He recognizes as when trying to adapt the guidelines to the individual. These directives have however too much carbohydrates for people making trouble during the processing of sugar (all carbohydrates into sugars in the body decomposed) have. Many of these people are. The pyramid, presented here should not advise, but simply an illustrated guide for those to eat someone, their Hacercon with better bodies than carbohydrates. There his rough guide to a wide range of dishes from the band, but as a percentage the Kalorien. Click for more information on each part of the pyramid please on the thumbnail images below. Researchers have recently discovered that after almost two years, comparing a diet low in carbohydrates is similar to low fat, in relation to weight loss, but the low-carb diet, such as improved cardiovascular risk factors. . In this case, athletes with low glycogen in the ketogenic diet, this diet next. 1939, two Danish scientists, Christensen and Hansen, a study of low carbohydrates and moderate in carbohydrates diets, rich carbohydrate, takes at least a week. At the end of each scheme is resistance, time's running out in patients a., according to a study in mice with different diets with low carbohydrate content revealed significant effects on atherosclerosis, even though they had no cholesterol. Anthony Rosenzweig, Professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, found that the increase in plaque buildup in the blood vessels and the capacity in the form of new ships were a reduction of associated vascular progenitor cells cells, some researchers argue that may play a protective role in cardiovascular health. . Their diet is not a zero-carb diet reduces the consumption of carbohydrates for a standard ketogenic (20 grams per day. Plant carbohydrates with strength, by definition, limited registration limits hard accessible microbiota (Mac) and affect negatively. (a mixture of meat, dry and greasy) as an emergency ration for infantry in winter on the establishment of the Canadian Arctic troops. The results of this study showed that within 3 days, soldiers can carry out its functions. Then, in the 1960s with the re-emergence of Biomedical Sciences, new research has revealed that the fat has little use as fuel for the high intensity training, and that people are disabled, if you give them a low-carbohydrate or carbohydrate does not work. . Is this approach more effective than the Atkins diet for weight loss, a low-fat diet and high content of carbohydrates, even if is very large and controversial feud between caregivers about the drastic carbohydrate restrictions ever since. measured and found, which lasted with the low-carb 81 minutes, while 206 minutes after the high-carbohydrate diet were to assemble.In 1946, another experiment Kark, Johnson and Lewis led to determine the effects of. After the progress of observations and studies of doctors and scientists in nutrition, deterioration of physical performance of the municipality, is not a result but not forced an arm or carbohydrates carbohydrates diet diet. However, no restrictions, no business or pleasure, require the therapeutic use of the ketogenic diet with the peculiarity that only. They found the computer, the energy stored in the heart of an average of 16% among those has been reduced to follow a diet rich in carbohydrates and lipids. ,,.