If LG Tromm 1E code on your screen, the washer does not display any error, receives the desired drive water supply. In some cases, the water supply may cannot be enabled or hose bent or kinked. Also help prevent an outlet on the filter of the inlet pipe supply sufficient water to the washer. 0E-fehlercode indicates the LG Tromm washer ’ the drain hose is clogged or kinked has. It can also mean that there is a blockage in the drain filter. Usually the error clears tube exhaust or cleaning the filter. If you receive error code LE LG Tromm ’ washing machine motor was overloaded. Turn on the machine and wait 30 minutes before attempting to start the cycle. If the washer displays the error code remains, contact an authorized service technician. PF error code is displayed if the LG Tromm washer has experienced a power failure. To clear the error, restart the cycle of the washing machine. If an error washer LG Tromm shows EU code, optionally load washers too small and unbalanced. Add some similar elements to load or reposition parts, which can contribute to correct the error in the washing machine. Error code appears if the disk of your system to detect and correct the imbalance. Generally the case when heavy fabrics such as towels, bathrobes and coats are loaded into the washing machine, and the system cannot load to compensate. An FE error code appears when the LG Tromm washing machine, due to a problem with the valve of water flooded. Scroll to the contact card and makes the water. Please contact a qualified technician to check the solenoid valve. Thus, the code error PE shows the machine water level sensor washing LG Tromm is not working properly. Turn the water tap and unplug the washing machine. Call an authorized service to check the sensor. Troubleshooting washer, it may be difficult for owners, there is not much knowledge of the repair of the device. For those who own LG Tromm washer, but the task are often to be easier, because the washer codes error, possible problems with the device. Although there are very few remember, you become familiar with the error codes can help you to save time, the next time a problem occurs. Specifies the error code LG Tromm improperly closed door. Close the door a firmly usually eliminates this error. If the error does not come out as soon as the doors closed, a technician should be consulted. For your machine washing LG Tromm door run a wash near cycle correctly. . the washer will display an error message. ,,.