. It is not casual dates, girl for a night or three months meet short-term pick. Or lower quality to get brides. Is to find a heavy quality girl-get up and push the boundaries and ambitions in this area – and that requires. If you do not want, you may be disappointed.If you are looking for a heavy quality girls, this is the right person. This size is in the simplicity of implementation, it is difficult, because today ' hui in the course of the day, I let you I girl wants and I struggled to get only in accordance with the instructions. The method is simple. It is not difficult, even overwhelming as Ross Jeffries things or objects of mystery. At the same time, there is to learn multiple parts. Although it is simple, it is not easy to implement. Maybe it is now easy to eventually.but, there were several beautiful girls, who were clearly in me, and but it's kinda flirted. I could not find the courage to do something.The Brown girl, Sarah Moxom (Flavio said his videos capture name) was fantastic. I don't know whether she was treated previously or agreement.Flavio is a great orator, but it could be once or twice in the foot by Yad work. I do not know.The 3 things, the I about this product (all audio editions hate): 1 intro and outro is music much more closely, the audio of the seminar. Gave me a heart attack almost every time when each segment is complete, due to the amount of volume of autonomy. Seminar students say that they can not be heard, and the speaker in a position are, the question (except Tom), repeat in the interest of the DVD. I remember that Ross Jeffries was always good in that sense. If someone with their questions had finished, I'd say that RJ your question. Then I answered. The strategic plan of the day game, listen to the answers, but I do not know why. Half of the infield video could be very useful, but are virtually useless, because they don't listen or don't understand, said the girl and sometimes hear not Yad. Why do you clean up audio in a program Audacity or something more?In the final segment, said Yad which has DVD subtitles, since it is impossible to understand the words. It is not impossible. Who am I 1 the value for money. Can pay not $200 for a product and cares not about 20 minutes with a free audio program for clean audio to spend regeneration.Even if we speak mainly of road approaches, they also speak of Cafés and other places. Why shoot not only video-infield somewhere quieter, like a Museum? If so, your videos from infield would be better than anyone else. Video of the mystery are always unbearable, because the secret in bars and clubs from the top will be held. No film a van in a quiet area, only the Watchability it. ? Or if incomprehensible imaging, at least insist on infield with audio I create some Untertitel.Trotz of my complaints with the audio quality like the product as a whole. Maybe in a month, you feel better in it. because I will be implemented in practice. I need only the wizard of Oz, first, to see something of value. Project day game was recorded a few years ago at a seminar in London. The goal was simple: each participants learn everything you need to know to constantly meet women in everyday situations and begin a relationship with them.By taught. I will start with this comment, that I am quite introverted in a first half. That is, I want to from time to time to bars and clubs to go and have a good time. I have a hard time, closer the women in these places of higher power. A woman approaches to unique and differs in the bars and nightclubs is required. The reason is that women dress and of course see now, competing with other women and types meet you, (if not all admit it). So in this sense, women already this mentality and know that it can be treated by different types. Game of the day? If you think about it. (You speak well very Andy and Yad), a woman thinking about everyday life in the away from home during the day. It is in any other State of mind. The day of the game blue print is awesome! Furthermore, it should be updated. Be used anywhere outside of the usual bar/nightclub scene.Strictly gaming repertoire goes a lot of things at the top of the day every day. Then the bat to show dealing with women in the streets. It is true. Show you exactly how to use a female to approach and to catch your Daygame Blueprint Members Area attention when on the road walk to do what he does. Go deep like the entire process by first taking to capture their attention, affection, attraction, the stages of seduction. The best part is that, when the game of the day, it is better, a blown right into something especially when you consider that start in a bar or nightclub. Women constantly hear compliments, so I'm hardly receptive to it as the first day than the last, what do you think, men with them flirt.In any case, I'm the object of the letter. Review of 18 + hours of instructional video (that not any significant additional hours is included) really enjoyed. Andy and Yad so that all other teachers have a wealth of knowledge with the game of the day. The best part is, that to see video of women themselves and the chance, just like you do it and how interaction with women. They are defects in the process, so that you understand how and why they do what they do and why it works. They show also the contrast of new students who do no good and show why it it did not work for them at this moment. Personally, I am a big fan of the concept of the game more than the game at night. Don't get me wrong, but I'm a novice at this, so I have a lot to learn in these two areas, but I was very happy with my purchase of this product, as all are organized for beginner and advanced experience. You have so many different teachers model car fun and humor with many themes of love, sex, relationships, women. It's amazing how simple it sounds the original concept but everything is very well broke. Is that I'm still a beginner at all this not really emphasize special disadvantages to this program, I want, I visited some more places, the women in several of them, such as on the beach, such as pick up. Most of his game of the day collects the streets women. But at the same time, if you can a woman on the street, then you can more or less a woman from anywhere. :), I highly recommend this program for those who learn how women would pick up in the middle of the day or night. There should be no legal to do so. Is especially for all areas on the edge of a bar or nightclub Escena-Michael k series, which I use for this product, which was undeclared, the essential day game package that, like the creation of Yad and Andy, that one is not really wrong, known as the father of the movement outside London day game Yad and had Andy, can his first Escorteensemblerompere say what really all girls chat to success should make day is the action plan. The bad news: because there is here so much needs much time, to see all videos. While not necessarily a bad thing could have been changed a thing or two for a length of cut. Some of the questions that is by members of the public do not feel in some cases, if they do not have a microphone. During one of the clips in the key field some pictures is not available when the cameraman lost goes. This seminar has been involved closer to the members of the collective audience his experience, women during the day, and the infusion of this knowledge. An easy task, so that was the event of three days.The resulting DVD (if you buy this course, you find them online) are so full of information that feels as if they personally took part in the seminar. There are five different modules, including a series of videos on each, as well as a bonus section. I don't expect able to digest the content of this programme in a single day. While the price at first glance may seem high, it is actually quite reasonable with regard to the quality of the information they received.Because there are a lot of details here, it has nothing that remains outside. Much time is devoted to the proof of the correct way to approach of a woman on the street, including body language, vocal timbre and actually say. There are some buses show some variants offer the freedom to try different things, so that you can see how they are applied the principles, but still allow that.The approach has been proven, a woman, that during the seminar, as well as during the clips in Yad start conversations with women on the streets of London. Yad is known for his fondness for women is highly interesting and proves that, apparently is not as important as the confidence and the personality at the hanging out is the most impressive of these videos in the Yad with pretty Mädchen.Wahrscheinlich impressive as they are. I.e. unique Yad is not lifted, that I achieve the same results not everything in the world. There are no fancy stuff here, like a man with a woman and be honest and playful. The fact that there are ever not, speak to a woman on the street hardly boys, this is one of the reasons why it works so well.The watershed is treated in detail as for example a woman challenge, if you know, and then the shape of the 'flip' your script, then congratulations, you have no makes. Exercises are useful for everyone stacks of Asunción, who see this and develop an understanding that will help it to increase their success. -Flat, game day is a training program for the men to meet women anywhere at any time of the day. Contains to show live pictures of Yad of infamous Yosha including Andy, how some of the best artists in London to take, the United Kingdom has met women all day.The first part of this program is known as the perfect development and becomes visible when you buy the program. ,,.