Do not treat or transformed; easy; normal power; stick to the plan. a simple blue dress; a simple rectangular brick building. What size should coop not chicken? Your chicken coop or hen house would probably never too big. However, it may be too small. There are a few standard guidelines that most people try, herds, the only free note offer chickens, internal hangers, at least on the nature or the chicken, which is used for the purchase of your new minimum of chicken coop, 4 square meters per capita. When you increase the roosters that are small birds are can you plan on two square metres per animal. Once more, assumes that there is enough space and that your herd spends enough time outside. If a farm garden of a friend in the cage in the best of cases, it is necessary, that the more than 10 square feet per hen. Faucets have 5 square meters per capita. Remember, if your farm-garden plans could herd later adds more chickens, you should consider when choosing a barrel. Once more, there isn't really much space! If you have a flock of hens from the terrace in the garden, or consider your hobby farm chicken to begin the benefits, consider a chicken coop or a chicken coop. Note before you try to create a few important factors. First of all, a chicken coop or a chicken coop must provide protection for your herd. This means that warm / cold to melt the snow, River, rain and snow. You must specify the light and ventilation, but testing too much or too little light and ventilation can affect the internal temperature. The cooperative is a bedding system, which allows you to supply hygiene functions you need. Provide nests, the right size and the right balance of chickens for eggs, more freshness and more. I have never met a chicken that I have not slept, and then Dormidero bars provide space for recreation. You know, like that for chicken POO on the other not? Finally, raccoons can often open locks requiring the reasoning ability of a child at an early age. The safety of your herd depends on how secure is your home chicken or chicken coop! Buy Coop does not to build it.Some people have the talent and the time to which certainly as good as any other on the market to build a chicken coop or a chicken coop, today. The rest of us would probably better just chicken coop or hen house buy new belle in our shipyards, budgets and the housing required for the size of work within our of our herds. For many farmers in the Court, the colors and the design of the chicken coop or hen house are equally important to the overall attractiveness of shipyards such as flowers, trees and shrubs that are planted. Easy cleaning and maintenance of your herd apartments will be very important if you limited have time and the opportunity to open a door and fresh eggs quickly and easily your decision, reasonable cooperative even buy another! Moving day what should go in your new home? People who feel easier to buy a chicken coop or a chicken coop, which is ready to use as possible. This gives you the opportunity to his flock and travel without end to the barracks. In both cases, a sleep sufficient Dormidero must provide new contributions of cooperatives and the time of spawning of nest boxes. The rule here is to allow 10 cm stem length per hen for the posts of the herds. Nest, a 14-inch standard dialog box should be sufficient to meet the needs of the 4 or 5 hens. Experts suggest, although it may cost a little more, you have more success and less problems if you put 2 chicken feeders and chicken 2-drinker in your henhouse. Chicken drinkers are also called poultry pin side. 2 each, the possibility of a person starving by the pecking order is greatly reduced. Keep if possible, water and nutrients from the soil. Some say that they for consumption of alcohol the fountain and lip feed on its lower height of the backrest of the chickens to leave. Increase you this aid to reduce food waste and keep the environment clean and dry. Line the floor with shavings of pin 6 to 12 inches, recycled paper, sawdust, or materials offer good capacity of absorption, it adapts to your budget and easily accessible. Chips of pine is often available for the line, so they tend to horse jobs, cheap and be available during the year. Abandon the cake too and add the necessary bedding. Remove the bed linen and clean your chicken coop at least twice a year. to protect his investment, his flock and his hens families, can be a source for the new chicken coop Add. ! We are convinced that the setting of the electrician is the best and if you have a flock are serious, it is the right way to go. If this is not economically possible (be careful) and try to run an extension cord that is suitable for the distance and the need for his chicken coop. It needs before puddles protected and used only as directed. In cold conditions in winter, you must add a heating lamp. In this case firmly in his henhouse to suspend and stupid test will be effective, but there is no injured chickens or a fire to start. It may also be necessary, buy heated poultry waterers or galvanized doors using based on poultry, heating, water freezes birds. It is important to prevent this. Once more, it is necessary to have a source of energy. Finally all the operations that you can take the harmony in your chicken coop or hen house will keep your healthy herd and lay eggs, probably with fewer problems on the road. Some people buy birds, such as parrots, cages, toys for pets to remove the chickens to stress. Hung with mirrors and bells are popular. Toys can have rotation also benefits. Even the salad or similar vegetables in the bag to munch on trailers or sand Peck or wheat in a small container to put on the ground. Large or similar plastic tubes that are healthy and large enough for a chicken to explore offer satisfaction for curious flat egg! Stress reduction results in fewer diseases and other conditions, making these additions can save money and provide more eggs at the time. Their chicken coop to build, don't buy! Buy a chicken coop to save time, but you can save money. Often houses made of recycled materials or Reasingados as a single platform. The houses are built by hand can be adjusted to suit your needs and your tastes. There are many good books available, including the available for immediate download, you repeatedly his savings of costs in materials and unless error. The new Coop should be functional and comfortable, so that you each day. Poor design could make it much more difficult and more time to keep your chicken questions every day. If your home is not properly designed and built, even endanger the security of his herd of risks such as weather and predators. Advanced knowledge of a person who has designed and, your task of building houses will go much more quickly to use. Finished his chicken coop, they are safer, last longer and adapts to your needs and your yard best herd. If you decide to build your own chicken coop, spend little money today for an expert to your page of achievement with one of these books and project plans. Where to put in your new home? Depending on where you live, please observe the local laws on chickens and their homes to keep. Some people would be unhappy if a chicken coop or a chicken coop against his property or nearby, then make sure that your relationship is a good. Perhaps an offer of some biological fresh eggs will relieve some concerns! Plan to be flat, where melt your chicken coop snow or water is not a problem. Thinking that you are closing your herd year-round, so I have to try this, fairly narrow but sufficient comfort that your barbecue plans will not disturb the sounds or smells. If in a warm climate will help life, put you with the protective canopy of leaves of a tree in summer to keep the cooler. Examine your chicken coop and then the main or window frames larger than in the South, in front of heating, light and more sensational winter. For more ventilation if necessary, by there other windows or openings on the north side and perhaps offer the ideal situation. Depending on your current situation and the location, you have the holes for ventilation. It protects the predators and cover the holes with hardware wire or mesh the fabric. You revealed created your available commercially with a chimney cap for your home, to hide the hole. Make sure you this hole during the winter in conjunction with. Openings must be that of a fireplace, about 6 inches wide, at the top of the cooperative. The general rule is that never in ammonia should feel in your chicken coop. If so, clean your chicken coop and increase ventilation to immediately. ,,.