As the Olympic Games in London many of us that we in our sport of members and the team favorite, follow victories in the hope beats all records, and of course gold medals. But this is a blog about the credit, we had question me, is clear I that countries in terms of their systems of credit reports?Learn industry association in the United States and Tony Lythgoe, Director of the financial infrastructure in the counselling of the IFC, which talked to the Australia me distances given Magnuson, Vice President of public affairs for the consumer credit statement to the works of the world, recourse to standard. Lythgoe said that in many countries, the two agencies appropriation of public recognition (often public folder called) and private funds, rating agencies. Public documents were often designed to control of risks in the banking sector, at - he said, and thus often only negative information to help. And often, laws prevent that the records for the exchange of information with the ratio of private Auskunfteien.Z.B. Have historically only negative information France, Portugal, Spain and the Nordic countries, Lythgoe said. Also if you notice, it runs slowly.The German system described as fairly complete, even if the information is mainly from banks. Their Does My Six Pack Life Work most important agency issue the SCHUFA. Thanks to the recent rule changes, you have removed German payment from your credit file, theme, that the original amount was paid less than 2000 euros and the account within six weeks. The German request a copy of your free credit report information about reports of consumer credit in Australia, as soon as a positive year unpublished. The Government does positive (report), but you try not information, a point where can they point at least, to achieve balance, Lythgoe, told me that lenders leave other balances on candidates for a sincere relationship.If you fall in love with the United Kingdom, while they want to stay here for the Olympic Games, and permanently, you will find the credit system similar to the opinion of the United States are big three (Equifax, Experian and Malipiero) consumer agencies review and the use of credit loan decisions is common for decades. To get an idea of what to get the report, loans to your subject, check your. ] U.A.E. religious restrictions on loans have prevented the development of a system of reports on consumer credit, the Magnuson said adding that they did not the whole country.Finally team work in the Caribbean and the Pacific Islands, bringing many of them are weak to support its stronger credit-rating systems rating agencies. What we said to do try to work together to create one or two credit bureaus that cover several countries may, Lythgoe. on the other hand, if you decide to go, one of the countries listed in this article, you have to start from scratch and build a new classification of the loan. By the data of the United States be released internationally, or conversely not.By Gerri Detweiler [free resources:,],.