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The Connecticut Lottery's fourth State of the United States for a lottery just obtained, when it began selling tickets in 15. February 2, 1972. The original game of CT Lotto was simply called the lottery and incisions are performed every week at the price as $ 5, 000 CT Lottery payment had traveled extensively, since 1972 has only been seven games, now offered by State Lottery winning numbers. The original lottery is not complete as Connecticut classic Lotto. Classic Lotto winning numbers Connecticut can help players to win $ 1 million million progressive jackpot. Drawing held Tuesday for the state lottery game popular and Friday. Connecticut has a series of lotteries that are unique to the State, including 5 species and lucky 4 life. There are also 3 Listen MIDI, 4, 3 and 4, in Connecticut and similar games to play MIDI York and California are like going over to other States. And finally, how can we forget the mothers of all lottery games, Powerball and mega millions games that can be played by residents of Connecticut. First always at your disposal, in November 1995 and January 2010 respectively, the sale of tickets for games of Powerball and Mega Millions in Connecticut were disproportionate in that size. In fact, when it became available, which is not only popular Powerball-CT for Connecticut lottery players, as many New York often bought their mega millions numbers in New York and traveled across the border to buy their Powerball tickets. Application of CT lottery tickets be used, so high, long queues of traffic on the roads for the fans in New York caused the lottery had accused the neighboring towns of Greenwich and Danbury Connecticut and New York. Previously a gag, which has always been Lottery Powerball reversals, living $ 100 million because of congestion in the cities when they knew! This issue was raised, as sales of Powerball tickets New York began in the year 2010, which means that became unpopular with players of lottery of Danbury. Danbury was significant Lottery Fortunes over the years and is the only place in Connecticut, which has produced more than a Powerball winner. Danbury was home to Donald Peters, won in November 2008 $ 10 million after buying the lottery ticket in Connecticut, two 7-Eleven store. It was the 20th year of Peters and his wife bought tickets according to family tradition, which has developed over the years. Unfortunately for Peters and her family, suffers a heart attack over later that day and left without knowing its Grand Prix in his 59 years 78-year-old. While several state lotteries of the United States depends on the Powerball and Mega Millions jackpot with classic Connecticut multimillionaire abandoned by some huge lottery jackpot. One of them wanted strange, Mary won an incredible $ 28.5 million on 1 January 2002. The fact that she was the only player with this winner of lottery tickets to CT day meant I had to get the whole pot.Another winning ticket is Rahul Patel, who won $ 25 million in CT Powerball read. The victory took place on June 27, 2009, and saw the total amount of Pierre. Pierre was not however the only celebrates this day as Connecticut Lotto Lottery CT 242 15 players met with winning numbers. ,,.