Project day game was recorded a few years ago at a seminar in London. The goal was simple: each participants learn everything you need to know to meet women in everyday situations and begins an affair with them constantly.For teachers. -Flat Game Day is a training program for men who meet women anywhere anytime of the day. Contains live images of the infamous Yad Andy Yosha and others to show how some of the best artists in London pick up, United Kingdom met women all day.The first part of this program is known as the perfect development and becomes visible when you buy the program. What can I say about this product, what has not been said only the essential package of game day, really can you can't make mistakes like creating Yad Yad and Andy, is recognized as the father of the entire outside London day game and Andy movement was on Commons before, all together what you need for a successful chat girls Journeeil breakage is the action plan. It is difficult this greatness in simplicity of implementation, because today ' hui in the course of the day, I'll leave girls and I struggled to get only according to the instructions. The method is simple. It is not difficult, even overwhelming as Ross Jeffries things or objects of mystery. At the same time, there is to learn different parts. Although it is simple, it is not easy to implement. Maybe now it's easy eventually.but, were there were several beautiful girl in me, and I, but that flirted a bit ' all. I couldn't find the courage to do something.The Brown girl, Sarah Moxom (Flavio said his videos capture name) was awesome. I don't know if contractually or previously was handled.Flavio is a great speaker, but might once or twice standing Yad worked. I do not know.The 3 things I about this product (all hate audio editions): 1 intro and outro music is much stronger that the audio of the seminar. Almost gave me a heart attack, when each segment is complete, due to the full volume of autonomy. Seminary students ask, they cannot be felt and the speakers are unable to repeat the question (Tom), on behalf of the DVD. I remember Ross Jeffries has always been good in that sense. If someone with their questions had finished, I would say, RJ is your question. Then he answered. Hear the answers in the strategic plan of the game day, but I know the questions. 3. half of the Daygame Blueprint Buy videos-infield could be very useful, but are practically useless because you can't hear or understand what she said and sometimes not hear Yad. Why don't you clean up audio in a program like Audacity or something more?In the last segment of the Yad said that the DVD has subtitles, because it is impossible to understand the words. It is not closed. That has the 1 value for money review. You can not release $ 200 for a product and it does not bother to spend 20 minutes in regenerative audio with a free audio program that clean.In addition, when above all road approaches to talk, speak also of bars and other places. Why not shoot video only from the infield in a quieter place, like a Museum? If so, your videos from infield would be better than anyone else. Video of mystery are always unbearable, because the secret in bars and clubs from the top will be held. No film in van in a quiet area, just of Watchability it. ? Or if you insist at least production images on infield incomprehensible with audio to create some Untertitel. Trotz of my gripes with the audio quality as the product overall. Maybe in a month is that I feel better in it. because you in practice. I need only the wizard of Oz, before we see something of value. I will start with this comment, which I'm quite introverted in a first half. That is, I can go out, bars and clubs from time to time and have a good time. I closest women's hardest time in these places of higher power. A woman type approach which is unique and different in bars and nightclubs is required. The reason is that women naturally dress and go to see well, you compete with other types of learning and women (though not all admit it). So, in this sense, women already have this mentality and know that they are managed by different species. Game of the day? If you think about it. (You speak very well and Andy Yad), a woman thinking about daily life away from home during the day. It is in any other State of mind. The day of the game blue print is awesome! Also, needs to be updated. Can be used anywhere outside of the usual Bar scene/disk. Streng lots of things at the top of the play of the game day every day. Then, the bully show how to deal with women in the streets. It is true. They show you exactly how approaches to capture your attention when on the road and a woman to do what she does. Going deep as the whole process before capturing their attention, affection, attraction, the stages of seduction. The best part is that, when the game of the day, it is preferable, tipped off start directly in there something especially when you consider that in a bar or a club. integrated constantly, so that hardly so sensitive to it as the first day we women feel when the last thing you think men, flirting with them.In any case, be subject to review. Reviewed by 18 + hours of instructional video (contains no substantial additional hours) really enjoyed. Andy and Yad so that all the other coaches have a wealth of knowledge with the game of the day. The best part is that videos of women who employ them and the chance to see exactly how to do it and dealing with women. They are errors in the process in order to understand how and why they do what they do and why it works. Also show the contrast between the new students who don't do okay and show why it changed for them at this time. Personally, I am a big fan of the concept of the game more than the game at night. Don't get me wrong, but I am a novice at this, so I learned a lot in these two areas, but I was very happy with my purchase of this product, like all beginners and advanced experience are divided. You have so many different teachers with many themes of love, sex, relationships, women model even fun and humor. It's amazing how simple the concept sounds original but have broken down everything very well. Therefore, I am still a beginner in all this, I really have some negative aspects of this program, I want to emphasize I visited some areas more women in many of them, like on the beach, as the pick up. Most of the military base of the game the streets collects women. But at the same time, if you're going to pick up a woman in the street, then you can more or less a woman from anywhere. :), I highly recommend this program to anyone who learns how to pick up women in the middle of the day or night. Cannot be natural light to do so. Is the bar for all zones on the sidelines or in night club K, Escena-type Michael,,