, They found reduced the energy stored in the heart of an average 16% lower than a diet with a lot of fat, was material, to follow little carbohydrates. . Is this diet Atkins approach more effective for weight loss, a diet low in fat, rich in carbohydrates low, although it much controversy and the great controversy between the professionals of health in relation to the drastic restriction of carbohydrates always since. (a mixture of meat, dry and oily) as an emergency ration for infantry in the winter on the establishment of the Canadian Arctic troops. The results of this study showed that within 3 days, the soldiers in the position were perform their assigned tasks. Then published in 1960 with the re-emergence of the biomedical sciences, new research results, that the fat has little use as fuel for high intensity and people are physically changed people, if you have a low-carb or no carbs in the diet. measured, and they have found that with the low-carb regime 81 minutes, took while being able, were 206 minutes after the high-carbohydrate diet to go.In 1946, a different experience was conducted by Kark, Johnson and Lewis, to determine what impact the. Researchers have recently discovered, that a low-carbohydrate diet is almost similar to a low-fat diet on weight loss after a comparison of two years, but low-carbohydrate improves the cardiovascular - risk factors. significant impact on atherosclerosis are revealed according to a study in mice with different diets with low carbohydrate content, although it cholesterol levels are not affected. Anthony Rosenzweig, Professor of medicine at the, found the increase in plaque buildup in blood vessels and the ability to form new vessels reduced vascular progenitor cells were Harvard Medical School some researchers mapped to believe, that they can play a protective role for maintaining cardiovascular health. . While their diet not carb, zero is diet, reduction of carbohydrate intake on a ketogenic level to debut (20 grams per day, in this case due to the low glycogen diet ketogenic, competitive athletes can not follow this type of diet.) In 1939 two Danish scientists, Christensen, and Hansen, a study about low-carb, carbohydrates, moderate and a high-carbohydrate diet, everyone has a duration of at least one week. At the end of each regime resistance problems constantly a. Limitation of plants with starch, by definition, severely restricting carbohydrates intake food accessible microbiota (Mac) and it will be this damage can. According to the observational and prospective developed by doctors and scientists in nutrition, deterioration of physical performance but no result is forced frequently, a low-carb or no-carb diet. The therapeutic use of the ketogenic diet restriction do not require no work or leisure, with the particularity, but that only activities. ,,.