Adam Harvey, P.E., PMP Vice President, Restoration and Program ManagementFolsom, California

Adam Harvey

Adam joined EM-Assist from a large competitor and, in addition to overseeing our Restoration services, is actively involved in coordinating our internal project management and professional development programs. He has more than 15 years of environmental, engineering, and project management experience.

On Joining EM-Assist:

“In my first week, I initiated and helped develop an internal new-hire referral reward program. Being able to have an impact with both clients and at the company was one of the primary attractions of EM-Assist and I have continued to enjoy my opportunities to shape our project management process and improve skill sharing among our managers.”

On what makes EM-Assist different:

“At EM-Assist, we all have a tremendous ability to help shape our roles in the company: the projects we work on, our career paths, even our work schedules. For me, that has meant I have enjoyed the ability to advance in both management and technical tracks as well as contribute to new business efforts. This open, meritocratic atmosphere is great for people who enjoy the opportunity to make things better – whether it is solving client problems, improving company operations, starting a new specialty or developing their career.”

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