Shaun Prinster Instructional DesignerSalt Lake City, Utah

Shaun Prinster

Shaun first learned of EM-Assist’s flexible, people-focused culture through an internship that spurred an interest in multimedia design. The support and guidance of Shaun’s managers and colleagues, in conjunction with his own initiative, enabled him to develop professionally along a career path that he helped define.

A Flexible Internship:

“As part of completing my Masters degree in Instructional Technology, I joined EM-Assist for an instructional design internship to gain practical experience applying the knowledge and skills learned in my educational program. Initially, I worked on Rapid Learning Objects™ (RLOs), helping to eventually develop 97 RLOs for a large Marine Corps installation. With the support of the team at EM-Assist, I was able to gain exposure to skills outside of my typical job description, including multimedia design as well as HTML and XML development.”

My Career at EM-Assist:

“After my internship, I realized I had a passion for both instructional design and multimedia creation. EM-Assist encouraged me to develop these skills and provided me both on-the-job training from knowledgeable, supportive co-workers as well as access to formal training resources.

“When I first began working here, I had a goal of creating my own Flash-based course. Now, a little over a year after my start date, I am nearing completion of a Flash-based Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) training course where I was able to write the instructional material and manage the multimedia development while working alongside EM-Assist’s Folsom-based RFID technical experts. I would not have achieved this personal goal without the support and guidance of my team members and managers.“

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