The book begins to talk about the liver – what it is and what it does. You can skip this section, but good ’ know that the ’ is with your liver and why you need to change your lifestyle. By the way, is well ’ the two types of beverages alcoholic and non alcoholic – Krankheit.Dorothy explains how the liver treats the fat in the body. This should answer your questions: why are fattening the first liver suite Stelle.Der section deals with the same … disease and the reasons for which you have the disease. He also discussed the symptoms and how doctors can determine if you have a fatty liver. With the exception of effective liver biopsy doctors may guess scenario based on the condition that in some characters in a blood test.No t ’ need a liver biopsy (which is painful and invasive, but – surgeon actually removed a piece of liver) – for the majority of patients, the possibility that the disease is enough, start treatment. Don ' t ’ I think that this book is a complete, magical sphere ” and offer secret formulas, immediate results. Not ’, and I hope that happens. (And I hate these books with the words ” and secrets ” … wonder scams still play.)But it ya gaps that need until it comes to this Book: that might be a bit but organized ’ is not bad, I was expecting a clearer guide – is comparable to which adapts and better eating ” – but went into the details, what you have to say a correct menu of Wochenplan.Keine RoadmapI step by step is something in the sense of hope OKIl will be healed in six weeks. This is exactly what you need to do … ”, on the other hand, the Guide gives advice for the choice of food, exercise and supplementation and a long list of recipes. Follow it and you will quickly understand why it did not 6 weeks to plan. ” is ’ for those who have read this book in the different stages of the disease. Yes, for some ’ six weeks take disciplined style changes to your State to invest, for others, it takes six months ’.In addition, it is not as ’ after six weeks may revert to bad habits. This is a permanent change, how your liver is likely to give, if you decide to return every day to sit on the couch and eat a high-fat diet. Occasional fatty food is probably a good … but not every day. as for all the rest, talk to your doctor, who has a better idea of your Prognose.Kalkulationstabellen or TimetablesI hope, not leaves work and schedules to help me to my progress. Finished processing some, although the pressure and blocked food from seven days in the refrigerator. This plan helped. There's no magic pill to cure this disease. My doctor told me the of the diet and the exercise. ” when I bought this book, I wanted to know a – action plan and, fortunately, this provides the Guide. It is not a gradual plan, place, what you need to do and are vitamin and mineral supplements started a Plan.Schritt 1: you will help to heal the liver. In addition, what vitamins and minerals to avoid. What ’ das t account, is that my condition may aggravate an excess of some vitamins.Step 2: Develop a food that plandorothy traverses a list complete take of food, what you eat in moderation and what you should avoid. Provides the example then food for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as snacks. He created a programme of food for seven days, which maximizes the antioxidant properties of the food we eat, to help heal the liver.While alcohol completely of course must be removed by the patient the alcoholic steatohepatitis (Nash), version without alcohol is still limited. Fortunately, I am ’ a red wine drinker, but cut all alcoholic beverages in any case and a drink only on weekends for those, version of alcoholic disease: should end now for any drink. Forever! I read in a forum ’ sister, who had this disease and stop drinking. On the other hand, his liver is normal. But then, he had a beer here and there a beer. A year later at the age of 37 years died of liver failure. What is horrible to read!Step 3: Exercise should begin training PlanYou. Even if that ’ to walk every day, you start to do more, to help you lose excessive weight. Warns however does not lose weight too fast – this will make your body in the way of hunger, which actually worsens your condition. This occurs in non-drinkers and leads to cirrhosis of the liver. Sometimes, this can cause permanent damage in the liver.Over time extending healthy and liver cells are replaced by scar tissue (cirrhosis), which can lead to cancer of the liver, liver failure or other complications.Of course, foie gras in a more serious condition can develop!Unfortunately, with lack of exercise and bad habits, all these types of liver disease bold are more and more common. do you have a fatty liver? The big problem is that do not even know you have it! About 15 million people in the spirit of abuse in the United States and this problem is almost everyone of them has developed Diet Reverse Fatty Liver the first type of fatty liver disease.The second type of fatty acids, liver disease nafld is now the leading cause of chronic hepatitis in America. This is what I had.Applies as of the foie gras, if the liver by more than 5% to 10% is fat. The disease is often silent and sick may have still do not know. But for many other systems. In any case, it worked for me, but everyone is different. The guide is for those with no other grand – of health possibly need another diet plan and the sport, if you have other health complications. Always consult your doctor first. Written by a nurse, the field of hepatology (liver) with the specialized name Dorothy Spencer, this book is the fruit of many years of research and active medical Klinik.Ich discovered that millions of people around the world suffer from fatty liver. In fact, the studies estimate that about a third of all the adult population of the United States and Don most. dunno, it ’. It comes from ’ there are almost no symptoms ’. Fortunately won ' t turn ’ graves.This disease is a condition of equality of opportunity between persons of affected sex, all ages and the are two types of hepatic steatosis, and each has ’ own deterioration s: variations. Sometimes a person with fatty liver may be able to diagnose themselves if the symptoms are very obvious, but in the majority of cases it will be picked up in routine laboratory tests can be.People with elevated liver enzymes, fatty liver disease but it is impossible to know the progression of the disease, except through a painful Leberbiopsie.IHR will probably tell you that ” tests for this condition, as you can see above, even if the symptoms are very common. Most of us feels often tired. Often, there is no pain. Nausea, loss of appetite and the feeling of weakness can be caused by several things. To go to a doctor for testing, you can go to determine the cause. The content of this web site is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Ask your doctor before starting a diet or supplements, application. ,,.