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After a kind of sculpture in College, a marriage and two children, Kerry began designing many unique models under its vertiginous ┬« boy label and wrote his first book, sewing, sewing stories and love: 18 models of toy stories JANOME, with F + W media. Kerry has designed models of Anna Griffin Inc. and his work published in several magazines. Corporate slogan of Kerry can more vertiginous to your life. It's a constant reminder to always have fun and do things that make you happy, which means of course more sewing. Kerry lives with her husband and two daughters in Southern Maine. If you don't want to sew, loves to run, and trains for the second degree black belt Karate Shaolin kempo. Creator of the whimsical art of Joanne Sharpe is an artist and enthusiastic teacher with experts in the art journal, creative illustration and doodles. She is known for her distinctive handwriting font and love bright, bold colors. If the paper and pens, paint or a sewing course, encouraged to grow other, personal creativity and expression art Joanne. Born of a long list of artists and designers, Kim is no stranger to the world of artistic creation. With parents, siblings and other members of the family, whose career in the field of design, which was to finally follow his example. Her love for fashion and style are combined with a do-it-yourself mantra, this self-taught jewelry designer begins to create pieces from his home in Houston, Texas. Currently sold their jewelry online on Etsy, as well as some local shops, gift shops and measurement. January 2014, I spoke with Melanie, a creative Mojo listener on their creative goals for the year to chat. Melanie heard goals. She finally to design your own quilt? Has it affected their blocks of other areas of your life? What other creative goals on your list? 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