At the beginning of the civil war, Kentucky tried to be neutral. Because of its location and the loyalty of citizens and Kentucky was now an average use of the Ohio and Mississippi rivers were important in the North and major southern plantation owner were needed. Kentucky has split, with family and friends who are fighting with each other. Therefore, lies with the Union troops and of the Federal Government. If you find a link that doesn't work, let me know, so that I can check if you know a link, help in military research, let me know. Be sure to add a subject line of clay counties. Clay's war of independence. The test system of Kentucky consists of circuit courts and district courts. The jurisdiction of the courts of General circuit civil and criminal cases, jurisdiction in certain cases have limited while district courts. Dishes are not only responsible for maintaining order in the State, but are also responsible for providing documents and public as a reference. Previously, it was very difficult to access these documents in Kentucky. Privileged information, necessary to obtain a lawyer for this game. However, this has changed now. Recordings are digitally stored manually in the State and the database are easily accessible.Access the registry, if the Registrar of the Court to go where the case was heard. But make sure that they are approaching the Court, otherwise download the file, even if the information in the public domain. It is important that the right information will also be delivered. If you provide false information, search will not produce any results and do not receive the registry, you.The clerk is responsible for the maintenance of the career, the Court must receive money, receive payment of money to the parties, including legal documents, legal documents, administration of oaths, affidavits, issuance of driving licences and other management personnel. The Office is always busy, because they have a lot of work to do. You must help them. . The role of the Court is primarily an appellate court opinions and decisions becomes Court rule problem all similar cases in the State. Cutting functions. except if exceptional, that the Supreme Court has granted a request to appeal directly to the next level. Appeal from the Court of appeal, with the exception of the decisions of the worker's compensation, reached the Supreme Court with leave of the Supreme Court's Court. Is a Department within the intermediate Circuit Court. Family is designed to handle the dissolution of marriage, the custody of children and visitation cases, alimony, maintenance, child support, equitable distribution of property, termination of parental rights and adoption of the Court. The family courts are uniform as competent for cases of domestic violence and abuse, the uniform parentage Act and the Interstate family support law cases, addiction, abandonment and abuse and juvenile State. Currently 34 judges in family courts handle more than 50,000 cases per year is almost half of the circuit's court cases. Kentucky Kentucky district is the Court. Kentucky ruled that a cutting system consists of four levels, 1975 with the addition of the judiciary article of the Constitution of Kentucky during the year. The section of the Court as an independent branch of the Government which created independently of the Executive and legislative branches and the Governments of the city and County. Justice of Kentucky for the Kentucky Supreme Court of last resort, as it is in most States. The scenarios are limited. About 90% of all Kentucky, participation in court proceedings, but appears before a District Court. The Affairs of minors, violations of the order, the city and County, crime to crime, offense of probate of wills Guide, in the case of preliminary hearings of crimes (to be judged suite.) Kentucky-court documents under information or links to sites that use resources helps in search for Kentucky court records. ) Support or civil suit, in which $ 4,000 or less. Voluntary and involuntary obligations, mental health and substance abuse and domestic violence cases include other cases within the jurisdiction of the courts. Currently. Cut in a neighborhood of the town, some with single judge moves between the counties. More than 800,000 cases per year are recorded Court Records Kentucky in the Kentucky circuit courts that 's. and the losing parties are satisfied with the results, ask a higher court to verify the correctness of the decision. Can be interrogated not some acquittals in criminal cases and divorces. But the ownership of the rights in case of divorce and child custody decisions may be reviewed on appeal. Cases are not in the Court of appeal, the original record of the evidence was heard from the other side is verified and presented his case counsel since his decision to the Court of appeal, performance. The State's claims. Is Kentucky's Court nie capital crimes, general ground, sworn translations, crime contested wills and civil litigation in General, allowed for an amount of more than $ 4,000. circuit courts for injunctions, writings of mandamus and prohibition of fonts and the actions of the Court and the administration of the State. The District Court is the highest court in Kentucky. The website of the District Court's claims that a directory of about 95. . In addition to its jurisdiction, the Supreme Court provides judicial rules and practices for all lawyers and judges of Kentucky. The complaints relating to the death penalty, life imprisonment in perpetuity for 20 years or more fail the other courts of appeals and go directly to the Supreme Court. ,,.