. ┬áIf this link does not work, please let me know and I ’ to see if I can find another place.Good luck. Hi Robert, usually the driver for Windows is not reliable or smooth as ’ s is available on Mac. While not explained in the previous article, is involved in. Thus, in response to your question, Windows drivers, is not as stable as the driver on Mac. Please keep in mind that the MBP systems are much more inclined to the retina this problem than older models. This is partly because Apple has updated the system hardware and ’ t really Windows driver update, board games. Then, at work, in an environment of Windows Bootcamp, this mouse does not work on the built-in Bluetooth receiver to change MBP of retina in use, I suggest, a dongle Bluetooth with Windows using the driver provided first, and then the magic mouse. I have ’ t guarantee this will give you a better experience, but it is possible. When friends can borrow a BT dongle, can occur if it works better than the integrated ’ art. Vielen thanks. Hi Kodais, unfortunately disable gestures, you ’ the scroll is equally clear. Basically, you ’ end up with a kind of two-button mouse is a waste of money at $70. Note that this mouse is really designed for use on a Mac. A Windows drivers mainly for the use of boot camp. Apple quote completed only half of the work on the Windows driver. What I mean is that, while the drivers allow the gestures that there is an application of the Control Panel, which allows you to customize the settings. Yet, it ’ t means that the values may not be correct. Personally, I've not dug in the configuration of the controller, but it is likely that the values in the Windows registry, probably you can at least change some settings for the mouse. Even if on a Mac, the magic mouse is very sensitive and moving is out of control. Not so much the problem also a control panel, you can solve with this version of magic mouse. The only way to achieve this is that mouse movements and the precision desired, then with a physics of the scroll wheel. There's no other way to bypass the problem.I would say that your mission, you will receive a critical work designed Windows mouse that works fine and let the magic mouse for the leisure of Don ’ t require the degree of precision. You see if you really need a much more precise mouse ’ recommend you get d mouse Logitech or Microsoft. The two offers options with flexible Panel, you can customize the level of sensitivity of the mouse completely. The magic mouse is not designed for use on Windows and doesn't provide any level of support as the rats developed for use in Windows as Logitech and Microsoft, Microsoft Note also made a mousepad that work better for your needs and probably more compatible with Windows. Then I ’ d suggest, try instead the mouse magic Mouse. Thank you and good luck. As an FYI, can disable the mouse wheel by using the Panel of mouse wheel adapter->-> enable vertical scrolling (clear and click on apply). This will disable the mouse scroll function. You can select the checkbox and click on apply. There are also options for sensitivity in this area, the control panel settings. But they are not specific for t ’ the magic mouse, but the mouse in general. ,,.