Co-operatives are the same chicken housing, prefab House is a good idea for many. As a first step, it saves you time. For others, the cheapest route is better than all costs when chicken is raised which will add the cost for each product of chicken from the conductor. In addition there is to build a final satisfaction and create your own chicken coop. If the DIY Chicken Coop is made for you, will be useful later.The layout is the key point that the hen houses are places of refuge. As creatures of habit, the chicken, the chicken coop must be, a permanent refuge for chickens can relax, boxes, feed and stay in good wishes with security. You will also need a chicken coop, a chicken coop. Chicken is the area outside the House where hen can wander, forage for food, additional game and dirt baths. Chicken Coop depends on space or delete. Usually in rural areas, followed by urban areas with high agricultural regulatory relaxation means. If dirt in freedom, confined or fence varies in the way of predators in the region. Design in general, a chicken takes about four square meters and three hens can share a nest. You also need a long hook, 9 of each hen. The design must also contain a trap, space of storage, ventilation, lighting and electrical networks. Design for a clean and healthy environment of the system to accommodate deep-litter. This is usually done under the floor wood chips pushing three or four inches. Most of the people are design or compensate a container of water and power with suppliers, often when it is more convenient to purchase the system on a local farm to supply store. Materials, you will need the beads 4 x 4 wood and bolt/screws • the skids and beams, design walls and cover need 4 x 2 ' s • 2 x 3 you must support, perch and Pike-perch and 2 x 2 nest perch. • Plywood will be necessary for ceilings and panels and tar under the roofs of the litter in the construction of floors, wall panels, strips, wall bars, parts of nests. • Equipment of power supply voltage • SystemTips for the construction of the HouseChickens of chickens have virtually no defense against predators. Why DIY must be built barn, in a manner which, although there are panels or planks for flooring, you should always add the chicken, I could easily through the Woods chewing cable under the floor to discourage chicken coop prevent them rodents. Potential vulnerabilities and points of entry must also be toasting wound upwards.The perimeter of the House must be rebuilt in order to keep the fence deep into predators of the Earth (about 10 leaves) dig down. The height of the fence should be about five feet high, to keep from jumping on the foxes. ,,.