Week 2 ProgressHi to all my friends fit and fabulous, see Overview to JToday I got up my challenge of 12-week body makeover is the tenth day. Up to now, I think, even if - 100% clean and my diet, and ok, I have one training session per day 45-60 min min max today had the legs in my program, but I have to admit, that I one of the best days in the gym. I can make not just cardio, and for me it is a big disappointment!I have to admit I was a little discouraged today because I am comparing to my previous transformation error in this way to set up and I must change my way of thinking. Why?Sometimes circumstances change, and tonight, I realized that my need to be adjusted according to mood. As everyone knows by now I am a new mother of a beautiful girl, and the time limit on my part is of course limited. I feel so guilty, look at the nursery, which will meet in the next stop of the gym. It is terrible, but have no other choice. I hurried to the gym and do not forget that it is busiest during day late afternoon 16: 30-17:00 indicates if the train after work. But even if they have no other choice, so I have it works! The gym is closed, all devices used, my time is limited, so do you think there is an opportunity to get irritated or discouraged Yes, A. corn, today, I would like to encourage we make the decision to change our regular State of mind or you say that we have the opportunity, to make the decision that our circumstances will allow us to determine our attitude?, be positive and take advantage of the best that or not?Even though I train twice a day my best opportunity cannot use like I you so I have to train.Add this product to my Waterslim-USN supplements and I have to say that to reduce an exceptional product to water retention. Nothing is more than a mother pleasing … I wake up every day with this song in my heart. My little angel love more every second that passes. It is 10 months and I can't ’ believe in less than two months, we celebrate the first year of life. I don't know really, what is love? Maybe a little, maybe even not at all. Until the day she gave birth to my beautiful Princess daughter. Education can sometimes be difficult. You need your time, patience, care and assign responsibility can however never so rewarding. I think it's time that we, where we feel like super mothers who feel wonderful on a journey of parents are us all Anteil.Gestern had my girlfriend like errors and moments of visit by his father, who ultimately has the perfect climate “ me ” opportunity to do things that I n ’ normally have time for! How lost the House the only thing what I liked was a my little ” and Loïc “ how I miss him already. This is normal or strange … so what I've done my time ” … “ LOL. So firstly I ’ m proud to say that I registered right to vote in the elections next year for the first time! Yes, I know almost 28 and never have. Shy and ashamed to tell me, but oh well, now I can not “ can only ;-) and ’ my X will make a difference!So I decided to indulge in the shopping center go me with “ something ” only at the end of the Pocket full … what? My clothes a little LOL! Identify? Was going for a walk to work first shop with 10 things but 1 it? I like to buy nice things for them and do his best ever to be honest and will do so until first! Well, I bought a Nike something ;-) and short training jacket can ’ t … sweet but the post is this: first read the Nike shorts and a T-shirt – isn t ’ he adorable? As you know, that I now Love NIKE that do are then ;-) or is that mother haha buys it! Then holding AG with – fabric is incredible.Then … with summer here, I decided to buy pool, swimming and she loves it. Its so sweet.Then the part is the most expensive isn't very fun, or rather …, that it was time to update the session and oh boy can be a costly exercise. If things still so I apply for only a second and third work can ;-). But even after I smile and “ ” satisfaction is priceless and even more likely to spend every penny!She loves her car seat F1, which therefore has 4 tilt positions ’ Fahrstil.Meine is the gist: you're the best MOM or Dad for your baby. Although overwhelming things and the time could ” ‘ limited, are what they are. A son, a cousin and a friend for a reason and maybe only one season has been blessed with. So enjoy your fellow human beings, and you see the personal reward in everything you do.Once again a weekend fun and productive. Something new every day is a day … never take for granted. Enjoy every moment in every second. Time does not wait for anyone. You're like a gardener, the seeds of the Foundation in his son ’ life will blossom one day at a time! Understanding bodybuilding and terminology used, which in advanced training programs: weight training helps to streamline and strengthen your body from head to toe. If you add more muscle to your frame, the metabolism increases even more, which means that finally more fat is burned, while you are at rest.So I my first 4 weeks no Cardio Trainer LiveFit straight … the reason why cardio care what muscle add, what I want. The goal was a muscle building phase 1: … range TrainerRepitition weeks 1 & 2 LiveFit 3 X-series 12 reps for each set: this is the phase of strength endurance and ’ one party of the traditional training. It aims to prepare the muscles for a strength training program that promotes muscle growth. Non-muscle bodybuilder Cantidad, but muscle tonic, inclination, the ’ ll give that your body ” lines “ you always wanted ’ Vista. during the first two weeks I have 3 sets of 12 repetitions (3 X 12) per year, 60 seconds (more or less) between the individual Rest.Trainer of week 3 and 4 LiveFit: 3 marks the beginning of the muscle building phase. Rep range dropped to 10 reps for 3 sets of 10 reps per exercise, so we catch more difficult lift. (3 x 10)It is important to remember that the last repetition of 10 should be difficult but not impossible to fill. Forget not, not to simply increase the weight. too hard, Abnahme.Heute is a day which phase 2: is this the beginning of intensive muscle strengthening and cardio, to increase the burning of fat. Oh yes, take it!At this stage between 8 and 10, except for certain exercises, if really taxing the muscle requires more Volumen.Arbeiten at 85% of your maximum effort, should be i.e. its last representatives in each game be a fight but still doable.Don t sacrifice ’ for strength and a task that you gradually lifting heavier form. Safety is the key!Lift heavy, ’ needs more rest between sets. Some years, you'll feel ’ ready, after a minute further. other exercises require two. Despite everything, the rest period should be sufficient, you cope with each set with as much effort can.The only exception is if you find exercises that grouped as a superset. To perform an exercise value taken immediately after another period almost without pause between exercises (games) — enough in relation to the position for the second exercise. While we are ’ the question of definitions, ’ need to know what ” “ lift to fail: in the current issue of an exercise, but as a series (Rep), continues to increase, until the muscle is exhausted and another complete representation can ’ be one involving the cardio t.: Start although the program increased the rhythm of the Herzensin of this stage we are serious, media integrate intensity heart 4 days, made in increments of 30 minutes.Resignation of cardio in the first phase helped the body all use their ” “ calories burned for the daily activities and muscle building. Through the introduction of playoff intensity cardio average, it ’ ll begin to facilitate fat burning and minimize the risk of losing a hard-earned Muskel.ExerciseEach every movement (such as a line of seated pulley, curl dumbbells or seated calf lift), which will take place in your bodybuilding Training.Wiederholungen of the entire group (of lifting and lowering a weight) an exercise after he takes a short rest period. For example, if you perform 10 repetitions, the weight down, all representatives of the remaining eight, the weight and the repetition with six representatives, round three at the end of the fiscal year. Distance from rest and usually other SetRepetition (representative) lift the number of times you lower a weight in a set of an exercise, follows a group of repetitions. For example when lifting and 10 times before placing the weight lower completed a weight 10 “ ” as Ganzes.IntervalPause of the break between sets of an exercise, which helps the muscles, which partly for the next game to recover.Superset: Realization of a common practice taken immediately after another period almost without pause between exercises (games) — enough in relation to the position for the second exercise. Supersetting is two exercises without resting in between.Lifting to failure: in its latest series of exercise, but as a series (Rep), continues to increase, until the muscle is exhausted and another complete representation can ’ be a t. bankruptcy – they show not quite tired muscles, which can be completed on an exercise, in which is no repeat a movement with strict additional bio-mechanics. Rep Max takes the warm-up games at least a point of momentary muscular failure and often last paragraph 1: weight, that enables a person to not continue as representative.Drop set: bandwidth, also called immediate reduction set mean weight between systems without the rest. A muscle will be carefully toast.Rest-pause: a series of making mistakes. Stand for 5-10 seconds and do a few reps with the same weight. One or more times after your energy level and how much as push. With this technique, it may take, only a weight to a number of times and to increase this amount.Forced reps: forced reps are a frequently used method to set more than an inability to lead mass and quality to extend greater gains in muscle. Forced reps, a training partner to pull enough of the bar so that you can grind in two or three iterations of the threshold of bankruptcy.Refusal of representatives: one or both spouses, to increase a maximum weight of 10-50% more than they lived in the end point of the movement. Then slowly lower Gewicht.Teilweise reps: an exercise without going through a full range of motion at the beginning or end of a Rep.Pyramiden: a pressure increase with each new set is reduced while reducing the number of repetitions of the weight and the officials.Trisets: Three exercises are carried out in a row without any break.SETSPerforming giant has a range of 4-6 exercises, with little or even no pause between each movement and in the range of 3-4 minutes rest between the single giant series made. Huge games for two opposing muscle groups or a single part of the body possible.Note: the Giants are extremely intense play. You must be careful if you are using to run a s 21 would: giant, if 21 s, 7 representatives made 7 reps will be at the bottom of the query, so all finshed with full representatives 7 in the upper Hälfte.Ressourcen:. Most people are able to lose a few pounds, if you start a heart-circulation program quickly. Usually cela “ ” program is of type long, hated, elliptical machine, stretched by the fight with the treadmill, or my car. The reduction of the original body fat is to new stimuli, but this trend begins to rejuvenate, until finally the individual capable of walking long distances without any change in body composition is rapidly. How can you best ” “ to do cardio your body specific fact his focus to one be more effective adjustments. Her body is its ability to transmit, use oxygen, blood and oxygen to the muscles create more capillaries to deliver and enhance the strengthening of bones and muscles.In other words, to allow the same amount of calories better activity, learn. Finally ’ reaches a point where you stop burning fat,. An adaptation of our ancestors, we have long stretches without travelling comfort today is required. (Of course can t eat ’ Donuts or big Macs.)As soon as your body of the strain used to you on it, the ’ is the time to change the voltage. Personally, I only over long distances twice running ’ if he were being chased by a hungry lion, so ’ it is unlikely that ’ d catch me on the treadmill. I prefer the circuits of strength training combined with gymnastics, runs and jumps up to keep things interesting. You can stir up things, but you want to while you find it difficult.Sample circuit: little or even no pause between the ExercisesRest 3-5 minutes between 3 circuit analysis CircuitsRepeat burpees20 jumps30 air box times20 SquatsBear: GymCrab length: length market of GymRope forest (wave, shock, etc.): 4 sets of 30 exercises SecondsAgility size: 4 games. D ' has retention, cellulite etc. and this requires hard work and dedication like never before!I will try to share my trip on a daily basis, but I can't promise anything, as I have said, that the commitment and time assign this.What I learned from my previous challenge, not the spirit of the fight against their goals allow. Weight loss is much more than a physical challenge, it's a mental challenge. A pleasure someday happen to special people for special … day my heritage proud African Ambassador toys.? The event was held in the Pretoria, Centurion lifestyle centre. was a day filled with fun and laughter. A new world record was of tyre founded tilts 999 on a tire of 100 kg for Joost van der Westhuizen. Bravo Chris Batts and Chris Lamb mountain fill for this 1 hour 5 minutes. There were some, which affect many people of the world, including our own legend, Joost van the Rami from the #ALSicebucketchallenge, motor neuron disease to advertise (DND) everywhere. Once, but as I noted to the respond to Joost so often we take our health for granted. We should so grateful to be alive and in good health. Keep never recording of health or one day in your life for granted. You have a life to live each day to its full potential. For touching my heart see Joost with a smile on his face and I was so happy and honored that it now.You take every opportunity to meet new people and touch their lives. It was nice to be friends ” and “ wait to see the next event.Toy ambassadors in Africa: it was a pleasure to meet you, your personality and presence of the lifting of a conversation.M & Miss ABS ;-). It was current Mr. sur Africa a taste of John Owens. Then finally my outstanding staff of the day a more … Joost, you're an inspiration and a true legend forever, as I said yesterday. You inspire me to grab life with both hands and living life to the fullest. I pray that the Lord about you through this journey and will be tightened each day with hope and strength. “ ” Price always smile on his face. Had my ice cube challenge, I made my post at the Foundation, and I hope that further research about this disease is possible, that both concerns. Thank you for your great support and the time voices … after opportunity and I am very excited and the opportunity to participate. Thank you for your vote. I find it very difficult to do cardio. I have only 1 hour by train every day and that ’ Livefit do coach (bodybuilding) and the time of the cardio-vascular, and? I realize that I have in the meantime cardio, add, if I want to, that the context at the time, what I want. Add some jump (jump rope) between my set, but obviously not enough.So did you feel discouraged if you don't see progress? So I'm feeling better two weeks ago needs only to concentrate.Then in week 3, you can do it! This seems a good idea to start. But many studies have shown that simple math is right and reinforces what these studies show. Here is an example: ’ can be ’ two people see 1800 calories consumed. 0.15 provides the thermal effect the person 6 1 Alimentos. Mahlzeiten 300 Kalorien: 300 x 300 x 300 + 0,15 + 0.15 x 0.15 x 0.15 + 300 + 300 + 300 x 0,15 x 0,15 = 270 Kalorien Quemadas. 2 person consumes food three meals of 600 calories: 600 x 600 x 600 + 0.15 + 0.15 x 0.15 = 270 calories of Quemadas. Como can see the amount of calories, to digest the oxidized regardless of how many times a person of how thick como has no metabolic advantage, also rare food. Of course by extending their six meals a day, food is more convenient and easy then for you, to do it. The key is choose a food that fits your lifestyle. In this way ’ are more inclined to follow the plan in the course of time. I had to share with you. There are many myths out there about food, nutrition and fat loss. Most of us with confusion and possibly bad advice at the end or beat … systems made fat loss really here! These are the best athletes know enough to discover this hidden muscle under the fat from the body. Here is what ’ about some of this pervasive myths say the fat loss would be no fat loss ’ Vista from translated causes? It is possible that you ’ re fall in some fat lies! The facts here fat loss. Most fitness enthusiasts are regular for one thing and one thing only: to lose fat. While I was there ’ changes absolutely nothing with this goal, several people aren t ’ this effective training and thus really come forward effort. What the ’ a lot of misinformation is generally responsible for these inefficient fat loss plans.? This is not the end of a healthy life and … shaped, the feeling of being in the form is absolutely amazing, and I hope that I encourage you to look at. It is not so difficult to believe themselves the right Mentalität.An.I lost 25 lbs in 6 months and I thought I had never see ABS Thank you to all of my amazing followers, all comments and support!Attempts that PMS can overcome a challenge be especially if you ’ n t, I want you. Many women who confronted the reality of her menstrual cycle symptoms. Try these tips to conquer your symptoms and feel better every month. “ this time of the month ” a complete Princess OGRE can be more polished. Severe symptoms many women not only during, but also rules in the weeks. Mood swings, cramps, bloating, fatigue and headache can wreak havoc, but it is enough!LDCs must be ’ t prevents, that the daily activities. Nobody must all day on the couch with the lights and a heating pad to spend. Try these four methods for reducing the pain and discomfort!Also if you ’ n t suffer severe symptoms, can these methods continue to provide help, the “ fun ” 1 week. TruckingPain follow and make fatigue feeling, as if you do not, but do not know the Fitness Studio, ’ t! Exercise improves circulation, which reduces spasms and headaches. Hips endorphins for maximum release of energy and Wohlbefinden.Versuchen to exercise at least 30 minutes a week a few days ago. ’ Tea much better. Keep it fun. Run, swim, lift, with a course of yoga or just take a walk. 2 spike/BloatBloating banish PMS associated is uncomfortable and can interfere with daily activities. There are several possibilities to reduce water retention and eliminate the feeling of heavy. First of all, drink plenty of water. Although it may seem paradoxical, the water keep really intestinal gas Sie.Wenn you dehydrated, your kidneys ’ tell your body to retain water. If you need help, which is wet, food you fruit moisturising factors such as watermelon and oranges.Then, you reduce the intake of salt. Salt makes the body retain water and soft drinks, and caffeine can also cause, that intestinal problems and Schwellung.Drittens, clean and healthy foods, the rich loves natural 3/SupplementsNot all attempt to run to the pharmacy for bottles of pills in potassium, calcium and magnesium, such as celery, asparagus and cucumbers to eat. If you want to keep free Pharma, try natural Ergänzungen.Kalzium supplement can effectively curb the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. Can relieve headaches, unexpected mood swings and muscle spasms. Try for best results to achieve 1200 mg per day. Then the time meet Sergi Constance … Wow is an honor. I followed and Sergi now, it's a real source of inspiration for a while, when it comes to training, nutrition and coherence. There is a tension and ribbed body definitely a source of inspiration when it comes and as you know, abs ;-) are my favorites. He was on the verge of WBFF S.A. However, time was enthralled by his charm and his amazing personality ;-). Is the market leader in life to be such as the best version of yourself! It was nice to spend time with you. But now it's time for a new challenge and a new target … target achieved the transformation, now I want to focus more on it, improve information about muscle gain, my strength and get through the burning of fat and finish absolutely destroyed the task have only six weeks until the next “ the ”. I can not open now, but I'm telling you in 39 days. :-) Like new – new – new – diet supplements new … decided Jim Stoppani shortcut s to try ’ to destroy 6 weeks. Beloved coach Jamie EASON LiveFit but train a couple of times in the last two years, so I m ’ for a new challenge / … more information about the program: direct access to the top is a fast fitness warranty torch attack body fat, increasing muscle mass and strength increase. The ’ an intense level is built in six training sessions per week, linear and linear periodization backwards, the acceleration of the cardio-vascular, a precise three-phase plan and a little programming in six weeks. It would be even better the ’ is absolutely free.Direct access to the shredding ’ isn t easy, but TI n ’ t just want. Do you like results. It is therefore not in a specific program, the you would like to participate in this challenge?I m ’ from today – for days around because I chest and shoulders did yesterday here: –. So let's start is first certainly no writer or a writer by profession, so had no idea tickets 30 days = 30? What do you think, as you on this challenge be? The challenge is, publish once a day for the entire month of November. Personally, I think it is a good way to start or restart your passion for blogging or simple blogging not for the screen get if for some reason, a little (which is me).If anything, what creative people agree it is match, that is, rather than something to do, to work better. If you want to become a better writer, she writes. If you want to become a better blogger, you need to post. A way to break down barriers between the reflection on Scripture and proves every day for a month. pressure to publish the perfect voice, start and not be. Write about things that inspire, challenge, or are interested in. Simply, no rules, no restrictions, just you and your creativity matters speaks of bloggers everywhere ;-).So, if you decide that this challenge is, then connect NaBloPoMo and now add your blog to the blogroll from 2013 –. Suddenly, I come to the end of 2013, with a flash events through his head. To summarize it tempted you is almost impossible, until 2013, with much Erfolg.Vergessen not the moments that changed my life! There are moments of tears and laugh Ellasnunca. It was followed by rewards to conquer obstacles, what you thought was impossible. There, sadness was not limited to joy, had pain and failures, and there were new reports! I can honestly say that the first year, I want this not to revive, even if I live, what I've learned. However, this was a year of success and personal growth, a year that require power to the things, the most important.We have to learn, take to upgrade the experience for us only what they need for what comes. Things, enhance especially to know how that pull-down and hopefully what we left out.With the heart of the House, I'm looking forward to 2014th it is amazing how the human mind perceives the last day of the year, the first day of a new year as a new start.Focus on the positive and the progress of amazing things. Type in the year 2014, with expectation. The objectives and standards in the areas you want to improve. Imagine an informed decision, now, will be better in the next year. It is the last building blocks just to the best functionality of the Foundation. Learn from their experiences and I would like to know how progressive.What matters is the journey, no matter how small the steps always strive to progress and not perfection!In order to achieve this. I hope that more blogs and share my new goals for 2014th you take a super new year's Eve. Blessings, Claudine. Yes, after a month or “ season 3 ” me ’ m again and ready for this year more than ever! Back to “ your lunch and Pompey ” training. Are ready, a good, healthy, strong and be toned down.(Este soy yo ahora), Don ’ looking hair and makeup caused no theres no haha, had pretty good sweat!Not ’ I don't know whether I'm but oh my holiday make me gain weight! I have this feast day and believe me, when I say I abused unhealthy foods good food, candy, ;-) and then of course the social more than otherwise to drink. think that all leave taken sometime, that this problem back towards you, what is the best for you? Do you have goals or resolutions? I usually have the resolutions, but I objective Maßnahmen.Eine of it is, that I want to be fit take part to a race or two and mountain-bike race. So I started to run and its great! Slowly, but are highly motivated to get back, where it used to with a better rate!Then there are things that lined up, exciting and I share with you, once everything is complete!This is still your best year. Follow the plan and not gym January/February Wizard, but this will be a year of perseverance and dedication. Don't set unrealistic goals and prepare for errors that do not achieve these goals.Make a plan and keep us on the Plan.Das every day a trip to a healthier and happier! do you have any goals? Please share.You have a super week, Claudine. Note, however, that you can too much force and I'm still the fat page. That's why ’ cardio and weight need have to maximize clean energy and nutrients to your weight loss potential and body sculpting. Claudine Kidson makes makeover body require the USN from 12 weeks for the second time. The first time he has done so well, she was one of 10 finalists in the USN body makeover challenge. This time, he was back to his best after his mother. Two challenges were due to many changes in life unlike his body and Claudine. The journey was not easy, but it is a source of inspiration for all women regardless of whether you are a new mother or not. The challenge of 12 weeks for the first time do what motivated?I was tired, overweight and unhealthy. Most of the time I felt bloated, tired, irritable, and left with a poor opinion of himself. I had a dream in my heart “ will have confidence in my skin as suitable for the first time in my life my body for a healthier version of me and experience! It was something I wanted to do for me! The prize money was a great motivation to give because I had such a need, after the first, of course. Combien completed the challenge discovered you pregnant?Only five months after he was in the best shape of my life, that I realized that she was pregnant of course the greatest blessing of my life. I finished my first challenge at the end of November and I found out she was pregnant in April 2012, was that it's hard to accept that his work was going to be canceled during pregnancy?Yes, it was extremely difficult, because I worked very hard to achieve my goal. But the best part is that I had the “ for the first time in my life was going to be fit. And once the feeling be saying good and safe, your body, you would never see so I knew she would work hard to pregnancy form post! are breast cancer can feed?Yes, but only up to 3 months. What has motivated the challenge to do 12 weeks of the second half?There is no better feeling than to be familiar with your body, that was me feeling that I felt after my first challenge, the USN of inestimable value. It was amazing, and I would like for the second time. I also want to try other mothers out there that you can, even if you have won, have as much weight or if it has neglected his physical condition during the months of pregnancy, you can sign the return. I've won more than 20 kg. I may be feeling healthy and the best mother, my beautiful girl. I want an example to be, so that you can follow one day. But above all, I wanted to show that I it again, no matter what my situation! Give me the “ me ' time in the gym is the best reward for me what were the main differences between the first and second time? would be physically?It was as if he would have to begin. Do not fit at all and it made me for the first time much more weight, water and grease. I obviously more physically challenged with all the changes that have taken place in my body. I had a C-section so keep that in mind. would you emotionally?Things are certainly much harder than the first time. I'm a single mother now and time management is the key! Gym not well overnight and late in the afternoon. I have an hour a day for training, so I have to make it work. Mother ahead of time to be, requires much time and commitment for yourself. If there are times, when I tired, emotional, to face new tasks; But ultimately I feel better in all areas. Even after 3 - 4 times a night for feeds and it the gym's days, when I'm very tired, but the worst thing is to do. Once I'm there and I finished my training I am always excited and happy!Logistics Sicht.Der effort for a gym is a trial in itself! Logistically, I got my way arrive after a long day of work to plan. I need to recover my daughter from the crib and on the way to the gym. It seems to me like a horse “ when I was back in the gym. My sports bag, baby, Kaylen seat bag. Then, imagine that! A child of 7 kg in a chair with two bags can stump SA! more difficult was motivation for the second time?In fact. Sometimes it is difficult. I am a single mother and believe if I say there are days when I'm very tired and not motivated me and are personal things, so I have to be more concentrated. But I realize again the reward for that is the hard work and dedication. I got motivated to keep me pick up and redouble its efforts.His body has undergone great changes over the past 18 months, are targets, which were for the first time how the challenge would you?Of course I had adjustments to make and the first and most important are mental adjustments. If you keep it in the comparison you are doomed to his first challenge and progress. Take the current physics “ taken into account and the fact that she a baby and then according to objectives. I could not ’ wait to lose weight ’ Vista won during the nine months for a month. It is realistic. I had to stop my workout program and had my goals to my diet in time to achieve what I wanted, the 101%. They found the same full USN effective two challenges or amendments made in your choice of Supplement?Once again, I have the plan 12 week body makeover plan which USN because it works! The only adjustment that what I did was the power with the elite whey gold Ultralean fuel substitute. The reason is that Super, I focused the on my diet, so that I could submit to. Take the key to the power of hardcore, and along with the CLA-1000. I was also the hyperdrive N.A, USN for the opportunity to make help me my large muscle groups.I let my 9 weeks supplements, which next week will be, so that you in my blog to see what changes and how successful are to follow for the second time to my progress. ,,.