Thanks for the quick reply! I could help section to the decision between Massa and cutting rule. You are right ’, I am more than 15% (22-25% fat I think) so I have before making the cut. According to the formula which would put me on about 2,600 calories per day in my other question, if present in large quantities, I can almonds rice get enough calories, without to replace me? 3660 calories is just lots of food, Don ’, no matter who you are, but because of my size, I find a way to do so. If you replace a few almonds, my macro would be about 250 g of protein, carbohydrates and 321 150 g of fat. All healthy food. 150 g go do me evil, then that is the grease. Thank you very much!. The number of calories determine the weight loss, but I recommend save the more stable macro. You want your carbohydrates remain the number … training. ? Yes. Should generally between 1 1.2 grams per – per kilogram of body weight to a. – 25 2 grams of fat per kilogram of body weight and the rest of the calories of carbohydrate. That is ’ on a 40/20/40 split, if you do ’ you eat a lot. Take advantage of Hi, Mike, purchased only leaner, stronger and are half, I have it. When I saw that they respond effectively to questions here are happy. ’ this is my question. Type of high ’ (’ ″, 7 6 245), build an average of around 20-30 lbs of fat ’ I want to lose at the end, but I would also on 20 pounds of muscle in a net impact of approximately 235-245 kg of weight. If I had to choose the first cycle of the immense, I must begin, consume about 3 660 calories per day. My current average is 2600-2800 and carbohydrates in the side. I fight more, especially with the addition of complex carbohydrates, eat, I find it very satisfactory. But an easy way, I know that you could add another 500 to 700 calories without fill me so many almonds. I love Almonds and it could easily reach 3660 and add them as an aperitif. The only problem is that my fat ensures very high macro. Is there something in the calories from complex carbohydrates always magically? Or I can replace security almonds? Thank you very much!. The result: the group for low-carb lost more weight in the first 3 months, but the difference was not significant within 12 months.The result of 3 months is not surprising, given that the reduction in carbohydrate intake reduces water retention and also. Anthony Mychal suggests eating 1 kg of meat per day, more fat in foods little carbohydrates and lean meat carbohydrate, carbohydrate during exercise and a lot of fat in the rest of the days … it seems to work (see photos) I also like the idea of eating only free! or would be: ” “ your daily diet in the free training days in high fat days? 30 proteins, carbohydrates and fats 30 20 (or who could advise?) and also keep your diet at lunch from home, or as can be? A moderate carbohydrate requires day about 1.5 grams of carbohydrate per kilogram of body weight. The protein is between 1-1.2 grams per kilo and intake of fat. 2 grams per kilogram. . ” we want to be more politically correct, we can call “ shiny object syndrome. ” IE, many people are looking for magic, fast bullets developed body hacks and other nonsense, to achieve their goals. A week is ’ ri after the rebel anabolic program Max Anaconda, which follows the Redial metabolic X fisico program and so on.I have some sympathy, but ri ’ mainly young people connected lifting community. In the ’ all this is trend, ’ s Teleischia. And ’ re stuck in a Furche.Kontaktiert every day from people who suffer from Fuckarounditis. Usually goes something like: Mike Hi “ “ ’ I m using a protocol of intermittent fasting combined with some CARB cycling and move. In the gym ’ m training twice a day with a triple-strength/hypertrophy-Division and ’ m with periodization training volume. Because they are tall and slender like you? What type of monitoring of State-of-the-art protocols? ” my answer usually leaves them a little confused. I share my secrets. Another great article – IF / CARB cycling and others agree with euphoric bizarre “ ” who said: I've never followed supply ’ a cycle carburetor correctly, even if they tend to, my consumption of carbohydrates very significantly reduce in case of average. I usually keep my intake of carbohydrates or approximately 1 g/KG S.c. (for me, it's about 75 ’) per day – majority taking before and after exercise or, if in the formation of BCAA, then validate and breakfast and dinner. At the same time keep the protein (~ 2, 5-3 g/KG body weight) and Fett.Menge never seemed to moderate control works well for me, as it is the diet low carb and play with a philosophy of the Keto diet paid a considerable amount of body fat and not lose significant muscle. My measurements remains almost the same and my lifts do not appear to suffer, but it was then that I was with the 8-12 Rep range. Not the BLS 4-6 rich with much heavier Gewichte.Ich think this time I try my consumption carbohydrates reduce more gradually and see it as a stroke of luck. Any ideas? Thanks Mike! Discover ’ reasons the busiest in Buch.Die for the cyclist bust CARB people through aid weight loss plateaus is: 1 weight due to the lower contribution loss. 2 CARB. You are forced to drastically reduce their caloric intake.The only exceptions here and people here are read (8-9% in children, 17-18% among women) want to super slim. Sometimes people in these circumstances, you need some carbs until the last drop of lose fat delete …. Ah, good. ’ Doesn t protein should be high, but it is harmless ’. Personally would leave 10% – 5 pro and addition of carbohydrates. In addition, just in time for this excellent article – only I prepared at the Institute of riding a bike carbs this month and I think that after reading of this ’ save me the headache! A reading of the extraordinary. A day in carbohydrates doesn't mean nothing less than 30 grams of carbs per day. To do this, basically just you eat several servings of vegetables per day. Protein intake is about 1.5 grams per kilo, and fat intake goes up to 5 to 8 grams per kilo. Thanks Louise! No/low carbohydrate diet hate and avoid at all costs. In other words, it has its headquarters in preparation for the competition, but it is only ’ for a week before the delay of small Show.Eine, proper motion and patience is all that is needed. .Lassen me once again: during your stay a caloric deficit – means give your body spending less energy that – you lose weight, anytime the energy from proteins, carbohydrates and lipids.Framework of the appeal of Carb cycling is claims, don t “ ’ calorie counting or ” really “ watch what you eat. ” can simply follow a set of rules simple, food very ” “ carbohydrates in the days of high, average and less days a few days not less than.This style regime, it decent for maintenance in bulk and can work for weight loss, but it destroyed pas.% of body fat is always (men) or 18 to 19% and intake monitored closely of macronutrients, pp. 8-9 (women) to plan needed. Period. You must know exactly how much protein, carbohydrates and fats you eat each day ’ ri and if these figures quite a caloric deficit to lose fat to keep to manipulate, but not like you, many of the victims of the Muskel.So is the question of the weight loss and CARB cycling …. specific protocols differ in what concerns the actual figures, but all rely on a simple structure. For example, takes 4 days to low rpm carb, followed by a day in carbohydrates and then one day non-CARB upwards and try again. Or are you protein 3 days 1 day highly carbohydrate and then again when for carbohydrates feeder arm, etc., here is ’, which these days often digitally: representation. . This rapid weight loss is burning course whereby although with grease (and met with someone who has reduced the consumption of carbohydrates, as a way for weight loss calories cuts it).What follows is as always a good article by a. Hey Mike. Since a program of Carb cycling is terrible recently suck lol. It has ’ of the book of Giovanni Alpha Engineering elodie. Their thoughts, if you have been proven. In these circumstances, I hope that, in reality, people lose fat and muscle in my programs. But you try not ’ ’ claim it passes through the magic of my methods of mechanics quantum than some CARB sellers. It is simply ’ because the body responds well to a good diet and exercise, and especially at the beginning. Newbie gains are real and are much Spass.aber if a ’ Locator, you approach the peak. You can CARB cycling for fat loss? Absolute. Each protocol diet that puts you in a caloric deficit, if you ’ a daily or weekly or even monthly basis leads to weight loss. You can get rape ’ 150-200 grams of carbs per day? Please, tell me more. Mr. … cycler CARB then leaves ’ s steam look forward to the next big and bold we did this CARB sold bike people …. Passionate food CARB cycling support which accelerates fat loss it would be your days rich in proteins using a traditional approach to a Diat.leider ’ science is not on their side. We start with a ’. Weight: 187 lbs. It would be a little 467.5 g carburetor (1870 kcal) protein 187 GR – (748kcal) all together as 3500kcal to this amount of carbohydrates at this weight. [Very low-carbohydrate ketogenic diet] people assigned to reach more weight loss that those assigned to [low fat diet] ”: good Bezerra Nassib, Ingrid Sofia Vieira de Melo, Susana Lima de Oliveira and Terezinha da Rocha Ataíde (2013) in the long term. Diet ketogenic very-low-carbohydrate low fat of v, in the long term to lose weight: a meta-analysis of clinical trials randomly. British Journal of nutrition, 110, p. 1178-1187 DOI: 10.1017/S0007114513000548.I think that (and this is a personal opinion), which simply boils down to the individual and what works for your specific body. It is not only the caloric intake. Studies show that people will actually lose CARB fat cycling. Moreover, a study, calorie identical two regimes compared, but they differed in their distribution of macro (CARB FAT vs high carbohydrate, low fat) pointed out that the sections of the high fat/high lost protein content more weight and more body fat. Is not just a calorie deficit. Fat weight loss is more than a biochemical process is a physical process (CALs/lime out). . That is, your metabolism will be eating more, but can never accelerated to a point where you ’ re tools burn of calories consumed more additional Fette.Es is also relevant to this assertion on the fact that basically want most people in their days of non/low carbohydrate content. Want to know what it takes to reduce carbs are my preference, eat less than 50 grams of carbohydrates per day for a Woche.Ausbildung in non/low-carbohydrate diet. Mike, what is your opinion on people saying: lean fat cannot be constantly in surplus or deficit or muscle gain / lose fat? I have ’ m lean fat and had until recently … Levante 4 times a week. Within days of eating 300 cal maintenance elevator and lifting non days eat 700 cal low maintenance. I have ’ d follow the instructions where I ’ Leangains d do the same thing, every day, but the protein 70 / 30% of carbohydrates and fats, to the remaining calories day workout and 30 / 70% carbohydrates and fats on the other days. All training is done fast, so the body containing carbohydrates immediately after a workout, so I had d ’ a surplus in the short term, then lifting weights. 2 of my free days also includes quick cardio. It worked well, but I want the BLS program. The only problem is that my diet change in the 5 X per week not more than 2 days wanted to leave. So I ’ m thinking about a constant deficit of calories daily macros even change every day. ’ I'm afraid that when constantly “ a ” deficit leads to loss of muscle mass for people with Skinnyfat genetic theory is correct as to lose muscle mass. ’ I ve been working for 5 years. How I practice heavy 5 days a week. After trying different approaches to dieting, I discovered that my body has a very good response with regimes, including cycling for the mass. My profits are larger and thinner than with a diet rich in carbohydrates. For me it is the ’ my past with obesity and Genetics (many people in my family have diabetes), which makes my resistance to very high body insulin and works very well with recycling of the regimes of carbohydrates. When a person on the carbohydrates and fats bike correctly, he or she will train not still in the days of low/no crab (these days are days of rest). Carbohydrates and fats works nice bike! Strives to win the loss of muscle and fat. Never cut my calories. Doesn't work for me t ’. I do not understand how people can work, reduction of calories (energy level?). Cycle of carbohydrates and fats. Change my diet. I can change my relationship. I am very satisfied with this approach, because I have no many food carbohydrates and lots of grease and works to my advantage. It is ideal for women, because the girls only to burn more carbohydrates than fat. ). Most of these protocols should do so more hard trained high carb.Moderate CARB day offers you hold a variety of carbohydrates, glycogen stores, but you do not ’ enough from a deficit of calories do too much weight loss. Form you non - days limit and low-carb, in these days of Tagen.Ihre, where ’ the King at a calorie deficit, and where some people claim that “ ” magic. Those were the days where you “ ” body, cheat your burn fat at a pace accelerated pace, to maintain low insulin levels. Often recommended ’ is used, the heart or the days now / days, low-carb, but if you get more than 3 days a week, you should be at least 1 of these days. (It is a disgusting – more on this later.)Is therefore ’. Dear ’, please see the next question: is? Good information, your stuff. It was a pleasure to hear that are not supported by a Setup program, ’ on no or low carb diet and healthy eating including healthy part of grams of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Miracle work, if a deficit of calories ….Roseann rife. Thank you very much! I'm glad you like.If ’ right of the Kings of the calories is quite. Low-carb is an easy way, calories, as if to limit.The settings are technically good refund. Don ’ t see a lack of important, but personally no surplus in the days of the year, without days (except if you train on weekends). but because the body reacts? That is why I ask ’ haven t in any natural weight lifters, making people can kind of recomp inspired try, you know, really work?It is sufficient. I prefer Berkhan ’ model, however. Hi Mike, you read a lot of your posts, because I mean the need to change the diet and exercise routine. Me 6 times a week of training, heavy at least 5 of those days and turned in a day HIIT the sixth increase in evil, etc., also a type of HIIT after my lifting sessions were. I think with exercises of high intensity, which should, but eat more for years earlier and trainers/nutritionists say small things, thinking I'll eat too many carbohydrates and abs have never stuck. But then I start second guessing and think that maybe I have belly fat because I eat too little carbohydrate and calories are too low. What is your opinion? I know that some people say not enough to eat at will it store fat in reserve, … etc let me know what you think and how do I get my diet slim ” “ thank you! Lawyer and the use of a traditional approach to the diet because it is easy and ’ works very well if you do well. The best diet is one that can contain and get as thin as desired with a traditional diet. Don t believe me ’?Now, just a 8/9 weeks with a break of traditional foods (40% of the calories come from protein, carbohydrates 40% and 20% of fat).I have about 13 pounds and it was 9% ~ ~ 6% and my resistance during the first 4-5 weeks and then fell on my different nutrition numbers in recent weeks (and it was simply because I had to gradually reduce my calories and has decided to remove carbohydrates – it is difficult training).Here are a few photos of the way which at the moment:. I have just this page. I see ’ CARB and still once or twice in my life, only for each exceeding does not three months directly execute and read ’ fat/weight pretty well. But certainly less time to feel low/no anyway. Of course don t ’ weight lifting, at the time (unless you ’ an idiot), so I did cardio/stretch/rest at the time. He appeared to lose some muscle and a good amount of grease. I can see reading your article, however, it is really taking only because there is a deficit of calorie pro. If keep CARB better cycling mass muscle while fat, ’ I do not know, but I think that me ’ I want to allow a 40/40/20 to see the difference. So, while I certainly, CARB cycling work would say, if you want to by the media, build muscles correctly, remove and not steroids, 40/40/20 seems much better. There are bad and is all low or non-existent, days where you feel unwell. Of course, bike for photos is still important as well in a week or 2 CARB. Thumbs up for the excellent article. I learned a lot. Excellent article by Mike!In particular, I like his opinion on trends in the nutrition, show how there are things like links Sixpack. : CARB cycling more pDuring was used and it works, but not for the reasons that many people believe. My experience shows me at the time I ate eat would conduct less than amount of calories that are, but mean days of hydrate of carbon-low carbohydrate content. If I do not ’ my intake of calories said as ’ view deceive myself I ate most of what I've done. The same with fasting, intermittent if shorten my window eating less, which simply creates a caloric deficit and no magic pill of food of course. Tea, he would appreciate very much your entry in my current routine CARB cycling: macros medium are also during the week of 30% fat, 30% carbohydrates, 40% protein, in the context of the Woche.Das weekend, continue it would consume 20f/60 ° c/20 p to 2400 kcal, which is a surplus of calories for me.Monday and Tuesday ’ Carbed enough until the end of week if still ’ d foods 60f/10 c/30 p, 2400 kcal again.Wednesday, however, that my day of fasting and whatnot and I want food to make, as a day of rest for the lifting of weight also.Thursday and Friday at a deficit of calories to eat about 75% of calories, take 20.10.70 p ~ 1800 kcal, which feel more like 2500-3000 kcal for a large number of proteins, sometimes I have to force myself to achieve the goal of calories. The worst days to beat the iron because my glycogen is usually completely empty and significantly reduce 20% of carbohydrates, even though consumption prior to my training. The weekend I ’ (d) share with the cycle at the beginning and the Carb.Good technisch ’ m 3 days only cut 7, but with a deficit of about 400 to 500 kcal / day (average per 4 days has been completed as). ’ Doesn't sound much, but ’ I have to throw my fat on the constant basis, also while maintain as my muscles mass and improve my eating ascensores.Como a big fan of Brad drumsticks mentality stop eating my main reason why that sort of loop instead of daily calorie deficit with high fatty days my level of HGH rise and I would like to make a young of 32 hours per week, without muscle loss. It seems kinda boring from Wednesday to Friday, but once my eyes fell muscles again full of the carburetor. How this type of procedure and we recommend some adjustments?Thank you very much and greetings from the Austria!Roland2. Hi, first of all very amazing blog – take the information for the hours spent a few months ago started with Leangains and CARB cycling. He decided to remove the Carburetors focus bike now and add little random, if – is. Your breakfast in a few days and a faster to make than others.EH well otherwise CARB cycle but what ’ more – should still continue to eat more calories on workout days and less on other days, isn't? That this approach (if care to cut / mass) – eat a lot of calories or eating more days of training every day? (so it would show balance calorie during the week). A diet low in carbohydrates, proteins, fats. It was 20 grams of carbs per day, which increases gradually until you reach your ideal weight. Interesting. CARB cycling is the only thing that seems to work for me. I tried calorie deserter with my girlfriend-fitness and weight! Exercise and I weigh every day, my weight has increased: (,) I have hormonal problems, hypothyroidism and went only the pill to compensate my hormones (obviously I have ’ a girl-m). Me ’ m take hormones play an important role in the weight loss for people. We have different levels, some programs of weight loss for some work, and others do not. Just a theory. then CARB cycling can help you lose weight. Otherwise no stress with the ’. Not ’ on their training and exaggerated, and now life to deliver a diet, carbohydrates not l0w - stinks. Lose fat of course if they are carbohydrates also cycle a ’ studies Defizit.Und back and continued if it the best or high carbohydrate or low-carb. Talk here:. Energy consumption at rest is for both diets, where the differences between them increased. Low-carb won't give any particular metabolic boost nutrition. Mike, weight 191 kg and m ’ were approximately 200 grams of protein per day to support the muscle gains. It is, I still have thick and fat to burn. I followed the routine of the BLS and ’ by my visit to tobacco ’ last week to pay, as a common Uhr.Mein problem is that I'm 1, 800 kcal per day and eat more carbs do, it is well, stick with 200 grams of protein per day Nummer.Meine numbers are usually 40-50 g of fat100-200 g of carbohydrates and proteins of 200-250 g. Today for example I 123 g 209 50 g of fat, carbohydrate and protein g, but 25% 48% of calories from carbohydrate, protein, fat, and 27%. I think that it is always a constant. Since I still lose weight, but now much more slowly (already 58 kilos and lose 0.5-1 kg per week), should I change this relationship? How can I join without making my protein intake? Or my current relationship is OK at this stage of the (eternal) Court ’ m me? Thank you!. Reviews of Fame improved on two diets with differences between them. This influenced a claim often is the sale of bicycle, carbohydrates, hunger better, reduce the traditional diet. According to this study, which is not ’. Fat intake is inversely proportional to the consumption of carbohydrates. Fat intake is low, if your CARB high and are reversed. I can assure you that you will build muscle while FAT without steroids, any, you lose what you have, do in the kitchen or in the gym. Whatever it is, it is the muscle you once too deep a deficit and not going overboard to keep regular cardio.Another aspect of this metabolic advantage ” “ claim CARB cycling is that day, a rich giving you your body of carbs anabolic muscle building “ boost ” all at the same time remarkably ” “ your metabolism at high speed, the acceleration of fat loss. You probably now these claims not only expect to ’ supported by science.I said that insulin can help. But, Yes, we take care of the body composition, so it is not ’. Indeed, low carb diet will cause a worse comp-CARB-high body due to the reduction of muscle. Talk here:. The two regimes it is no difference between them was the improvement of insulin sensitivity. It is yet another blow for the development of the low-carb, which takes the ’ world of fitness in the storm. The fact is: Yes, there is weight loss. Excellent article! I have luck, a few books with restriction of carbohydrates down but Chico was weak and in a bad mood! ’ t could make long term, then he won everything. I have learned my lesson and follow then the 40/40/20, which allows me to go ahead and energy, my days HIIT as in the days of weightlifting. Thank you for the great information! work a little more fat in the days of eating and the amount recommended carbohydrate in days (therefore no drastic carbohydrate reduction), but that still have enough carbohydrates for fuel, the basic movement would be regeneration, but the bot as training days, etc, because you do not have, and how that day in relation to the share I guess would be the macro? 150 g protein course.but then? 100 grams of fat, 200 grams of carbohydrates? How is it calculated? the reason why he probably wants it I love BOLD things like yogurt, milk, nuts oils thr any except in the very limited training days because in most of my sources of protein, the already very fat with it. It is thrown with an intensity of a day of non/low carbohydrate content. In addition, a large part of the maintenance of lean mass while cutting to lifting weights and keep their strength, and the drastic reduction in carbohydrates make this impossible. I think that the problem in the area of weight loss, but fat loss. If bad calories diet leads to weight loss of …. They say that a person on a diet of bread and bread go and lose weight so that they are under maintenance calories. I think that the reason for the low carbohydrate diet low carbohydrate content, content in … days, supporting the body upward on fat reserves for energy, to reduce body fat. Low carb diet leads to improved body composition. All diets may have lost the same weight, but the way we look at people? At the composition of the body in the best low carb diet? That is the question. The short answer?Perhaps, but not ’ CARB cycling is that it is possible. It would be the current level of air conditioning, the history of education and their Genetik.Beispielsweise send emails with dozens of young men and women every day, lose fat and build my muscles. Diet, about 5 grams of carbohydrate per kilogram of body weight need arm of carbs per day. Protein intake increases by about 1.5 grams is usually by kilo and the absorption of fats by about 35 grams per kilogram. Eat lots of protein and carbohydrates and healthy fats to keep enough health. If I want to lose fat, you put a slight caloric deficit. If I want to keep my food fats, body (more or less) what you burn each day. And if I want to focus the muscle of the building as a slight caloric surplus. My food, planning, lifestyle and food appropriate for my needs, diet, parameters and save them. Period. So what should be deleted this section of the article, it is the theory that the days proteins fist big loss of fat CARB cycling provided are not compatible with the literature. They are simply part of the continue marketing Kampagne.Bevor, but I ’ I want to mention it scientifically supported an exception to the above statement. That is, there are cases where some people lose more fat by reducing the consumption of carbohydrates (and other side of the coin is – some people lose more fat by increasing the consumption of carbohydrates). How it works and why? See my article. Thank you very much!Also you reduce my CARB cutting only, because I have to reduce calories, but never less than 8 grams per kilo. Low carb diet is horrible for training, however. Lost a bit of strength.The end result is on insulin response and sensitivity are good, get good carbs consumed destroyed every day. Hello!Make ’ a good idea. Start 1 g Pro/lb and as little fat as possible, with a weekly and 2 to 2.5 grams of carbohydrate per kilogram of body weight what eat. Enjoy!. Cycling as a carbohydrate, must fill huge shoes, if you listen to his most staunch supporters.According to them, CARB cycling is the Holy Grail of bodybuilding: fast fat loss at the same time maintain or even increase muscle mass. The most ridiculous claims to go still further, attractive with a promise that won, the ’ count the calories and the charm of the day, rich in carbohydrates, which inspire the precious carbohydrates.One more thing in common from the sale of the bicycle as a carbohydrate is the claim, a traditional approach to diet (constant protein, intake of carbohydrates and lipids for the whole week with refeeds tricks/standby) just get the t ’ “ thin ” super category (6% and less for males and 16% for women) without burning, a ton of Muskels.Nun in this article, we ll ’ overview not only the CARB cycling and how, but we ll ’ also cut the hype and the subject of exaggeration and small anecdotal experience and science to reach your heart.  He concluded that a diet with a lot of carbohydrates, low-fat protein, low in 8 weeks it was just as effective on weight loss as a diet, the arm of carbohydrates, low in fat, rich in protein.It is particularly suitable for this position. Hi Michael, enjoyed only TLS ended a few days and I really have it. I learned a lot about nutrition and overall resistance. I have two questions to ask you. I am currently 5 ’ 4 ’, 130, 20.9% body fat (like everyone else), and ’ like to lose fat and muscle to win. 1. do not exclusively focus on lack of cardio HIIT and calories up to 15% of bodybuilding? 2. in accordance with the calculations of the book, I should 1380 calories per day, approximately 40/40/20 food. Include exercises? If I do 100 calories of heart HIIT, should for example of calories to eat again? I apologize, if I ’ view before answering these questions, I tried to hunt for answers but doesn't work in every ’. Thank you very much!. Cycling is carbohydrates for muscle growth, fat loss? Is it preferable to traditional power? Read to find out! It is good to see that a contribution scheme referenced technical publications. But she is apparently very specific as food. Referring to publications, diets low in carbohydrates that treaty regimes show equal long term (though of small size of the sample). However, there are also publications that show exactly the opposite. This publication includes “. You expect all changes go Mike using a calories per kilo of BW based on grams. I did a lot of schemes and, it seems, I have always the same, which my education I Protocol. I have IIFYM and retardation of carbohydrates and nothing. I am ’ 5 230 kg 6. I am in good shape, with the exception of the pudge for his Magen.Ich am very lean and bad veins on my thighs, chest, shoulders and calves. I wanted to collapse (no more), but could never achieve, can it be just genetic. I want this round of carbohydrates, once, but not ’ t know where to start. Now, I'm becoming crazy a cal 3000 300, 230-diet protein ~ ~ ~ 100 g carbohydrates and fats. Never know it as calories, because follow the ass in the gym when I'm there. I was curious to know if you could point me in the right direction. Usually eat high carbohydrate 2 to 2.5 grams of carbohydrate per kilogram of body weight daily. Approximately 1 gram per kilogram and fat between 0-15 grams per kilo are protein intake. Calories bike can help you stay slim, but a routine CARB that has lost a lot of cycling and only raise carbohydrates ’ is not necessary.  Learn more.For the purposes of this article, but just know that some people ’ provide have digestive problems and the proper use of carbohydrates. It is on grounds of disability in the production of insulin and treatment. For these people, reduce the consumption of carbohydrates can help lose weight. From my experience, it is however not very frequent ’ and problems with the production of insulin and the sensitivity can be significantly improved with diet and exercise. Hello Friend ’ 16bf m 13 Pierre is how much I have 4 days form of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, which I have to do this too skinny bearing carburetor, week, I understand that at the time at least no 30grams training would need carbohydrates, but how much protein and fat, and if you work much. ? Mike, I agree that you can lose weight with a diet, which puts you in a calorie deficit, at least for awhile. Roman Malkov wrote cycling, book on CARB based on his experience as a consultant nutrition for Olympic team Russian. Preservation of lean tissue is the main reason, Dr. Malkov used with Olympic athletes. I have ’ years of cycling in carbohydrates helps my bust of Tark's fitness through weight loss plateaus. Works. Who wants to learn more than a scientific point of view should read ’ book by malkov by what bike carbs. ?  (a diet low in carbohydrates), it is a traditional diet to see if everything was metabolic advantage over others.In this study, 20 adults overweight were assigned at random to one of the two regimes. ,,.