Yes, now I'm treatments have Phase IIb Nodular Sclerosing Hodkins Lymphoma, have an 8-inch by 6-inch tumor Mediastinal, partly behind my heart. The ice treatment, I got sick for a week and a half later noticed the hair, which are all made of ice, but with ABVD now began to develop Stubles and say further eyebrows. I need to do chemotherapy, every 2 weeks and I'm very tired, fatigue is the worst, just to get out of bed and I'm tired. Normally, it takes a week to get the energy to treat. Also, has no feeling left toes and discolored. Is his daughter again wearing a wig? So if are free offer is the American Cancer Society, everything you need, called. I bought 4 small, but they are so expensive. Hi Vicki - glad to hear your son is good and graduates in this month of May. 22 is young, it has to do with the cancer, but age is not selective, for children with cancer. I pray that your child stay clean. My husband is scheduled for today to chemotherapy but decided to test the alternative. I am sure that we are going to office today in the oncologist, so we can talk there. Hello Sandra and jazz, followed with results your feedback and testing, the daughter of Jean-Pierre and husband of jazz. I read non-toxic cancer - your guide to cure free sweet Bill Henderson. There are many different options in this book and websites that support them. We have chosen the option, automatic processing list of step 6. Are made up of quarks and flaxseed oil green smoothies barley beta-glucan 500 mg 3D, organic, heart, as well as extract of green tea, vitamin and mineral supplement daily benefit and a vegan diet. I put at all costs on the Web pages in the book, and we should do it this week. So far we have cut meat and more processed foods. We hope that this treatment for 6-8 weeks to test and then try to see if cancer downplayed it, or if it occurs a miracle, the cancer is gone. If that doesn't work, then return to the chemotherapy, but after reading so many stories such as chemotherapy, ravaged by the body during and after chemotherapy, we are reluctant to go this way. I have not heard of apricot, but would be interested in me, and I heard asparagus is a miracle food. I will keep your daughter and frequent / my husband and I hope that they are free of cancer. She had her pet scan on Tuesday, March 23, and we find the hotspots Friday. You are in the chest between the lungs. Its original knots, where in the region of the neck and throat. At this point, I think they are still in phase 2 first. It includes an examination of bone marrow for tomorrow. In the first place who had obtained results in just 5 days. The only thing that I have learned from this process is a persistent cookie! Call and follow-up in Canada must, however, it is not very different from the procedure. As of this moment, I am looking forward to, fill out the examination of bone marrow, blood tests, a reference to another physician, specialized stem cell transplants. I know that it is what we do progress, as we all know, giving you other options such as the stem cell transplant seems really very invasive. Think well, he did much research on now apricots (seems that many advantages to fight cancer) in alternative medicine. To do this and I think that definitely staging and how fast it should be ended and think so another scan in a few weeks, perhaps a biopsy of the affected node questions. do you know why your doctor Remcommending instead of stem cell transplantation, bone marrow transplant? Pray for you, your daughter and her brother. I think that cancer and other diseases are inherited, your brothers and the girl in the genes of cancer could be. My father died of a heart attack at the age of 41 years and had a son by his first marriage, we met at his funeral, when he was thirty years old. He died at the age of 41, connecting the heart to do things in families. God bless your daughter and good luck on Thursday. My daughter had a little hair left of ABVD. A little lower.It has not lost the feeling in fingers, bleach. Who should be the ice? You have a wig to take the company. Not very often Krebs. Obwohl his 5 years as his mother somewhere after the ABVD. He said, I had put the wig! It ended its ABVD in October and his hair now are about 3 cm long. How much ice cream?First, my daughter had become a lump in the neck. She never has been already removed 4 scene lymph and under which the marrow OS.But, night sweats, or itching. It had a transparent House in August. Then, two foci appeared in February. One of his Medastinal. 1 x 5 cm and a smaller pool. We are so grateful that is not sure what comes into your bone marrow by osseuse.pas next.but, celebrate Easter today! My brother had 32, while it also has Hodgkin's disease, was, that he now 57 that he had wrapped a huge tumor around the aorta. Keep the faith! Stem cells seems to be very serious and dangerous, but I have to think of the bone marrow transplant. Then, when you give high doses of chemotherapy, the cancer cells to kill and cut and replace them with cells well? My daughter was diagnosed in July 2008, climbed 2 19. He was free of cancer 1 year now. He recalled also was a wonderful drug for them. It was a bridge. They kill you as a parent to see your child through them. Now you are looking for a change or a coup, which found only a bump on the back of the neck, immediately the next day, the Dominican Republic has ordered a CT and emerged the results the same day at all. But offer ever. You all have heard, several weeks of waiting, I feel for you. I don't know if his age, but his physicians and surgeons have everything is accelerated. I feel very fortunate to have doctors too many praying. You will be asked in my. Terrie, careful. Hodgkin's lymphoma is curable according to traditional methods. See her husband or because of nausea?Joel, sorry for the Reocurrance of her daughter. I cherish your family in my prayers.Cancer Center of United States, said on its Web site that age can be an increased risk of developing cancer, but the American cancer society, which has cited only a 5% risk. It is difficult to know what to believe. Looking for an alternative, because type 1 diabetes ja and fell ill before the next round of chemotherapy was 9 to 14 days. I would want chemotherapy, but this test. If this is not so when the alternative works program ends at the end of April, will have to do chemo. I hope gives us badly and is reduced, if they carry out in the alternate dimension of cancer or tumor free. Well, I hope we are not going well and I am glad that I am cured. What us with cancer with other treatments such as diet and nutritional supplements for life is atrocious. We tend to forget that he has cancer, although it is at the back of our minds. But we continue our day and cooking vegetarian, healthy and taking supplements and cottage cheese and oilseeds flaxseed a day, similar to the book cancer free Bill Henderson says to do. Then take the test to see if she makes progress. Someone mentioned on this Web site about apricot seeds and was curious to see how they work and if you tried it. Hello Terri, 07 Oct became sick Hodgkins. It had a mass of 5 inches in my chest, a lymph node in my neck and my stomach, which revealed the cancer. I used ABVD for 6 months and radiation therapy for 5 weeks. I helped with nausea, almost all the time, and nothing I have Delt. After my treatments, I went to a natural doctor, and started to clean and detoxification. I felt good. Spring 09 saw the spots on a CT scan. After a few months, I had a very invasive biopsy and confirmed that it was new. In January I had a stem cell transplant. I was in the hospital for 3 weeks. I've said in my treatments, I am so tired of my new doctor I told him I was going to vomit wanted to go to the hospital. I need said alpha (add-to-go) I do not know if this is the correct spelling, but I put as it seems. It was a miracle I needed. Asco does not give at all! By the grace of God, they have no side effects, and that was good! I am in remission, and analyzes the CT procedure. I felt compelled to write and give this information. Rajesh is also a medicine against anxiety. My nephew is 21 years old was diagnosed with lymphoma. She had her second treatment and measures become ill. Age needs!I hope that this information helps.BlessPam of God. Sholliman: I regret what was diagnosed to his granddaughter at the age of 22. My husband has the same data type, Hodgkin's lymphoma, nodular. Remove a cyst and has a more deeply-rooted in the abdominal area. Aftr NEUPOGEN shot, which increase the white blood cells, had a number of ABVD chemotherapy and gave it. It is typical for treatment after a high dose of chemotherapy because it kills cancer cells producing malignant and normal cells and this step with good more cells and strengthens your immunity. Hello Terrie05, it would be very interesting to see Cancer Free Book what results after your treatment option choose. I hope that your was.Apricot die is the result de facto in a mixture of others creates a mixture of vitamin b12 is composed of seeds of apricot, buckwheat and Royal Jelly honey natural spring water, Bee Pollen. These components must be mixed and placed in a dark glass in the refrigerator for 1 week and then met with breakfast. Friends of mother was diagnosed with cancer and their conventional treatments of chemotherapy, etc. and healed, then diagnosed Lyphoma and use this mixture and its Lymphoma with this well, but later died of skin cancer. My husband is going to see this store for a couple of weeks and then another scan to question what is happening. Yes Google information about apricot seeds to different information clearly in the cure of cancer. I think that bitter apricot seed. I hope that your mix for you work. My thoughts are with you and your husband. Hi Pam - I am glad listen that it is healed and pray that it won't never rear its ugly head again. I know Ruby, my husband was at a point when he had an attack in a diabetic episode. It took some time later, but the nausea has not taken place. We believe that it would be able to tolerate the ABVD chemotherapy when his diabetes was not a factor. Nausea medicine, gave permission for its sugar in the blood of heaven, then was sick with chemo and diabetes. Looking for an alternative remedy. We started on Monday last, 4/5 and in the book without Bill Henderson found the cancer. We hope it will work; If it does not, however, know this chemotherapy is around the corner and will retain the Alpha in the eye, if necessary. Also, if you are a transplant of stem cells and what is the reason? It was the diagnosis of stage 4. My brother was at the age of 32 years only a step 1b. My daughter has had no symptoms until the publication of a bullet in the neck. I don't hear my brother and tumors of the girl! Yes, Yes!On Thursday, we will tell them that we are, and where they returned. Thank you for your prayers. On the other hand, my brother is now 57 to keep the faith! Doctors had told me that when it comes to the next step it is the stem cell transplant. It was my boss. It was a simple process. I think it is important, but it is really surprising. I had two cycles of chemotherapy dose and then saw them and waiting for the day my right to harvest the cells. The first 6 million tests. Conservation of frozen foods, until that last just after my chemotherapy in very high doses, then return. Almost all dead. She could not give this high dose chemotherapy if there are some of them about my ports cells. The hope is that my good cells will grow faster and stronger, having overcome cancer cells that remain. I did a lot of research about the natural world and they have heard many success stories. So it is promoted. Even if it does not help to address other diabetes Win. Why is the men of your body stronger against something. My prayer is that it eliminates the malignant cells of course! After buying my first cancer, went to that without any diet of dairy, meat, sugar and white flour. Ate a lot of salads, vegetables, rice, sweet potatoes, I felt so good! I start to eat healthier. Blessings for you! We are waiting for another more arriving and then having the entire system in the book that is recommended to treat the cancer. We want to start immediately after their arrival. Meanwhile, he changed to a vegetarian diet short processed foods, sugar, milk, meat. Hydrogen peroxide there is also daily twice food grade. One of our friends told us that his mother had cancer and that it is the normal routine of the chemotherapy treatment. He returned and chemotherapy she was almost killed again. You can not work and led him by chemotherapy and read to kill all the cancer cells you oxygen inside (and only food diluted) and install an Ozonater into your bathtub and take two times a day to absorb the oxygen in the skin. Swears by it. They give us a chance. I hope to give a good report within six weeks. I think that the bone marrow and stem cell transplantation are similar. Usually do not bone marrow, if this does not happen. It is very painful, recovering from his pelvis. I was hooked to a machine that took my blood and my stem cells pulled out and replace the law of the blood in me. I didn't feel anything. Then she froze my stem cell. After a large dose of chemotherapy has killed the cancer cells and many well, give my healthy strains cells frozen in me, that my body rebuild and new healthy cells. I was very happy that I am without side effects. Perhaps not everyone has this achievement. Do various tests, to make sure that you are in good health for the production. I have several stories of others who have done and are later still is in remission. ,,.