Founded in 1552 and is the oldest and perhaps the most prestigious school in the city. Other notable independent schools in the city include the. The estimated mid-2012 to Birmingham's population was 1,085,400. This represents an increase of 11,200 or 1.0% compared to the same period in 2011. By 2001, the population of 99,500 or 10.1% is cultivated. Birmingham is the highest authority of the surroundings and the city on the outskirts of London. The population density is 10.391 people per square kilometre (4,102/km ²) compared with 976.9 inhabitants per square kilometre (377.2/km2) for England. On the basis of. The Chairman of Birmingham City Council changes radically calls government services are financed and delivered. We demand that hit disproportionately Government cuts local authorities in Birmingham. To the North and West the blame between 150 and 600 feet (45-180 m) higher than the surrounding area and a long Crest is located in the Centre, more difficult. The value of production in the city, which decreased in real terms between 1997 and 2010, with a 21% increase in production, but the value of financial and insurance services has more than doubled. Liberation for the first time allows the manufacture of the ability of human society from the limited availability of hand, water and animals, probably was the turning point of the subject. In the neighborhoods of downtown Aston and Washwood Heath is the largest number of 30%. Two-fifths of the population of Birmingham is life in areas such as the 10% most deprived parts of England and Birmingham in the most disadvantaged local administration in England, in relation to the deprivation of income and employment. . The city was also the scene of two scientific discoveries, the crucial test for the end of the war. News is largely of students in universities of the city at the beginning of the Decade of 1920. Children under 10 years are a relatively small group, reflecting the decrease in the birth rate in the turn of the century. Is a large group of children under five years to reflect a high number of births in recent years. Births are 20 percent since 2001, to 17,423 14,427 in Birmingham the 2011. En 2011, 0.12% were homosexual families. Birmingham City Council now has an extensive program of demolition and renovation building. There were many remodeling in the city center in recent years, including the award-winning. Birmingham City Council also operate a locally-built list, the correct schema is not fully been listed criteria.Titles. More than any other city in the United Kingdom outside London were during the school year, the inhabitants of 18 to 74 years in full time students in 78.259 city of Birmingham 2011. Throughout the need to accommodate workers to miles of RedBrick streets and terraces, developed by city. He is currently the only brewery of any significant size. Although there is a variety of bars and nightclubs very modern, especially Victorian pubs and bars are found throughout the city. Birmingham was 51 in the world, which was the second highest score in the United Kingdom. This is an improvement in the city's 56. Place in 2008. 1.033 (315 m) feet to get there and have wonderful views of the city. Birmingham is primarily on small rivers and streams, draining. There is a Birmingham friends of the Earth for their contribution to climate change, air pollution causes and reduce the city's recycling rate. that is now part of Birmingham City University, offer higher education in specific arts Fachern. birmingham is an important centre of religious education. ,,.