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Motorola promotes in the year 1996, when the Federal Communications Commission has set the maximum legal cell radiation, its StarTac $ 2,000 children, the first mobile with shell and Primera mensajes text!Sixteen years later, mobile-revolutionized subscriptions 6 billion worldwide and counting-the way that we communicate. Technology, which had radically changed too. Today it is. imprint: EEC ' cell's database is dynamic, which means that new information on SAR radiation exposure, market conditions or other factors can change the phone, the number of classification according to the development of science. Keep in mind that the EEC is not recommended, company offers marketing materials create based on EEC classification system, because the classification may change as the database is updated. EEC has not classified makes no representations or warranties of all products on this site. EEC went for this warranty with the products of the site, including all express, implied, and statutory warranties of merchantability, warranties or general fitness in particular has a purpose. However, FCC are these 16 years. They are at the height of the protection of the public against ionising radiation this multitasking miracle and leave networks that enable them?I doubt us.Investigations by several teams of scientists from different countries have troubling questions about possible links between cell phone use caused heavy and serious risks. The World Health Organization said that can be linked to mobile phone radiation on cancer of the brain. Others increase the cerebral metabolism of health issues, as amended, sleep disturbances and behavioral changes of the studies are not Kindes. Diese final. Needs much more research. But they pose serious questions, raise doubts about the relevance of the FCC rules for the protection of public health. 20 times more radiation that reaches the head of the body as a whole, not taking into account the risks to the development of the brain and the body of a small child and believes that the use of mobile phones only in the short term calls for models not often for decades can FCC emissions cap.Radiation from mobile phones based on the security rules of the FCC in the 1980s carried out studies, these studies have long been superseded by more recent research. FCC update again for years or even to control their rules rejected. On the other hand, more powerful Federal Agency just sitting in their hands, while mobile phones become ubiquitous.Finally, the movements of the body to respond to the realities of the 21st century and the age of the information. On 15 June, the Chairman of the FCC, Julius Genachowski issued a proposal four other Commissioners ask an official review of the regulation by 1996. To achieve the plan with a majority of the Commissioners must be approved. If they accept, the FCC can take their safety standard for the desired improvement. But it is probably frost. Americans are should reflect the new rules, protective cell, current science and the strong dependence of the mobile phone company.The consumer must-now more than ever-relevant data about the actual amount of radiation cellular radiation in different circumstances. The FCC requires wireless industry not to disclose such data. A major study shows that in some networks may expose consumers was 30 to 300 times more radiation than other networks was hidden before the public to information on relevant dated. Compte is this terrible lack of information, which is a mobile phone market, where almost everything allowed, the environmental working group. until the FCC makes the decision responsibly, furniture manufacturers by generating and disseminating information on the device and the network of emissions under real conditions. We are convinced that as phones become more powerful and ubiquitous, it is crucial that people have the right to know how many expect radiation their cell phones. Now things are safety standards for the mobile phone to the FCC as obsolete as the StarTac .en expected, EEC recommends that consumers now to reduce exposure to radiation from mobile to mobile phones from your body, take the use of headphones and follow these simple tips and other current provider. ,,.