and rice, LiveSmart puppies and senior LiveSmart, brown rice or brown rice detected. SmartPak recommended that dogs from LiveSmart lamb and show signs of kidney disease (loss of appetite, weakness, vomiting, diarrhoea) were fed, as quickly as possible to be seen by a veterinarian.We are all very upset customers and this situation have exposed their dogs. Other responsible member of the community of pet and will make every effort in the coming months this situation learn and regain your confidence. We will continue to update our website provide more information. I have just this thread a couple of days after two mean went Chihuahua in liver failure. I have my dogs for a year dry treatment have eaten food weight ultra. This may sound stupid, but I did not know that there problems with it. I bought the bag, which poisoned them 6 weeks ago.A dog is on the way to recovery, for nothing, but poorly treated. It is a medicine Pepcid, anti-Vomitos, two antibiotics and milk thistle. Do not eat, to feed their food for baby with a syringe. His breathing is shallow, it trembles, drink and urinate much. You are someone comes, life let me know, if something more can do it for you? My vet seems it have given up.Thank you very much. Have you ever read books by Trudeau? Kevin hit the nail on the head. Natural remedies do not know! This is so true. The entire industry is the policy and welfare money or food for the people. Imagine not only that, I'm afraid that the FDA reviews less than 1% of human food in this country.but is rich, I can give me as much less, what check pet food? If you are a doctor, you treat the symptom and not the cause. Bring us to a life of Rx and pharmaceutical companies to deliver money, so feed the doctors money and so on. You have crushed diseases in other countries, an idea of how many is that our country, because these priests tend to be natual cures and profitable.? Here we have some products such as the impressive noni and Limu juice. Noni juice is used for people and animals. If cured diseases rather then try our country our country would probably be broken. Products such as these juices and many others that our country finally has forbidden, because they are valid, but the care of our district want us want orders healed us. These and all other connections, which for human consumption, products for pets and kids toys ect. As a county we have China would so much money, that we must embrace your body, otherwise it might be in our loan, and what then call our Government? We need the people of that time to wake up and take care of us and our pets. Eat food, not packed in the store. Most of their big corporations change the express or make us sick, fat or addicted. When we are sick, we have orders, if we're fat, that we buy food (which helps us to grow and buy more) and if we are addicted to buy more about this product. The same goes for our pets. Is clear that our pets make life eight years ago, moreover, what is known as 11 15-year-old for dogs and cats? Of course, our pets can not these normal life expectancy life, if we follow the shit in grocery stores. Our pet is BHT, BHA, Ethoxiquin, artificial chemical taste and preservative, dead or sick animals, corn, wheat and soy bean allergies, multiple organ failure, slow agonizing death give and shorten their lives about 8 years. We cook for our pets. Then I learned without calcium and minerals that could cause my pet get similar to rubber jaw, rickets in humans. We can kill lot of cooking for our pets. There's a sensitive system and care of our animals and the right to feed most of us don't have the time or the ability to do this.So please people do learn how to stay healthy and our animals healthy to. Investigate a little, I read it. Please, stay inside away D and artificial hormones also Vit from chicken and packaged foods, which has injected hormones, homogenized milk. If your child has a problem of organic milk, light. Finger away from fluoride causes health problems and we grow. For God is no Animalerie pet food buy back. Many products there are holistic and raw and niche-our animals to feed, to keep that much more healthy and safe. God bless you! He met with the representatives of today. You have information about the incident yesterday with Jasper ' and send a sample kit to collect a sample of food, we have to consider if it toxins, etc. contains, in addition to a copy of the invoice and receipt of veterinary food and we send a refund of the price of food (at least). You want to tell us something, in 6-8 weeks, making the test results.I wanted to buy some new food for the PetSmart & once there, I talked to the Director. She said, I have the same problem with my products, that ate your Bullmastiff and had proposed that we feed our Blue Buffalo puppy dog food brand, because that's what now feeds his dog (with no negative effect). Also noticed that her hearing had works with my Representative, in the dog food shop, as it was bad &.I got a call from representatives of the company of PetSmart, which noted that this type of accident was not ' is ' (be) problem and would continue to transport and sell food for dogs, until they legitimate documents arrived that food for animals are harmful. He conveys it knew (this page) documentation that showed that food had caused other ' two dogs, including death. It ended an almost ' agreement ' Stellung.Gute message, however, is that Jasper seems to me your nasty playful support. Our old dog now was a dog, and I mean now have food for adult dogs. And it's fine. In fact, he loves it! Thank you, I have the experience, who have had other owners (thumb). WOW! As soon as I was surfing around the best food for my large breed puppy and I find ' view stumbled. Thank you for the update. Tired of my dog for 6 months and my Defanately ends now! I have three Boston Terrier, the we as children. The first was tired to eat, lethargy and inability but who consume large amounts of water. My father was ill and could not ' walk t is ' drunk as her ass or rigid; I was vomiting and was worse than I ' seen. So my younger and smaller Boston was really sick with diarrhea and water had also this inability due to foot summarizes his butt on the page and autumn. In a first step, my age with medical condition was diagnosed by an X-ray the problems showed disc back. But the symptoms are very similar to the related smaller Boston IV and veterinary aid remain strongly in our ' s because it was Deydrated. This is done in the same meal time for animals all over the world will remember. I thought that we were in agreement about it, because our chemical snack NUTRO natural lamb and small rice! He goes to the vet as soon as they open. Up to this point was our animal blood work fine. But the similarities and now another episode of the disease with the same symptoms as I firmly believe that our food of fault, and although I don't even have the stock market came, I ' ll take some of them with me to the vet. Sherry, thank you very much for the kind words and advice. Lola out over night, but once more, has no interest in food. Despite the extreme lethargy, which still manages to spit the pills continuously! Food with a syringe (Turkey Vegétales Cebolla not) organic food. It is difficult to know what to eat because he hates every morsel of it.My other dog (Lily) ate with steamed from the House of meals chicken rice or potatoes and a vegetable-sure-dog available for me. It is very happy with it. As soon as the two dogs have undergone, I'll stick with the kitchen! Hollie, Dan, Camil, was looking for a better meal, which I also have, and eventually went to Purina. He was not satisfied with their ingredients and to make a long story short, I now feed a product called the fullness of life. I liked also the possibility that smell when you open the bag. I have 6 dogs, I swear, they are happy with this meal. It is a holistic veterinarian as the last few months, I've come to trust. You have a phone, can attend and ask questions on Thursday night or for a week before the next chat session can be heard at any time.OK, was certainly glad that you Zoie! My friend gets also the laboratory Hautallergien.Viel luck in every meal to go! A previous comment mentioned that food dried contains no wheat gluten. You have a GSD is very allergic to wheat and read all the labels have found a dryer for wheat, with the exception of the natural choice lamb & rice. I can't comment on if you only ' s wheat or wheat gluten. feeding my three dogs natural lamb & rice choice for several years without any problems. For the last month they have been vomiting and plenty of water drink. Everything went to the vet and no problems have been found, and said I should look. Immediately, I went to California and all was order the vomiting and gourmet water. A coincidence? I ' view held the rest only if I have, and in just three days, everyone is very tight, ' view in the last two weeks. Our dog died four years suddenly on 22 Feb. Only lamb formula natural choice dog dry food. I had an abdominal/gas pain for a few days, I thought it was just an upset stomach, we leave the House for two hours, it seemed to be good, when we two hours later left home and had my children, the dog died in the backyard. It was always completely healthy regular visits to the vet, vaccinations, etc., it was the best dog in the world. It was just before the news of the dismissal, he never had an autopsy, I'm tested food for a place preserved. You can ' all responses have someone for dried fodder. Try AlexA contact, an FDA for your condition. See whether you can analyze what is the contaminated food. If you can, you must provide a sealed bag - so if that better matches the date & try to coincide with lot numbers. I / March can not say what contaminated food. And not so much respuesta SI hope, to talk to someone, get their name from the document by time, date, something that the surname &. I have history to argue that they have received no complaint of the customer to your Rep records, your name and your complaint. I understand pet food manufacturer, which means that the hair in the packaged food is acceptable not responsible. But he was not receptive for March, when customers call and without any problems, so please with them be produced. You can save the life of an animal to another person. This withdrawal will affect on dry food. My female Mastiff, which was abolished in the late March.due to renal failure. We feed your unique Max have dry food. He vomited every day for several days. Not able to store food or water, we have a visit to the veterinarian. You have all the blood and urine tests. Only one has been found that the poor are: kidney failure. It is important that all for a period of 2 weeks to happen. We will offer you a few days later, there was nothing we could do to alleviate the symptoms. It broke my heart. A few days later we learned the wet store pet food. us n t ' believed that it was just a coincidence. Well, we ', that the dried fodder could actually involved. I understand the people who work with these companies to be defensive; It shocked me that might have something to do. But it is better to do this together, because the causes are inevitable, and ends any subversion of the facts in the serious legal which should. We have lost our Chihuahua 4 years, two weeks ago. He stopped eating, it was constantly vomiting, became gradually more lethargic, has had accidents. At times, his attempt to vomiting was clearly painful for him.The veterinarian put to rehydrate IV, gave him antibiotics, X-ray and ran when we came to visit him at the end of the day, reported that he went into convulsions and died shortly before.They were fed only, I max mini chunk (Lamb and chicken) because we had our (two years). We have the last doctor I have a bag that contacted the company but received to ensure that no list of stores was this article (specified batch number). Maybe, but it has not fully as questionable means and requires that I max also used most mini River units know whether your dog or currently showing signs of is outraged by your Produkt.At is reserved at least continue to pressure on this issue of animal feed, and are ignored. For this site you will find only a few foods that use and then click on the ingredients in the Inneren.Die nature the company is produces excellent natural food California Innova two (slightly more expensive I), that is the most important thing, read the label and make sure that there are not wheat, grains, or the maiz.como the ingredients that are now remembered and your dog only as a filler is not very nutritious. Our veterinarian told us that our dog was poisoned. I can honestly say, that I never a minute which failed after a few meters from a member of my family had, so we know that without a doubt he ever does not have. Exclusive your food for dogs, that is, why we are sceptical and the decision was made to get tested food.Thank you for the positive news. It was a tough week!. I live in Italy and claws regularly with my lamb and I have Rice.My Rep assured me that as much as the dog food is imported from States s ' classified as safe.Try it by European legislation. PET per Pietà Rios Gracias for your understanding. N ' t know, think, until you know more. Yes, I'm trying to eat, which tested by an external source Innvolved in Producition, which feed directly. In addition, the FDA has asked to keep the bag. What the FDA could not ' say these games, because they are testing food. Yes, it is you the truth business, as I already said, they cost veterinarian would pay, if it turns out to eat. No ' t find out about the cost of an adopted another dog, Maudigan was rescued by me in a pound of the city. Most companies use outside sources to test their food in question. Yes, I have a different dog, my house ' the t-function without a dog is not good (a term with Maudigan, when I tried, the attention to get the head of the dog in the face) Autour, her mind wonderfully to fill. In fact, his name is Desora my crazy Maudigan, 10 months in the year, Basenji-mix, a black Edition. One call or desi. Rueda in Robert Jordan series of time and you should translate ' life. In my opinion it is not, that this is what it means for me. I chose my daughter for proposals other great dog name asked. Maudigan is our Misprouncing Martingan crazy crazy pasture, the character of Kilmer van. Handkerchiefs film finish.The next day Maudigan has t or Devistated was beaten down, obviously. I finding Association on the Internet for local Basenji mixes who need a home. I'm surprised that there are 6 my friend all 6 revealed, he is very popular. Saying that I am ' to come home and there will be a dog ' isn t it. Take me to temptation. I as a refuge not murder that occurred, is that you to wonder what her adoptive parents has been raised. I called and left him a message. Then talking on the phone with my mother in law, subject: a dog. My family was overwhelming positive through everything Maudigan was my companion and I are disabled. She said: ' I ' I will be at 10:30, we ' we eat lunch and go to the SPCA during lunch, she makes fun of me, which I find a dog. I think that ' Yes. In addition, there was this small black and white dog on line is still in my head. I have 3/4 of the s.p.c.a. cage, many adorable dogs. However, not only captured my heart. Then comes the dog in the kennel, then view, stand upright, this is little black-and-white dog up huge bat ears and I look straight in the eye. I almost fainted, it was this same dog what he had seen, that kills not online on this retreat. ' You aren' t to be ' here. Say that it crashes against the door, so not his eyes never touch me me.Now, he published this kennel, took them up to the front desk and said that I adopt to this dog. While the roles that he and I deposit bound. My mother-in-law said ' history of the Maudigan s. The staff was almost in tears looking at these puppies and paste it directly in front of them. Place the next day, and you have to come with me.She is wonderful. Absolutely correct. Adorable and affectionate. I say, Maud said to God that his mother could not ' t be alone. Then, he in addition to these puppies and I went that day to another.Later more discovered, that adoptive father of refuge not kill had still never a dog, someone in your neighborhood who have access to the s.c.a.f without them transferred from was. Also this girl who was excited at my house since the adoption of the SPCA in an hour before I get there. In joked almost at the same time, my mother-in-law, that I have a dog at that time where found.So yes about requests from pet owners. Kim thank you that you me this information, I take this with me to the vet tomorrow, since today is Sunday '. You'll know it. I have a 10 WK old Yorki, I got him, the puppy dry oatmeal and chicken, I think it is. Spearmint in the back. Small bites. Here has anyone had problems? It is my first child and the completely shocked and can't sleep. My vet told me but very well after reading all this, don't you think Dryfood. Please reply Rachel. Our dog is an old American Eskimo for about 3 years. It was always as it Santee well as possible. First of all what is extracted by our veterinarian, when we hear that the call of moist food. I had 3 cans of wet dog food Nutro ultra adult but mostly adults, Nutro ultra-feed, the croquettes. We began, after hearing the appeal and led to our vet for a routine visit. But no fever (103 °) low grade had his white blood cell count and all the other normal tests. It home with an antibiotic sent to take care of, fever, as well as a diet KD science, where I had problems of the kidney (renal insufficiency). Per week and 1/2 it seemed later, it became normal again and suddenly began vomiting and may contain no water. Then he started on diarrhea with blood have. We take it to the vet, and she was in his Office all day. Other tests carried out on it and took x-rays of the abdomen and finally, it was noted that there is a bowel infection with slight fever gastro. She sent him home with 2 drugs and a hamburger, rice, and cheese for 1 week took airplanes. We are now on the 5th day, and it seems back to normal. We hope that this time forever. To our surprise, have read this blog, we heard that many dogs have the same symptoms as our dog after eating Nutro. N ' I know why it took me so much on this website, but you have read, I just want to say, that my dog died last two weeks in August, after I bought new bag natural choice adult large breed, I have. I want to eat ', but because it was the same food that had eaten for 5 years (and very good) does not believe that it was ' food. Neither the veterinarian; We think that it must be rotten tooth that would have turned off after removing. So that the tooth was removed, he received antibiotics, prednisone, nothing helped. In the week that passed, the same symptoms people here mention the liver enzymes greatly. It was then that I began to suspect food. I have also sent me an email the food tested and said it was fine and I sent to Gutscheine.Nicht long, that I had a new partner, we believe that your dog could eat after all was safe. But your dog ' touch of t. finally threw, I kept ' d. recipes and how she find them I will send copies of it, as well as a copy of their results and conclusions and FDA veterinary medicine and my bills have somewhere they have. ' Help won t Joe Ricci and not I have a sense of relief knowing that it's not something I did, that he was killed, but I must tell you something tells me, that ' not only of melamine, there is something. I hope that anyone know maybe, what a dog hybrid 2 years have the dry formula Nutro lamb and rice to eat. It was strange in the last few weeks (open of a small amount of food, irregular bowel movements, lethargy little). Last night he urinated 3 times at home (very rare in there). This morning, still a trail of bloody diarrhea and then large amounts of blood has vomited. Today we do it to the vet. The first thing the all those who took the time, their experiences; I think my old PON 2, chewy has been (almost 4 years, 6 lbs) & flowers (3 years and 5 1/2 lb) to go through what crosses my lower Pom, Tinkerbell (1 1/2 years, 3 kg). I think to return to something, so here is my story '. I m ' crossing fingers on dogs that meet someone older and morning alternative health for your pet will find always a new way of eating. They show always healthy signs, but I think that for them there in time was intercepted. I fed my dogs, the natural choice small bites me Lamb Rice Formula & life flour and recently opened a new bag, seems to be the culprit.On Sunday, I saw everywhere in my dogs in the area of the pen of vomiting. N ' sure t because they were all still dogs that are run like crazy. The vomit was very reddish (bloody? not sure). The Sunday night knew exactly who was Tinkerbell, he ' asked what you would do lie fell to the knee. Monday: Tinky was very Lathargic, not vomiting in the water eat, very weak, even something urinate outside of transport to tomorrow could lead. I called our vet and asked him to come with him. He said it would be like flu symptoms, because there was nothing around our yard, because it might come, and nothing have to follow at this time. He shot his superior (sorry, No ' here know the correct terminology) with nutritious fluids was very dehydrated. I have with me working. Fluid width next hours came from mouth and nose, and what to dry heave, regularly during the night. Tuesday morning: Tinkerbell of continues, is worse. weaker, more vomiting (he is vomiting ' Brown, but it had no food since Sunday morning), I called our vet and brought his right; new analysis of blood fluid (good was released), x-rays (Bueno, no blocks); I took some liquid work. equal will continue his mouth & noise, weaknesses, can ' t support even an own weight, etc., on Wednesday morning: Tinky can hardly lift the head out of the cover. Research ' as a noodle in my arms. I called the vet, my eyes crying; There they said that for him. For its part, and as I write this my Tinky in veterans, to fight for his life. connected to drain for 2 days. The tour four times in the day and give you all the love you can. It has ' a veteran; He was a veteran in the world; and they get beat! This is my Tinky '!Wednesday your constant attention TInky had, my vet has asked (and encouraged me to continue the research) if we eat the food in the watchlist, which I replied No. But shortly after leaving, I decided to explore further and found this sight. Print a few copies of your stories have led to my vet, immediately after, that I took (but still safe) food to the dog around the House. In my heart, I knew what it was like.My vet can still ' t find the answer and I think that it lost hope yesterday as Tinky has deteriorate further. They go in & out (d. sometimes means that it gently a little better looking, a little life in the eyes, on other occasions moans and his eyes very hard), but continues to fight!My vet said that n ' t (yet) convinced that it was food of the Fund. If things are inexplicable, like dealing with delete, I understand that. And I think that not ' want the truth in the face, because it said Klang.Er to power struggles today, another thing! These are the words I had to say, so I knew I'd see on because it really goes, he said, although the symptoms not ' exactly the same t, most of them relate to the other four cases of food poisoning, he has been edited recently.My Tinky is a fighter, and during my last visit for the day (you and I) both had the hope in your eyes. Continue to write the information on the website and take him to my vet in the hope that this can help your treatment for them. Thank you to those who gave exact words, symptoms and treatments seem to help. Because it is new, and the symptoms seems to be changing, n ' I think that our vets have yet to know what to do. But my vet reported that not all the stories are heartbreaking. many dogs are actually in this way even after 5 or 6 days so ugly disease (my Tinky is day 5). Brackets to the hope and faith that have me best decisions for my animals (including my cats) and refuse to regret the cost, comes the to the vet to save my life Tinky ' s. ' but don't get it wrong, to me, money, and I want the people responsible for the payment of the invoice! Fortunately, n ' t saw nearly everything at this time! I have found the best solution for my Tinky now n is t ' the hope that keep the faith and you lose all the love that I have. Luckily, my husband and my animals OK so are!Thank you cause again and again if I this, I am so confused and ' 't know where you go, who to trust, etc.but, I read on I have hope and trust.for and thank you to all of you.Here is my ' Lil ' Tinker Bell! My heart is with all those who lost their children and those who still fight!Love and light. We have an old Jack Russell for six years. We have fed science diet and nutrition science gourmet meat came entries. Maize in dry food which is first ingredient, small came to puffs have lamb and rice. It was four months ago. Gradually, we have not really moved like you. Feeding was a problem because they do not eat. We had to encourage them to eat. He was dried convinced that it was a better one for food. Then she began that accidents at night. Small dabs feces in your bed in the morning. Very gaseous. Drink more water than normal. We accuse him so long that came into the season. I didn't make. When I slept it was when he was unconscious and had accidents in his dream. Their droppings were bright, yellow and loose. We were told that we would lose. Tuesday, 21, were April I mentioned on HLN quality is questionable. Immediately, I went into town and bought the best diet snacks of science natural rice chicken & small brown. Glad that I ate it nutrition science. On Wednesday evening, she was first normal bowel movement in weeks. Your power is now more accidents (25 April) back. Normal stool color and texture. It is the same. Was it the dry food? Tell me. OK I am satisfied '. Our blend of beloved pit/Boxer/lab 'Belle' flew after $ $ all over the garage the other day and then again in the Hall last night. It has ' also been lethargic, but I think this is almost always ' in this way. Is after reading all of the stories about ' I lamb & rice (green bag), which we show state ' their makes.So, now we can ' view determined that, of which some recommendations for what foods for what should be done? In particular, food that can be purchased (not ' same to cook for me) any suggestion will be appreciated.Still a note for friends, to defend and continue it-thank you. ' cold idiots in this world who are willing to use questionable food is happy. Please let me know to know whether your dog is dying. So, for me ' if you ' control is ' s ' easy m '. I changed my green bag croquettes 35 pounds, and shortly thereafter, our dog is sick. I have 3 dogs and seemed more need foods are fattening. Otherwise, diet is by science. The dog has already for almost a week was vomiting. I m ' food science for all dogs from switching and 3, that is the way to go. It is one of the reasons why veterinarians have the logo on their blouses nutrition science and because I grew up in a small company, I know that it isn't very ' t supplement on the price of the science diet. So many stores push so heavily against the mark. You n ' t make money selling. Please note that this recipe cat food on the list of callbacks for Science diet is? It is the special recipe formula, while I have basically all their grocery list. Number used to identify a product. It is a series of parallel vertical bars translated into barcode UPC for scanning, entry, electronic cash register, information used for sale inventory and item tracking. Use code magazine UPC wholesaler kiosk registration income; Each code identifies the title of the magazine and the topic. Supermarkets and other retailers use the UPC code to identify the products and prices and introduces a register of sold Ware.Der code is assigned by the uniform of the Council (UCC) in Dayton, Ohio, code on the receipt of a request from a manufacturer. The first six digits are the same for all ' products and manufacturers provide the name of the manufacturer; They are influenced by the UCC. The following five digits are the same product, and they are allocated by the manufacturer the product of your choice. Use of the retailers, which refers in this part of the code a computerized matrix of prices than an electronic cash register which UPC code is inserted. The correct price is removed from the table and registered automatically in the registry. The UPC codes last digit is a check digit. Cathy, thanks for the review of the formula, which was to feed my dog. I think you're right. I'm going to feed me. I remember to have seen that a recipe kitchen by throwing the first House reminds the wet food for dogs. I ignored it and under the assumption that my dried fodder was so sure. Does anyone know what is it? Thank you very much. Andrea. If I was dismayed that currently contracts with the transactions menu foods, canned foods, also if they it in another system and providing you. Do, if anyone knows a page where all companies listed, making transactions with menu foods. or, better yet, a site that lists the companies in pet food, the entire treatment fair and not - ' t foreign import ingredients? Tue-Wed I have 3-year-old gold ' and his adult weight management formula ' was vomiting a dense, almost transparent liquid with bits of food inside. several times on the day. Drink the water as it ' never grow up. And ' was panting, as ' under the direction of a marathon. Diarrhea with blood had a couple days once. When I accepted your meal, all of these symptoms have disappeared. When you say you eat again, the symptoms (all except diarrhea) were within 3-5 days. I give not more than I am. Does anyone know of a good recipe dog? I ' fear m soon dog at any time give food. In January, the FDA and pet food companies knew the bad food. It took months to announce a withdrawal. Thousands of animals has fallen sick or died this delay. News channels have minimized the problem. Advertising revenue will be paid by pet food companies, they have to for my comme Prudents, his representative told me every time to a small stack of bad ' shut down. I also said that if food was not properly kept shops, this fungus can develop. So, blaming the dealer. Their food ingredients are poor. Once again, because I defended it. I had all my pets Nutro natural choice. My cat is super thin, wasting much hair started poorly. He changed to another product and seems very now. I thought that maybe the pieces too big for him.I have my dogs in the same product. I wish that would change them. My parents little recorded, which repeatedly vomiting drank this very unexpected female GSP much, only by acting funny, we wanted the next morning to the vet's Office bring him. When he awoke, he was dead. There was a time before Christmas. We think that he poisoned been has. We do not believe that it was food.My other dog is very sick. He took off, he stopped eating, he began to drink heavily, he was tired. I changed his food, but I think that the damage had already happened. Developed ascites. I think the vet come to a heart attack, but was not 100% sure and said it could be a number of things, but no shortness of breath, coughing with congestive heart failure, typically is a great dog. You will be treated, but does not help, is very thin and not eating. Renal failure can cause ascites, too. Veterinary blood tests done. I think that it is too far, so that everyone can help. I think that your next visit will be present. I'm so excited. Comment by windyr1 - 1 day Aguilar on March 23 bought I mean Basenji-7 years dog foods have natural choice lamb and rice formula dry. Today is the Veterinary Office, fighting for his life, his kidneys, the number of letters in their tests. Windyr1, it is just an idea here. You say that there is a mixture of male Basenji. Ask the veterinarian for Fanconi syndrome. A hereditary kidney disease, known recognized usually first 6-8 years in the Basenji. This disease can be controlled with a special blend of vitamins. If untreated, it is fatal.At all. Sorry to hear so many animals is down with similar symptoms that balanced eating food. But because it share a forum to their thoughts and opinions I agree with Sami. I got my Maltese puppy and Nutro ultra senior fed formulas. My great Australian girls eat not only the natural balance. , On the weekend before dinner my two Australians are very ill last month. He threw up, if you seriously vomited a gradient of blood that had others should be up to the point where it was blood. Veterinary emergency did not know what could be so sick cause so much at the same time. He suspects that many mouse/rat poison but where. They were very good, after a few days, and they are sin. Blaming the food? N eat t ' I. The Maltese, I have are 100% good. I have 4 disks of all blood. Don't forget that the games occur. Perhaps your dog has a death of something that has a bird eaten was to fly over your garden, give up. Things happen. Don ' t accuse, if a company something if your veterinarian may ' to determine what is the cause of t. Just the thought. Here, learn more about the practices are junk food. The smell of his works is so bad that the inhabitants of the region can not leave their homes. Imagine what caused the smell. Gross. This product must not be fed your pet! Now for the last time, where to get allergies? You can not download wheat gluten and all other non-human Foodadditives from wheat. It is a slow death. Every year is terribly worse because it is owned by a multinational company to satisfy the first shareholders. In relation to my vet found an infection by yeast in every dog. Nutrition science R D & bha and bht, ETHOXYQUIN downhill you can very easily. I do not know. Vets get training hours total for two weeks on diet during the end of the school. Suppose it training offers?Waxing are some of these stories feel about PETA, I'm starting to think that these new friends much it time that we only to understand. Finally with the JAD, contacted by phone, started a claim with them. Send 4 cups poisoned food, through a package, sent me. This is anilized by the company. I left still he messages to meet with the FDA. I hope this meal to of them are anilized. Because my confidence is not available at this time. I talked to a lawyer, helped me with Innfomation. She should also not part of the class action lawsuit is brought. Given the fact that the goal, my only hostel pays the Bills for my dog vet '. You can t Commpensate ' when he dies. Although this may change some laws to Negilgance of the company about the man and to include pets, this tall depending is you add to have it in memory. Maudigan update ' status, is very ill, IV weekend. At the hostel, we still don't know on Monday. Visit twice a day and he is very happy to see me and is in a good mood. The nurses are all head fallen over my friend cares for soft, easy to make. Still hope that this treatment for her works, as with other pets. No negative long-term kidney damage. You have a sick animal to the vet's Office bring, contact the company that makes the meal, to launch an application, please contact your local branch of the FDA, please contact your representatives and members of Congress. Representative Richard Durbin seeks a federal investigation about this retreat, nutrition and economics. People need our voices heard, we want an investigation into the Federal Republic, if these n ' t expand, because every day or that occur in the future. Its funny people would, their research say agreement have done? Then you know that the memory of the last Nutros was voluntary. None of which food was contaminated evidence. Not to mention that after a brand of dog food, tips on how they will find the search. Also for the brands are not mentioned. It is easy to blame anyone but you. Many of you are cleaned, said she only fell ill dogs should. Never stop and think about the possibility already. Many said that she had never thought something, that its blend with your dog does not provide. I know that some hot shot replica of this post. I just know that 10-year-old terrier mix is my mix in my life, my 2 and a half years, the old Shepard tone. Never a problem. Then not Stefanuccio another problem that created probably, knowingly or not. Cathy sorry, who hear him of his loss. I had problems with my son in April 2006 with I. I have my Samoyed dog, the healthy five years (albeit with overweight) Max Lite help you a little thin changed. Heard that there food after a good this is what ' us veterinary technicians, the vet said feeding their Perros.complete was tasty dry food with a shovel-1/4 box dose twice a day to make, for my dog. Gradually his diet to Nutro has, two weeks ago, the transition to modified. His regime is now more than I the dog was diagnosed with more intense. It grew more lethargic, she seemed more water and eventually reach the point where could anything stand. You can be immediately vomiting their food. The vet and I agreed, since the only change in his life the food, was that the offender.The FDA/USDA/menu foods and other manufacturers of Porto ' t admits how far have these problems, but I've read where melamine or melamine byproduct common in the United States and abroad is in gluten. I have a 1990 paper, in the a former employee of United States pipe sends a provider here change of melamine with wheat gluten. The FDA says that the Chinese supplier, delivered the product menu food since August 2006, but I think, that go beyond the problem of this time.In short: Cathy, both of our children have been poisoned my skin. I feel very fortunate that I could see the problem slightly as it began to give symptoms if I changed food. Sorry about your loss, but I hope that my agenda in any way help in their quest for justice. I check only the fda Web site, and they always say that dry dog food safe almost what killed my dog. These money-hungry tremble. How sick are or die before you add it to the list. I will never buy. I hope that you the right! Here is a very interesting article Itchmo demonstrate just how much pet food industry to animal care. Here is a quote from an article by: a to protect company and reputation can just as important as the withdrawal of unsafe products and work together with the regulation agencies. The reputation of the company has this pretty is more important than your pet. The Group of arrogant idiots. That's why never me never a penny of my money. It is as if just spit it in the face of their customers have. I have an olde Victorian Bulldog, which is about 1.5 years old. I have power, I have ultra large breed, since it is a year old. Do not eat worries me, because I was not in the list of stores, but 3 piles of food found undigested in the House last week and was never done. I noticed that he often wants to go outdoors to Unrinate. It also seems to lie down and pants for no reason. After reading all these messages, I'm with you have food brand from now on, because the dog seems to be that many similarities with these sick dogs. We have new truth!. You're straight from the vet and her doctor of believes that food, which I also is the reason for my Danish vomiting and now my Dachshund. Visit 200 for today and the doctor said that my consumes tons of water and now INA-Dane, completely dehydrated. The tires are dry and dense and had a BM the day before. I followed to get a urine sample and was so dark and smelled very dirty. The doctor had little blood and advised me to monitor it and feed her chicken and rice porridge for a few days. I took the bag 1/2 Nutro at PetSmart return and mean money back. .Was I wanted someone for the veterinary bills would pay! I heard the FDA ' the reputation of the Conference and say are still four companies that can certainly contaminate products but not lose t ' called for the moment. Tell me the hell with the security of society and start, watch out for the prevention of pet death! I have an old Boxer 4 years in 5 or 6 weeks of blood in the stool and diarrhea had. It rose from 62 to 48 books and now eat a little rice and boiled chicken, cheese. This morning n ' t back food and was very slow.I got it several times at the vet. Blood tests showed normal levels. Get antibiotics if an infection of Intestival was. I'm now watching a CT-scan and maybe do an intestinal biopsy. It is a combination of natural choice and Nutro lamb dry rice and lite natural choice dry food. He left when he became ill.My Sheltie had eaten only lite. Last week I ate about 1/4 cup food lamb and rice and sick, that this night there. Not ' t eats very well set and have diarrhea.I also think that it the food. But until this is solved, I Cook for them. There is, although 5 days eat a dry Newman by our dog ', no problem. It surgery for cancer and chemotherapy and has ' at the top of the world. I have in the last 5 days ' cleaning service for seniors, were out of town and what's new. Food not ' now I have ' who are apathetic, you project your belly, her eyes are glassy. Come to us and buy food pet food raw primal and finally ate. What do you know. I'll put ' if something happens to save the stock market. Now for the last time, the dog has developed an allergy, Yes, an Ingrediant variety of foods. I think that what, that makes you a food with wheat products. I know that this an allergy to wheat, at the age of 3 years had developed my 10-year-old. Animals develop an allergy to the numerous amount of things. All veterinarians put group Eaither, I know that many of those who have studied the diet. I suspect that they do so, under the brand of choice. Some dogs need no special diets. It is not or non-performance of the brands. I don't like for all brands I. Others who otherwise swear. As In the currently Canidae passage simply because the natural appearance of all.Yes, I did my research. That's why I for so long tired. So, now I'll be dogs. Although I never I have a problem with and I'm sure that this would never be. Blue Heeler is the cause of life, such as rabbits and rodents and trash even living under the open sky. These dogs, aggressive penetrating herd are the worst excuse for a pet that I've ever seen. I'd rather have a Pit Bull raging against Mike VIC have a different mixture of work Pastor biting the people of all times. I hope that you have the insurance for this double scale. Cable-a piece of shit, Terrier bypass Jet hair in a hole with this piece of dog food, I refuse to crawl. I have shocked this blog these days. I fed my dog 2 (lab Retriever 5 years mix) lamb and rice have years of at least 2-3, because I thought it was a food of the highest quality because of the high price and reputation. I write more later as I am on the way to the door. To make a long story short, I think that to read this blog has saved his life. Take only those who it arrested this week, uncontrollable vomiting, which both had. One of my dogs vomited immediately after dinner for a few years on the market. Now my question is, after days of feeding boiled chicken and rice, which tormented highlight croquettes for testing purposes. I ended up with the taste of bison and wild formula. If anyone has tried or heard, write please, thank you! Between this and Evo, car free t wheat and I think my dogs are allergic to wheat. Vicki Noviss wrote in comment # 9: I have a year of old German Shepherd mix healthy until 2 weeks ago. I have senior has natural choice of approx. 2, which is your dog a year because he underpinning the main food and how could feeding as food for 2 years. Just started a couple of weeks I intend that my dogs (dachshunds almost 2 7 Mo and Dane) I am his past dry dry pedigree, the eruptions, helped, that should. Tonight, fully undigested food it vomited my Dane as a bowl. I began to investigate a little about this and now am I very confused because if not I should follow with the food. I know that it could have been a coincidence, but I'm just worried with what food options me? Every lawyer? I was my dog feed dry food, I have adult small croquettes (bag pink with a Terrier in it) (here is a link to the image. Thanks Cathy. We had to return to the United States next month. I ' send foods are tested by an independent laboratory. I think you have only more hot & vet tries, gave me another excuse for me ' t feel that I put my dog killed. I ' ll keep you posted. I ' view already cremated are transmitted, but for your peace of mind, I think that the ' foods tested. It was so strange an issue before he died, and I was wondering if it was the food. I'm not ' under her death Ben & ' m in the middle of the movement. On the road, you come tomorrow at 08. Between the excesses of the sobs I put & take care of my 18 month old daughter. Cephus was the name of my dog ', it was a good dog and I miss him. We feed our dog Nutro Products for years in the belief that it was served in a bowl of mash. It was not until March 25, I started to make our choice in question. See # 32. If the animal is sick, you begin to see possible causes. She ate something, not ' t walk, there was something in the House, could the dog food in a new construction inside the House, etc. or maybe? ' Ruled out looking at everything I could think out of your food. Please enter it. Not yet. Perhaps it will be in the coming days. Every day adds a new food on the list, such as Royal Canin cat food on April 11. I decided not to wait. Food making, for my dog. No, this is not very convenient, but our dog looked better with the years. Their condition a little more than two weeks with home-cooked meals is full bouncy, coating has significantly improved appearance, their eyes are brilliant etc, just putting a daily requirement of vitamins and minerals, but check with your vet on April 16. For those who have a concern for food.STOP. They feel better to know that your pets are poisoning. I am ' on the same side as Carolyn. Mother of two children, who received also the Flintstones. There is a warning on the bottle! The food problem is enough to make others. Seek the advice of a veterinarian, some of these dogs weigh not so much as a baby and no one gives a child of Flintstones. There are animal vitamins out! To you, Canadians (like me), who is to the others I have. No solution in Canada? It could be Erin please cut and paste the answer for this site. I ' personally complained to her dry food and send it to the veterinarian, the results of the diagnostic, the UPC code for the last bag of food and a partial sample of food. I am very interested in this email. Thank you in advance. On March 23 I mean Basenji-7 years have natural choice lamb and rice formula dog food dry. Today is the Veterinary Office, fighting for his life, his kidneys, the number of letters in their tests. Suspicion of dog food. Company named repeatly, ' s mentioned not lists. You n ' t fed his beloved animal poison to want to believe. Their health, an active dog is slowly faded. You will be during the weekend, IV attached to it and what we up to the kill hope dealt with. I did it several times while called last week, affected your meal to the watchlist would add. You n ' t for the moment. When I called to inform that I was my dog of treated Kindey failure, when I bought food, have much here at home and it was healthy before this acquired food bag. Say the bar code # and he transferred CORPERATE was, is an answering machine. I have pointed out, this time, she took my information and said someone will be returned to you. Not ' t happened yet 24 hours later. Clear, in my opinion, that reminder, this food is something wrong with him. It is clearly something that my dog is monitored 24/7, didn t get ' into something that would make her kidneys are failing. Unless you something to achieve, that had it been PetSmart and returned and stole. Then, I wanted something to eat during sleep at night. At this point, I want answers. N ' I think that they know what it is, rat poison, the culprit for cancer drugs from what I read. I have a friend with this medication, your kidneys are not ' failure of t, which is in the long run. My dog, still fighting for his life, something that mysteriously into your system immediately after the purchase of this bag dry dog food added. Contain an excessive amount of wheat. You have a sick dog, which is found in dry foods, please refer to the company and your veterinarian. Means that there are no other animals and people as Maudigan will suffer, and now I'm finished as soon as possible. If you do before your dig Fiid lactation scared pig or cat, you only in your local gourmet shop smart and all organic food to buy. Two things are all natural and Diifernet dead. Not to be confused with this. THW label says not is natural, because it is good. Make sure that page, to spend money and feed your pet an organic food. I like the Club. I fed large races for 20 years and Rotties. Recently, my 18 months when I have puppies, spent big race. The bag says new formula.sad have my research, because he always had and never had problems had. If you have read previous messages or other Consumeralerts of Web sites, you know what happened then.My story is exactly the same as all others who have problems. My Puppy hyper, cheerful began vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, lethargy, she had himself, his balanced diet food but about refusing it him what above.I know that sometimes have different formulas with the strictest laws of Canada Canada, some food, I thought it would be a good choice of food. WOW was I wrong. Thank goodness my dog ate half of a package of 18 kg before all sites to discover. I told my vet that I thought it was food, and I was told, no space there. It cost me $500 blood and feces, that any result negative. There was still no answer. I talked to the seller, and he told me that a large majority of products have returned to his shop because customers of sick animals complain.The only change in my dog's life was the new large breed formula makes!I switched immediately to older chicken. Manufactured in Canada. Is my baby of course the same old after a month, thousands of people, who can not bad problems the same with their pets? Even my dog knew that eating something. Since this is still in progress. One last thing: just because it says food bag in holistic means nothing. There is no regulation that covers, what is considered holistic animal nutrition. I, and many other pet food companies is made, a comprehensive promotion of the brand is the new way to sell your trash. ' Dog CanadaMy Ontario never had my dog food, m is summer ' food for a week. Munch on this good, really not that ' t (would have a sign) my boyfriend gave me a lot of Nurtro Max real chicken and chunks of lamb Protien died Minni.Einer of his friends like you because old age dog. N ' t know the details, but for now, that my dog is sick, I'll check - in '.It has should drink vomiting, lots of water and is not the same. Buttercup has shit on the floor 3 times, and it is not. I initially thought that it should change food, until my 12-year-old frightened child says it is food for dogs, which has been removed.This is not the food ' t on the list, but Fel, possibly soon.At the opening of the vet tomorrow ' to take Buttercup and cat food. ,,.