Lot of ideas and tools. It is interesting that most of the methods that we have learned are no doubt also in sport - hypnosis is so useful! Sometimes it seems something systematic lessons and main points were not a little hidden. But as always, things very useful. Very informative class. Chris are the tips that you can use with the athletes, all sports require concentration and confidence. I liked the sessions with two different athletes and how he came to do hypnosis with them. Sessions and videos I have found very useful in different areas in sports - hypnosis as environment. A large part has been covered in these videos. Thanks a lot. Performance is one of the largest growth markets grew in Hypnotherapy, hypnosis and sports. Each undisputed child, golfers, dancer or calcium can be a potential client for professional sports hypnosis. Thousands of adults in Southern California is involved in recreational and professional sport. Sport hypnosis is one of the simplest that can make more rewarding and therapies that target in the short term, Yes.Hypnosis for sports performance certification is the ticket to your practice to add Hypnotherapy of this exciting market and growing.This course, Chris shares his 20 years of experience as athlete, coach, coach and Hypnotherapist specializing in working with professional and amateur athletes. You will learn to understand the intrinsic and extrinsic motivation to build together the ' athlete trust can help you to get an overview of their blockages, fears, negative self talk and develop development problems. Learn, play and have fun with all sports at all levels to help their clients. Now is the time to plan for certification in hypnosis of performance sports can finish the game, develop their practice of hypnotherapy. It was very good. I would like that and 5 more sessions. Sport is a field that can benefit everyone. Hypnosis is a tool that can connect the body and soul, finding that you were, which is the real pleasure. Because he was a coach, I understand the importance of this method for each athlete. Sport hypnosis should be a mandatory part of each, who wish to improve their performance. I like this course. Christopher has the ability to answer very important questions so simple, clear, and understandable. The two videos are very educational. Perhaps I simply lack experience of hypnosis, but this seems to be a domain, you must instead of a few specialized customers taking every year. Do not think that it is knowledge in many sports could create doubts on the client. Ultimately, the ball, if you don't know how to carry out a field of golf club or what other equipment, like having the customer further? UM, dude, this is a putter. I know weightlifting and martial arts, but there is nothing in football or badminton. Despite what he says, the customer will have needs listening, that it would have some sports information better, if not ridiculous. In addition to Chris ' 2 hours step by step guide to hypnosis, use performance, improve certification course includes two sessions of therapy with real athletes. First of all, baseball player for a guy who spent some time with Chris. This session is the last session, wrapped around its services and teaches him self-hypnosis. The second session of the first session with an equestrian jumper, a sustained fall has lost its trust and wants to jump again to overcome their fear.Don ' t miss your chance to learn how to master the use of hypnosis in the beginning of sports performance and question certified expertise offers to respond to this. Note: continuing education in the American Association of hypnosis courses are not a substitute to hypnotherapy training. This seminar teaches knowledge of basic skills not hypnosis or Hypnotherapy and is aimed at professionals who have already completed or are Hypnotherapy courses. Advertising yes same special areas of hypnotherapy without the benefit of hypnotherapy diploma properly advanced HMI or other approved training centre recognized as the immoral. A very good course in deportes-hipnosis. I learned a lot of new concepts and also took the myth, to practise sport if any type of therapy in this area. ,,.