McVeigh, in the close receives news of the room as the Sheriff, waited in jail that the bombers in custody and to maintain it was brought. McVeigh the study would begin soon.Suddenly, officers came to him in his cell. They played well. just to say: the judge is not ready.In his cell, an other inmate McVeigh asked if he was the bomber, ignored the question of McVeigh.Knowing that the suspect would try to counsel, someone had disconnected the phone.Soon, he was brought into a room, where they waited for special FBI agent Zimm and Norman Jr., Zimm explained, you have information about the attack. I'm going to read their rights.McVeigh of demanded an Anwalt.Im exterior was the noise as a restless crowd. the arrival of the helicopter and police reported that someone in the attack was involved.McVeigh a bulletproof vest on the front asks. His mind was full of pictures from the shooting of Jack Ruby and Oswald. his application was rejected. He also asked whether they could take in a helicopter. As soon as your application has been rejected, said the officers that was the roof for helicopter landing pads.Well, the audience was bad turn and you get impatient, screams filled the air. The pressure to find a suspect after any crime is intense — but above all in connection with the Oklahoma bombing. He was led in handcuffs and chains, shouted, bastard! Killer! and the murderers of children! Dressed in orange prison jumpsuit, McVeigh looked neither left nor right. Her eyes are expressionless, his face brought the screaming kill the foul limit!At the same time, it was a similar scene in a different town herring sound, Kansas — — 200 miles away. Forty years of Terry Nichols to the local police station had driven to talk with the officers. Once again, the word was linked a person attack the stain to spread.Celebration of schoolchildren and farmers looked incredulous that a local, who claimed a patriotic citizen could be involved. As the village of Perry, some began to shout insults and challenged and show his face. He had parked his 4 x 4 with an American and proud symbol on your rear window.If the had to accept the end of day, that country has difficulties, or to reconcile, that the two men, who both appeared with the fact more eux.ILS spent most of the time after the explosion, according to outside. Politicians, broadcasters and print media contributed wore any sense against Islam. And within the Government, some called for the immediate adoption of a new stricter against immigrant laws keep this cancerous growth of America. suddenly, the painful realization appeared: men who looked like the next have perpetrated this terrible crime — the most expensive American — history in both human and financial. Worse still: the terrorism in the country suddenly was a troubling Realit├Ąt.Es the question was simple: what did a man and why? FBI agents feared that foreign terrorists at work and other attacks could follow. in his mind, the bombing of the World Trade Center was 26.1993. in February Islamic terrorists had then exploded a device, this means more than 1 000 injured and dead.The media were immediately investigated foreigners were responsible. Speculated third world terrorists likely Arab extremists — were — and had other goals has been selected.Anonymous calls, which are awash in newspapers and radio stations of the country. many so called even know exactly when and where the next explosion will. The police received in Oklahoma City, tips, the other bomb to the Murrah building had grown — cruel gestures that forced more evacuations and hampered rescuers. It is therefore with a feeling of contentment and urgent, that the FBI had found a breakthrough so quickly.National Crime Information Center in Washington, computer generated report: Trooper hanger had run a McVeigh also. Noble County Sheriff Jerry Cook confirmed that it held McVeigh raises regardless.The excitement intensified control of downtown Oklahoma City. Great applause grew as the news that we have! Propagation. immediately, agents have been helicopter in the noble County Les media prison was not far behind. soon, the world must know who was the prime suspect. ,,.