Canas is a natural part of the aging process – and nothing to be ashamed. For some, it is however long before would be expected (or similar). While it is often involved genetics, a character for certain operations of nutrient deficiency can sometimes be gray. There is no sufficient insurance obtains nutrients and, where appropriate, the introduction of toxins in the body through unhealthy foods with the body under interfere ’ production of melanin, the pigment responsible for the colour of the hair, skin and eyes. If melanin is insufficient, you can see a full head of gray years earlier was genetically modified.A vitamin that is vitamin B12 is important in the prevention of premature gray. The lack of this vitamin, which is found in meat, fish and poultry birds was associated with grey prematurely. If you can not meat, eggs and dairy products as milk, food, cheese and yoghurt be enough B12. If you are vegetarian, I want to talk with a health professional for a high-quality addition.Copper is a mineral that is an integral part of the production of melanin ’. It was found by a lower town, trying to get gray hair. Foods such as lawyers, vegetables, nuts, green tomatoes and beans to name a few – – offer a rich source of copper in the body. Another vitamin that prevents aging is folic acid, found in vegetables, legumes and citrus fruits.The key to give your hair hold varied nutritious eating real food (not processed), raw fruits and vegetables in the center of the best opportunities, its color as possible, diet. In fact, some people have reported that you changing to a diet of raw foods with premature contributed. Even if you thought completely step insurance lots of fruits and vegetables in your meals, raw, arrive.Another factor, Diet Reverse Gray Hair which may affect the premature graying is your thyroid. Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, while the evils that affect the thyroid gland can cause gray hair. If you have changed your diet and still this pesky found grey striped, talk to your doctor about thyroid that can also help Tests.Stress, so be sure that your regular exercise, meditation, yoga, and downtime of love. -Reduce DailySources: alternative. ,,.