Todd Fitch Environmental Compliance SpecialistHill Air Force Base, Utah

Todd Fitch

Todd, an Environmental Compliance Specialist working for EM-Assist at Hill Air Force Base in Utah, is also the Unit Environmental Coordinator for the Hill Aerospace Museum. Before joining EM-Assist, Todd fought forest fires with a team of smokejumpers that jumped from a C-47 airplane.

From Disrepair and Faded Paint to one of the Museum’s Showcase Planes: The Douglas C-47 Skytrain (a.k.a., the “Gooney Bird”)

To restore and maintain its many unique and historical aircraft and missiles, the Hill Aerospace Museum relies, in part, on volunteer teams. The museum’s World War II-era C-47 was last used by the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) for ferrying smokejumpers to critical fire suppression locations, but eventually it was retired from service and flown to Hill Air Force Base on September 23, 1983 for permanent display. When the opportunity arose to help restore this plane, Todd, a former USFS firefighter, volunteered to form a team to help paint and restore the airframe.

The Restoration

“I looked at this project as a challenging combination of a team building exercise, a unique educational experience, and an opportunity to preserve a plane that logged 16,000 flight hours over 40 years. With EM-Assist’s support, I assembled and coordinated a team of fellow employees, active duty personnel, other civilian contractors, and volunteers from the local community. After a year-long effort, the Hill Aerospace Museum added the restored C-47 to its permanent exhibit.

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